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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones. New information has recently been  added to some  cemetery listings and index.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.


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Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
I. L.   No dates given     Goodwill  
Ignasiak Joe John. 2-Jan-1901 5-Nov-1992   Oak Knoll 52 V4
Ignasiak John 23 Mar 1880 6-Feb-1967   Pilgrims Rest  
Ignasiak Pearl 4 Dec 1876 23-Dec-1958   Pilgrims Rest  
Ignasiak Victor       Oak Knoll 52 V5
Ignasiak Virginia Goller 25-Sep-1929 7-Sep-2010 w/o Victor J Oak Knoll  
Ignasiak Virginia "Virgie" Krusleski 18-Jun-1906 31-May-1996 w/o Joe J Oak Knoll 52 V4
Ignasiak Virginia Roberts 7-Jul-1932 14-Aug-2000 2nd w/o Victor Oak Knoll  
Ilse Milton Otto 13-Mar-1904 3-Sep-1975 2nd h/o Nonie Leschper Sealy  
Ilse Nonie Wienecke Leschper 9-Oct-1908 26-Oct-1996 w/o A Leschper, M Ilse Sealy  
Inderman Bessie Lee  Brune 2-Jul-1921 20-Sep-1987   Sealy  
Infant   15 Jul 1885 17 Aug 1886 son of E. C. and S. E. Bethany  
Infant unknown 22 Aug 1884 24 Aug 1884   Thompson  
Infant unknown   No dates given     Holy Cross  
Infante Issabella Michaela 8-Mar-2010 31-Mar-2010   Sealy  
Ingram John Wesley 23-Nov-1923 3-Jan-1972   Ives Creek  
Ingram Willie Mae No dates given     Hillside  
Innis Jason Jarard   28-Oct-2001 30 yrs. Oak Knoll 52 U1
Ireland John 27-Feb-1905 5-May-1905   Sealy  
Irvin Alexander, M. D. 9-Jan-1905 30-Mar-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Amanda Frances Guyler 13-Aug-1917 2-May-2014 w/o Robert A Wallis  
Irvin Edna 8-Mar-1905 29-May-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Irene H. 15-Feb-1905 13-May-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Mamie S. 13-Feb-1905 21-Jan-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Martha Garrison 17-Jan-1905 17-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Nannie V. 9-Feb-1905 23-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Richard Allen 6-Mar-1905 9-May-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Robert A. 9-Feb-1905 12-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Irvin Thomas H. No date given 29-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Isehnower Karen G. No date given 23-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Iselt Aug W. 26 May 1866 28-Apr-1923 h/o Emma B Sealy  
Iselt Bernice Louise Koehn Krause 31-Jan-1912 5-Mar-1993   Oak Knoll MAU
Iselt Ellen Hoppe 15-Aug-1919 No date given   New Ulm  
Iselt Elmo Herman 18-Feb-1919 25-Jun-2006 WWII New Ulm  
Iselt Emma Bock 20 Feb 1864 1-Aug-1942 w/o Aug W. Sealy  
Iselt Julius A. 21 Mar 1872 15-Feb-1949   Sealy  
Iselt Lester John 15-Apr-1914 14-Jun-1993   New Ulm  
Iselt Lillie Buechmann 17 Feb 1890 13-Oct-1983 m. 12/31/1908 New Ulm  
Iselt Lillie Mae Krause 9-Feb-1911 9-Mar-1975 m. Romeo L. Iselt New Ulm  
Iselt Lydia 15-May-1918 1-Sep-1998   New Ulm  
Iselt Romeo Louis 30-Apr-1912 17-Dec-2009 WWII New Ulm  
Iselt William 31 Dec 1885 9-Nov-1975 m. 12/31/1908 New Ulm  
Isenhower Karen Grace No date given 23-Apr-1905   Wallis  
Isom Minnie Russ Hoffman 6 Oct 1882 26-May-1951 w/o Monroe Oak Knoll 42 E1
Ivey Fannie (Esar) 19 Nov 1891 8-Nov-1986 W/o WJ; D/o Mike & Fannie Esar San Felipe  
Ivey James Donald Sr. 5-May-1940 25-Jan-1983   Sealy  
Ivey William J. 26 Oct 1887 6-Feb-1976   San Felipe  
Ivy Jesse Hayden 17-Jan-1947 5-Sep-1995 2nd h/o Linda S. Sealy  
Ivy Linda Smith Symm 20-Sep-1949 9-Jul-2011 w/o Jesse H. Sealy  
Ivy Nancy Jean Turner 16-Jan-1937 19-Dec-2015 w/o Delmer Lee San Felipe  
Ivy Truitt W. “Hap” 25-Nov-1938 25-Feb-2001 Vietnam San Felipe  
J. B.   No dates given     Pitt  
J. K.   No dates given     Kleberg  
J. L.   No dates given     Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
J.A.T.   9 Feb 1850 14 June 1857   Winkleman  
J.R.   8-Feb-1905 No date given   St. James  
Jachect infant 8-Sep-1914 25-Sep-1914   Krasna  
Jachect Louis 14-Dec-1915 11-Feb-1918   Krasna  
Jackson Abner Edwin, Jr 6-Mar-1923 3-Nov-1995 WWII Oak Knoll 26 M10
Jackson Abner Edwin, Sr. 3 Sep 1889 15-Dec-1938 WWI Oak Knoll 26 M10
Jackson Ada L. 29 Jan 1893 18 Apr 1893   Buckhorn  
Jackson Albert Cloyd "A.C." 6-Jan-1936 26-Oct-1994 h/o Louella Jordan Richard_Grove  
Jackson Allen 5-Mar-1905 29-May-1905   Pleasant  
Jackson Avy V. Ferguson 18-Mar-1905 21-May-1905   Buckhorn  
Jackson Ben 26-Mar-1905 20-May-1905   Jefferson  
Jackson Calvin 22-Mar-1905 6-Jun-1905   Ives Creek  
Jackson Catherine Sanders 11-Jul-1926 30-Jan-2001 w/o Joe Gilbert  
Jackson Coleman No date given 17-Jan-1931   Jefferson  
Jackson Columbus 24-Aug-1906 19-Mar-1966   Samuel  
Jackson Crezetta 19-Mar-1905 7-Jun-1905   Ives Creek  
Jackson Dainty Ovon Knippel 10-Mar-1925 2-May-1998 w/o Abner E. Jr. Oak Knoll 26 M10
Jackson Daisy No dates given     Samuel  
Jackson Delia 30-May-1936 15-Feb-2011   Sealy Catholic  
Jackson Douglas M. 3-Mar-1941 9-Jun-1993   Samuel  
Jackson Earline Zelma 8-Aug-1931 28-Feb-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels    
Jackson Edward Chappell 19 Novmeber 1884 11-Oct-1960   Sealy  
Jackson Edgar 19-Aug-1916 5-Dec-1951   Ives Creek  
Jackson Eligah 20-Apr-1905 28-May-1905   Jefferson  
Jackson Elois Emshoff 21-Jul-1948 20-Aug-1991   Pilgrims Rest  
Jackson Emma 21 Jan 1887 6-Oct-1979   San Felipe Black  
Jackson Eva Ida 28-Jan-1900 1-Feb-1975   Pleasant  
Jackson Freddie Elizabeth Bartay 28-Aug-1916 6-May-1962   Sealy  
Jackson General 6 June 1874 13-Nov-41 death cert Pleasant  
Jackson George E. 22 Dec 1887 5-Jan-1967   Pleasant  
Jackson Gertrude 8-Mar-1905 7-Jun-1905   Pleasant  
Jackson Herbert Lee 8-Sep-1923 26-Aug-1977 h/o Letha Jefferson  
Jackson Idelia 6-Mar-1905 30-May-1905   Jefferson  
Jackson Isabelle 7 May 1871 25 June 1896   Buckhorn  
Jackson Ivy Marie 9-Dec-1958 1-Dec-1994   Dotson  
Jackson James Hoffman 13 Sep 1875 10 Nov 1898   Buckhorn  
Jackson Jeanette J. 24-Jan-1933 14-Feb-1933   Immaculate Conception  
Jackson Jeanette "Net" Mewis 8-Jul-1928 13-Nov-2011   Pilgrims Rest  
Jackson Jimmie James 23-Apr-1930 7-Feb-1988   Jefferson  
Jackson Joe No date given 16-Apr-1980   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson Joe 1-Jan-1925 21-Sep-1987 h/o Katherine Sanders Richard_Grove  
Jackson Joe Melville 11-Jul-1928 15-Dec-2006 Korea Sealy  
Jackson John 28-Mar-1905 20-May-1905   Jefferson  
Jackson John Anderson 8-Jan-1921 11-Feb-1925   Sealy  
Jackson John Andrew 25 Dec 1841 19-Mar-1927 h/o Nancy P. Sealy  
Jackson John Douglas 4-Feb-1952 13-Jun-2000 h/o Marietta Smith Jefferson  
Jackson John L 24-Sep-1932 29-Apr-1960   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson John Louis 25 Dec 1898 25-Dec-1994   Samuel  
Jackson Joseph E., Jr. 18-Apr-2002 18-Apr-2002   Hartsville  
Jackson Joyce L. 1-Mar-1933 6-Aug-2004   Dotson  
Jackson Katrina Henrietta Lyth 23 Sep 1888 8-Oct-1938 w/o Abner E. St. Oak Knoll 26 M10
Jackson Kenneth Wm. 21-Jan-1953 19-Feb-1996   Oak Knoll 52 S1
Jackson Learoy 10-Jan-1909 4-Apr-1993 WWII San Felipe Black  
Jackson Leo 5-Jan-1942 16-Jul-1977   Samuel  
Jackson Leon 1-Jul-1908 2-Feb-1964   Samuel  
Jackson Lovie Mae 31-Aug-1900 6-Jun-1980   Jefferson  
Jackson Lula B. 4-Mar-1905 11-May-1905   Hillside  
Jackson Lula Mae Randle 11-Jan-1914 22-Jul-1990 w/o Wilton Jefferson  
Jackson Mara L. 8 Oct 1872 12-Jun-1966   Samuel  
Jackson Marjorie Mae 27 May 1928/29? 7-Apr-1979   Jefferson  
Jackson Mary Randle 11 Mar ? 7-Dec-1989 w/o John Jefferson  
Jackson Mary Fernanda Curtis 14 Mar 1856 7-Jun-1934   Buckhorn  
Jackson Mary Ruiz 5-Nov-1953 24-Jan-1978   Oak Knoll 13 W7
Jackson Miller 26-May-1926     Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson Nancy "Nannie"  Petronia Perkins 4 Dec 1853 17-Sep-1940 w/o John Andrew Sealy  
Jackson Nehemiah Cochran 2 May 1887 1-Aug-1905   Buckhorn  
Jackson Nettie L. 25-Mar-1905 31-May-1905   Jefferson  
Jackson Pinkie 9 Mar 1888 19-May-1977   Gilbert  
Jackson Rhodie Etta Jones 22-Mar-1906 May 4 1974 w/o Earnest Jefferson  
Jackson Robert B 28-Feb-1905 23-May-1905   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson Robert Lee 14-Jan-1917 12-Jun-1980   Pleasant  
Jackson Robert William 7-Sep-1903 3-Sep-1998   Immaculate Conception  
Jackson Rosie No date given 5-May-1911   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson Ruby J. 6-May-1905 23-May-1905   Dotson  
Jackson Sammy Ross 19-Dec-1946 6-Sep-2000   Sealy  
Jackson Stanley 13-Nov-1947 No date given   Pilgrims Rest  
Jackson Susan No date given 1-Jul-1928   Pilgrim's Rest_Black  
Jackson T. J. 27 Jan 1877 23 Oct 1899   Sealy  
Jackson Thomas Percy 7 Apr 1891 26-Jan-1931   Sealy  
Jackson Texanna 16 Feb 1854 26 Sep 1884   Buckhorn  
Jackson Thomas Earl 13-Jun-1934 10-Jan-2000   Samuel  
Jackson Tillie Zanek 10-Oct-1910 29-Aug-1999   Immaculate Conception  
Jackson Tiny Renee 2-Nov-1963 18-Feb-2005   Jefferson  
Jackson Viola Eleanor Johnson 22-Jun-1946 26-Nov-1991 w/o Emanuel Buckhorn  
Jackson Virge 25 Apr 1884 25-May-1964   San Felipe Black  
Jackson W. P. 30 Sep 1825 23 Feb 1895   Buckhorn  
Jackson Walter 19 Jul 1867 15-Aug-1951   Hillside  
Jackson William Pinckney 30 Sep 1825 20 Feb 1895   Buckhorn  
Jackson William Prentice 21-Feb-1905 13-May-1905   Buckhorn  
Jackson Willie 3-Jun-1916 9-Sep-1974   Samuel  
Jackson Willie 20-Aug-1906 5-Nov-1983   Samuel  
Jackson Willie James "Jake" 6-Jul-1927 17-Jan-1997 h/o Lonnie Louise Peacock Richard Grove  
Jackson Willie Thomas 16-Jun-1916 9-Sep-1974   Samuel  
Jaco Bonnie (Quinton) 16-Jan-1923 25-Mar-1998   San Felipe  
Jacob Earnestine 10-Jan-1924 12-Dec-1981   Hillside  
Jacobi Albert 28 Apr 1853 24-Sep-1926   New Ulm  
Jacobi Louise 7 Aug 1858 16-Dec-1915   New Ulm  
Jaeschke Anna Hirsch 6 May 1858 11-Dec-1937 w/o Edward J. Sr. Oak Knoll 31 A7
Jaeschke "Ben"Bernhardt Alexander. 21 Oct 1894 28-Sep-1934 WWI; h/o Frances Fitzpatrick Oak Knoll 31 A7
Jaeschke Edward Joseph, Sr. 18 Feb 1856 12-Aug-1936   Oak Knoll 31 A7
Jaeschke Edward Joseph, Jr. 13 May 1891 13-Sep-1933 h/o Lillie Rainey Oak Knoll 31 A7
Jahnke Joachim 25 Sep 1833 22 June 1892   Phillipsburg  
Jahnke Marie 19 Dec 1836 3-Nov-1904   Phillipsburg  
Jahnke Reinhardt Henry 26 Dec 1897 18-Nov-1967 WWI Oak Knoll 42 B7
Jahnke Wyona Lucille Reinecker 6-Oct-1904 12-Aug-1998 w/o Reinhardt H. Oak Knoll 42 B7
Jaime Jose A. 23-Jun-1952 12-Oct-1980   Sealy Catholic  
Jaloway Daniel 8-Jul-1954 17-Apr-2015 h/o Patricia Sealy Catholic  
Jaloway Donna Kay Filip 11-Nov-1960 15-Nov-2012   Sealy Catholic  
Jaloway Heath Benjamin 24-Jan-1991 30-Apr-1991 3 months Sealy Catholic  
Jaloway James John 29-Aug-1956 20-Nov-1998   Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Alma Hinze 1-May-1909 21-Dec-1997 w/o Nickodemus Sealy  
Jalowy Anton B. 4-Oct-1934     Hartsville  
Jalowy Bessie Anna Svec 7-Jun-1913 7-May-1990  w/o John Jacob Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Charles 9-Sep-1903 1-Feb-1969   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Deborah Jennings 1-Apr-1953 28-Sep-2012   Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Della 2-Dec-1938 2-Dec-1938   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Edward 10 Sep 1895 7-Nov-1975 WWI; h/o Millie G Sealy  
Jalowy Emilie 17-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Filomena Apr 1882 30-Jan-1964   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Herman 20 June 1864 19-Mar-1928 h/o Lydia H Sealy  
Jalowy Hermina Anna Orsak 12 Dec 1896 26-Aug-1998 w/o Joseph P Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Homer John 19-Dec-1930 7-May-2012 h/o Mary Nell Sealy  
Jalowy Jerry J. 22-Nov-1936 1-Dec-1973   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy John Jacob 17 Aug 1895 3-Dec-1971 WWI; h/o Bessie  A Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Johnny William 12-Apr-1933 27-Mar-1996   Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Joseph 13-Feb-1905 13-May-1905   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Joseph P. 3 Mar 1893 27-Dec-1966 h/o Hermina A Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Juanita F. 8-May-1936 29-Apr-1991   Hartsville  
Jalowy Kean Patrick 11-Feb-1959 20-Dec-2010   Sealy  
Jalowy Kim Mary 2-Feb-1954 27-Dec-2004   Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Lad No dates given     GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Lena A. 3-Mar-1907 1-Jun-1982   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Leroy Jimmy 19-Feb-1955 28-Aug-2001 Veteran Sealy Catholic  
Jalowy Lydia Hartmann 7 Dec 1874 11-Aug-1960 w/o Herman Sealy  
Jalowy Magdalena 6-Jan-1905 8-Apr-1905   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Mary Nell Brandt 21-Jun-1932 26-Aug-2009 w/o Homer J. Sealy  
Jalowy Minnie Goebel 2 Dec 1896 20-Sep-1983 w/o Edward Sealy  
Jalowy Nickodemus 29-Jan-1907 17-Jun-1978 h/o Alma H Sealy  
Jalowy Nicholas Ray 6-Oct-1994 25-Jul-2013 s/o Billy Millheim  
Jalowy Peter Mar 1864 1-Apr-1939   GuardianAngell  
Jalowy Victor 30-Jan-1922 27-Jun-1946   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Willie Anton 15-Jan-1921 27-Jun-2004   GuardianAngel  
Jalowy Willie Daniel 8-Aug-1942 2-Nov-2005   Sealy  
James Bill Andrew 5-Mar-1925 17-Mar-1963 WWII Sealy  
James Mattie 4 Sep 1882 13 Sep 1882 granddaughter Shelburne F  
Jan Anna Petrusek 12 Oct 1882 14-Mar-1946 w/o Leo Sealy  
Jan Leo (Leopold) 19 Oct 1882 30-Mar-1944 h/o Anna Sealy  
Jan Leontina 4-Jul-1912 Nov 18 1918   Sealy  
Janca William Lawrence "Bill" 19-Apr-1936 23-Aug-2013 VW  h/o Frances Sealy Catholic  
Janczak Agnes Bessie Wolda 7 Apr 1872 24-Dec-1957 w/o Martin M. Oak Knoll 31 D7
Janczak Albert George 9 Mar 1892 15-Oct-1968   Oak Knoll 42 F17
Janczak Charlie Mike 12-Sep-1907 14-Jun-1972   Oak Knoll 42 C5
Janczak Chester 2-Aug-1915 9-Dec-1982   Wallis  
Janczak Della Betty Ruth 12-Jul-1938 12-Mar-1940   Oak Knoll 42 F17
Janczak Edward 27-Jul-1904 22-Jan-1988   Oak Knoll 42 F10
Janczak Elizabeth Solomon 16 Apr 1895 26-Jan-1949 w/o Albert G. Oak Knoll 42 F17
Janczak Gladys Mae Gebhardt 3-Dec-1922 25-Mar-2017 Schmidt Funeral homes Sealy  
Janczak Jo Marie Hradil 25-Jul-1944 30-Sep-2011   Sealy Catholic  
Janczak John Victor 12-Apr-1914 5-Feb-1979   Oak Knoll 42 H3
Janczak Johnnie 19-Jan-1921 21-Nov-1984 WWII Sealy  
Janczak Johnnie Wade 20-Aug-1943 1-May-1999   Sealy  
Janczak Joseph 9 Feb 1883 7-Nov-1947   Oak Knoll 42 F10
Janczak Leon Louis 17-Apr-1913 9-May-1986 h/o Gloria Lummis Oak Knoll 31 GH
Janczak Louis Vincent 9-Jun-1923 24-Oct-2004 WWII Oak Knoll  
Janczak Marcus Ray 17-Mar-1939 25-Aug-1970 Veteran Oak Knoll 42 C5
Janczak Martha Anna Gurka 16-Jul-1914 11-Sep-2005 w/o John V. Oak Knoll 42 H3
Janczak Martin M. 7 Oct 1850 19-Feb-1941   Oak Knoll 31 D7
Janczak Pauline Klevenski 10 Apr 1886 11-Sep-1961 w/o Joseph Oak Knoll 42 F10
Janczak Steven 20-Nov-1900 29-May-1983   Oak Knoll 31 GH
Janczak Theresa Novak 17-Sep-1906 30-Oct-1980 w/Edward   42 F10
Janczak Theresia Lillian. Hintzel 19-Nov-1910 9-Apr-1981 w/o Charlie M   42 C5
Janczak Wade No dates given     Sealy  
Janda Arnold Joe 18-Apr-1920 9-Apr-1951 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Janda Diane Kay Hluchan 24-Jul-1943 19-Mar-2018 Cremated.  Knesek Funeral Chapels Sealy Catholic  
Janda Edwin Jerry 10-Mar-1919 26-Aug-2002 h/o Helen A Sealy Catholic  
Janda Frank L. 26-Dec-1916 31-Jan-1973 WWII; h/o Olga S Sealy  
Janda Helen Ann Drymalla 7-Mar-1920 28-Jul-2009 w/o Edwin J Sealy Catholic  
Janda Ignatz 20 Aug 1883 13-Oct-1950 h/o Sophie Sealy Catholic  
Janda Olga Smilek 13-Nov-1914 21-Jun-1973 w/o Frank L Sealy  
Janda Sophie 5 Apr 1895 18-Aug-1972 w/o Ignatz Sealy Catholic  
Janecek Alvin W. 11-Jun-1905 13-May-1993   Industry Brethren  
Janecek Annie Julia. Schiller 24 Mar 1891 25-Oct-1961 w/o Edward J Sealy  
Janecek Bohumir 8-Oct-1901 21-May-1984   GuardianAngel  
Janecek Edward Joseph 12 Jul 1889 5-Jan-1967 h/o Annie J Sealy  
Janecek Edwin John 8 Feb 1891 16-Nov-1964   Oak Knoll 42 E6
Janecek Edwin John, Jr. 16-Dec-1916 17-Jun-2001   Oak Knoll 42 E9
Janecek Evelyn Laurine Wienke 2-Feb-1919 19-Feb-2006 w/o Edwin J., Jr.    
Janecek Frances Lamer 18-Aug-1932 28-Aug-2013 w/o Wilbert W., Sr Sealy Catholic  
Janecek Henrietta E. 24-Apr-1921 No date given   Sealy  
Janecek Jesse Edward 19-Aug-1920 18-Aug-1977 WWII; 1st h/o Estella Ball Sealy  
Janecek John 4 Dec 1853 26-Apr-1912   Hoppe  
Janecek Johnie 16-Jan-1900 31-Dec-1902   Hoppe  
Janecek Lydia 16 Sep 1891 2-May-1979   National  
Janecek Marie Jane 31 Mar 1857 13 Jul 1896   Hoppe  
Janecek Monroe Josef 12-Jan-1918 28-Jan-1918   National  
Janecek Olga Agnes 8 Feb 1896 8 May 1896   Hoppe  
Janecek Rose Z. Shiller 25 Dec 1892 20-Mar-1993 w/o Edwin J. Oak Knoll 42 E9
Janecek Terezie 24 June 1867 22-Dec-1942   National  
Janecek Veronika No dates given     Immaculate Conception  
Janecek Vilem 3 Nov 1861 7-Mar-1940   National  
Janecek Walter Louis 21-Jun-1916 17-Aug-1984   Sealy  
Janecek Wilbert J., Jr 30-Aug-1952 20-Sep-2013   Sealy Catholic  
Janecek Wilbert W., Sr. 4-Sep-1929 8-Mar-2011 h/o Frances Sealy Catholic  
Janeceka Edward 7-Sep-1910 17-Feb-1976   GuardianAngel  
Janicek, SR Alred C. 6-Jan-1929 28-Oct-2017   GuardianAngel  
Janes Alvin Herman 13-May-1915 15 Mar  1993 WWII Wesley  
Janes Alzbeta 27 May 1847 5-Jan-1927   Wesley  
Janes Charlie H. 10-Feb-1907 25-Jan-1988   Wesley  
Janes Frances 16 Aug 1873 23-May-1954   Wesley  
Janes Henry 31 Jul 1882 3-Dec-1967   Wesley  
Janes Jannie Mae Born and died 15-Mar-1928   Wesley  
Janes John 21 Jul 1886 12-Aug-1931   Wesley  
Janes Julia 2 Nov 1888 9-Apr-1943   Wesley  
Janes Martha A. Dusek 14-Nov-1911 6-Jul-1983   Wesley  
Janes Vince 6 Apr 1871 5-Apr-1958   Wesley  
Janes Vincenc 24 Sep 1845 10-Apr-1934   Wesley  
Janes Vladislav "Lad" 22-Mar-1903 2-Dec-1997   Wesley  
Janes Wladislav 18 Apr 1894 9-Aug-1902   Wesley  
Janeschek Benjamin J. 8 Oct 1892 4 Apr 1893   Hoppe  
Janezak Louis V. 9-Jun-1923 24-Oct-2004   Oak Knoll  
Janicek Alphonse V. 14-Feb-1926 17-Apr-1972 Korean War Sealy Catholic  
Janicek Aug S. 15-Mar-1905 3-Jun-1905   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Charles J. 21 Jan 1896 21-Mar-1960   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Edward 2 Jul 1899 6-May-1937   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Frank 5 Oct 1865 5-May-1920   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Frantisek 8 May 1889 20-Feb-1914   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Lena Mae 2-Nov-1926 4-Oct-1967   Wallis  
Janicek Martha 16-Jan-1901 29-Jul-1924   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Rosie 20 Apr 1867 15-Jan-1945   GuardianAngel  
Janicek Silvester 18-Dec-1914 28-Jun-1917   GuardianAngel  
Janik Emilie 13 June 1883 23-Oct-1963   GuardianAngel  
Janik Freda 2-Jul-1914 17-Feb-1984   GuardianAngel  
Janik Hedvika 16-Dec-1907 15-Sep-1915   GuardianAngel  
Janik Josef 13 May 1884 14-Dec-1919   GuardianAngel  
Janik Mildred Louise 29-Jul-1929 15-Sep-2015   GuardianAngel  
Jankowiak John S. 26-May-1910 15-Apr-1996   Immaculate Conception  
Jankowiak Rosie Ofczarzak 17-Feb-1915 16-Aug-2002   Immaculate Conception  
Jankowski Forence Louise Zaruba 16-Sep-1932 4-Jun-2016 w/o Julius Immaculate Conception  
Jankowski Julius Emil 27-May-1930 17-Jan-2000   Sealy Catholic  
Janosky Benjamin Franklin 16-Mar-1909 5-May-1982   Oak Knoll 52 T9
Janosky Clayton "Scott" 8-Dec-1966 5-Aug-2012   Susen  
Janosky Eddie T. 14-Apr-1902 20-Dec-1973   Oak Knoll 42 B6
Janosky Edna F. Hartman 19-May-1919 25-Sep-2004  w/o Benjamin F. Oak Knoll 52 T9
Janosky Edwin Otto 22-Oct-1908 7-Feb-1996   Immaculate Conception  
Janosky Francis Mikeska 4-Oct-1909 17-May-1969   Susen  
Janosky Frank T. 22 Aug 1896 8-Sep-1952   Oak Knoll  
Janosky Freda Lee Schultz 13 Jul 1892 10-Nov-1980 w/o Joseph T Oak Knoll  
Janosky Goldie Emma Huff 12-Sep-1911 30-Mar-2005   Immaculate Conception