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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones.   New information has recently been  added to cemetery listings.


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Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
K. unknown infant No dates given     Star Hill  
K. M. K. M. No dates given     Macedonia  
K. M. A.   No dates given     Hillside  
Kaase Alvin William 8-Oct-10 6-Jul-97   Oak Knoll 26 Z11
Kaase Charlie Henry, Jr. 7-Sep-12 25-Nov-67 WWII Oak Knoll 52 R16
Kaase Charles 26 May 1880 6-Dec-52   Oak Knoll  
Kaase Dora Henrietta Schroeder 18-Oct-08 20-Mar-71 w/o Frederick G. Oak Knoll 52 V6
Kaase Edgar Willie 12-Apr-13 7-Dec-01   Welcome2  
Kaase Elfrieda Adela Albrecht 4-Aug-19 5-Jun-09 w/o Charlie H. Jr. Oak Knoll  
Kaase Ella Hohlt 29-Oct-03 22-May-77   Welcome2  
Kaase Emma Rosalie Maeckel 30 Jul 1889 13-Jun-69   Welcome2  
Kaase Ernst 3 Feb 1888 26-May-76   Welcome2  
Kaase Ervin Glanton 27-Aug-26 18-Dec-96   Welcome2  
Kaase Erwin Ernst 20-Oct-12 1-Jun-94   St. James  
Kaase Eugene E. H. 8-Jan-10 12-Feb-93   Welcome2  
Kaase Frederick G. 29-Dec-03 7-Feb-74   Oak Knoll 52 V6
Kaase Goldie Pearl Peschel 8-Apr-18 29-Dec-08 w/o Alvin W. Oak Knoll 26 Z11
Kaase Herbert Emil 2-Nov-15 6-Jun-11 WWII Oak Knoll)  
Kaase Hermann 18 Feb 1876 10-Apr-14   Industry Pilgrims Rest II9#23
Kaase Hilma C. Nelius 10-Feb-16 29-Apr-99   St. James  
Kaase infant 8-Jun-57 8-Jun-57   Oak Knoll  
Kaase Mabel L. 16-May-07 24-Dec-65   Welcome2  
Kaase Mary 22 Aug 1889 19-Sep-68   Welcome2  
Kaase Robert E. 19-Jul-19 6-May-63 WWII, Korea Oak Knoll  
Kaase Roger 16-Dec-28 2-May-69   Welcome2  
Kaase Rosie Beamer 7 Aug 1888 5-Jan-71 w/o Charles Oak Knoll  
Kaase Roy W. 1-Apr-16 24-Dec-73 W.  W. II Welcome2  
Kaase Selma Dietrich 4 Jan1881 21-Apr-67   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 9 24
Kaase Walter 27-May-08 14-Jun-97   Welcome2  
Kaase Wilheim Calvin 27-Aug-26 10-Mar-27   Welcome2  
Kaase Willie 5 Apr 1884 28 Decmeber 1962   Welcome2  
Kabell Alfred Edward 18-Jul-10 24-Oct-82 h/o Alvina H Sealy  
Kabell Alice Wittenburg 7-Feb-12 12-Sep-93 w/o Richard R Sealy  
Kabell Alvina Hattie Lillie Ludwig 25-Feb-22 9-Apr-84 w/o Alfred E Sealy  
Kabell Edwin Edward 27-Sep-07 22-Feb-61 h/o Winnie E Sealy  
Kabell Josephine 22 Mar 1845 4-Aug-40   Millheim  
Kabell Louise 5 Aug 1886 27-Feb-59   Kollatschny  
Kabell Richard Reginald 29-Oct-05 12-Oct-75 h/o Alice W Sealy  
Kabell Thomas 26 Oct 1842 1-Jan-27   Millheim  
Kabell William 15 Mar 1883 13-Aug-18   Kollatschny  
Kabell Winnie Erna Ashorn 7-May-18 18-Apr-84 w/o Edwin E. Sealy  
Kachele Johann G. 13 Jan 1865 4 Mar 1882   Germania  
Kadernoschke Ida Suhr 8 Feb 1860 27-Jan-40   Kollatschny  
Kadernoschke John 9 Apr 1856 23-Dec-29   Kollatschny  
Kadernoschke Max 30 Sep 1886 14-Jan-63   Kollatschny  
Kadernoska Barto 3 Jan 1829 10 Jun 1872   Schlapota  
Kadernoska Theresia 26 Sep 1824 7 Aug 1882   Schlapota  
Kadlecek Mary No date given 23-Apr-25   Wesley  
Kadlecek Stepan 4 Sep 1833 1-Jan-12   Wesley  
Kaechele Alma Warmke 27 Apr 1891 22-Jul-58 w/o Edward Oak Knoll 42 H8
Kaechele Alvena Schonert 8 Mar 1861 28-Aug-12 w/o Fred Wm. Oak Knoll  
Kaechele Aug 15 Feb 1873 20 Jun 1873   St. James  
Kaechele Charles 10 Apr 1878 22-Dec-63   SealyM  
Kaechele Clara 28 Feb 1878 25-Mar-65   SealyM  
Kaechele Curtis Melvin 4-Oct-13 3-Oct-97   Oak Knoll 42 C11
Kaechele Donald Ray 18-Nov-46 8-Dec-46 s/o Fred Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Dora B. Pfeffer 15 Jul 1889 22-Sep-75 w/o Lee J. Oak Knoll  
Kaechele Dorothy Louise Stringer 13-Feb-44 20-Apr-91 w/o Fred E. Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Edward 13 Dec 1887 17-May-79   Oak Knoll 42 H8
Kaechele Edna Lenora 24-Feb-01 7-Nov-88   SealyM  
Kaechele Ella Vera Jeschke 6-Sep-13 10-Mar-88 w/o Fred Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Everett Lee 7-Nov-19 18-Jan-21   Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Fred William 22 Jan 1860 24-Mar-24   Oak Knoll 26 H2
Kaechele Frieda 13-Dec-14 28-Aug-04   Hartsville  
Kaechele Fritz J. 21 Apr 1894 9-Sep-80   Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Hattie A. Remmert 18 Jul 1894 6-Apr-75 w/o Fritz W Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele infant 1914 1914   Oak Knoll 26 H2
Kaechele Jacob no dates given     Kaechele  
Kaechele John 8 Dec 1854 12-Apr-45   St. James  
Kaechele Julius F. 16 Jan 1886 3-Oct-74   Oak Knoll 42 C11
Kaechele Lee J. 8 Oct 1886 29-Jul-75   Oak Knoll 31 D6
Kaechele Louise Merten 3 Sep 1858 19-Jan-56   St. James  
Kaechele Lucille Marie Diebel 13-Aug-12 8-Jun-06 w/o Curtis M. Oak Knoll  
Kaechele Minnie 16 Feb 1885     Kaechele  
Kaechele Minnie Eber 3 Nov 1866 11-Sep-46   Oak Knoll 13 C1
Kaechele R. W.       Oak Knoll) 26 H2
Kaechele Richard Harlan 28-Oct-67 8-Mar-91   Oak Knoll 13 C7
Kaechele Sophia B. Ueckert 22 Feb 1890 16-Apr-64   Oak Knoll 42 C11
Kaechele Sophie Haedge 13-Jan-05 8-Mar-25   Kaechele  
Kageler Emma 22 Dec 1878 10-Dec-59   Industry Brethren  
Kageler Louis 12 Aug 1868 9-Jan-47   Industry Brethren  
Kager Anna 25 Jul 1860 3-Sep-32   Kollatschny  
Kahanek Joseph J. 8 Jun 1886 25-Aug-55   Wallis  
Kahanek Joseph J. Jr. 25-Apr-27 2-Sep-08 WW2 Sealy Catholic  
Kahanek Julia Mary 22-Oct-14 24-Jun-13   Wallis  
Kahanek Margaret Reznicke 29-Feb-1936 18-May-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels Sealy Catholic  
Kahanek Robert 21-Apr-29 21-Mar-57   Wallis  
Kainer Lawrence Alfred 21-Jul-41 2-Nov-98 Vietnam Sealy Catholic  
Kalas Ludmila 22 Oct 1898 31-Jan-06   Krasna  
Kalbow Arthur 7-Dec-21 10-Jan-99   Welcome2  
Kaliczewski Stella H 31 May 1899 8-Dec-84   Sealy Catholic  
Kalinec Mary Dymphna Anne 21-Apr-78 1-Jul-08   Sealy Catholic  
Kalinowski Nikki Rochelle 10-Jun-77 6-Oct-92   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kalinowski Ryan     o/c 5-3-04 St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kalinowski Troy Alan 24-Jul-80 26-Jul-80   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kalischko Edwin Edward 9-Sep-21 17-May-04   Guardian Angel  
Kaliszewski Elizabeth Faterkowski 6 May 1886 13-Apr-73 w/o Wallace Oak Knoll 31 F4
Kaliszewski Josephine Mary Krulick 16 Mar 1879 9-Jan-43 w/o Wallace S. Oak Knoll 26 L1
Kaliszewski Margaret Mewis 25-Nov-20 4-May-03  w/o Max Wm. (2nd h) Oak Knoll  
Kaliszewski Max William 8-Oct-22 12-Jul-75 WWII Oak Knoll 42 I-15
Kaliszewski Wallace 15 Nov 1872 21-Aug-46   Oak Knoll 31 F4
Kaliszewski Wallace S. 27 Jan 1881 26-Dec-41   Oak Knoll 26 L1
Kalkemey John Fritz 25 Jun 1844 21 Aug 1896   MillheimG  
Kalkhake Mildred 25-Jan-24 Not Deceased   Shelby  
Kalkhake Pepetual Care       Shelby  
Kalkhake Selma Hoffmann 17 Jul 1880 24-May-56   Shelby  
Kalkhake Wilbert Paul 14-Jun-21 15-Apr-96 WWII Navy Shelby  
Kalkhake Wm. E. 14 Mar 1876 9-Jun-59   Shelby  
Kallus Addie M 5 Aug 1898 8-Jun-84 w/o Charles J. Sealy Catholic  
Kallus Anna Supak 28 Oct 1864 19-Feb-37 w/o Frank K Sealy  
Kallus Charles J. 19 Dec 1897 4-May-81 h/o Addie M. Sealy Catholic  
Kallus Frances M 25-Jul-12 3-Jan-96   Sealy Catholic  
Kallus Frank Karl 28 Jan 1859 7-May-20 h/o Anna S Sealy  
Kallus Joseph 21 Mar 1886 15-Apr-48 WWI Sealy  
Kamas Anita Delores Dittert 11-Feb-15 25-Sep-97 w/o John Daughtery Oak Knoll 42 D9
Kamas Anna 28 Sep 1832 2-Feb-15   National  
Kamas Anna 10 Feb 1844 27 Pan 1925   National  
Kamas Anna 17 Jul 1869 23-Aug-18   National  
Kamas Anna 13 Dec 1885 22-Aug-64   Wesley  
Kamas Anna Baletka 4 Jul 1857 7-Apr-37   Wesley  
Kamas Anna Mathilda Ripple 19-Jan-01 17-Oct-95   National  
Kamas Betty Lois Witte 9-May-28 19-Sep-97 w/o Thomas M Oak Knoll 52 W13
Kamas Edwin John 9-Apr-28 11-Feb-83 Korea National  
Kamas Frances 3 Mar 1867 13-Aug-58   National  
Kamas Frances 8 Jan 1895 29-Jun-70   Wesley  
Kamas Frantisek 6-Sep-00 6-Sep-00   National  
Kamas Hermina A. Jurchak 31 Dec 1897 2-Apr-74   National  
Kamas Isabel Margaret Daughtrey 30 Mar 1872 27-Dec-64 w/o John David Oak Knoll  
Kamas J. C. 10 Feb 1876 17-Nov-39   National  
Kamas Jimmie 1937 1939   National  
Kamas Joe A. 8 Apr 1882 11-Feb-40   Wesley  
Kamas Johana M. 1852 1893   National  
Kamas John Daughtrey 23-Feb-14 24-Sep-82 WWII Oak Knoll 42 D9
Kamas John David 26 Feb 1878 14-Sep-57   Oak Knoll  
Kamas John M. 13 Nov 1887 20-Oct-33   Wesley  
Kamas John P. (Paul) 6 Mar 1890 24-May-64 WWI National  
Kamas Josef 6 Oct 1857 7-Feb-29   National  
Kamas Ladislav Stepan 5-Mar-25 24-Jan-89 WWII Wesley  
Kamas Lillie 21 Aug 1893 14-Aug-79   National  
Kamas Martin 10 Jan 1852 15-Nov-38   Wesley  
Kamas Mary 1872 1941   National  
Kamas Rozina 27 May 1858 19-May-45   National  
Kamas Stepan 21 Oct 1892 7-Apr-90 WWI Wesley  
Kamas Theresa 13 Mar 1849 27-Aug-36   National  
Kamas Thomas 24 Dec 1845 9-Apr-39   National  
Kamas Thomas 12 Dec 1840 10-Feb-00   National  
Kamas Thomas M 9-May-24 16-Nov-06 WWII Oak Knoll  
Kamas Thomas Martin 21 Dec 1897 8-Nov-98   National  
Kamas William Daniel 25 Nov 1893 18-Aug-82 WWI National  
Kamaz Jan 16 Dec 1839 8 Oct 1891   National  
Kaminski Auga 5 Nov 1897 25-Dec-68 w/o Frank B Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Charles B. 9-Jul-34 26-May-76   Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Darlien Oridell Ekarius 26-Sep-38 24-Jan-03   Sealy  
Kaminski Frank 9-Mar-05 1948   Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Frank Ben 3 Oct 1895 23 Dec 1895 h/o Auga Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Gary Glenn 9-Jun-55 20-Jan-14   Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski John M. 19 Oct 1891 5-Apr-52 WWI h/o Stella H Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Joseph J. 12-Sep-23 2-Jan-86 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Joseph L. 15 Mar 1862 21-Apr-23 h/o Mary M Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Mary M. 7 Mar 1868 9-Jun-49 w/o Joseph L. Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Peter L. 31 Jan 1890 5-Dec-80 h/o Theresa C Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Stella H Kaliczewski 31 May 1899 8-Dec-84 w/o John M Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Theresa C. Stolarski 15 Sep 1891 18-Nov-70 w/o Peter L Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Thomas B. 12-Apr-16 28-Feb-66 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Kaminski Victoria Marie 28-Jan-15 3-May-92   Sealy Catholic  
Kaminsky Albert 2 Apr 1892 20-Apr-73 WWI h/o Helen Sealy Catholic  
Kaminsky Ephraim Joseph 12-Aug-13 22-Apr-95 h/o Olga Sealy  
Kaminsky Helen Brzymlalkiewiz 29 Mar 1895 8-May-73 w/o Albert Sealy Catholic  
Kaminsky Olga Louise Lubojacky 7 Sep  1917 8-Jun-09 w/o Ephraim J. Sealy  
Kaminsky Peter Thomas, Jr 31-May-31 1-Dec-12 h/o Wanda Johnson. Sealy Catholic  
Kaminsky Sara Kay 4-Feb-72 5-Feb-72 d/o Glenn Leslie Oak Knoll  
Kaminsky Wanda Jacque Johnson 30-Nov-42 12-Aug-86 w/o Pete Jr. Sealy Catholic  
Kanak Albina 18-Apr-11 10-Jan-71   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Anna No dates given     Krasna  
Kanak Edward 8-May-08 30-Sep-49   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Frank L. 20-Nov-01 Apr-71   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Frantiska 23 Aug 1840 13-Dec-03   Krasna  
Kanak infant No dates given     Krasna  
Kanak Jan (John) 22 Feb 1886 25-May-29 WWI Sealy  
Kanak Marie 1938 1962   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Metta 1885 1919   Krasna  
Kanak Millie 26-Nov-06 Feb-80   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Raymon 1-Jan-35 1-Mar-85   Guardian Angel  
Kanak Stephan 18 Dec 1836 3-Feb-15   Krasna  
Kanas Mary R. 1 Sep 1876 28-Oct-72   National  
Kanewske Henry S. 11-Oct-17 20-Nov-89 h/o Marjorie Sealy  
Kanewske Marjorie M Touchstone 20-Oct-17 14-Dec-00 w/o Henry Sealy  
Kanter Lawrence 8-Feb-11 6-Apr-80 WW 2 m 9/23/1941 Wilma Kellner New_Ulm  
Kanter Lawrence Erick 15-Dec-42 23-Nov-04 VN New_Ulm  
Kantz Jamie Lee 28-Jul-79 6-Jun-95   Sealy Catholic  
Karas Edith Marie Nentwig 27-Jan-27 26-Mar-13   Sealy Catholic  
Karasek Alma Johanna Krenek 17-Sep-04 30-Sep-02   New_Ulm  
Karasek Clifford No date given 1929   Guardian Angel  
Karasek David 28-Sep-03 29-Oct-77   Guardian Angel  
Karasek Ernst 1 Dec 1898 15-Nov-85   New_Ulm  
Karasek Hattie 16-Feb-07 24-Nov-73   Guardian Angel  
Karasek Hix 12-Jul-07 31-Mar-60   New_Ulm  
Karasek John 24-Mar-10 30-Nov-90   New_Ulm  
Karasek Louise 21 Nov 1890 12-Nov-80   New_Ulm  
Karber Peter John 28-Apr-42 31-Jul-01   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Karbulka Frank Joseph 1-Jan-17 01 Februsry 1983 WWII Industry Pilgrims Rest II 13#20
Karbulka Lillian E Steffan 19-Feb-03 22-Sep-86   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 13#21
Karger Hugo E. 14 Sep 1890 16-May-32   Kollatschny  
Karger Julius 17 Nov 1856 15-Nov-37   Kollatschny  
Karger Otto No date given 1892   Kollatschny  
Karl unknown No dates given     Oak Knoll  
Kaseberg Albertina 14 Apr 1896 29-Feb-76   Welcome2  
Kaseberg Charles 8 Jul 1892 28-Aug-71   Welcome2  
Kaseberg Martin Born & Died 24-Sep-18   Welcome  
Kaseberg Marvin   13-Aug-29   Welcome2  
Kaspar Eva 24 Dec 1853 4-Jun-11   Guardian Angel  
Kaspar Joseph 8-Aug-08 8-May-71   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kaspar Joseph 24 Apr 1875 19-Jun-64   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kaspar Joseph 19 Mar 1851 6-Nov-29   Guardian Angel  
Kaspar Marie 30-Jan-05 1930  Odpocives V Pokoji St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kaspar Rosie 13 Dec 1885 31-Jan-65   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kaspar Walter Raphael 8-Jan-17 7-May-94 WWII St.Mary's, Frydek  
Kasparek Anna 24-Dec-11 11-Jan-13   Susen  
Kasparek Anton 13 Jul 1888 22-Jul-63   Immaculate Conception  
Kasparek Edward Joe 29-Oct-12 31-Jan-92   National  
Kasparek Joseph 10 Oct 1807 17 Jun 1878   Immaculate Conception  
Kasparek Mary Ernest 26 Jun 1889 4-Jan-81   Immaculate Conception  
Kasse Carl 6 Sep 1836 1 Dec 1879   Scranton  
Kasten Emma H. Vogelpohl 17 Feb 1866 3-May-48 w/o Wm. H Oak Knoll 26 M7
Kasten William Henry 4 Aug 1865 20-Oct-44   Oak Knoll 26 M7
Kastrop Edwin Ernst 25 Jul 1865 4-Oct-40 h/o Johanna M Sealy  
Kastrop Johanna Maria Janssen 19 Sep 1869 6-Jul-59 w/o Edwin E Sealy  
Kastrop Lily Henrichsen 24 Jul 1846 7-Dec-24 w/o Henry Oak Knoll  
Katerbow Albertine Lamprecht Not shown 2-Mar-15   Germania  
Katerbow Heinrich 1 Nov 1833 10-Jan-04   Germania  
Katerbrow Albertin  E. 31 Dec 1837 2-Mar-15   Germania  
Katerbrow Heinrich 1 Nov 1833 10-Jan-04   Germania  
Katribe Elizabeth 28-Mar-04 27-Dec-02   Sealy Catholic  
Kaufhold Anton 17 Feb 1821 30 Sep 1890   Millheim  
Kaufhold Dora Bolten 22 Jan 1867 9-Mar-36   Millheim  
Kaufhold Henry W. 8 Oct 1860 24-Nov-25   Millheim  
Kaufhold Wilhelmina 20 Dec 1824 19 Jan 1892   Millheim  
Kautz Hilda Krause Gross 8 Feb 1893 26-Aug-86   New_Ulm  
Kautz Mary Ann Polcak 25-Oct-09 27-Mar-98   Immaculate Conception  
Kautz Werner 27-Mar-06 4-Feb-78   Immaculate Conception  
Kay Arturo Escamilla   17-Mar-90 age 31 Immaculate Conception  
Kazee John 14-Feb-05 1-Apr-66   Samuel  
Kearney Sydney Charles 21 Dec 1878 31-Dec-47   Oak Knoll 13 C3
Keaton Kerry L. 26-Sep-55 1-Mar-76   Industry Brethren  
Kech Samantha 9-May-65 10-May-65   New_Ulm  
Keding Alex 8 Oct 1898 20-May-60   Kollatschny  
Keding Alvin 7 Dec 1886 15-Jan-58 h/o Clara Sealy  
Keding Annie Hintz 28 Sep 1883 26-Jun-53 w/o Otto Sealy  
Keding Aug 1 Sep 1857 30-Mar-29   Kollatschny  
Keding Bernice Clara Loescher 10-Nov-16 6-May-96   Sealy  
Keding Bessie Lee 28-Jul-23 31-Mar-29   Sealy  
Keding Clara Meier 2 Mar 1892 25-Nov-36 w/o Alvin Sealy  
Keding Cleveland 10-Nov-18 8-Jul-83 WWII Oak Knoll 31 GH
Keding Dave 5-Mar-11 14-Nov-85 h/o Louella K Sealy  
Keding Elisabeth 25 Jul 1808 30 Oct 1883   MillheimG  
Keding Elizabeth 25 Mar 1827 29-Dec-03   Kollatschny  
Keding Emma 24 Jun 1867 29 Dec 1889   Kollatschny  
Keding Erna 27 Aug 1889 17-Sep-09   Kollatschny  
Keding Floyd Waco 11-Jun-35 26-Feb-98   Sealy  
Keding Joachim Daniel "J D" 9-Nov-22 24-Nov-67 WWII Sealy  
Keding Jacob 12 Mar 1823 2-Dec-03   Kollatschny  
Keding Joachim 6 Apr 1820 17-Aug-02   Kollatschny  
Keding Joachim 21 Jan 1848 15-Mar-15   Kollatschny  
Keding Johanna 9 Nov 1871 1-Apr-59   Kollatschny  
Keding Lee Bert 5-Aug-25 19-Mar-29   Sealy  
Keding Lina Krueger 1 Feb 1857 19-Jul-22   Kollatschny  
Keding Louella Kurtz 1-Sep-14 8-Apr-01 w/o Dave Sealy  
Keding Margaretha 6 Aug 1824 8-May-21   Kollatschny  
Keding Nelly Kollatschny 18-Aug-01 20-Mar-96   Kollatschny  
Keding Ollie BernitaViereck 10-Jul-17 26-Feb-05 w/o Cleveland Oak Knoll 31 GH
Keding Otto 6 Nov 1881 11-Jun-58 h/o Annie H Sealy  
Keding Richard 10 Jun 1884 21-Dec-68   Kollatschny  
Keel Betty Grace 6-Nov-45 26-May-78   Hartsville  
Keel Ethyleene Benton 6-Feb-28     Hartsville  
Keel William Ben, Sr. 1-Apr-24 10-May-89   Hartsville  
Keener Arthur, Jr. 25-Nov-14 17-Dec-90   Kenney  
Keener Mattie 9 Apr 1875 15-Jul-52   Bouldin/Flake  
Keener Palice Virgiana 7-May-15 23-Feb-04   Jefferson  
Keenner James 19-Sep-09 21-Mar-70   Jefferson  
Keer Annie Kevton 15 Dec 1864 11-Jul-25   San Felipe  
Keer Charles Mike 11-Jul-00 6-Oct-76 h/o Lottie M Sealy  
Keer Dallas A. 24 Dec 1891 5-Nov-17   San Felipe  
Keer Lottie Mae Phillips 16-Mar-02 29-Aug-96 w/o Charles M Sealy  
Keer Walter O. 4 Jul 1887 12-Dec-01   San Felipe  
Keer William T. “Bill” 1864 1936   San Felipe  
Keeshan James Harold 2-Sep-19 8-May-04   Millheim  
Keeshan Lavada Aileen 21-Nov-1921 27-Mar-2017 Schmidt Funeral Homes Millheim  
Keilberg Frank Alonzo 13-Dec-07 20-Dec-90   Buckhorn  
Keilberg Lolabelle Falk 4-Nov-07 15-Jan-03   Buckhorn  
Kelley  Alla Rae Friday 8-Mar-34 21-Jun-16 w/o Elton Hartsville  
Kelley Elton "Pete" 12-Nov-30 18-Jan-16 h/o Alla Friday Hartsville  
Kelling Adolph 9 Apr 1893 21-Jul-45   Phillipsburg  
Kelling Mary Grawunder 1888 1963   Phillipsburg  
Kelling Nelda 8-Aug-01 20-Jan-79   Phillipsburg  
Kelling Virginia 1921 1940   Phillipsburg  
Kelling W. F. 28 Mar 1898 27-Feb-43   Phillipsburg  
Kelling Wilburn F.