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Sealy Cemetery

  There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; Sealy, Texas.   The Haven of Rest Mausoleum is a building on the cemetery property.    

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for past updates to these files.






Sealy Catholic

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


Names A-E  PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Abel Anna Rentzch 7 Apr 1871 24-Sep-51 w/o William A
Abel Arlien 13-Jan-21 13-Jan-21  
Abel Ewald Morris 25 Jun 1895 1-Jun-77 WWI
Abel Geraldine F Bischoff 12 Dec 1933 14 Aug 2015 w/o Charles L.
Abel Herman Louis 6 Dec 1891 13-Jul-57 h/o Pearl A
Abel Leonard Ida 10 Oct 1906 12 Oct 1971  
Abel Pearl A.  Siems 24 Jun 1892 6-Nov-70 w/o Herman L
Abel William A. 4 Mar 1866 8-Dec-21 h/o Anna R
Adams Annette B. Norcross 20-Oct-22 3-Nov-94  
Adams Eugene Eldridge 3-Dec-58 17-Apr-03 h/o Jean L.
Adams Jean Louise Olsovsky 25-Apr-59 28-Jun-12 w/o Eugene E.
Adamson Earnest Alvin "Shorty" 28-Jun-46 24-Jul-01 Vietnam
Adamson Virginia Mae Norris 11-May-28 8-Sep-90 w/o W. Alvin
Adamson Haley Renee 14-Aug-96 14-Aug-96  
Adamson John Seldon, Jr. 19 Jun 1921 21 Sep 1984  
Adamson John Seldon, III 21 Feb 1941 10 Sep 2013 h/o Ester Ruth Brown
Adamson Margie Duke 6 Jun 1941 11 Jun 2012 w/o John Jr.
Adamson Virginia Mae Norris 11 May 1928 8 Sep 1990 w/o Alvin
Adamson William Alvin 2-Sep-08 5-Mar-97 h/o Virginia M.
Agee baby 1935 1935  
Agnew Joseph 21 Apr 1836 6-Aug-11  
Albert Lina Huebner 12 Nov 1865 4 Apr 1908 w/o Otto
Albert Otto H. 29 Jun 1862 4 Nov 1920 h/o Lina H.
Albert Paulina 11 Mar 1908 27 Jun 1908  
Alger Julian Wilmot 27 Oct 1890 27 Feb 1932 WW I
Allen Arthur William, Jr. 27 Apr 1909 12 Sep 1991  
Allen John W. 3 Jul 1843 21 Sep 1921 h/o Mollie J.
Allen Mollie J. Eidman 1 Jul 1845 28 Aug 1929 w/o John W
Amerine Weldon Frederick 30 Jan 1905 28 Jul 1955  
Amsler Clayton C. 28-Oct-23 23-Aug-99  
Amsler Charlie Conrad 3 May 1884 9-Jan-56 h/o Magnolia S
Amsler Magnolia Schroeder 6 Nov 1895 20-Oct-69 w/o Charlie C.
Amthor Marie Ramm 7 Jan 1850 13-Mar-32 w/o Otto
Amthor Otto 22 May 1845 2-Dec-24 h/o Marie R.
Amthor Hugo 19 Jul 1884 6-Oct-29  
Amthor Emil William 17 May 1879 14-Jul-67 h/o Nettie V
Amthor Nettie Virginia Berner 9 May 1878 6-Dec-45 w/o Emil W.
Amthor Aug Lee 23-Jun-08 19-Apr-48  
Amthor Maggie Berner 21 Sep 1898 22-Oct-15  
Amthor Aug 6 Aug 1838 26 Jan 1890  
Anderson Betty May Jousan 31 Jul 1902 10 Jun 1983 w/o Roy E
Anderson Hugh 16 Dec 1905 22 Dec 2011 h/o Rosea L
Anderson Roy Everett 5 Feb 1900 4 Jul 1960 WWI;        h/o Betty M
Andrews Glenn Alford 22 Sep 1925 17 Nov 1978 WWII;        h/o Virginia J.
Andrews Virginia Jane Kring 23 Jun 1928 18 Sep 1999 w/o Glenn A
Angel Ina Yvonne Sedberry 21-Jul-40 30-Mar-97  
Appelt Caroline Wilhelmina  Kleim 8 Apr 1859 17 Dec 1945  
Armendariz Donna L. Bevill 14-Nov-47 22-Jan-14  
Ashorn Anita Lina Johanna Kulow 16-Dec-17 15-Jan-03 w/o Lester E
Ashorn Lester Edward 21-Mar-16 28-Jul-08 h/oAnita L
Ashorn Annie HImly 9-Mar-22 29-Jun-14 w/o Leroy
Ashorn Leroy Willie, Sr. 22-Apr-20 2-Oct-95 WWII
Ashorn Annie Himly 9-Mar-22 29-Jun-14 w/o Leroy W., Sr.
Axson Carrie 15 Sep 1887 16 May 1888  
Baade Charles Frederick 26 Mar 1862 22-Jul-24 h/o Laura G.
Baade Charles Frederick 18 Dec 1899 25-Jan-70 h/o Minnie W
Baade Clarence Haden 17-Jan-07 10-Mar-65 WW II
Baade Elizabeth Overton 22-Nov-12 26-Jan-05 w/o Henry H., Sr.
Baade Emily Solcher 27 Dec 1896 29-Dec-78 w/o George H
Baade George Houston 1 Jun 1893 18-Jul-51 WWI; h/o Emily S
Baade Henry Howard, Sr. 21-Nov-03 13-Jan-86 WWII  h/o Elizabeth O.
Baade Laura Goebel 12 Mar 1868 27-Jan-56 w/o Charles F.
Baade Lenora 21-Nov-03 6-May-94  
Baade Minnie Wilms 31 Oct 1895 4-Oct-78 w/o Charles F
Baade W. H.  8-Feb-05 7-Apr-05  
Baade William H 1866 11-Oct-24  
Backhus Pearl Annie Witte 3-Feb-09 5-Jul-99 w/o Fred
Backhus Fred 25-Jan-08 15-May-79 h/o Pearl A
Bade Philip Damien 7-Oct-71 9-Oct-76  
Bailess Edina Balke 13-Aug-03 7-Dec-45  
Baker Billy Dan 18 Sep 1930 13 Aug 1932  
Baker Joseph George 17 Jun 1893 30 Jan 1974 h/o Ola Mae
Baker Ola Mae Rominger 1 Jul 1898 26 Sep 1984 w/o Joseph G
Balke Edwin Lance 27-Jul-02 28-Jun-55 h/o Lillie E.
Balke Lillie E. Ludwig 19-Nov-03 9-Mar-02 w/o Edwin L.
Balke Baby 24-May-28 24-May-28  
Balke Amanda K. 4-Sep-08 15-Jan-25  
Balke Natalie Auga Timme 14 May 1881 31-Jul-36 w/o Karl
Balke Karl 8 Jul 1879 24-May-47 h/o Natalie A.
Balke Tim Jack 22-Aug-14 20-Sep-51 WW II
Balke Nathalie Dolores Hebert 7 Oct 1896 9-May-58 1st w/o Paul
Balke Paul Christian 23 Sep 1894 4-Jun-72 WW I  h/o Nathalie D. Ardona
Balke Ardona Josephine Himly 19-Jul-15 14-Oct-88 2nd w/o Paul
Balke Bernhard "Ben" B. 23 Jun 1882 14-Jul-59 h/o Louise A
Balke Louise Alvina Timme 22 Jul 1880 1-Sep-70 w/o Bernhard B
Balke Homer Frank 29-Mar-16 11-May-18  
Balke infant Son 31-May-15 31-May-15 s/o Dr.& Mrs. J. W. Balke
Balke Lasetta Myrone Farris 29-Jun-06 2-Jan-92 w/o Louis A
Balke Louis Aug William 3-Mar-05 14-Jan-82 h/o Lasetta M
Ball Alma Joyce 16-Dec-25 18-Dec-25  
Ball Eddie Allen 26 Mar 1905 10 Apr 1988 WWII; h/o LauraA& Estella B
Ball Eddie Ray 17 Jun 1923 18 May 1970  
Ball Laura Ann Maddox 15 Nov 1905 3 Feb 1977 1st w/o Eddie A
Ball Louise Sophia Nowak 12 Sep 1894 24-Apr-64 w/o Mitchell E.
Ball Mitchell Espy 18 Jan 1876 17-Oct-41 h/o Louise S.
Ball Estella Mae Braesicke Janecek 18-Aug-25 12-Aug-06 w/o Jesse E & Eddie Ball
Ballard Robert Reeves, Sr. 24 Jan 1861 3-Apr-17  
Balusek Joe 21 Dec 1883 6-May-60 h/o Barbara M
Balusek Barbara Maler 22 Jul 1885 21-Dec-54 w/o Joe
Barnard Zelia Nettie Nanney 4 Mar 1821 11 Jun 1897  
Barnard Sarah E. 16 Jan 1847 26-Sep-18  
Barnette Tyne Esar Hazlitt 28 Oct 1925 17 Feb 1976  
Barry Jeff Gene 7-May-33 4-Oct-76 Korean War; h/o Claudine C.
Barry Claudine Carol Matthews 25-Dec-35 16-Jul-90 w/o Jeff G
Bartay Ella Emma Brast 8-Jun-04 3-Nov-91 w/o Emil
Bartay Emil 25 Dec 1888 22-Mar-53 h/o Ella E
Bartay Marian Frances 20-Aug-20 29-Aug-20  
Bartay Roy William 12-Mar-08 1-Jan-31  
Bartay Sara Elizabeth Kolb 26 Jun, 1884 13-Sep-56  
Bartay Walter E. 25-Jan-09 25-Nov-32  
Bartay Herman Carl 28 Jan 1888 7-Mar-80 WWI
Bartlett Mamie Dell Buller 14-Jun-09 7-Aug-96 w/o Gerald J
Bartlett Gerald J. 1-Jan-07 26-Jul-88 h/o Mamie D
Bartlett Willie Ray 2-Jul-30 12-Mar-86  
Bastiann Ernest C. 18 Jan 1890 22-Jan-31 h/o Auge B
Bastiann Auge Betty Blaschke 13 Oct 1888 12-Dec-80 w/o Ernest C
Bear Mildred Lee Meyer 3-Oct-29 12-Nov-01  
Beckendorff Darlene "DeeDee" Julia Vykoukal 23-Nov-1948 28-Jul-2005  
Becker Hans Gustav 14 Jul 1886 22-May-75 h/o Ella H
Becker Ella Henrietta Keng 28 Jun1884 30-Dec-61 w/o Hans G
Beckman Aug Ed 27 Jan 1891 29-Sep-75 WWI
Beckman William Herman 28 Sep 1882 27-Jul-74 h/o Alma C
Beckman Alma Carolina Frahm 13 Jan 1890 16-Mar-69 w/o William H.
Beckman Ernestine Helen Frahm 29 Dec 1895 27-Sep-77 w/o Otto H
Beckman Otto Henry 7 Jan 1887 29-Aug-72 h/o Ernestine H
Beckman Aug W. 3 Sep 1857 24-Jul-27 h/o Caroline E
Beckman Caroline Ekarius 24 May 1862 9-Aug-20 w/o Aug W
Beckmann Norman Lee 21-Oct-24 21-Sep-00 WWII; h/oIda A
Beckmann Ida Annie Kramer 8-Nov-20 24-Feb-74 w/o Norman L
Beckmann Joachim F 3 Jan 1860 21-Oct-04 h/o Anna G
Beckmann Anna Gerhadine. Hibbeler 15 Oct 1867 13-Oct-56 w/o Joachim F
Beeson Lillian Ann Zapalka Kruse 4-Jan-25 25-Dec-84 w/o Loman C.
Bender Emily Beckmann 16 Sep 1899 6-Jan-57 w/o Lawrence L
Bender Lawrence Louis 7 Jul 1895 7-Jul-81 WWI;  h/o Emily B
Bender Lena Frieda Neumann 4-Apr-10 7-Sep-01 w/o Harold A
Bender Harold A. 2-Feb-08 19-Sep-53 h/o Lena F
Bengtson Paula Fredericka Luhn 3-Jan-08 30-Mar-63  
Benneth Ora 8 Jul 1895 29 Oct 1896  
Benoit Linda Gayle 20-Nov-39 30-Aug-94  
Benson William Bryant 27-Jun-21 7-Mar-81 WWII,  h/o Blanche
Benson Blanche Hoff Corte 16-Sep-23 5-Jun-06 w/o William B
Benton Cecil Wayne 19-Apr-1953 19-Mar-1999 Vietnam
Benton Orville R 18-Sep-1922 8-May-2016 h/o Myrtle Dee
Berner Catherine Eidman Gray 16 Mar 1843 14-Apr-1925 w/o Felix A
Berner Felix Aug 26 Oct 1853 6-Mar-1920 h/o Catherine
Bernshausen Donnie Robert 22-Aug-45 6-Dec-90 Vietnam
Bernshausen Marjorie Evelyn Miner 24-Feb-23 20-Feb-04 w/o Arthur R.
Bernshausen Arthur Robert 23-Sep-14 29-Jun-82 WWII, Korea h/o Marjorie M.
Biberstein Weldon Lee 29-Apr-1933 25-Dec-2013  
Bickers Carrington  Howard 12-May-15 12-May-15  
Bickers Emma Howard 4 Jul 1877 2-Jan-16  
Bielefeld Fritz 18 Jan 1886 7-Feb-1953 h/o Ida
Bielefeld Ida Buechmann 15 Aug 1884 10-Mar-1967 w/o Fritz
Bielefeld Lena Sens 12 Jul 1862 23-Feb-1952  
Billig Adolf 11-Oct-11 17-Nov-11 s/o Edward & Henrietta
Billig Adolph 07 Mar 1834 6-Apr-1915 h/o Maria G
Billig Arthur 17 May 1879 29 Jan 1898  
Billig Maria Genevieve Sims 26 May 1846 25 Aug 1885  
Bills Keith Wayne 13-Aug-72 21-Aug-06  
Bischoff Ella Franz 31 Oct 1882 27-Sep-1965 w/o Theodor
Bischoff Selma Luedecke 26-Feb-1905 18-Mar-1910 1st w/o William
Bischoff Theodor 23 Feb 1883 9-Oct-1953 h/o Ella
Bischoff Wilhelmina Stolz 26-Feb-1905 27-Mar-1905 2nd w/o William
Bischoff William 22-Feb-1905 25-Mar-1905 h/o Selma& Wilhelmina
Blackmon Claudia Belle Godwin 7-Nov-1922 8-Apr-1997  
Blankenship John Frederick 19-Oct-1964 14-Aug-1983  
Blankenship Ronald Leon 25-Jun-1941 7-Oct-2010 Vietnam
Blankenship Sherburne Lee 20-Jan-1939 8-Jul-2010  
Blaschke Emil Julius 19 Mar 1878 12-Dec-1949 h/o Hattie K
Blaschke CeCelia Russ 9-Jul-08 7-Dec-00 w/o Richard L
Blaschke Hattie Kellner 25 Sep 1884 16-Oct-1985 w/o Emil
Blaschke Richard Louis 31-Aug-04 13-Oct-97 h/o Cecelia R.
Blaschke Auga Sophia Louise Bischoff 9 Jul 1877 17-Jul-10 w/o Roman R.
Blaschke Roman Rudolph 6 Jan 1870 28-Dec-49 h/o Auga S.
Blaschke Infant Daughter 2-Feb-07 5-Feb-07 d/o Roman & Auga
Blase' Earline Leona Rudloff 5-Oct-19 8-Mar-96 w/o Herbert C
Blase' Herbert Christopher 10-May-12 25-Jan-99 h/o Earline L
Blazek Annie Marie Hajovsky 16-Jul-24 29-Feb-04  
Bloomfield Ralph Wayne 6-Dec-46 26-May-12 Vietnam
Bloomfield Golda Viola Winn 16-Nov-23 6-Mar-12 w/o Jim B.
Bloomfield James Brown (Jim) 3-Apr-23 25-Sep-10 h/o Golda V.
Bock Sibyl Leona Glenn 29 May 1891 19-Jul-1984  
Bock Joyce Elaine  Habermacher Sneed 16-Feb-25 15-Mar-92 w/o William S. & Frank B
Bock Frank Glenn 29-Nov-22 24-Mar-92 WWII  2d h/o Joyce E
Bock Maria Waack 23 Apr 1842 12-May-19  
Boehm Joseph 3 Mar 1866 20-Apr-20 h/o Fannie
Boehm Fannie Maler 28 Sep 1878 29-Sep-53 w/o Joseph
Bollinger Darla Elayne Cavender 8-Feb-1948 23-Oct-2006  
Bollinger Florence Madaline  Dubose. 26-Sep-1916 6-Sep-2001 w/o Ralph
Bollinger Gladys Jewell Gummelt 27-Sep-1923 18-Jul-2011 w/o John
Bollinger John 24-Nov-1913 21-Nov-1979 h/o Gladys J.
Bollinger Melba Rose 31-Jan-1913 No date given  
Bollinger Ralph 7-Oct-1912 8-Mar-1989 h/o Florence M
Bollinger Victoria Rae Willcoxon 26-Sep-1945 1-Aug-2010  
Bollinger Werner Robert 26-Mar-1911 10-Feb-1999  
Bolten Charles Edwin 12-May-1949 8-Feb-2005  
Boone Wanda Gayle 6-Jan-70 20-Mar-70  
Borgel Johann Bernhard  9 Feb 1848 26-Mar-08 h/o Auge C
Borgel Marcus 4 Apr 1880 2 Dec 1885  
Borgel Auge Charlotte Hollien 7 Jun 1857 25-Oct-46 w/o Johann B
Borgel Elfriede 2 Sep 1887 7-Dec-74  
Borgel Bernhard 29 Jan 1890 26-Apr-73 WW I
Borgel Esther Pauline Faist 20-Oct-09 13-Oct-85 w/o Gerhard R.
Borgel Gerhard Rube 9 Jun 1885 19-Mar-61 h/o Esther P.
Bosse Lillie May Zachas 6-Feb-1915 9-Oct-2017 Kneske Funeral Chapels
Bostick James W. 1839 22 Feb 1897 h/o Rebecca W.
Bostick Rebecca W. Taylor 1841 16-Jan-16 w/o James W.
Bowman Lillie Harvey 16 Jul 1871 27-Dec-1909  
Boykin Olga Marie Appelt 2 Jul 1887 6-May-1960  
Bozeman Lawrence 13 Apr 1887 14-Nov-04  
Bozeman Florence Pearl No dates given 26 Jan 1886  
Boyd Eveline Louisa Phillips Vint 1 Jan 1890 22-Nov-1987 w/o Vick L.
Boyd Vick Leroy 13 Jul 1893  23-Jul-1986 WWI; h/o Eveline L
Bradley Carl Robert 7-Mar-1934 11-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Bradley James Thomas 6-Dec-13 11-Dec-05 h/o Beatrice
Bradley Pearl Beatrice Killough 5-Nov-18 14-Feb-02 w/o James T
Bradley Donald Stanley, Sr. 9-Aug-37 13-Aug-11  
Bradshaw Annie 1841 1903 w/o Johnathan
Bradshaw Johnathan 13 Jan 1905 1899  
Braesicke Milda Alma Schroeder 1-Jan-06 16-Dec-74 w/o Arthur H
Braesicke Arthur Henry 15-Apr-03 4-Mar-68 h/o Milda A
Braesicke Erna Anna Wittenburg 29 Dec 1897 24-Jul-58 w/o Edwin J
Braesicke Edwin Joachim 6 Aug 1897 18-Feb-57 h/o Erna A
Brandes Charles William 2-Nov-22 28-Jan-09 h/o Lillie W
Brandes Lillie Willimae Schubert 7-Dec-23 11-Jul-13 w/o Charles W.
Brandes Charles Waddel 28-Nov-42 9-May-16 h/o Barbara
Brandt Arthur C. P. 18-Nov-00 26-Jan-55 h/o Lora P
Brandt Lora Pless 2 Jan 1891 6-Feb-84 w/o Arthur C.P.
Brast Agnes Hibbeler 9-Feb-11 25-Mar-99 w/o Lester,Sr
Brast Adolph 27 Dec 1861 24-May-42  
Brast Alvin Albert 01 Mar 1907 30 Aug 1989 h/o Rose M
Brast Bertrand Edgar 13-Jun-34 17-Dec-88  
Brast David Gustav 26-Oct-30 17-Apr-99  
Brast Doris Ruth Maler 4-Nov-34 13-Jun-76  
Brast Edith Charlotte Timme 11-Jul-00 21-Nov-79 w/o Henry A
Brast Edmund Adolph 26-Jun-00 22-Feb-19  
Brast Edward Julius 18-Jul-37 23-Sep-83 Veteran
Brast Eliza Wilhelmina Sailer 5-Dec-03 1-Jan-86 w/o Gustav
Brast Emmie Mantzel 7 Jun 1880 12-Apr-69 w/o Otto C.
Brast Erwin Heinrich Carl 16-Dec-06 29-May-61 h/o Lenora H.
Brast Gustav 24 May 1891 12-Nov-78 WWI;  h/o Eliza W
Brast Henry Aug 27 Jan 1894 29-Jun-69 h/o Edith C.
Brast Herman Adolph 30 Mar 1899 8-Mar-74 h/o Martha E
Brast Hugo Fritz 24 Sep 1915 20 Nov 1998 WWII; h/o Lorine E
Brast Lee Landa 9-Jan-34 1-Sep-73 Veteran
Brast Lenora Hagen 20-Jan-04 17-Apr-68 w/o Erwin H.
Brast Leroy Gus 28-Dec-34 4-Jul-04  
Brast Lester Sr. 16-Nov-10 5-Jan-94 h/o Agnes H
Brast Lorine Elvira  Maass 12 Jan 1916 9 Aug 2001 w/o Hugo F
Brast Manuel Alas 22-Sep-40 13-Aug-46  
Brast Martha Emilie Krause 1-Jan-05 31-Oct-76 w/o Herman A
Brast Otto Carl 31 May 1873 9-Apr-61 h/o Emmie M.
Brast Reinhardt Herman 25-Aug-28 2-Feb-34  
Brast Rose Marie Vrabec 19 Feb 1916 3 Jun 1985 w/o Alvin A
Brast Victor Frederick 2-Dec-1925 31-Jan-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Brast William Henry 20-Sep-32 30-Sep-84  
Brast Richard 17-Jun-41 6-Mar-71 Vietnam
Bravenec Ida Lydia Mais 23-Apr-09 24-Nov-94 w/o John E
Bravenec John Edwin 27-Jan-04 7-Oct-02 h/o Ida L
Breaux Anita Joyce 28 Oct 1956 16 Jun 1998  
Brewer John S. 24 Jul 1867 16-May-35  
Brezina Albert Charlie 03 Jan 1917 3 Jun 1978 WWII ; h/o Frances V
Brezina Edward William 08 Feb 1912 7 May 1986 h/o Ella B.
Brezina Ella Bertha Kaase 22 Jul 1913 29 Mar 2013 w/o Edward W
Brezina Frances Esterak - -- 1886 18 Oct 1929 w/o Steve
Brezina Frances Vesta Zelenka 14 Dec 1918 23 Jan 2000 w/o Albert C
Brezina Frank William 04 Jul 1909 14 Jul 1967 WWII
Brezina Steve - --- 1875 1930 h/o Frances E.
Britt Joseph Everett. 05 Oct 1933 19 Jul 1996 Korea
Brooks Vollie Bertha Krampitz 18-Jul-02 5-May-92 w/o Minton B
Brooks Minton Benjamin 13-Jan-01 31-Jul-79 h/o Vollie B
Broome Annie Tallelah Cade 11 Oct 1878 5-Feb-46 w/o Bartow
Broome Bartow 06 Feb 1867 4-Oct-28 h/o Annie T
Brosig Dora 11 Dec 1887 25 Mar 1964  
Brosig Dora Kluever 8 Jun 1859 29 Dec 1948 w/o Theodor, Sr.
Brosig Roland  Roosevelt 21-Feb-05 9-Apr-47 WWII
Brosig Roy Roland 21-Feb-24 28-Apr-03 WWII
Brosig Theodore, Sr. 13 Oct 1856 20 Sep 1943  
Brosig Daniel 27-Oct-26 21-May-99  
Brosig Winston 23-Jul-31 30-Jun-93  
Brosig Ennis 18-Jun-20 31-Dec-92  
Brosig McKinley 24 Nov 1899 19-Nov-63 h/o Olga P.
Brosig Olga Pless 6 Jun 1898 24-Nov-79 w/o McKinley
Brosig Fritz W 20 Oct 1866 11-Sep-44 h/o Bertha W
Brosig Bertha Wittenburg 19 Nov 1870 12-Jun-42 w/o Fritz W
Brown Gladys 22-Aug-22 5-Jun-13  
Brown Josie Beth 17 Apr 934 2-Aug-40  
Brown Joanne Kathryn 25-Sep-55 29-Oct-15 d/o Arch & Kathryn
Brown Larry No dates given    
Browne Samuel Wayne 29-Oct-45  3 Feb 2002  
Browne Olga "Ollie" Sabrsula 30-Dec-12 17-Jul-06  
Browne Patsy Vykoukal 12-Aug-43 29-Jul-14 w/o  Billy
Brune Alton William 04 Feb 1923 3 Jan 1966 WWII
Brune Amalia Planka 8-Dec-15 16-Oct-74 w/o Lloyd E
Brune Barbara Gertrude 1-May-43 23-Apr-04  
Brune Clara Hawkins 28 Dec 1895 28 Feb 1977 w/o Wilie F
Brune Lloyd Edward 2-Jan-19 16-Apr-97 WWII; h/o Amalia P.
Brune Herbert 14 Feb 1899 30-Dec-81 h/o Lula
Brune Lula Waak 10 Nov 1898 6-Feb-76 w/o Herbert
Brune James Edward 2-Apr-56 3-Apr-56  
Brune Edward Louis 12 Oct 1894 16-May-82 h/o Gertrude L
Brune Gertrude Lera Brune 28 Dec 1893 28-Nov-86 w/o Edward L
Brune Ed 13 Oct 1851 27-Oct-39 h/o Mary L
Brune Mary Louise Litzmann 23 Jun 1855 9-Mar-41 w/o Ed
Brune Mary Ninette Loper 9-Aug-05 12-Feb-90 w/o Edmund
Brune Edmund 9 Aug 1891 23-Jun-67 h/o M. Ninette
Brune Erwin 14 Mar 1889 19-Dec-81 h/o Emmie K
Brune Emmie Keding 1 Jun 1893 15-Nov-83 w/o Erwin
Brune Willie Fredrick 15 Apr 1891 5 Aug 1978 WWI; h/o Clara H.
Bryan W. D. (Walter Daniel) 16 Apr 1893 16-Nov-61 WW I h/o Faye W.
Bryan Faye Willie Robertson 7 May 1893 27-Nov-83 w/o W. D.
Bryant Thomas Jefferson "Whitey", Sr 13-Jun-16 23-Dec-13  
Bubak Everett James Sr. 15-Nov-30 27-Jan-89  
Bubak Herman Ernest 27 Feb 1895 26 Aug 1968 WWI;  h/o Bernice S.
Bubak Waldine 27 Oct 1924 27 Jun 1928  
Buchanan Frances Maryland Bland 6 Mar 1880 8-Feb-70  
Buchanan Clara Etta 1874 1916 w/o J. G.
Buchanan J. G. 15 Aug 1874 6-Feb-40 h/o Clara E
Buchtien Aug 28 Dec 1875 10 Sep 1949 h/o Freida S
Buchtien Auga 27 Apr 1910 6 May 1915  
Buchtien Auga Friedericke Meyer 31 Jul 1850 27 Aug 1934 w/o Ernest H.A., Sr.
Buchtien David Ray 27 Oct 1962 3 Jun 2016 s/o Leslie & Erna
Buchtien Emma Schneider Hillboldt 20 Jan 1884 19-Oct-64 2nd w/o Henry
Buchtien Erna Mae Shelburne 20-Jan-33 16-Aug-09 w/o Leslie E
Buchtien Ernest H., Jr. 18 Jul 1886 23 Oct 1937  
Buchtien Ernest H. A., Sr. 1 Jan 1838 30 Oct 1917 h/o Auga F.
Buchtien Freida Schneider 12 Jan 1883 29 Jan 1976 w/o Aug
Buchtien Harold Chester 23-Apr-18 11-Mar-73  
Buchtien Herman 22 Sep 1888 11-Jan-46 h/o Louise E
Buchtien Henry 8 Jul 1882 30-Jan-53 h/o Emma S & Marie R.
Buchtien John 22 Jan 1878 12 Sep 1908  
Buchtien Leslie 16 Oct 1911 6 May 1915  
Buchtien Leslie Ennis 5-Nov-20 4-May-98 WWII  h/o Erna M
Buchtien Louise Ernestine Hartman 3 Mar 1889 3-Jul-61 w/o Herman
Buchtien Marie Reichardt 27 Dec 1885 26-Sep-17 1st w/o Henry
Buckner Dr. Ben F. 27 Jan 1867 19 Mar 1895 h/o Kate E.
Buckner Kate E. Swearingen 16 Mar 1871 30-Jun-57 w/o Drl Ben
Buechmann Evelyn Ruth 6-Sep-21 16-May-22  
Buechmann Alvin 8 Sep 1879 26-Jul-65 h/o Adele
Buechmann Adele Blaschke 25 Jan 1891 21-May-79 w/o Alvin
Buechmann Eugene Lee 8-Oct-30 2-Jul-99 Korean War
Buechmann Olga Koroline 11 May 1909 12 Oct 1994  
Buechmann Minna Johse 14 Jan 1873 9 Dec 1962 w/o Willie
Buechmann Willie 13 Jan 1873 28 Apr 1951 h/o Minna J.
Buenger Minnie 17 Jan 1888 8-Jul-63  
Buenger Otto Carl 18 May 1895 10-Nov-51 WWI; h/o Emily M
Buenger Emily Marie Minna Wittenburg 3 Aug 1899 5-Aug-78 w/o Otto C
Buller John Andrew 8 Feb 1887 17-Apr-63  
Buller Antonie Pless 25 Nov 1872 12-Apr-60 w/o itz A
Buller Fritz Alfred 4 Mar 1875 18-Jun-68 h/o Antonie P.
Buller Ernestine Oldag 26 Nov 1850 28-Jan-25 w/o Joachim.
Buller Joachim 20 Dec 1843 11-Jul-06 h/o Ernestine O.
Buller George Henry 10 Jan 1886 5-May-35  
Buller Mary Schluenz 25 Mar 1856 3-Jun-38 w/o Charles W.
Buller Charles W. 11 Dec 1859 10-May-35 h/o Mary S
Buls Betsy Jo      
Buls Tom Douglas 31-Jan-40 27-Mar-00  
Buls Edward William 2-Sep-01 13-Aug-85 h/o Mamie E
Buls Mamie Ella Schier 3-Jun-06 29-Dec-93 w/o Edward W
Bures Frank Vincenc, Sr. 3 Dec 1862 14-Jun-46 h/o Marie (S.Cath)
Bures Frank Vincenc Jr. 27 Jan 1897 17-May-74 WWI h/o Anna M
Bures Anna Marie Anderlla 1-Feb-09 9-Nov-91 w/o Frank V Jr.
Burger Annie Mary Siebert 1 Aug 1871 15 Aug 1957 w/o Chris C
Burger Christopher Columbus 7 Apr 1870 28 Jan 1959 h/o Annie  M
Burgin Lula Mae Ingle 11 Jan 1931 27 Jun 2009  
Burttschell Jesse Lee 8-Sep-09 16 Aug  2000 h/o Edella H
Burttschell Edella Hein 10-Feb-15 16-Aug-00 w/o Jesse L
Burttschell Michael Joe 7-Aug-55 1-Jan-03  
Burttschell Alice Vernell Reichardt 19-Mar-30 2-Jan-16 w/o Joe
Burttschell Joe Edward 24-Feb-29 3-Jun-12  
Burttschell Laura Stella Brune 28 May 1897 5-Jul-84 w/o Walter A
Burttschell Walter Anton 5 Feb 1891 30-Sep-71 WWI; h/o Laura S
Bushwall Fannie Tolliver 7 Aug 1877 7 Sep 1944 w/o Thomas F
Bushwall Frank 15 Jan 1844 14 Nov 1931 h/o Martha C
Bushwall James B. 13 Novmeber 1886 14 Feb 1944 WWI
Bushwall John Louis 24 Dec 1885 7 Mar 1958  
Bushwall Martha Caroline Boyd - Feb 1851 7 Sep 1944 w/o Frank
Bushwall Thomas Franklin 5 Feb 1872 9 Aug 1952 h/o Fannie A
Calkin Marjorie Lock 1-Aug-1905 2-Jan-1982  
Callas Annie Marie 18-Feb-39 11-Jan-88  
Callas Andrew, Jr. 6-Sep-36 6-Sep-36 s/o Andrew & Gert.
Callas Paul Francis 10-Jan-35 23-Jul-90  
Callas Audrey Jean 30-Nov-37 No date given  
Callas Andrew, Sr. 3-Jun-03 7-Aug-56 1st h/o Gertrude Fendeisen
Calligan George Robert 18-Sep-15 10-Apr-79 WW II
Camp Stephen Paul 19-Nov-1959 27-Mar-2000  
Campbell Berna Mae Williams 14-Nov-1930 16-Jun-1985  
Campbell Elmer Dennis 23 Sep 1893 9-Aug-1960 h/o Eva L
Campbell Eva Lillian McKinley 4-Dec-1904 17-Mar-1997 w/o Elmer D
Cannon W. G. (Willie Green) 3 Oct 1872 17-Aug-14  
Cannon Oliver Green, Sr. 12 Aug 1847 20 Feb 1899 h/o Winnie M.
Cannon Winnie M. Allen 1 Sep 1854 17 Dec 1896 w/o Oliver G., Sr.
Cannon May D. 4 Sep 1887 2 (Sept.) Oct 1897  
Carlin Earl Dee Preibisch 8-Sep-12 4-May-03 w/o Delos I
Carlin Delos Ira. 30-Dec-07 26-Feb-85 h/o Earl Dee
Carlin Jack F 1-Dec-53 5-Apr-13 h/o Ann Champagne
Carlson Eric R. 10-Mar-1918 19-Jul-1994 WWII
Carmichael Ada Minnie Burger 18-Mar-1908 8-Apr-2006  
Carmichael Malcolm Lee 12 Nov 1898 4-Aug-49  
Carmichael Mary Ada Brackin 1 Jun 1868 27-Jun-27  
Carmichael William Peter 22-Feb-05 23-Mar-57  
Carter Maxine Johnston 19-May-1914 27-May-2003  
Cartwright James Gilbert 2-Sep-04 22-Dec-65 h/o Jessie L
Cartwright Jessie Irene Buck 30-Aug-06 11-Feb-02 w/o James G
Cass Sammy Harvey "Sam" 25-Nov-27 28-Nov-14 h/o Delores Pacher
Castleton Ann Gaston 21 Sep 1850 1-May-1916 w/o John Rutland
Castleton Hudson Gaston 6 Sep 1867 4-Mar-1918  
Castleton John Rutland 14 Apr 1845 1 Jan 1893 h/o Ann Gaston
Chandler Grace Elizabeth 3-Sep-03 3-Sep-03  
Cherwak Ludy  3 Oct 1898 31-Jan-47 WWII h/o George L
Cherwak George Lane (Dollie Schindler) 9-Nov-08 11-Feb-70 w/o Ludy
Chilton Donald Loran 9-Jul-38 12-Jan-12 Vietnam
Chilton Joe Paul 7-Jan-71 2-Sep-00  
Christianson Emma Vint Thomas 12-Mar-1908 19-Sep-1997  
Chumley Alexander 04 Jul 1889 13-Sep-1972 h/o Lenora J
Chumley Lenora Jousan 5-Oct-1906 3-Aug-1979 w/o Alexander
Clampitt Henry Lester 05 Feb 1890 18-Jun-1958 h/o Karola F
Clampitt Karola Foerster 13 May 1891 24-Jan-1970 w/o Henry L.
Clapp Norval Franklin,  Sr. 27 Dec 1888 30-Mar-70 h/o Hertha A
Clapp Hertha A. Jordan 21 Mar 1895 11-May-87 w/o Norval F.,Sr.
Clapp Norval Franklin, Jr. 10-Mar-24 5-Feb-13  
Clayton Louise Evelyn Oldag 19 Jul 1899 4-Jul-1980 w/o William S
Clayton William S. 5 Apr 1889 30-May-1939 WWI;      h/o Louise E.
Cloyd Ora Dell Rinn 21-Jan-27 13-Aug-94 w/o Cecil D
Cloyd Cecil Dennis 27-Sep-19 26-Sep-81 WWII  h/o Ora D.
Coats Ava Einkauf Linkey 9-Nov-07 4-May-91 w/o Samuel J
Coats Samuel Jahue 11 Nov 1898 31-Aug-79 2nd h/o Ava E
Coats Calvin Lamar, Jr. 1-Jul-26 15-Jun-71 WWII
Cocke Elma Allen 1 Oct 1876 10-Nov-1932  
Cole Mattie Josephine O'Connor. 30 Aug 1883 25-Dec-68 w/o Peter A
Cole Peter Austin 17 Dec 1880 15-Apr-51 h/o Mattie J.
Compton Carson Allen 30-Oct-1916 23-Nov-1996 WWII
Compton Lucille Adams 6-Nov-1920 27-Jul-1994  
Conner Martha 21 Dec 1825 15 Apr 1884  
Conner Suzanne Rosser 1-Dec-1933 6-Sep-1992  
Connor Martha 21 Dec 1825 15 Apr 1884  
Connor S. W. 25 Apr 1835 10 Dec 1883  
Connor T. B. 18-Jan-1905 19-Mar-1905  
Connor Martha Jane 31 Jul 1838 15 Nov 1898  
Connor S. W., Jr. 17 Sep 1870 23 Sep 1893  
Coody Owen Gilbert 21-Dec-08 17-Jul-63 h/o Selma A
Coody Selma Anna Frahm 20-Feb-10 12-Jul-77 w/o Owen G
Coody Mance L. 27-Feb-22 14-Dec-08 WWII
Cook Marion E. -- Mar 1884 1914  
Cook George Allison. 11 Jan 1895 21-Jan-48 WW I  h/o Bess B
Cook Bess B. Lister 16 Feb 1897 9-Jul-82 w/o George A.
Cook Nellie L. Gipson 5 Sep 1899 8-Aug-85 w/o Marshall M.
Cook Marshall Marion 10 Jul 1899 12-Oct-75 h/o Nettie L.
Cook Lillian Howard 13 Nov 1872 20-Jan-58 w/o William R., Sr.
Cook William Robert, Sr. 22 Feb1871 1-Nov-43 h/o Lillian H.
Cook Mary Ellen Kidd 20 Mar 1853 5-Dec-17 w/o Norman H.
Cook Norman Henry 23 Nov 1844 3-Dec-12 h/o Mary E
Cooper Ruby Elizabeth 20-Jul-25 27-Sep-98  
Cooper Warren Edward 11 Aug 1888 7-Jul-64 h/o Maggie E.
Cooper Maggie E. 26 Jul 1899 31-Jul-93 w/o Warren E.
Cooper Randy Don 10-Jul-1961 28-Aug-1979  
Corbit John L. No dates given    
Cordova Henry Frank 10-Dec-57 25-Mar-12  
Corey Fannie Vick 14-Feb-1905 17-May-1905  
Cowling Martha Ann Rogers 5 Nov 1935 25-Mar-2011  
Cox Dorothy May Hannah 13-Apr-1928 4-Dec-2012  
Craft Sophie 29-Dec-1904 ##############  
Crawford Alvina Mieth (Klatt) 31-Mar-1912 5-Nov-1987 w/o marvin H., Jr.
Creekmore Anna E. Horton 3-Aug-25 8-Aug-86  
Crittenden Barbara Ann Ueckert 28-Nov-1931 25-Jan-2005  
Crook Tillie Mae Brune 12-Aug-1910 17-Sep-2005 w/o William L.
Crook William Leonard 30-May-1900 16-Dec-1974 h/o Tillie M.
Crosby Neal Jalowy 28-Aug-59 23-May-89  
Crosby Kevin Dwain Born and died 5-Nov-55  
Crosby Marshall Glenn 7-Jul-24 18-Sep-01  
Crosby Katherine Renee 4-Sep-83 27-Jan-84