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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones.  New information has recently been  added to some  cemetery listings and index.



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Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, married or lived in Austin County.


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
C. H.   No dates given     Goodwill  
C. K.   No dates given     Kleberg  
Cade Matt 16-Jan-1905 2-Jun-1931   San_Felipe_Black  
Cadena Juana C. 24 Jun 1896 7-Jul-1971   Sealy Catholic  
Cain Annie Erna Krumrey 14-Mar-1905 1-Oct-1932   Oak Knoll  
Cain James E. 20 Nov 1881 12-Nov-1918   Oak Knoll 26 F2
Cain Laura Elizabeth  Garrett 12 Jun 1899 6-Jan-1925 w/o Ray Dewitt Oak Knoll 26 F2
Cain Paul Durwood 7 Jan 1891 24-Apr-1969 WWI        h/o Annie E Oak Knoll  
Caldwell Tolly Rex, Sr. 11-Apr-1933 12-Nov-2006 Korea, V.N National  
Caletkaa Alfred 1 Dec 1898 14 Nov 1972   Kollatschny  
Caletka Auga 21 Jun 1871 15-Aug-1954   Cat Spring  
Caletka Auga Vorbeck 17 Nov 1863 19-Sep-1939   Cat Spring  
Caletka Charles 10-Jan-1969 17-Aug-1932   Cat Spring  
Caletka Charles 6 Dec 1892 15-Jan-1932   Cat Spring  
Caletka Elty A. 22-Jan-1906 4 Jun 1954   Kollatschny  
Caletka Jos. 17 Mar 1830   8-Dec-1912   Caletka  
Caletka Joseph 6 Mar 1866 25-Jan-1918   Cat Spring  
Caletka Mary Marie Svec Howard 10-Dec-1908 2 Mar 1996   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Caletka Norma Reichardt 7 Feb 1894 1 Sep 1941   Kollatschny  
Caletka Teresie 6 Sep 1831  7 Dec 1908   Caletka  
Calkin Marjorie Lock 1-Aug-1905 2-Jan-1982   Sealy  
Callahan John Clifford 1-Apr-1923 7-Nov-2004   Wallis  
Callahan Leda 7-Oct-1902 15-Jan-1976   GuardianAngel  
Callas Andrew. Sr. 3-Jun-1903 7-Aug-1956 1sth/o Gertrude Findeisen Sealy  
Callas Andrew, Jr. 6-Sep-1936 6-Sep-1936 s/o Andrew Sr & Gertrude Sealy  
Callas Annie Marie 18-Feb-1939 11-Jan-1988   Sealy  
Callas Audrey Jean 30-Nov-1937 No date given   Sealy  
Callas Paul Francis 10-Jan-1935 23-Jul-1990   Sealy  
Callaway Robert Lee Born and died 28-Apr-1951   Wallis  
Calligan George Robert 18-Sep-1915 10-Apr-1979 WWII Sealy  
Calton Samuel O 1-Feb-1913 26-Jul-1954 WWII Goodwill  
Cameron James Maurice 21 Sep 1878 15-Apr-1969   Oak Knoll  
Cameron Margaret H. 3 Dec 1883 30-Mar-1975 w/o James M. Oak Knoll  
Cameron Mary S. 22 Sep 1822 28-Jul-1904   Hawkins  
Cameron Mollie 25 Nov 1852 24 Aug 1870   Hawkins  
Camp Stephen Paul 19-Nov-1959 27-Mar-2000   Sealy  
Campbell Albert Richard "Dick" 4 Jan 1892 8-Jul-1953   Oak Knoll 26 Z10
Campbell Andrew C 22-Oct-1927 5-Aug-1958   San_Felipe_Black  
Campbell Berna Mae Williams 14-Nov-1930 16-Jun-1985   Sealy  
Campbell Brian E 28-May-1905 29-May-1905   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Campbell Dennis Earl 13-Oct-1992 22-Dec-2013   Jefferson  
Campbell Dorothy Lea Fullilove 2-Jan-1930 No date given w/o Wm. Cleo Oak Knoll  
Campbell Earl Leo 17-May-1919 15-Sep-1999 WWII SealyM  
Campbell Earl Leo, Jr. 16-Feb-1947 16-Feb-1947   Oak Knoll 26 Z10
Campbell Elmer Dennis 23 Sep 1893 9-Aug-1960 h/o Eva L Sealy  
Campbell Eva Lillian McKinley 4-Dec-1904 17-Mar-1997 w/o Elmer D Sealy  
Campbell Faith Loucille Beyer 6-Dec-1920 24-Feb-2004   SealyM  
Campbell Huie 25 May 1885 1-Sep-1938   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Campbell James Walter Jr.(Rev.) 30-Nov-1925 5-Oct-2011 WWII Industry Methodist D 7
Campbell L. Christeen Brown 19-Oct-1923 29-Aug-2000   Industry Methodist D 7
Campbell Rev. Lawrence Curtis 22-Oct-1922 25-May-2018 Miller-Josey Mortuary Jefferson  
Campbell Leroy 17-Jul-1925 16-Dec-1947   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Campbell Lizzie 24-Feb-1905 28-May-1905   Hillside  
Campbell Margaret Ann 7-Mar-1905 2-Jan-1985 Eastern Star San Felipe  
Campbell Mary J. 31 Jan 1864   28 Apr 1879   Campbell-Catlin  
Campbell Nettie Lee Jones 8 Aug 1895 10-Feb-1982 w/o Albert Richard Oak Knoll 26 Z10
Campbell Rebecca Howard 14-Jan-1956 24-Apr-2001   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Campbell Rufus Easton 15 Aug 1815   27 Oct 1878   Campbell-Catlin  
Campbell Ruth Lee Harris 18-Feb-1945 10-Nov-2015 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Campbell Sam 10 Jan 1886 31-Jul-1955 WWI Hillside  
Campbell W. C. "Bill" 21-Oct-1926 No date given   Oak Knoll  
Campbell Walter, Rev. 30-Mar-1905 5-Jun-1905   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Campos Alejo A. 17 Jul 1886 29-Dec-1977 h/o Hepolita M. Sealy Catholic  
Campos Alex M. 27-Feb-1942 21-Oct-1967   Sealy Catholic  
Campos Blas 3-Feb-1928 7-Jan-1954 Korean War KIA Sealy Catholic  
Campos David Michael 30-Oct-1965 28-Jul-1993   Sealy Catholic  
Campos Gilbert, Jr. 29-Mar-1935 13-Jun-1965   Sealy Catholic  
Campos Gilbert Lopez, Sr. 28-Oct-1908 18-May-2006 h/o Leonor Sealy Catholic  
Campos Hepolita Mendoza 14 Aug 1899 12-Dec-1985   Sealy Catholic  
Campos Jaime Stephen 15-Dec-1960 16-Oct-2002   Sealy Catholic  
Campos Leonor 14-May-1910 5-Jul-1979 w/o Gilbert L. Sr. Sealy Catholic  
Campos Maria R 6-Feb-1929 2-Dec-2008   Sealy Catholic  
Candelaria Linda 17-Oct-1957 12-Jun-2015   Milheim  
Canino, Jr. Anthony 19-Oct-1929 30-Dec-2014 h/o Joyce St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cannon Ellen Charlene Washam 8-Aug-1924 28-May-1983   Washam  
Cannon James Jim H. 14-Feb-1922 no date given   Washam  
Cannon May D. 4 Sep 1887 2 Sep 1897   Sealy  
Cannon Nettie Pauline Remmert 14-Aug-1905 5-Jan-1996 w/o Oliver Gilmer Oak Knoll  
Cannon Oliver Green, Sr. 12 Aug 1847 20 Feb 1899 h/o Winnie M. Sealy  
Cannon Oliver Gilmer 13 Mar 1891 2-Oct-1963   Oak Knoll  
Cannon W. G. Willie Green 3 Oct 1892 17-Aug-1914   Sealy  
Cannon Winnie M. Allen 1 Sep 1854 17 Dec 1896 w/o Oliver G., Sr. Sealy  
Cano Erlinda Lopez 29-Dec-1950 25-May-2004   Oak Knoll  
Canon Christopher Carl 27-Aug-1971  23 Sep 1991   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Canry Eddie 31 Jul 1891 14-May-1975   Pleasant  
Canter Isabell Lucy Falk 2-Oct-1918 18-May-1992   Oak Knoll  
Cantrell Family       Industry Pilgrims_Rest IIIB3
Capetillo Maria Luisa 15-May-1936 4-May-2010      
Caraway Ernest Alvin 14 Mar 1882 20-Jul-1912   Wallis  
Carder Joseph 5 Nov 1847 31-Mar-1918   Atkinson  
Carder Mary E. 3 Jun 1872 23-Jan-1918   Atkinson  
Cardin Lloyd A 10-Jul-1957 22-Mar-2002   Sealy Catholic  
Cardin Lloyd R 15-Jul-1936 12-Mar-1995   Sealy Catholic  
Carlin Delos Ira 30-Dec-1907 26-Feb-1985 H/o Earl Dee Sealy  
Carlin Earl Dee Preibisch 8-Sep-1912 4-May-2003  w/o Delos L Sealy  
Carlin Jack F 1-Dec-1953 5-Apr-2013 h/o Ann Champagne Sealy  
Carlson Eric R. 10-Mar-1918 19-Jul-1994 WWII Sealy  
Carmichael Ada Minnie Burger 18-Mar-1908 8-Apr-2006   Sealy  
Carmichael Billie Boy 15 Oct 1893 2-Mar-1900   McGregor  
Carmichael Malcolm Lee 22 Feb 1898 4-Aug-1949   Sealy  
Carmichael Mary Ada Brackin 1 Jun 1868 27-Jun-1927   Sealy  
Carmichael Mary Catharine McDougald 3-Jan-1905 20 Oct 1893   McGregor  
Carmichael N. C. 18 Nov 1828 28 Nov 1894   McGregor  
Carmichael Neill 14 Feb 1895 15 Sep 1895   McGregor  
Carmichael William Peter 22-Feb-1905 23-Mar-1957   Sealy  
Carnes Bertha E. 11-Apr-1926 No date given   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Carnes John H. (Henry) 2-Jan-1925 1-Nov-2003 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Carpenter Albert Lewis 27-Nov-1918 12-Sep-1983 WWII Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carpenter Delanie Ann Weeks 1 Oct 1896 13-Oct-1975 w/o Frank L Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carpenter Estabel Dawson 30-Aug-1924 26-Jul-2014 w/o Malcolm L. Oak Knoll  
Carpenter Frank Leslie 29 Apr 1893 18-Mar-1960   Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carpenter Hazel Y. 14-May-1937 7-Aug-2002   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Carpenter Malcolm Luther 2-Sep-1947 5-Mar-1990   Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carpenter Malcolm Luther, Sr. 25-Apr-1923 26-Jun-1994 WWII       h/o Estabel Dawson Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carpenter Nina Orchard 4-Jan-1921 6-Dec-2002 w/o Albert Lewis Oak Knoll 52 S9
Carr Ada 8-Apr-1905 21-May-1905   Macedonia  
Carr Amy 24 Mar 1899 7-Mar-1938   Jefferson  
Carr David Charles 22-Dec-1946 18-Feb-2000   Atkinson  
Carr John Charles 30-Jul-1902 11-Mar-1963   Atkinson  
Carr Lena Mae 24-Apr-1905 21-May-1905   Macedonia  
Carr Leona Villa 28-Sep-1917 27-Jan-1999   Atkinson  
Carr Richard C. 13-Dec-1944 8-Jan-1996   Atkinson  
Carraway Adell  Maggie Wernli 4-Oct-1925 25-May-2006 w/o Fred L Oak Knoll 42 D19
Carraway Archie H. 12-Apr-1907 24-Aug-1977   Atkinson  
Carraway Bessie Lyons 2-Mar-1908 17-Sep-1985   Atkinson  
Carraway Earl F. 6-Oct-1929 5-Jan-1957   Atkinson  
Carraway Eli William 17-Jun-1902 14-Jan-1972   Atkinson  
Carraway Fred Louis 2-Oct-1926 28-Nov-1995   Atkinson  
Carraway Josh 6-Feb-1905 10-Apr-1905   Atkinson  
Carraway Joshua 17-Dec-1905 3-Aug-1979   Atkinson  
Carraway Lucy S. A. 19-Feb-1905 3-May-1905   Atkinson  
Carrell infant boy 18-Jan-1905 8-Sep-1945   Oak Knoll 42 B20
Carroll Myrtle Volbaum 28 May 1895 6-May-1905   San Felipe  
Carson Halsey V. 5-Mar-1905 30-May-1905   Wallis  
Carson Martha A. 7 May 1850 5-Jan-1942   Wallis  
Carson Rosan  Mrs.   28-Jun-1947   ElPleasant  
Carson Welford F. 7 Jun 1844 23 Oct 1895   Wallis  
Carter Carrie E. 22 Jun 1897 23-Mar-1964   Samuel  
Carter George 6 Feb 1891 1-May-1985   Samuel  
Carter Jack Sims 31-Mar-1905 __Jun 1979   San Felipe  
Carter Julius, Sr. 3 Oct 1888 12-Nov-1971   Jefferson  
Carter Kenneth Forest 3-May-1907 7-Dec-1982   Oak Knoll  
Carter Kevin W. 10-Aug-1970 10-Aug-1970   Samuel  
Carter L. V. Abbs 10-Mar-1931 10-Mar-1997   Buckhorn  
Carter Lorene 30-Apr-1935 21-Jun-1988   Samuel  
Carter Lydia F. 5 Mar 1893 5-Jul-1981   Jefferson  
Carter Maxine Johnston 19-May-1914 27-May-2003   Sealy  
Carter Nellie E. (Davis) 26 Mar 1883 13-May-1910   San Felipe  
Carter Roy T. 24-Apr-1908 26-Apr-1972   Jefferson  
Carter Rufus 30 Sep 1891 26-Jan-1968   Jefferson  
Carter Sallie No date given 6-Sep-1934   Jefferson  
Carter Viola May Dittert 28-Jun-1912 No dates given w/o Kenneth Forest Oak Knoll  
Carter William Henry, III 19-May-1959  15 May 2000   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Carter Willie Flynn 28-Mar-1905     San Felipe  
Carter Willie, Jr. 9-Mar-1951 14-Dec-2000   Buckhorn  
Cartwright James Gilbert 2-Sep-1904 22-Dec-1965 h/o Jessie I. Sealy  
Cartwright Jessie Irene Buck 30-Aug-1906 11-Feb-2002 w/o James G SealyM  
Cartwright Mollie M. 1 Jun 1898 9-Mar-1983   San_Felipe_Black  
Cartwright O. 12-Apr-1912 5-Jan-1935   San_Felipe_Black  
Carver Dorothy Marie Mosmeyer 13-May-1928 30-Dec-1996   Oak Knoll MAU
Carver Melvin 28-Dec-1951 8-Sep-2010 Mausoleum Oak Knoll  
Cary Howard Brillault 15 Sep 1891 12-Mar-1978 WWI Oak Knoll 52 N12
Cary Ruby Rye 2 Jan 1899 10-Dec-1983 w/o Howard B Oak Knoll 52 N12
Case George A. 3 Mar 1865 18-Dec-1950   New Ulm  
Case Nettie G. 1 Sep 1869 5-May-1952   New Ulm  
Casey Minalee 29-Apr-1923 8-Jan-2004   Wallis  
Cass Sammy Harvey "Sam" 25-Nov-1927 28-Nov-2014 h/o Delores Pacher Sealy  
Castaneda Benita 28-Sep-1971 7-Aug-2005   Sealy Catholic  
Castleton Ann Gaston 21 Sep 1850 1-May-1916 w/o John Rutland Sealy  
Castleton Hudson Gaston 6 Sep 1867 4-Mar-1918   Sealy  
Castleton John Rutland 14 Apr 1845 1 Jan 1893 h/o Ann Gaston Sealy  
Cathey Effie Washam 28 Sep 1872 11-Oct-1934   Washam  
Cathey Mary Jewel 1-Apr-1909 1-Jan-1910   Washam  
Catlin Susan L. No date given   13 Feb 1872   Campbell-Catlin  
Ceballos Ableardo P 8-Sep-1924 26-Apr-2010   Oak Knoll 99 47
Ceballos Kimberly Joann 27-Jul-1987 5-Nov-1990   Oak Knoll 13 W7
Cellars Mabel 17 Jun 1898 20-Sep-1946   San_Felipe_Black  
Cellum Bertha Coward 20-Mar-1900 24-May-1997   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Cenke F. R. 25 Nov 1875    8 Aug 1900   Kollatschny  
Cerda Maria Santos Sandoval 13-Sep-1940 25-Oct-1997   Oak Knoll 13 W1
Cernocka Josefa 8 Feb 1872 20 Jan 1899   National  
Cerny Frank 25 Jan 1895 14-Dec-1982   GuardianAngel  
Cerny Jerome Theodore 14-Nov-1928 25-Oct-2004   GuardianAngel  
Cerny Marie 18 Dec 1858 22-Oct-1928   Krasna  
Cerny Simon Frank 17-Feb-1923 1-Aug-2017   GuardianAngel  
Cerny Vaclav 17 Oct 1853 23 Sep 1894   Krasna  
Cervenka Frank 23-Mar-1905   infant St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Frank 25 Mar 1888    23 May 1974   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Frank 11-Feb-1905 12-Oct-1951 h/o Veronika B. Sealy Catholic  
Cervenka Veronica Belunek 16-Feb-1905  7 Apr 1948 w/o Frank Sealy Catholic  
Cervenka Hedvika 5 Sep 1874         7 Oct 1920   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Jos. ndg     29-Mar-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Josef 26 Apr 1863    24 Aug 1916   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Louis 6-Apr-1905 18-May-1905   GuardianAngel  
Cervenka Sofhie 7-Apr-1905 13-Apr-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenka Vaclav 4 Oct 1850 19-Apr-1916 h/o Veronika Sealy Catholic  
Cervenka Veronika 9 Aug 1856 19-Apr-1937   Sealy Catholic  
Cervenka Veronika 1 Jan 1891   9 Aug 1955   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Cervenk Veronika Belunek 6-Feb-1905 7-Apr-1948 w/o Frank Sealy Catholic  
Cevallos Andres 10-Feb-1922 12-Apr-1988 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Chafin Kenneth   6-Jan-2001   Phillipsburg  
Chaka Jerry H. 24-Mar-1905 1-May-1905   National  
Chaloupka Adela Schovajsa 6-Jul-1918 9-Dec-1991   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Albina 27 Oct 1888 24-Mar-1954   National  
Chaloupka Anna 13 Aug 1864 13-Mar-1941   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Annie Albina 16 Sep 1895 9-Mar-1984   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Emil J. 19 Jun 1898 25-Jun-1988   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Emma 2 Nov 1896 18-Oct-1971   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Ladislav 24-Mar-1909 4-Jun-1975   National  
Chaloupka Maxine Reinecker 20-Jun-1917 6-May-1999   National  
Chaloupka Milton Emil 20-Feb-1929 5-Feb-2018 Schmidt Funeral Home Sealy Catholic  
Chaloupka Rozena H. 6 Apr 1826 1-Oct-1917   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Theresa Annie Selcik 29-Jan-1912 27-Aug-1999   National  
Chaloupka Vince B. 5-Mar-1913 28-Apr-1965 WWII National  
Chaloupka Vincenc 13 Aug 1863 5-Aug-1945   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Vincenc 6 May 1826 5 Nov 1896   Industry Brethren  
Chaloupka Vincenc 3 Apr 1888 2-Aug-1963   National  
Chaloupka Vincent 19 Sep 1893 21-Feb-1972   Industry Brethren  
Chapupa Bea Sylvia Hosak 16-Feb-1935 23-Feb-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels St.Mary's, Frydek  
Chalupa Frank 26-Mar-1929 26-Aug-1955   GuardianAngel  
Chalupa Jan 16 May 1864 17 Jul 1898   Krasna  
Chalupa Mark Dwayne 28-Jun-1962 7-Jun-1995   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Chalupa Patrick 29-May-1959 3-Aug-2014   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Chambers unknown No date given Jan 1872   Concord  
Chambles Hilda Schmidt 9 Dec 1879 25-Mar-1961   Industry Pilgrims_Rest II 10#3
Chambles Joseph H 23 Apr 1882 21-Mar-1962   Industry Pilgrims_Rest II 10#2
Champion Alberta B 15-Aug-1912 29-Apr-1997   Industry Pilgrims_Rest IIIB 1#8
Champion Donald Franklin 28-Jun-1911 10-Nov-1997   Industry Pilgrims_Rest IIIB 1#7
Chandler Grace Elizabeth 3-Sep-2003 3-Sep-2003   Sealy  
Chandler James No date given 2-Mar-1945   San_Felipe_Black  
Chance Billy Mitchell 25-Feb-1952 20-Jan-55   Hobson's Choice  
Chance Eula Frances Bush 4   Dec 1918 3-May-2005   Hobson's Choice   
Chance Oscar Dellinger 9-Oct-1916 12-Jul-1996   Hobson's Choice   
Chaney Fannie 28-May-1919 15-May-1993   Hillside  
Chaney Johnny A., Jr. 13-Apr-1922 5-Feb-1948 Pfc. WW 2 Hillside  
Chaney Joseph, Sr. 7-Feb-1911 13-Apr-1985   Hillside  
Chaneyworth Jack Vivian 22-Aug-1915 9-Jun-1997   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chaneyworth S. Estella 2-Sep-1925 No date given   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chapel H. C.       Pope  
Chapel Willis, Jr 25-Apr-1905 3-Jun-1905   Gilbert  
Chappel Hillery 13 Sept  1888 25-Dec-1967 PFC WWII Pope  
Chappell Ora Lee 29-Mar-1909 9-Jan-1962   Kenney  
Charpiot Albert Alexander 12 Feb 1892 26-Aug-1962 WWI Oak Knoll 52 U15
Charpiot Ethel Thompson 9 Feb 1892 4-Feb-1973 w/o Albert A Oak Knoll 52 U15
Charpiot Robert Batiste 31-Aug-1923 5-Mar-2008 WWII Oak Knoll  
Chatfield Bessie Fay 27-Mar-1902 1-Oct-1977   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chatfield Fred George 28 Dec 1887 20-Feb-1978   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chatham Alma Clark 24 Apr 1871 9-Jan-1958 w/o Walter Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Leroy       Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Florence M       Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Guy Elmer 30 Aug 1892 2-Feb-1975   Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Leo/ Lee 12-Oct-1900 14-May-1978 WWI Oak Knoll 42 C9
Chatham Lillie Belle Duck 10 Jan 1898 24-Dec-1983 w/o Guy Elmer Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Roy 3 Jul 1898 16-Oct-1922 WWI Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Ruby Fulgham 9-Oct-1900 28-May-1979 w/o Leo Oak Knoll 42 C9
Chatham Walter 12 Mar 1870 10-Mar-1951   Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chatham Walter Edward 10-May-1916 13-Jan-1943 WWII Oak Knoll 13 C6
Chavez Eric A. 1-Feb-1989 5-Jul-1989   Sealy Catholic  
Cheely Joel Frank 19-Sep-1925 29-Dec-2005 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chernosky Al (Alden Otto) 20-Nov-1927 6-Apr-1998 Korea National  
Chernosky Annie 23-Oct-1900 22-Mar-1975   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chernosky Beatrice Lubojacky 18-Apr-1925 13-Jan-1977 w/o Randolph Oak Knoll 52 T10
Chernosky Cecelia 26 Oct 1885 18-Aug-1969   National  
Chernosky Charles 21 Oct 1888 4-Sep-1978 WWI Oak Knoll  
Chernosky Elmo 16-Oct-1904 5-Oct-2002   National  
Chernosky Frances 4 Dec 1887 28-Apr-1983   Susen  
Chernosky Ignac 27 Nov 1871 29-Apr-1957   National  
Chernosky John 19 Jan 1894 21-Feb-1976 WWI 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chernosky John W. 3-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905   Susen  
Chernosky Mary F. Divoky 12-Feb-1905 25-Apr-1905   Susen  
Chernosky Milady 20-Jun-1903 30-Mar-1979   National  
Chernosky Norris (Rudy) 6-Dec-1929 29-May-1977 Korea National  
Chernosky Otto 2 Sep 1895 27-Jul-1985   National  
Chernosky Paula J. 12-Apr-1960 19-Jan-1962   National  
Chernosky Randolph 11-Nov-1910 12-Aug-1993 WWII Oak Knoll 52 T10
Chernosky Sadie Annie Maresh 18-Jul-1901 19-Dec-1997   National  
Cherry Annie Laura 17-Mar-1905 12-Feb-1965   Hillside  
Cherry Julius J. 6-Dec-1921 27-Apr-1985 Pvt. Army Hillside  
Cherry Louis 29-Nov-1912 20-May-1994   Hillside  
Cherry Nathaniel 5-Feb-1905 13-Dec-1998   Hillside  
Cherry Ora 21-Mar-1905 23-May-1905   Hillside  
Cherwak George Lane (Dollie Schindler) 9-Nov-1908 11-Feb-1970 w/o Ludy Sealy  
Cherwak Ludy 03 Oct 1898 31-Jan-1947 WWII;      h/o George L Sealy  
Chesley Alvah 27 Sep 1831 17-Jul-1907   Oak Knoll 26 C1
Chesley Alvah, Jr. 10 Feb 1881 10-Jul-1929   Oak Knoll 26 C1
Chesley Marguerite Emma Hagerty 8 May 1842 10-Oct-1932 w/o Alvah Sr. Oak Knoll 26 C1
Chessher Ruth M. 14-Mar-1929 10-Mar-1992   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Chessher Wilburn 4-Jan-1924 (25 Jul 2004) WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Childers Barbara A. 1-May-1940 5-Feb-2005   San Felipe  
Childers Dewey V. 3-Dec-1934 14-Jan-1989   San Felipe  
Childers Ellis Buffington "Buck" 15-Aug-1921 25-Aug-1989 WWII      h/o Mary E. Sealy Catholic  
Childers Mary Elizabeth Hluchan 8-Jul-1922 23-May-2003 w/o Ellis B. Sealy Catholic  
Child's grave         Shelby  
Child's grave   unmarked     Bartay  
Chilton Donald Loran 9-Jul-1938 12-Jan-2012 Vietnam  Sealy  
Chilton Joe Paul 7-Jan-1971 2-Sep-2000   Sealy  
Chitwood Oscar Lee 26-Feb-1905 12-May-1905   Wallis  
Chovanec Austin Hunner 22-Jul-1993 23-Jul-1993 s/o David Wayne Oak Knoll 52 U2
Chovanec Sheila Kay Macat 20-Jul-1953 19-Nov-2011 w/o Joseph National  
Christ Allen Emil 9-Sep-1943     Industry Pilgrims_Rest IIIB 2#25
Christ Doris Jean Helweg 6-Apr-1945     Industry Pilgrims_Rest IIIB 2#26
Christianson Emma Vint Thomas 12-Mar-1908 19-Sep-1997   Sealy  
Chudej Julius J. 24-Aug-1920 25-Jun-1969   Wallis  
Chumchal Annie May 18-Mar-1905 7-Feb-2004   National  
Chumley Alexander 04 Jul 1889