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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones.  New information has recently been  added to some  cemetery listings and index.



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Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, married or lived in Austin County.


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
G.L.   No dates given     Welcome  
Gabig Patric J. 1960 1972   Gabig  
Gabig Paul A. 1955 1989   Gabig  
Gabig Thomas F. 1953 1977   Gabig  
Gabig William A 24-Oct-1922 2-Aug2009 WWII Gabig  
Gabler Gottlieb 29 Apr 1863 16-Feb-43   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 4#24
Gabrenoski Martha no marker 1905   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gabriel Leary 31-Oct-1954 2-Jan-1977   Kenney  
Gabriel Lillie 30-Jul 1917 15-Feb-71   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gabriel Robert L. 16-Aug-1932 25-Aug-1992   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gaedecke Albertine 1 Aug 1882 14-Nov-1973   New Ulm  
Gaedecke Charles 18 May 1882 9-Jan-1953   New Ulm  
Gaines Aron 10 Oct 1892 4-May-1967 Pvt WWI Pope  
Gaines Arthur, Sr. 16 Mar 1890 28-Jun-1996   Pope  
Gaines Evelyn Jackson 6-May-1910 ?   Pope  
Gaines Ira Alvin 28-Mar-1902 9-Mar-2005   Pope  
Gaines Laura 10 Aug 1807 4-Nov-1068 w/o Robt., Sr. Pope  
Gaines Leonia Zink       Pope  
Gaines Maud       Pope  
Gaines Nettie       Pope  
Gaines Raymond       Pope  
Gaines Robert Sr. 9 Jun 1865 27-Dec-1912   Pope  
Gaines Robert, Jr. 23 Apr 1894 9-Jan-78 WWI Pope  
Gaines William. 4-Mar-00 5-Oct-63   Pope  
Gaines Wilma Ruth Gentry 29-Aug-1922 31-Oct-2015 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418 
Gaitan Lucy  Lou Ramirez 16-Dec-39 25-Dec-87   Sealy  
Gaitan Miguel Ramirez 29-Sep-59 7-Jan-84   Sealy  
Gajevsky Frances 17-Sep-11 27-Sep-82   Wallis  
Gajevsky Infant 6-Jun-45 7-Jun-45   GuardianAngel  
Gajevsky Oldrich 24-Aug-12 22-Apr-71   Wallis  
Gajevsky Wilma 15-Jan-43 16-Jan-43   GuardianAngel  
Gajewskey Albina 8-Feb-18 10-Dec-21   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewskey Albina 13 Apr 1893 9-Oct-71 w/o Frank Sealy Catholic  
Gajewskey Alois 23-Mar-20 29-Mar-20   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewskey Frank 9 Mar 1893 29-Sep-77 h/o Albina Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Albina F. 28-Mar-05 ndg   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gajewski Aug 25-Mar-05 1964   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gajewski Bertha 2-Apr-28 8-Oct-80   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gajewski Eugene Joseph 5-May-37 31-Mar-00   Sealy  
Gajewski Frank Peter 28 Nov 1898 31-May-93 h/o Louise Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Henrietta 11-Sep-34 18-Apr-36   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Joe Charlie 18-Mar-27 15-May-13 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Johnny Jun-27 Jun-27   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Louise Orsak 10-Nov-02 16-Jun-91 w/o Frank P. Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Martin No date given 28-Sep-02   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Mary Novosad 16-Mar-1926 31-Jul-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Mary Lou L. 26-Mar-41 No date given   Sealy  
Gajewski Pete Paul 28-Jun-23 30-Nov-86 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Robert C 4-Jun-24 10-Jun-81   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gajewski Stash 26 Apr 1889 30-Oct-71 h/o Victoria Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Valenta 9-Feb-13 20-Jan-29   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewski Victoria Pyka 12 Oct 1892 7-May-76 w/o Stash Sealy Catholic  
Gajewsky Agnes 14 Jan 1885 15-Feb-58   Sealy Catholic  
Gajewsky Marie -1858 1942   Sealy Catholic  
Gajweskey Albina 13 Apr 1893 9-Oct-71   Sealy Catholic  
Gallas J. D.       Phillipsburg  
Galle Aldean Joyce Gross 18-Jun-23 26-Apr-14 w/o Hilbert New Ulm  
Galle Alma S. Rinn 26-Jul-07 7-Aug-90   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#4
Galle Alvin Ludwig 25-Apr-04 14-May-88   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#12
Galle Andreas 5 Jan1843 9-Jun-28   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 10#28
Galle Andreas 16 Aug 1872 15-Oct-60   New Ulm  
Galle Burney Wayne 25 Deptember 1950     Industry Pilgrims Rest I 6#8
Galle Clifton A. 24-Mar-14 3-Sep-01 WWII Industry Pilgrims Rest I 1#2
Galle David Lee "Bootsie 27-Feb-47 12-Feb-12 h/oElaine K. Raeke Industry United Methodist B D
Galle Dorothy Mae Spiess 17-Feb     Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#2
Galle Emil H. 11 Jan 1884 31-Aug-66   New Ulm  
Galle Henriette 24 Jan 1846 14-Oct-38   New Ulm  
Galle Hilbert Louis 16-Oct-20 1-Aug-02 WWII New Ulm  
Galle Hubert 22-May-07 1-Apr-08   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 11#29
Galle Karen Dianne Blezinger 29-Jul-51 2-Dec-10 d/o Herman Industry Pilgrims Rest I 6#9
Galle Lloyd Harold 5-Jun-33     Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#1
Galle Louis 05 Jul 1882 19-Aug-66   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 1#3
Galle Lydia E Schmidt 19-Jan-09 9-Aug-76   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#13
Galle Marcus H. 22-Nov-09 19-Dec-92   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 2#3
Galle Mary Kretzschmar 3 Jul 1880 26-Oct-74   New Ulm  
Galle Mary Rinn 29 Feb 1888 19-Dec-79   New Ulm  
Galle Reinhard 13 Oct 1874 13-Feb-47   New Ulm  
Galle Richard 18 Feb 1890 26-Apr-81   New Ulm  
Galle Selma Rinn 6 Sep 1881 7-Feb-74   Industry Pilgrims Rest I 1#4
Galle Wilhelm F. 22 Apr 1841 30-Nov-22   New Ulm  
Galle Wilhelmine 1897 1907   Industry Pilgrims Rest  
Gallegos Pedro, Jr. 12-Dec-45 13-Jan-12 h/o Teresa San Felipe  
Gallia Aug 1923 1923   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Jane E. 1921 1957   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Jim 20-Sep-17 10-May-76   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Ludmila 1910 1911   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Paul 1919 1919   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Peter 1920 1964   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Robert 1912 1912   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Tracy 27-May-16 Jan-83   GuardianAngel  
Gallia Vinc, Sr. 19 Jul 1888 3-May-81   GuardianAngel  
Gallob Bertha F. Machala 18-May-21 29-Nov-98   Frydek St. Mary's  
Galloway Morris Enell 19-Oct-34 15-Mar-00   Sealy  
Galloway Winnie Nelius 13-Apr-08 22-Oct-85   Sealy  
Galyen Midhael James 7-Oct-49 5-Nov-10   Sealy  
Gambill, Sr. Victor Eugene 13-Feb-02 16-Feb-03 WWII    Oak Knoll 99 45
Gamble Fannie No date given 12-Nov-35   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Gamez Josefa No dates given     Krasna  
Gammage William Ward 11 Jun 1881 15-Mar-12   Sealy  
Gann Kimberly Parker 30-Nov-74 6-Dec-02   Hartsville  
Gann Millard A. 15-Mar-15 11-Mar-90   Hartsville  
Gann Millard Chadwick 16-Jun-76 1-Oct-01   Hartsville  
Gann Norma E. 4-Jun-32     Hartsville  
Gann Thomas A., Jr. 20-Sep-27 22-Jan-90 WWII Hartsville  
Gann Wayne 9-Jul-53 8-Mar-13   Hartsville  
Gant Beatrice 27-Aug-11 23-Dec-70 nee Jones Samuel  
Gantry Ima Jean       Oak Knoll 26 G4
Garamillo Dominga 20-Mar-27 7-Jan-72   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Antonia 2-Sep-24 14-Aug-88   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Cresencia Alarcon 19 Apr 1877 19-Jun-60   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Esther 25-Apr-29 17-Jul-08   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Jesus Martinez 21-Mar-41 17-Aug-02 h/o Maria M. Granados Oak Knoll 99 48
Garcia Joe 11-Jul-52 15-May-98   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Pedro, Sr. 1-Feb-18 5-Nov-00   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Ramona 14-Aug-15 14-May-90   Sealy Catholic  
Garcia Rosendo, Jr. 5-Oct-49 6-Jun-15 h/o Terri Bradley GuardianAngel  
Garcia Victoria Gomez 28-Jul-28 15-Feb-14 w/o Manuel. Sealy  
Gardmer Rodney E. 5-Feb-47 27-Nov-79   Cat Spring  
Gardner Claude Elam -- Mar1881 15-Sep-14   Oak Knoll  
Gardner Donald L. 22-Dec-53 16-Mar-01   Kenney  
Gardner Dr. Asa B. 7 Nov 1852 22-Oct-02   Oak Knoll  
Gardner Hattie Campbell 4 Oct 1862 19-Feb-29 w/o Asa G Oak Knoll  
Gardner Jerry Don 15-Mar-1949 2-Jun-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels Wallis  
Garlin Carline 4 Feb 1848 27-Feb-24   Welcome  
Garlin Dora Wilhelmine 13 Jun 1869 18 Apr 1885   Welcome  
Garlin Ella L. Schulz 23 Ocotaber 1887 5-Aug-43   Welcome2  
Garlin Ellis L. 11 Aug 1899 2-Apr-92   Welcome2  
Garlin Elsa Blezinger 16 Oct 1896 22-Jul-00   Welcome2  
Garlin Friedrich K.J. 28 Oct 1826 6-Jan-03   Shelby  
Garlin Friedrich W. 23 Dec 1872 13-Jul-53   Welcome2  
Garlin John 11 Jan 1843 21 Aug 1867   Shelby  
Garlin Monroe A.L. 7 Jun 1887 20 Dec 1890   Shelby  
Garlin Wilhelm 24 Apr 1866 6 Sep 1869   Shelby  
Garlin Wilhelm 27 Oct 1834 24-Jan-19   Welcome  
Garlin Wilhelmina 29 Apr 1836 20-Jul-18   Shelby  
Garling Albert Rudolph 13-Dec-21 6-Jan-79 WWII h/o Esther C Sealy  
Garling Alice Mettke 13-Feb-03 19-Jun-92   Millheim  
Garling Alvin 28-Nov-07 4-Apr-73 h/o Lucille Sealy Catholic  
Garling Aug H. 4 Jun 1873 8-Dec-41   Millheim  
Garling Bertha Wolter 23 Oct 1883 29-Dec-53 w/o Herman C Sealy  
Garling C. 3 Mar 1843 28 Apr 1886   Kollatschny  
Garling Esther Clara Zahradnick 25-Jan-22 4-Sep-73 w/o Albert R. Sealy  
Garling Frank 4 Apr 1875 4-Apr-48 h/o Herminie K. Sealy  
Garling Herbert 15-Dec-09 22-Aug-69 WWII Sealy  
Garling Herman C. 25 Mar 1882 17-Aug-53 h/o Bertha W Sealy  
Garling Herminie Krancher 7 May 1880 27 Novmeber 1955 w/o Frank Sealy  
Garling John Louis 17-Aug-02 15-Jan-41   Millheim  
Garling Johnnie Everett 8-Apr-1940 25-Mar-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels Millheim  
Garling Leola Lena Hillboldt 5-Jan-13 29-Jul-90   Millheim  
Garling Louise 24 Apr 1874 13-Dec-40   Millheim  
Garling Lucille 14-Mar-11 24-Sep-77 w/o Alvin Sealy Catholic  
Garling Woodrow 21-Apr-37 20-Apr-84   Millheim  
Garnett Chester 19 Jan1892 7-Sep-74 h/o Annie Bonner Garnett  
Garnett Eddie 12-Mar-15 2-Apr-15   Garnett  
Garnett Eliza no date given 21-Jul-53   Garnett  
Garnett Louise 1-Mar-05 1945   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Garnett Lula 30-Aug-15 26-Jan-81   Jefferson  
Garnett Mable L. 11-Dec-20 30-Aug-81   Pilgrims Rest  
Garnett Mary Lou Mosley 26 Jan 1898 18-Jan-99   Jefferson  
Garnett Maryan 10-Jul-07 7-Oct-15   Garnett  
Garnett Robert, Jr. 10 Mar 1895 1-Mar-85 h/o Lottie McDade Garnett  
Garnett Robert, Sr. no date given 5-Jan-41   Garnett  
Garnett Vinie 5 Jul 1825  18 Jul 1920   Garnett  
Garrett Alma HelenWolnitzek 12 Oct 1887 7-Apr-53 w/o William Oak Knoll  
Garrett Annie Mary 18-Aug-04 30-Jan-73 2nd w/o Wm. Arthur Sr. Oak Knoll  
Garrett Bessie Ryan 9 Jan 1888 24-Apr-20 1st w/o Wm A. Sr Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garrett Blanche Sherrod 4-Dec-06 23-Apr-74 w/o Leon  Oak Knoll 42 D10
Garrett Celia Johnson 11 Apr 1857 1-Jan-04   Buckhorn  
Garrett Charles Richard 20-Jan-30 31-Dec-85   Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garrett Laura Elizabeth Derryberry 21 Mar 1880 8-Sep-37 w/o John Daniel Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garrett Elizabeth L. No dates given     Thompson  
Garrett James A. 1901 1984 m. Gloria Ashorn New Ulm  
Garrett James Richard, Jr. 15 Mar 1880 28-Dec-10   Buckhorn  
Garrett John Daniel 15 Aug 1878 28-Jan-37   Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garrett Maggie Murich 10-Jan-18 7-Jul-31   Buckhorn  
Garrett Morris   11-Aug-14   Buckhorn  
Garrett Raymond Arthur 4-Jan-25 4-Jul-31   Buckhorn  
Garrett Rebecca Nelson 25 Mar 1862 14-Dec-51   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Garrett Thomas N. 2-Dec-22 4-Jul-31   Buckhorn  
Garrett Walter Nathaniel 6 May 1887 21-Jan-31   Buckhorn  
Garrett William Arthur, Jr. 25-Mar-27 3-Oct-77 h/o Janis Butler Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garrett William Arthur, Sr. 18 Mar 1884 15-Jan-64 WWII Oak Knoll 13 C13
Garza Esther 12-Apr-48 26-Feb-07   Sealy Catholic  
Garza Joe Aleman, Sr. 13-Aug-16 14-Apr-96   Frydek St. Mary's  
Garza Aurora M Martinez 17-Mar-44 24 Feb 2016 w/o Joe, Jr. Frydek St. Mary's  
Garza Maria Gomez 22-Aug-13 17-Sep-96   Frydek St. Mary's  
Garza Maria Isabel "Pia" Morales 2-Jul-1961 12-Jul-2017 Schmidt Funeral Homes Pilgrims Rest  
Garza, SR Ramiro 9-Nov-1943 4-Jun-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels Sealy Catholic  
Garza Rodolfo G., Sr. 23-Sep-19 18-Aug-00   Sealy Catholic  
Gaskamp Emma Charlotte C Sander 28 Jan 1890 7-Jul-63 w/o Gus C. Wm. Oak Knoll 31 D4
Gaskamp Gus C William 3 Dec 1885 21-Sep-69   Oak Knoll 31 D4
Gaskamp Lee Roy William 23-Jul-22 10-May-96 WWII;  h/o Lillie M Sealy  
Gaskamp Lillie Mae Hohlt 17-Aug-23 1-May-91 w/o Lee Roy W. Sealy  
Gaskamp Minnie E. Freier 19 Dec 1891 21-Apr-72 w/o Wm. H. Oak Knoll 31 I-4
Gaskamp William H. 20 Oct 1883 4-Feb-62   Oak Knoll 31 I-4
Gaston Ann 19-Dec-04 1916   Sealy  
Gaston Hudson 9-Feb-05 1918   Sealy  
Gates David William 25-Aug-16 25-Apr-98 h/o Esther T Sealy  
Gates Esther Theresie Sramek. 22-Jul-21 29-Aug-73 w/o David W. Sealy  
Gates Milton Odell 1-May-27 19-May-12 WWII Sealy  
Gattis Ida Elna M. 26-Jan-13 31-Aug-10 w/o Robert D. Oak Knoll 52 O9
Gattis Robert D. 21-Jan-06 21-Dec-82   Oak Knoll 52 O9
Gaus Leonora 30-Jan 23 Feb 1893   Shelby  
Gauss Francis Daniel 10-Apr-44 2-Feb-04   San Felipe  
Gavranovic Albert Joseph 14-Jan-09 8-Dec-84   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Albert J. Jr. 7-Dec-28 15-Apr-12 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Gavronovic Beverly Jean 7-Nov-51 15-Oct-55   Sealy Catholic  
Gavranovic Fr 8-Apr-05   boy Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Fr ndg 1916   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Frank 2-Apr-05   baby Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Frantiska 23 Jun 1871 10-Dec-29   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Ivan 26 Feb 1875 8-Jul-34   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Lillie S. 13-Nov-05 26-Aug-90 w/o Thomas J. Sealy Catholic  
Gavranovic Louise 17-Sep-09 1-Aug-32   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Marie 8 Jan 1892 29-Sep-25   Frydek St. Mary's  
Gavranovic Paul A 27-Oct-26 21-Sep-06   Sealy Catholic  
Gavranovic Thomas J. 7-Mar-03 25-Apr-48 h/o Lillie S. Sealy Catholic  
Gavranovic unknown No dates given     GuardianAngel  
Gay Josephine O. 1890 1982   El Pleasant  
Gaydosik Ben Josepf 3-Mar-10 16-Sep-82   Hill  
Gaydosik Carrie May Hill Ferrell 17-Aug-06 16-Oct-95   Hill  
Gaytan Cenobia L 30-Oct-64 8-Mar-10   Sealy Catholic  
Gaytan Domingo Hernandez 12-May-40 24-Mar-99   Sealy Catholic  
Gearing Johnnie (Ray) 26-Dec-25 25-Feb-04 WWII Shelby  
Gearing Joyce Erighson   Not Deceased   Shelby  
Gebert John 8 Sep 1840 28-Jul-08   New Ulm  
Gebhardt Charles Roy 17 Sep 1899 13-Mar-75 h/o Gladys N Sealy  
Gebhardt Charles Walter 28-Dec-27 29-Jun-61 WWII Sealy  
Gebhardt Gladys Nell Lay 9-Jul-04 7-Jan-92 w/o Charles R Sealy  
Gebhardt Otto 19 Jan 1881 4-Jun-60   Oak Knoll  
Gebhart Andrew Jack 6 Oct 1888 4-Feb-08   San Felipe  
Gebhart Charles Sr 27 Apr 1860 8-Mar-43   San Felipe  
Gebhart Elfices Dora Emma Herr 7-Dec-15 1-Jan-00   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 7#9
Gebhart Maedelle 29-Apr-00 15-Mar-72   San Felipe  
Gebhart Mary 16 Dec 1853 18-Sep-37   San Felipe  
Gebhart Walter 14 Jul 1895 27-Jun-76   San Felipe  
Gebronova Agnes 26-Mar-05    baby Frydek St. Mary's  
Geck Ester Pauline 19-Aug-11 6-Jan-03   Shelby  
Geck Norman Hugo 15-Mar-03 15-Jun-42 WWII Shelby  
Gehrels Cornelius 8 Dec 1854 6-Jun-28   Industry United Methodist  
Gehrels Cornelius 1810 -1868   Industry United Methodist D 15
Geick Ida Wiede 21 Nov 1896 21-Dec-85 w/o John Geick Oak Knoll 52 V11
Geick John 19 Oct 1896 13-Dec-68   Oak Knoll 52 V11
Geisendorff Albert Polk 10 Aug 1896 3-Oct-72 WWI Oak Knoll 52 N16
Geisendorff Elisa Marie Schoelmann 19-Feb-09 22-Nov-75 w/o Ernest Goodwin G Oak Knoll 52 N16
Geisendorff Ernest Goodwin 15 Feb 1898 11-May-75 Veteran Oak Knoll 52 N16
Geistmann Betty A. 27-Apr-05 4-Jun-05   Immaculate Conception  
Geistmann Betty Ann   29-Dec-82 age 38 Immaculate Conception  
Geistmann Herbert J. 21-May-40 25-Nov-82   Immaculate Conception  
Geistmann Mary Katherine 12-Aug-74 13-Aug-74   Immaculate Conception  
Gens Aug Herman 25 May 1887 2-Aug-59   Sealy  
Gens David Alexander 9 Oct 1890 9-Apr-55 h/o Effie E Sealy  
Gens Effie Eleanor Ballard 30 Aug 1894 16-Jan-61 w/o David A Sealy  
Gens Herman Peters, Sr. 29 Jan 1849 17-Feb-40   Sealy  
Gens Shirley Jo 9-Aug-21 8-Nov-94   Sealy  
Gentry Hubert, Jr. 3-Oct-31 29-Apr-16 h/o Pat Bullington Industry United Methodist  
Gentry Ima Jean 7-Aug-14 14-Jan-89   Oak Knoll  
Gentry James Aug 4-Aug-00 17-Oct-63   San Felipe  
Gentry Myles Clyde 25 Jun 1891 1943   San Felipe  
Gentry Roy Melvin, Sr. 4-Mar-38 1-Nov-14 h/o Doris Fluellen, Dora Mattox San Felipe  
Gentry William Myles 12 Apr 1853 1918   San Felipe  
Gentry Willie B. 15-Nov-00 27-Apr-33   Downey  
Genz Ernest 11-Jan-04 11-Aug-78   Wallis  
George Irene N 13-Sep-00 24-Apr-25   Pilgrims Rest  
George John 6-Aug-13 6-Aug-13   Schmid  
George Lee No date given 10-May-13   Pilgrims Rest  
George Nellie No date given 17-Nov-24   Pilgrims Rest  
George Thomas Hayes Jr. 21-Nov-28 18-Apr-13 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Gerhart Annie E. Faist 13 Sep 1896 15-Feb-89 w/o Joe Peter Sealy  
Gerhart Joseph Paul 16-Nov-22 2-Oct-12 WWII, Korea h/o Dorothy Ferris Sealy  
Gerhart Joe Peter 30 Sep 1896 11-Jan-41 WWI; h/o Annie E Sealy  
Gerhart Rozalie Mar 1859 18-Aug-36   National  
Gerik Aneska C. 21 Mar 1877 17-Jan-65   Immaculate Conception  
Gerik Anton 3 Sep 1869 26-May-35   Immaculate Conception  
Gerik Joe F. 11 Jan 1874 28-Apr-53   Immaculate Conception  
Gerik Rosina No date given 14-Apr-01   Immaculate Conception  
Gerland Larry 7-Mar-1950 11-Jul-2018 Vet: USAF Frydek St. Mary's  
Gerlich Charles 26-Jan-09 11-Dec-62   GuardianAngel  
Gerlick Edward 6-Mar-07 15-Mar-75   Wallis  
Gerlick Lillian 18-Oct-03 3-Oct-73   Wallis  
Gerlick W. L 15-Mar-05 1974   Wallis  
Getschmann E. No dates given     Industry United Methodist D 13
Getschmann E. No dates given     Industry United Methodist D 14
Getschmann Franz 30 May 1845 11-Feb-18   Industry United Methodist D 10
Getschmann G. No dates given     Industry United Methodist D 14
Gibson Bessie M 8-Oct-28 1-Nov-13 Dau/o Maud Wms Williams/Bouldin  
Gibson Drewsyla 1864 1895   Bovine Bend  
Gibson Mary Ellen 16-Sep-27 No date given   Pilgrims Rest  
Gibson Nancy Eileen 8-Jun-47 14-Dec-01   Hartsville  
Gibson Patricia M. McPherson 14-Jul-1937 6-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels Industry Pilgrims Rest  
Gibson Robert Myron 22-Oct-25 30-Jan-89 Pfc U. S. Army 1943-1946 Pilgrims Rest  
Giddens Myrtle Lummus 27-Mar-24 15-Dec-15 w/o Wm. Archie Sealy  
Giddens William Archie, Jr. 10-Oct-16 27-Feb-83 WWII Sealy  
Giebel Albert 16 Dec 1853 24-Sep-26   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 7#25
Giebel Bennie Herman 27-Mar-19 13-Aug-15 s/o George, Pauline Shelby  
Giebel Clara Fricke 11 Aug 1863 11-Feb-85   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 7#24
Giebel Clarence B. (G?) 21-Aug-31 12-Jul-76 CPL US Airforce KW Shelby  
Giebel Dennis Edgar 31-Dec-27 5-Jun-93 WWII Shelby  
Giebel Elsa Schmidt 20 May 1897 12-Apr-92   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 5#10
Giebel Freddie 12-Dec-25 8-Feb-85   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 5#17