This list of  Cemeteries represents the majority located in Austin County.  Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


The original  information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas" which was printed in 1991-92.  The information from the cemetery markers shown in that book,  has been edited, typed and added on-line.  Additional information has been supplied from reliable sources since the book was printed.   Carolyn Zascoda and others have recently supplied new  information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files.     If you   know of other cemeteries, please contact Linda

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GPS Coordinates  and newly discovered cemetery information was supplied by James Hering.   
Abel Cemetery, South of Bellville Abel Cemetery N29 53.986 W096  12.970
Abel-Witte Family Graveyard Abel_Witte N29 56.200 W096  12.970
Alexander Glenn Family Graveyard, Bellville A_Glenn N29⁰ 57.266 W096⁰ 15.565
Allen-Johnston, North of Wallis Allen_Johnston    
Amsler Cemetery (newly found) Amsler Grave N29 54.175 W096 08.967
Amthor Amthor N29⁰47.078 W096⁰ 16.943
Atkinson, Near Bellville Atkinson N29⁰ 57.150 W096⁰ 16.943
Austin County Paupers Bellville Paupers N29⁰ 57.438 W096⁰ 15.964
Austin County Paupers New Ulm Paupers2 N29⁰ 53.104 W096⁰ 30.061
Bader, East of Bellville Bader N29⁰ 56.252 W09610.551
Baethe, NW of Bellville Baethe    
Bartay, New Wehdem Bartay N30⁰ 03.792 W096⁰ 25.005
Bethany, West of Nelsonville Bethany N29⁰ 58.377 W096⁰ 25.053
Bethel Hicks Glenn Cemetery, East of Bellville B_Glenn N29⁰ 55.982 W09613.331
  Bleiberville area Cemetery (Newly found) need list of burials N30⁰ 03.110 W096⁰ 14.254
Bovine Bend (Bluff), NE of Wallis Bovine Bend    
Bouldin (Flake), Near Nelsonville (Black) Bouldin_Flake N29⁰ 58.213 W096⁰ 24.845
Brast, North of Bellville Brast N29 57.638 W096⁰ 18.071  
Brast # 2 Brast2 N29⁰ 54.175 W096⁰ 10.799
Brosig, Millheim Brosig N29⁰ 52.261 W096⁰ 14.254  
Brune Brune N29 52.848 W096 28.548
Buckhorn, (Black}  (see Samuel Chaple Cemetery) Samuel N30⁰ 02.832 W096⁰ 11.062
Buckhorn, Buckhorn Buckhorn N30 02.144 W09611.978
Buntzel Buntzel N29 53.368 W096⁰ 10.533
Burger Burger N29 47.117 W096⁰ 18.147
Burns, Near Oak Hill Burns N29 57.463 W096⁰ 22.454
C Catlin (Old Travis near Kenney) C_Catlin N30⁰ 00.177 W096⁰ 21.191
Caletka, West of Cat Spring Caletka N29 50.259 W096⁰ 23.104
Campbell-Catlin (Old Travis), Travis C_Catlin N30⁰ 00.177 W096⁰ 21.191
Carmichael    see Karmichael need info N30⁰ 00.084 W096⁰ 32.769
Cat Spring Cemetery, also known as "Kollatschny, Cat Spring" Kollatschny N29  52.743 W096 19.107
Cat Spring-Lutheran Church, Cat Spring CatSpring N29  51.079 W096 21.037
Clarke, East of Cat Spring Clarke N29  51.320 W096 17.857
Cochran, North of Bellville Cochran N30⁰ 03.084 W096⁰ 13.294
Collier-Harris, North of Bellville Collier Harris N30⁰ 00.687  W096⁰ 11.173
Concord, Kenney Concord N30⁰ 03.268 W096⁰ 19.885
Corbin (Hawkins), Kenney Hawkins N30⁰ 03.821 W096⁰ 20.956
Coshatte, Coshatte Coshatte N29 55.652 W096⁰ 12.399
Cramer  (new) need names N29 51.984 W096⁰ 13.758
Cumings, Cummings, Bellville Cumings N29 56.089 W096⁰ 15.330
Czech Cemetery Near Nelsonville 3 Graves need names N29 58.850 W096⁰ 24.522
Czoulauf, Star Hill Czoulauf N29 56.417 W096 27.971
Dehtloff, South of Bellville Dethloff N29 53.760 W096 12.683
Dittert, West of Cat Spring Dittert N29⁰ 50.300 W096⁰ 20.382
Dixon-Grimes, NW of Nelsonville Dixon_Grimes N29⁰ 59.283 W096⁰ 22.975
Dotson, East of Sealy (Black) Dotson N29⁰ 46.912 W096⁰ 08.689
Downey, Near Sealy Downey N29⁰ 47.805 W096⁰ 09.152
  Dr. Herman Land Cemetery Dr. Herman N30⁰ 03.056 W096⁰ 34.729
Eckardt, West of Cat Spring Eckardt N2950.166 W096⁰ 21.612
Ehler-Koehn, Near Coshatte Ehler_Koehn N2950.564 W096⁰ 08.979
El Pleasant at Parker Chapel, Between Sealy & Wallis ElPleasant N29⁰ 40.117 W096⁰ 06.973
Engelking, Near Millheim Engelking N29⁰ 51.894 W096⁰ 14.493
Engelking #2, Near Peters Engelking_2 N29⁰ 51.444 W09610.55
Falk Family Cemetery (New)  Near Burleigh Falk Family Cemetery N29⁰ 59.267 W096 10.903
Fenner, East of New Ulm (New Family Cem.) Fenner N2955.056 W09623.250
Findeisen Cemetery Findeisen N29⁰ 59.787 W096⁰ 21.118
Fisseler Northwest of Shelby need names N30⁰ 00638 W096⁰ 34.299
Flake #1, (Travis-Davis) Near New Ulm Flake N29⁰ 56.340 W096⁰ 25.500
Flake #2, West of Bellville Flake N29⁰ 57.429 W096⁰ 20.524
Frances, Near Buckhorn Frances N30⁰ 02.415 W096⁰ 10.870
Francis, (Murff) North of Bellville Francis    
Frady, North of Kenney Frady N30⁰ 03.109 W096⁰ 24.058
Frank, North of Bellville Frank N29 57.515 W096⁰ 14.129
Frnka, New Ulm Frnka N29 54.319 W096 29.364
Froelich Cemetery Froelich N29⁰ 59.220 W096⁰ 10.388
Frydek Saint Mary's, Frydek St.Marys_Frydek N29 45.978 W096⁰ 06.081
Gabig, West of Bellville Gabig N29⁰ 57.587 W096⁰ 19.124
Garnett-Bonner, Oak Hill--Ward's Chapel Garnett N29⁰ 57.687 W096⁰ 22.014
Germania, West of Kenney Germania N30⁰ 01.811 W096⁰ 22.565
Gilbert, Near Kenney Gilbert N30⁰ 02.867 W096⁰ 17.708
Glenn, North of Sealy  (Black) Glenn N29⁰ 48.572 W096⁰ 09.683
Gloar, North of Cat Spring Gloar    
Goebel, Millheim Goebel N29 52.778 W096⁰ 15.782
Goodwill, North of Welcome Goodwill N30⁰ 04.159 W096⁰ 27.144
Graf-Hoffman, North of Bellville Graf_Hoffman N29⁰ 59.514 W096⁰ 10.757
Granau, Cemetery Granau N29⁰ 59.238 W096⁰ 10.301
Gtecl, Johann Grave Shelby need dates N30⁰ 01.216 W096⁰ 34.001
Guardian Angel, Wallis GuardianAngel N29⁰ 36.880 W096⁰ 03.333
Haedge, North of Nelsonville Haedge N29⁰ 59.625 W096⁰ 25.144
Hagemann, Millheim Hagemann N29⁰ 51.716 W096⁰ 13.854
Halada, Near Cat Spring Halada    
Harrison, Near Kenney Harrison    
Hartsville, South of Sealy Hartsville N29⁰ 39.475 W096⁰ 06.473
Haverlah, Near New Ulm Haverlah N29  52.755 W096 28.631
Hawkins (Corbin), Near Kenney Hawkins N30⁰ 03.821 W096⁰ 20.956
Heitmann, South of Nelsonville Heitmann N29  55.627 W096 24.250
Henninger Shely Area Henniger N30⁰  00.187 W096⁰ 35.947
Hill, San Felipe Hill N29⁰ 48.353 W096⁰ 07.077
Hillboldt, Millheim Hillboldt    
Hillside, North of Wallis Hillside N29⁰ 39.533 W096⁰ 02.897
Hiltpold, South of Bellville Hiltpold N29⁰ 52.463 W096⁰ 16.868
Himly, South of Bellville Himly N2951.207 W096⁰ 12.402
Hobson, Southeast of Cat Spring (Newly found) need names N29⁰ 48.095 W096⁰ 17.463
Holtz, Near Burleigh  (now part of Industry United Methodist Church Cemetery) Holtz N29⁰ 55.172 W09609.564
Holy Cross, Sealy HolyCross N29⁰ 44.480 W09608.646
Hoppe, New Bremen near New Ulm Hoppe N29⁰ 55.172 W096⁰ 23.261
Huebner, Near Welcome Huebner N30 00.372 W096 29.224
Industry Brethren Church, Industry I_Brethren N29  58.415 W096 30.823
Industry Immaculate Conception, Industry I_ICChurch N29  58.354 W096 29.285
Industry United Methodist Church, Industry I_Methodist N29  58.484 W096 30.336
Industry Old Methodist, Industry (resurveyed and now part of Industry United Methodist Church Cemetery) I_Methodist N29  58.484 W096 30.336
Industry Pilgrims Rest, Industry I_Pilgrims_Rest N29  58.570 W096 30.320
Ives Creek, North of Bellville IvesCreek N29 58.752 W096 10.764
Jackson, North of Bellville Jackson N30⁰ 01.976 W096⁰ 12.368
Janssen-Harms, North of Bellville Janssen_Harms    
Jeff, Bellville (Black) Jeff N29⁰ 57.777 W096⁰ 15.626
Jerry Jasek Private Cemetery need names N30⁰ 01.716 W096⁰ 13.022
Jiminez, Kenney Jiminez N30⁰ 02.764 W096⁰ 19.291
Jochec, Nelsonville Jochec N29⁰ 57.716 W096⁰ 24.973
Johnson Private Mausoleum Johnson    
Kaechele, NE of Bellville Kaechele N29⁰ 59.456 W096 10.499
Kahloff, West of Cat Spring Kahloff    
Karmichael (Black) Industry Karmichael N30⁰ 00.084 W096⁰ 32.769
Kenney, near Kenney Kenney N30⁰ 03.180 W096⁰ 19.835
Kenney, Unnamed Grave, on

East side of High Way 36 (Jiminez Grave)


need names

N30⁰ 02.766 W096⁰ 19.305
Kersten, West of Sealy Kersten N29 44.682 W096 17.561
Keuffel, Millheim Keuffel N29⁰ 53.532 W096⁰ 16.074
Kiesewetter, North of Bellville Kiesewetter    
Kinkler, North of Cat Spring Kinkler    
Kleberg, Millheim Kleberg N29⁰ 52.965 W096⁰ 15.827
Kluever, Millheim Kluever    
Knolle #1, SW of Industry Knolle N29⁰ 58.016 W096⁰ 30.764
Knolle #2, Industry Knolle2 N29⁰ 57.410 W096⁰ 29.333
Koch #1, West of Bellville Koch N29⁰ 57.676 W096⁰ 27.894
Koch #2, Industry  (In town of Industry) need names N29⁰ 58.362 W096⁰ 30.457
Koehn-Graf, NE of Bellville Koehn_Graf N29⁰ 57.880 W096⁰ 13.565
Kohler Cemetery ( Newly found near Shelby)   N30⁰ 00.133 W096⁰ 33.353
Kolbe, Near Welcome Kolbe N29⁰ 02.602 W096⁰ 29.694
Krasna, Wallis (in Ft. Bend County) Krasna N2935.350 W09602.555
Kroulik, Near Nelsonville Kroulik    
Kurt, East of Bellville Kurt N2956.929 W09610.694
Laas, NW of Bellville Laas    
Luetge, Schoenau Luetge N29⁰ 59.339 W096⁰ 32.741
McGregor, Between Wesley & Shelby McGregor N30⁰ 02.922 W096⁰ 32.338
Macedonia, North of Sealy (Black) Macedonia N29⁰ 50.512 W096⁰ 09.164
Machamehl, North of Bellville Machemehl N29⁰ 59.034 W096⁰ 19.115
Mahnke, East of Bellville Mahnke N29 55.897 W096 12.483
Malicek, West of Cat Spring Malicek    
Mardaus, East of Bellville Mardaus N29⁰ 55.600 W096⁰ 12.255
Matthaei, East of Bellville Matthaei N29⁰ 56.769 W096⁰ 13.588
Meier, Near Bleiblerville Meier N30⁰ 03.018 W096⁰ 27.290
Meinecke, North of Bellville Meinecke N30 01.860 W096 17.587
Menefee, East of New Ulm baby N29* W096
Menke, East of Bellville Menke N29 56.162 W096 12.225
Mernitz, Near Bellville ( Newly found) need names N29 53.938 W096 12.152
Mewis, Near Bellville Mewis N29 56.901 W096 12.668
Meyer, NW of Bellville Meyer    
Millheim, Millheim   Millheim N29 52.212 W096 15.602
Millheim Graveyard, Millheim MillheimG N29⁰ 52.131 W096⁰ 10.244
Montgomery, North of Bellville Montgomery    
Mossy Oaks Ranch Private Family Burials Mossy_Oaks    
Mt. Zion 2 , South of Sealy (Backside of area) (Black) MtZion N29⁰ 45.125 W096⁰ 03.280
Mt. Zion, South of Sealy  next to road (Black) MtZion N29⁰ 45.083 W096⁰ 03.271
Muery, North of Bellville Muery N29⁰ 58.582 W09618.457
Muller, Millheim Muller N29⁰ 51.740. W09614.076
Munger, San Felipe Munger    
Murff , (see Francis in this list) N. of Bellville Francis N30 04.128 W096 13.600
Nagel, Milheim (Newly found)   N29 52.488 W096 14.908
National, West of Nelsonville National N29 58.910 W096 25.831
Necker, Millheim Necker N29 52.371 W096 16.619
Nelsonville, Nelsonville      
New Bremen (Also see Hoppe Cemetery) Hoppe N29⁰ 55.172 W096⁰ 23.261
New_Ulm, New_Ulm New_Ulm N29 54.386 W096 29.296
Oak Knoll, Bellville(Large Files) OKa N29⁰ 56.703 W096⁰ 15.016
Oak Knoll, Bellville(Large Files) OKb N29⁰ 56.703 W096⁰ 15.016
Oak Knoll, Bellville(Large Files) OKc N29⁰ 56.703 W096⁰ 15.016
Ottmer, North of Bellville Ottmer N30⁰ 00.983 W096⁰ 11.524 
Palm, Millheim Palm N29⁰ 53.083 W096 16.628
Peters Old Methodist, Peters Peters N2951.450 W096⁰ 10.569
Pfeffer #1. Kenney Pfeffer1    
Pfeffer #2, Near Kenney Pfeffer2 N30⁰ 02.932 W096⁰ 19.254
Pfeffer #3, Near Kenney Pfeffer3 N30⁰ 02.932 W096⁰ 19.254
Phillipsburg, Near Kenney Phillipsburg N30⁰ 04.745 W096⁰ 20.137
Pilgrims Rest (white), Near Burleigh (Large File) PR N29 57.063 W09613.689
Pilgrims Rest (Black), East of Bellville PR_Black N29⁰ 56.183 W096⁰ 11.583
Pitt, Near Brazos Country Addition Pitt    
Pleasant Grove, Near Raccoon Bend #1 (Black) Pleasant N29⁰ 58.683 W096 07.811
Pope, New Ulm (Black) Pope N29⁰ 53.638 W096⁰ 29.075
Richard Grove Richard_Grove N30⁰ 00.511 W096⁰ 07.811
Riniker, Pecan Hill,  Near Millheim Riniker N29⁰ 52.435 W096⁰ 15.881
Rogers Cemetery Near Buckhorn Rogers N30 02.791   W096 12.000
St. James Lutheran Church, New Wehdem StJames N30⁰ 04.148 W096⁰ 23.276
Saint's Peter and Paul Catholic Church Catholic N29⁰ 57.153 W096⁰ 16.923
Samuel Chaple Cemetery, North of Bellville (Buckhorn Black) Samuel N30⁰ 02.832 W096⁰ 11.062
San Felipe (white), San Felipe SanFelipeA N29⁰ 47.897 W096⁰ 06.123
San Felipe (Black), San Felipe SF_Black N29⁰ 47.859 W096⁰ 06.150
Schaffner, Millheim Schaffner N29⁰ 51.846 W096⁰ 16.533
Schlapota, Cat Spring Schlapota N29⁰ 51.636 W096⁰ 19.033
Schmid, Industry (Schoenau) Schmid N30⁰ 00.012 W096⁰ 33.508
Schmidt, SW of Welcome Schmidt N30⁰ 01.397 W096⁰ 30.215
Schneider, Millheim Schneider N29⁰ 52.871 W096⁰ 16.144
Scholz-Nolte, North of Bellville Scholz N30⁰ 00.684 W09616.383
Scholze, East of Bellville Scholze N29⁰ 58.857 W09613.217
Schrapps Near Burleigh ? N29 54.668' W096⁰ 09.484
Schulke, Near Burleigh Schulke N29 53.857 W096⁰ 09.959
Scranton Grove, West of Bellville Scranton N30⁰ 01.017 W096⁰ 24.583
Sealy, Sealy (Large Files) Sealy N29 46.703 W096 10.011
Sealy, Sealy (Large Files) SealyB N29 46.703 W096 10.011
Sealy, Sealy (Large Files) SealyC N2946.703 W096 10.011
Sealy, Sealy (Large Files) SealyD N29 46.703 W096 10.011
Sealy, Sealy (Large Files) SealyM N29 46.703 W096 10.011
Sealy Catholic, Sealy S_Catholic N29 46.707 W096 09.970
Sealy Holy Cross, South of Sealy HolyCross N29⁰ 44.480 W096⁰ 08.646
Severin, Millheim Severin N29⁰ 52.555 W096⁰ 15.689
Seyer, Near Burleigh Seyer N29⁰ 55.540 W096⁰ 11.941
Shelburne,  (John Pamplin)  Bleiberville Shelburne N29⁰ 59.946 W096⁰ 27.724
Shelburne, Samuel Allen; Industry ShelburneS N29⁰ 59.727 W096⁰ 29.287
Shelburne, William Lewis Farm; Nelsonville ShelburneF N29⁰ 58.046 W096⁰ 26.009
Shelby, Shelby Shelby N30  01.192 W096 35.834
Shelby Family, NW of Shelby ShelbyF N30  02.328 W096 36.290
Smith, Near Buckhorn Smith N30⁰ 02.470 W096⁰ 11.142
Smith #2  (Newly Found)   N29⁰ 54.796 W096⁰ 08.297
Staehle, Near Buckhorn Staehle N30⁰ 02.847 W096⁰ 09.672
Staehle, Near Buckhorn (Black) need names N30⁰ 02.869 W096⁰ 09.655
Star Hill, Star Hill Star_Hill N29⁰ 57.033 W096⁰ 26.948
Stone-Motley, East of Raccoon Bend Stone_M    
Streb, Kenney (also known as Pheffer #2) Pfeffer2 N30⁰ 02.932 W096⁰ 19.254
Stuessel, West of Cat Spring Steussel N29 51.266 W096 22.216
Susen, South of Nelsonville Susen N29 58.235 W096 24.488
Svajda-Hejl, Nelsonville Svajda    
Swearingen, Millheim Swearingen N29 50.985 W096 16.137
Thomas Cochran Cem.   See Cochran      
Thompson, Oak Hill Thompson N29 58.325 W096 21.784
Timme, Southeast of Bellville Timme N29⁰ 54.810 W096⁰ 12.772
Tipp,  on Garlough property South East of Cat Spring Tipp N29⁰ 48.287 W096⁰ 19.334
Travis-Davis. near New Ulm (previously shown as Flake #1) Flake N29⁰ 56.340 W096⁰ 25.500
Travis-Pier near Kenney TravisPier N30⁰ 00.757 W096⁰ 20.113
Old Travis near Kenney C_Catlin N30⁰ 00.177 W096⁰ 21.191
Trenckmann, South of Bellville Trenckmann N29⁰ 51.570 W096⁰ 12.146
Ueckert #1, West of Bellville Ueckert1    
Ueckert #2, North of Bellville Ueckert2    
Ueckert #3, West of Bellville Ueckert3 N29⁰ 56.348 W096⁰ 16.516
Unmarked Graves Unmarked Graves    
Unknown Grave need names N30⁰ 00.120  W096⁰ 28.068
Unnamed off Kimsteadt Rd.  need names N30⁰ 03.629 W096⁰ 19.083
Unnamed off Swearingen Re   N2952.442 W09615.808
Viereck,  Near Cat Spring Viereck N29⁰ 49.763 W096⁰ 22.520
Vanderwerth, South of Shelby Vanderwerth N30⁰  01.058 W096⁰ 33.364
Wallis, Wallis Wallis N29⁰ 38.757  W096⁰ 03.388
Wammel Hill Family Cemetery, near Bellville Wammel    
Ward's Chapel Ward's Chapel N29⁰ 57.687  
Washam, Buckhorn Washam N30⁰ 02.151  W096⁰ 12.033
Weise, Buckhorn Weise N30⁰ 00.318 W096⁰ 13.019
Welcome Old Salem Lutheran Church Welcome N30⁰ 02.572 W096⁰ 28.928
Welcome New Salem Lutheran Church Welcome2 N30⁰ 02.626 W096⁰ 28.874
Welcome Cemetery (known as Welcome Reichle) Welcome3 N30⁰ 01.631 W096⁰ 29.457
Wellhausen (Fricke) Near Cat Spring (Newly found) need names N29⁰ 53.155 W096⁰ 19.000
Wesley Brethren Church, Wesley Wesley N30 03.950 W09629.899
Williams, Bouldin Cemetery, NW of Industry (Black)  


N30 01.671 W096 31.772
Williams Cemetery, North of Industry (Black)  

need names

N29 59.172 W096 31.360
Winkelmann, Near Kenney Winkelmann    
Zachas, Millheim Zachas N29 51.496 W096 14.830
Zettel. West of Nelsonville Zettel N29 58.854 W096⁰ 25.924
  Ziemer, East of Bellville Ziemer N29 56.717 W096⁰ 11.128


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