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Unmarked Graves


Austin County, Texas

This section is dedicated to former Austin County residents who are in unmarked graves, or whose final resting place is unknown. We want them to be remembered and information about them to be recorded. We want the names of those who live on only as a name in Bible, in the heart of a grandchild,  or in your memory... but should not be forgotten. If you can fill in a blank in our record, please contact us. If you have other names to add, let us know. Please limit information to what might be found on a nice tombstone.

If you are aware of other records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .



Brown Martha Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas March 10, 1913 April 25, 1951 Daughter of Walter and Lou Everline Death Certificate
Cleveland Annie Wallis, Texas Jan. 12, 1876 Mar 14, 1941 Daughter of Sam and Sarah Parker Death Certificate
Cleveland Armstead Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Sept. 1843 March 25, 1934 Husband of Chlora Cleveland Death Certificate
Cleveland Eras Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Aug 17, 1845 - Oct. 24, 1908 Husband of Mary Cleveland Lola Davis
Cleveland Marie Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas July 9, 1877 Aug. 18, 1921 Daughter of Anthony and Jane Cleveland Death Certificate
Cleveland Mary   Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Jan 1839 - ca 1914 Wife of Eras Cleveland Lola Davis
Cleveland Mattie Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas April 1, 1879 Feb. 26, 1961 Daughter of Eras and Mary Cleveland Death Certificate
Cleveland   Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas 1904 - Aug 8, 1904 Daughter of Stacy Cleveland Lola Davis
Dubose Callie Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Ca 1871 Husband of Stacy Dubose Lola Davis
Dubose Stacey Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas July 4, 1881 August 13, 1962 Wife of Callie Dubose Death Certificate
Eveline Walter Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Aug. 15, 1886 Jul 29, 1948 Husband of Fanny Evaline Death Certificate
Eveyline Elmus Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas March 30, 1912 - June 28, 1955 Husband of Lou Cleveland Death Certificate
Evins Robert Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas June 19, 1875 Feb. 16, 1919   Death Certificate
Gilmore Mary Everline Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Sept. 22, 1900 Apr. 24, 1943 Wife of Albert Gilmore Death Certificate
Johnson Larry James   7 August 1945 -10 December 2011   family farm
Rivers Hiram Needville, Texas Dec 10, 1873 -Dec 10, 1938 Son of Tobe and Lucy Rivers Death Certificate
Tate Ada Macedonia Cemetery Sealy Texas Sept. 10, 1894 - Sept 29, 1939 Wife of Luther Tate Death Certificate
Washington Prulie Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Feb. 17, 1890 - Oct. 4, 1951 Wife of Willie Washington Death Certificate
Washington Will Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Feb. 10, 1872 - Feb. 23, 1940 Husband of Pearlie Everline Death Certificate
Williams Millie Kenney Cemetery, Kenney Texas Dec. 6, 1911 - Dec. 26, 1945 Daughter of Willie/Pearlie Washington Death Certificate
Whittington Burrell Whittington land,N.W. of Welcome, Tx March 14, 1772 - Jan. 1860 b. S. C., Husb. Of Sarah,Father of eleven children cherawgal@netscape.net
Whittington Sarah Shoemake Whittington land,N.W. of Welcome, Tx Febr. 14, 1774 - Apr.6, 1861 b. S. C., Wife Of Burrell, Mother  of eleven children cherawgal@netscape.net
Whittington Gadi Whittington land,N.W. of Welcome, Tx 1820 b.S. C., Son of Burrell and Sarah cherawgal@netscape.net
Schubert Baby Boy Milheim Graveyard marked by a shell c1924 Brother of Irene Laura and Edward Earl Schubert sultryb@yahoo.com
Jasek Jerry Layne 26 September 1946 29 November 2013 Private cem. Unmarked
Struempler Marie Beerhotst 21 August 1856 15 December 1884 Rocky Schoolhouse Cemetery (Possibly Germania?) Gates Family [gatesngates@aol.com]
6 Unmarked         Karmichael
Struempler Charlotte Bohne 8 Dece,ber 1956 25 December 1897 w/o Christian S; St. James Lutheran.cem. Gates Family [gatesngates@aol.com]  


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