The files shown below were carefully copied from the index of births at the Austin County Courthouse. 

 For copies of the actual birth certificates, contact the county clerk's office. 

Our thanks to the Austin County Historical Society and  employees at the Austin County Courthouse

for their financial and physical assistance with this project.   The chart shows births from 1860 to 1940.  

(We  added births from 1931 to 1940 in 2012.   More to come in 2022?)



Please choose first letter(s) of ancestor's surname. 

A-Am An-Az Ba_Ban Bar-Bay Be Bi-Bo Br-Bre Bri-Bz C-Cm
Co-Cz Da-De Di-Dz E-Ec Ed-Ez F-Fo Fr-Fz G-Gi Gl-Gy
Ha He Hi-Hl Ho Hr-Hz I-Ja Je-Jz K-Ke Ki-Kl
Km-Ko Kr Ku-Kz La-Le Li-Lo Lu-Lz Ma-Man Map-Maz Mc
Me Mi-Ml Mo-Mz N-Ni No-Nz O P-Pe Pf-Ph Pi-Pz
Q-Ra Re Ri-Ro Ru-Rz Sa Sc-Schm Schn-Schr Schu-Scr Se-Sh
Si-Sl Sm-Sn So-Sp Sr-St Su-Sz T-Ti To-Tz UV Wa
We-Wh Wi-Wil Wim-Wz XYZ          



 NOTE! Registration of birth was not required until about 1903, and often births were not registered before or after that date.  Another issue is that frequently registration of records was delayed or records were amended, but both records were kept.  If no parents are shown, it is probably because of a delayed registration for purpose of proof of birth date, and was probably filed after 1940.  Keep in mind that the birth records were handwritten and hard to read, when indexed.   Sometimes the index record cut off the names in unusual places, such as   "Elizabe"   These spellings were kept because sometimes parents created various ending such as Elizabell.  Sometimes there are multiple variations of the same name.  It was not our purpose to correct  or  edit  information provided other than our own mistakes, but we sometimes added a "See also..." which was not in the index.   We apologize for our own errors, but are proud of the material that we are presenting for free public access.

Tip:  Look  throughout sections of common names, such as 'Brown', for those listed as "NOT NAMED."

If you can provide us with similar records , please contact Jane Keppler  .   Thank you.

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