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Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.


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Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery
 ? Linniell 1946 200?   Pope
M. W.   No dates given     New Ulm
Maass Alton Gus 23-Jun-26 19-Jul-92 WWII Oak Knoll
Maass Harold Wayne 11-Apr-50 17-May-97 Vietnam Oak Knoll
Maass Vivian Mahlmann 7-Mar-29 not given   Oak Knoll
Mabry Wilson David (Sr.) 7-Feb-18 2-Jun-75 WWII Sealy
Macat Albina Sisa 5 Nov 1896 30-Jan-81   National
Macat Alvin Joe (Cotton) 10-Apr-20 2-Aug-95 WWII National
Macat Elsie Mary Siptak 3-Apr-04 28-Oct-85   National
Macat Erna Beckman 7-Nov-29 27-Mar-90   National
Macat Ernest E. 14-May-16 17-Mar-85   National
Macat Erwin S. 5-Jul-35 16-Jun-36   National
Macat Frank 6 Mar 1895 7-Feb-30   National
Macat Jesse Frank 13-Jul-20 11-Jan-04 WWII National
Macat Joseph 15 May 1855 31-Jan-32   National
Macat Joseph 25 Aug 1892 10-Nov-74 WWI Oak Knoll
Macat Otto 15-Nov-25 17-Dec-79   National
Macat Pearl Beckmann 12-Oct-26 24-Oct-00   National
Macat Terezie Junk 16 Mar 1854 3-Dec-49   National
Macat Tracy Plasek 16-Sep-01 1-Feb-87   Oak Knoll
Mach Adela Strauss Zahradnick 11-Feb-09 7-Nov-86   Sealy
Mach Albert 12 May 1888 30-Aug-54   Oak Knoll
Mach Antonia 12 Oct 1897 25-Dec-77   Oak Knoll
Mach Leon Emanuel 8-Oct-06 30-Jun-02 h/o Leona K 7 Adele Zahradnick Sealy
Mach Leona Keyser 22-Oct-22 26-Aug-75 1st w/o Leon E. Sealy
Macha Adelina 29 Jun 1895 11-Apr-78   GuardianAngel
Macha Alois 16 Nov 1873 6-Jun-19   GuardianAngel
Macha Aloisie 10 Jun 1881 6-Oct-62   GuardianAngel
Macha Anton S. 19 Sep 1893 8-Jan-77   GuardianAngel
Macha Cecilie 1887 1962   GuardianAngel
Macha Charlie 26-Jun-17 May-84   GuardianAngel
Macha Frances 1882 1958   GuardianAngel
Macha Frantisek 1905 3-Aug-06   Krasna
Macha Freddie 10-Nov-26 24-Mar-76   Hartsville
Macha infant 5-May-29 5-May-29   GuardianAngel
Macha Irene Ingabord Anderson 10-Oct-18 10-Feb-15 w/o Joe GuardianAngel
Macha Jerry No dates given     GuardianAngel
Macha Jiri 25 Mar 1845 22-Jul-18   GuardianAngel
Macha Johana 8 Oct 1851 23-May-37   GuardianAngel
Macha Josef 10-Jul-09 23-Nov-22   GuardianAngel
Macha Joseph 5 Dec 1871 5-Jul-43   GuardianAngel
Macha Karel 1885 1953   GuardianAngel
Macha Louise T. 23 Oct 1898 3-May-67   GuardianAngel
Macha Marie 3 Jul 1873 14-Jun-62   GuardianAngel
Macha Raymond 1919 1919   GuardianAngel
Macha Sylvester 29-Nov-46 23-Sep-76   GuardianAngel
Macha Theo 15-Feb-09 16-Feb-83   GuardianAngel
Machacek Frantiska 1818 1888   Immaculate Conception
Machacek Jiri 1809 1889   Immaculate Conception
Machala Alois 20 Jun 1878 19-Nov-46 h/o Anna P Sealy Catholic
Machala Ana 20-Feb-10 28-Jul-11   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Anezka 23-Jul-13 20-Nov-38   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Anna 6 Dec 1853 12-Feb-39 w/o Frank Sealy Catholic
Machala Anna Pavlicek 3 Apr 1881 12-Mar-56 w/o Alois Sealy Catholic
Machala Annie J. 17-Mar-04 26-Mar-64 w/o Louis P. Sealy Catholic
Machala Benjamin Louis 25-Mar-51 26-Dec-02 h/o Frances M. Sealy Catholic
Machala Charles Paul 3-Apr-17 15-Oct-96 WWII; h/o Josephine M. Sealy Catholic
Machala Debra Lynn 31-Oct-75 23-Oct-09   Sealy Catholic
Machala Edwin   1924 baby St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Emil   1922 baby St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Emilie 5 Dec 1882 29-Nov-77 w/o Joe Sealy Catholic
Machala Emma Judith 13-Jun-20 9-Jun-04  w/o Henry J. Sealy Catholic
Machala Eugene John 31-May-38 28-Feb-00   Sealy Catholic
Machala Frances 28 Oct 1883 4-Jul-75 w/o John Sr.. Sealy Catholic
Machala Frances M. Barton 23-Nov-51 11-Sep-90 w/o Benjamin L. Sealy Catholic
Machala Frank   1900 no marker St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Frank   1925 baby St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Frank 4 Oct 1854 2-Oct-42 h/o Anna Sealy Catholic
Machala Frank A. 11-Aug-08 7-Sep-93 h/o rosie O Sealy Catholic
Machala Frank Charles 11-Jan-11 27-Feb-89   SealyM
Machala Frantisek 25-Feb-05 4-Jul-65   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Frantiska 18 Apr 1886 26-Jul-53   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Frantiska 25-Feb-12 27-Jun-14   Sealy Catholic
Machala Gary James 2-Jan-50 15-Aug-72   Sealy Catholic
Machala Henry Joe 17-Jan-19 6-Apr-15 WWII; h/o Emma J. Sealy Catholic
Machala Joe ndg 1890   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Joe 13 Apr 1881 17-Feb-75 h/o Emilie Sealy Catholic
Machala Joe E. 18-Nov-10 21-Jul-74   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala John, Sr. 7 May 1884 18-Jul-72 h/o Frances Sealy Catholic
Machala John, Jr. 26-Nov-09 9-Jul-69   Sealy Catholic
Machala Josef 25-Mar-08 11-Jul-08   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Josephine Marie 20-Mar-15 22-Jan-03 w/o Charles P. Sealy Catholic
Machala Karolina   13 Feb 1896  age 18 years  St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Kevin Wayne 26-Dec-75 24-Sep-02   Sealy
Machala Larry 18-Jul-49 18-Jul-49   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Larry Charles 10-Aug-50 6-Dec-02 Vietnam Sealy Catholic
Machala Louis Frank 21-Jun-21 12-Nov-11 WWII Sealy Catholic
Machala Louis P. 26-Feb-03 21-Feb-86 h/o Annie J. Sealy Catholic
Machala Louise 30-Aug-07 17-Jul-02   Sealy Catholic
Machala Ludmila Saha 28-May-09 08 Oct, 1934 1st w/o Vince Sealy Catholic
Machala Rosie O. 12-Sep-10 13-Mar-89 w/o Frank A Sealy Catholic
Machala Sophie Jasek 10  Apr 1915 10-May-48 2d w/o Vince Sealy Catholic
Machala Vaclav 28 Sep 1894 7-Feb-00   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Vince Frank 1-Nov-05 28-Jul-92 h/o Ludmila & Sophie Sealy Catholic
Machala Vincenka   1901 baby St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Vivian F. 5-Jan-26 ndg   St.Mary's, Frydek
Machala Wayne, Jr. Born & Died 8-Sep-74   Sealy Catholic
Machala Willie L 8-Nov-15 1-Mar-52 1st h/o Mary Kutra Brandt Sealy Catholic
Machalek Rosalie   1900  no marker St.Mary's, Frydek
Machann Anna 10 Jul 1834 17 Nov 1890   Wesley
Machemehl A. C., Sr. 12 Apr 1883 19-Feb-61   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Adelheid Reichardt 24 Aug 1882 1-Oct-49   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Albert 19 May 1865 26 Aug 1865   Machemehl
Machemehl Albert Charles, Jr 8-Aug-21 30-Jun-08 WWII Oak Knoll
Machemehl Amalie Graff 20 Sep 1858 19-Oct-40   Welcome
Machemehl Anita Ella 11-Aug-16 16-Apr-02   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Annette 12 Nov 1847 6 Mar 1856   Machemehl
Machemehl  Bernard 26 Mar 1896 24-Dec-80 WWI Oak Knoll
Machemehl Borel Herbert 7-Sep-12 17-Aug-31   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Charles Albert 26-Mar-05 22-Sep-91   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Charles Allen 12-Aug-30 21-May-03   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Charlotte 22 Apr 1824 1 Jul 1871   Machemehl
Machemehl Charlotte 29 Mar 1830 27 Jun 1887   Machemehl
Machemehl Chas. F. 9 Mar 1857 29-Mar-36   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Edwin William 17 Jan 1888 28-Oct-64   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Elda Louise Schultz 29 Aug 1898 17-Feb-65   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Ella Strauss 26 Jun 1888 26-Nov-67   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Emilie 15 Oct 1891 29-Oct-89   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Ethel Melissa Brashears 24-Sep-09 17-Apr-98   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Eugenia Allen 19-Sep-07 27-Sep-92   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Frances Blanche Lewis 11 Jan 1890 5-Feb-83   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Fred J. 15 Nov 1893 2-Jul-77   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Gerhardt George 29-May-02 19-May-51   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Grace Orene Sutton 18-Feb-14 5-Jul-83   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Henriett B. 10 Aug 1814 23 Aug 1850   Machemehl
Machemehl Herbert Herman 1893 1919 WWI Oak Knoll
Machemehl Hermine Brune 4 Feb 1856 18-Dec-36   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Hilda Betty Hohlt 9 Jun 1898 17-Aug-78   Oak Knoll
Machemehl infant 1-Oct-05 7-Oct-05   Machemehl
Machemehl J. H. 20 Jun 1855 6-Nov-34   Machemehl
Machemehl Jenny Luhn 15 Feb 1869 24-Aug-41   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Johann 7 Aug 1816 20 Apr 1880   Machemehl
Machemehl Karl Julius 9 Feb 1869 21 Jun 1884   Machemehl
Machemehl Leslie M. 21 Augut 1919 25-May-33   Welcome2
Machemehl Lillie Mae Kaechele 15 Mar 1897 27-Apr-81   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Lola Agatha Look 28-Feb-27 11-Apr-02   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Louis A. 9 Feb 1863 21 Jan 1883   Machemehl
Machemehl Louis Arnold, Jr. 6-Jan-09 12-Jan-56 WWII Oak Knoll
Machemehl Louis Arnold, Sr. 20 Dec 1882 2-Nov-52   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Louise Palm 23 Dec 1890 10-Nov-74   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Martha Lillian Anderson 22-Aug-11 19-Apr-97   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Milton Paul 6-Jun-25 16-May-56 WWII Oak Knoll
Machemehl Otto G. 8 Jan 1855 27-Dec-27   Welcome
Machemehl Paul 22 Jun 1845 22-Jan-32   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Paul Wolfgang 7 Nov 1894 29-Nov-71 WWI Oak Knoll
Machemehl Ruth Smith 28-Jun-13 9-Mar-01   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Velma Hand 21-Jul-26 22-Jan-99   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Victor 16-Dec-07 26-Jul-78   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Walter F. 28 Dec 1886 27-Jul-21   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Walter H. 21 Mar 1898 21-Mar-73   Oak Knoll
Machemehl William Paul 19-Aug-11 21-May-97 WWII Oak Knoll
Machemehl Willis Carolyn 30-Dec-29 17-Jan-90   Oak Knoll
Machemehl Wolfine L. 10-Dec-23 30-May-30   Oak Knoll
Machinsky Douglas 15-Jun-41 15-Jun-41   New Ulm
Machinsky Frances Jasek 21 Aug 1889 4-May-88   New Ulm
Machinsky Helen Moeller 17-Dec-10 3-Jul-05   New Ulm
Machinsky Herbert Lee, Jr. 16-Jul-75 16-Jul-75   Immaculate Conception
Machinsky John 26-Jul-10 29-Nov-04 WWII New Ulm
Machinsky Roman 5 Feb 1881 2-Oct-37   New Ulm
Machinsky Walter 21-Mar-15 7-Apr-98   New Ulm
Machuch Anna Chernosky No date given 20-Aug-68   Susen
Macias Antonio V 9-Jun-45 18-Jun-04   Sealy Catholic
Macias Eva 22-Dec-52 15-Sep-06 w/o Antonio V Sealy Catholic
Mackenroth Alois   1-Jan-05   Shelby
Mackenroth Hilda 5-Nov-05 11-Nov-95   Shelby
Mackenroth Willie   2-Nov-95   Shelby
Mackenroth  Pepetual Care       Shelby
Mackenroth   Pepetual Care       Shelby
Madden Vernon Marshall 26-Dec-07 29-Oct-79   Sealy
Maddox Karen J. 20-Oct-50 15-Jan-73   Wallis
Maddox Ruby Lois Zahradni. Schavrda 23-Sep-20 29-Jun-68 w/o Albert S, T.A. Maddox Sealy
Maddox Sidonia A. 30-Sep-11 7-Sep-67   Wallis
Maddox Truman Albert 30-Sep-17 19-Mar-00 WWII; H/o Ruby Sealy
Madison Bernice 1923 1977   Jefferson
Madison Earl 31-Mar-05 1966   Pleasant
Madison Luther 1904 1981   Jefferson
Madison Ollie Mae 20-Oct-14 14-Sep-80 w/o Q.B. Jefferson
Madison Rachel 5 Apr 1878 11-Jun-73   Pleasant
Madison Robert L. 29-Feb-52 28-Aug-75   Jefferson
Madison Sadie 17-Sep-12 4-Apr-89   Pleasant
Madison Willie Jr. 7-Jun-28 17-Feb-83 h/o Tella Pleasant
Maecke Friedericke 15 May 1860 29-Jun-29   Kollatschny
Maecke Louis 12 Oct 1867 16-Oct-46   Kollatschny
Maeckel Annie F. 6 Aug 1881 24-Feb-63   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Bertha A. 1-Jul-09 25-Jul-83   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Bertha J. 29 Mar 1878 5-Jul-53   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Edward E. 20-Feb-14 27-Nov-72   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Edward O. (Otto) 13 Dec 1893 26-Dec-68 WW I Industry Brethren
Maeckel Ernest E. 26 Jan 1843 8-Sep-19   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Franciska 20 Mar 1853 13-Nov-32   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Leland Edward 23-Apr-31 6-Jul-09 Korean War Industry Brethren
Maeckel Marvin (William) 22-Jun-28 30-Apr-04 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest
Maeckel Mathilde L. 3-Jul-06 9-Oct-75   Industry Brethren
Maeckel Shirley 20-May-36 No date given   1861Pilgrim's Rest
Maeckel Wilhelm E. 18 Dec 1875 3-Jan-46   Industry Brethren
Maeckel William O. 24-Jul-10 28-Oct-83   Industry Brethren
Maedgen Cynthia Mae 24-Dec-48 1-May-13   Industry Pilgrims_Rest
Maerz Edward H 1 Mar 1882 28-Jun-64   Industry Methodist
Maerz Emil J. 14 Mar 1890 25-Sep-75   Industry Methodist
Maerz Erna 7 Apr 1895 24-Aug-74   Industry Methodist
Maerz Lorene 4-Oct-21 28-Jan-02   Industry Methodist
Maerz Manton 1925 1932   Industry Methodist
Maerz Pauline 19 Mar 1882 23-Jun-56   Industry Methodist
Maerz Wilmer W. “Willie” 23-Jul-23 1-Jul-00   Industry Methodist
Maetze Bertha 23 May 1872 24-Feb-56   Oak Knoll
Maetze Bertha S. 3 Feb 1853 4-Jun-36   Oak Knoll
Maetze Erna 8 Aug 1891 7-Nov-66   Oak Knoll
Maetze Ernest G. 19 Dec 1884 13-Jan-40   Oak Knoll
Maetze Ernst Gustav 12 Sep 1817 12 Oct 1891   Oak Knoll
Maetze F. Maria 29 May 1852 31 Jan 1875   Oak Knoll
Maetze Gustav 14 May 1846 19-Oct-12   Oak Knoll
Magallanes Ruben “Bobby” 22-Jun-49 16-Dec-97 Sp4 US Army Vietnam San Felipe
Magill Aaron Winston III 8-Jul-50 3-Nov-80 WWII Sealy
Magill Aaron Winston, Jr. 6-Mar-17 3-Nov-99 WWII;h/o Margaret G Sealy
Magill/McGill Everett Evans 21 Nov 1897 11-Dec-19 WWI Oak Knoll
Magill Jo Ann 8-Aug-45 8-Aug-45   Sealy
Magill Margaret Gloria Lummus 8-Nov-25 18-Jan-08 w/o Aaron W. Jr. Sealy
Magjarevich Anton 21-Jan-49 13-May-15 h/o Donna Heinrich Sealy Catholic
Magjarevich Daniel 30-Jan-37 2-Apr-13 h/o Gladys M Sealy
Magjarevich Gladys Marie Herzik 16-Aug-42 10-Jan-08 w/o Daniel Sealy
Magruder Evelinah Louisa Dulaney 17 Feb 1817 24 May 1889 w/o Patrick H. Sealy
Magruder P. H. (Patrick Henry) 14 Jul 1803 17 Nov 1883 h/o Evelinah L. Sealy
Mahaffey Darrion Anthony 8-May-99 3-Feb-15 s/o Roxanne, Phipllip Haywood Sealy
Mahaffey William Louis 24-Dec-41 5-Nov-76 SSgt US Air Force Vietnam San Felipe
Mahlmann Anna Eben 1 Nov 1860 24-Nov-42   Industry Pilgrims_Rest
Mahlmann Auga Winkelmann 15-Jun-04 3-Dec-94   St. James
Mahlmann Bailey B. (Bennie) 16-Jan-26 26-Jun-77 Korea Susen
Mahlmann Bernhard 25-Jun-06 27-Jan-98   St. James
Mahlmann Bernice 20-Mar-26 17-Aug-68   Welcome2
Mahlmann Christopher J. 31-Mar-70 1-Apr-70   Oak Knoll
Mahlmann E. 29 Dec 1819 30 Dec 1897   Welcome
Mahlmann Edna Walicek 27 Jul 1898 12-Jul-86   Susen
Mahlmann Elisabeth 29 Mar 1827 27-Dec-06   Welcome
Mahlmann Emma Huebner 6 Oct 1864 18-Jul-54   Welcome
Mahlmann George 19 Jan 1861 18-Oct-23   Welcome
Mahlmann George F., Jr. (Friedrich) 23 May 1895 5-Jan-79 WW I Welcome2
Mahlmann Hedwig Marie Platte 19 Dec 1888 19-Jun-68   Welcome2
Mahlmann Henry Ernest 20 Oct 1887 22-Jul-59 WWI Industry Pilgrims_Rest
Mahlmann Henriett P.M. 16-Nov-17 6-Jan-18   Welcome
Mahlmann Herman L. 19 Aug 1899 15-Apr-97   Susen
Mahlmann Norris R. (Robert) 15-May-27 21-Feb-80 WWII Susen
Mahlmann Ottilie Langer 20 Augut 1898 10-May-69   Welcome2
Mahlmann Sophie 16 Oct 1893 24-Nov-42   Industry Pilgrims_Rest
Mahlmann Wilhelm E. 19 Oct 1854 23 Mar 1877   Welcome
Mahlmann Wilhelm T. 1 Oct 1888 2-Oct-70   Welcome2
Mahnke Anna Sonsel 6 Jun 1843 16-Apr-43   Coshatte
Mahnke Clara Grabow 23 Dec 1877 2-Apr-38   Coshatte
Mahnke Dora Lea 7-Apr-04 28-Mar-73   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Dorthea 1823 1877   Mahnke
Mahnke Edwin Charles 11-Jan-04 27-Dec-73   Sealy
Mahnke Ella Mersmann 23 Oct 1888 15-Mar-59   Sealy
Mahnke Else No dates given     Mahnke
Mahnke Emma Grube 25 Nov 1886 27-Jan-52   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Emma Hoffmann 10 Apr 1886 6-Oct-63   1861Pilgrim's Rest
Mahnke Emma Ida 15 Oct 1877 1 Sep 1880   Timme
Mahnke Ernest 12 Aug 1872 16-Feb-59   Coshatte
Mahnke Heinrich 29 May 1828 15-Feb-06   Mahnke
Mahnke Henry 26 Jun 1882 8-Sep-51   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Herman Julius 21 Nov 1883 24-Jun-68   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Jennie Walton Rush 24 Jul 1878 26-Mar-43   Oak Knoll
Mahnke John F. 10 Apr 1844 28-Mar-28   Coshatte
Mahnke John M. 16 Mar 1874 10-Feb-51   Coshatte
Mahnke Leslie R. E. 6-Aug-12 1-Mar-39   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Mahnke geb 15 Oct 1875 gest 1 Sep 1880   Timme
Mahnke Mattie Della 15-Jan-09 12-Feb-76   Oak Knoll
Mahnke Max Fred 20 Aug 1869 12-May-33   Coshatte
Mahnke Paul Charles 13-Aug-16 5-Apr-78 WWII, Korea Sealy
Mahnke Verna Roehr 29 Mar 1849 1-May-30   Mahnke
Mahon Jessie 1931 2010   Williams/Bouldin
Mahs Friedrich 21 Jun 1837 10 Jul 1884   Cat Spring
Mai Alma Caroline Bader 13 Jul 1893 1-Nov-84 m. 10/10/1912 New Ulm
Mai Emma Frieda Guthmann 4 Feb 1898 4-Apr-90 m. 11/22/1923 New Ulm
Mai Esabela 1895 No date given   New Ulm
Mai Joe 1888 1950   New Ulm
Mai John W. 15 Jul 1898 23-Mar-64 m. 11/22/1923 New Ulm
Mai Monroe J. 2-May-19 4-May-19   New Ulm
Mai Norbert L. 16-May-19 30-Dec-80 WWII New Ulm
Mai Paul 21 Feb 1886 13-Jul-75 m. 10/10/1912 New Ulm
Maines Jerry Otha 17-Apr-43 7-Apr-91 US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest
Makowsky Wilbert Aug 8-Sep-25 4-May-98 WWII National
Malatek Celestina 1886 1969   GuardianAngel
Malatek Frank 1877 1963   GuardianAngel
Malatek Jerry S. 23-Dec-20 12-Jul-72   GuardianAngel
Maldonado Denise 26-Jul-05  23 Apr 2009   Industry Methodist
Malecek Adalbert 12 Apr 1834 12-Aug-21   Cat Spring
Malecek Joseph 6 May 1878 18-Nov-46   Cat Spring
Malecek Josephine 12 Feb 1837 9-Sep-13   Cat Spring
Malecek Mary 15 Mar 1880 2-May-65   Cat Spring
Malecek Monroe 2-Jul-04 24-Aug-74   Cat Spring
Malechek Alvina 23 Jul 1858 16-Sep-02   National
Maler Annie 29 Jun 1887 28-Oct-64 w/o Frank, Sr. Sealy
Maler Barbara Cernoch 10 Aug 1855 28-Jul-29   Sealy
Maler Bernice Dorothy Trettin 16-Jul-20 27-Sep-80 w/o Theodore A Sealy
Maler Della M 18-Jan-46 5-Jul-16   Sealy
Maler Edward 28 Aug 1882 16-Dec-38 WWI San Felipe
Maler Edward Lee 27-Sep-28 30-Mar-88 KW Sealy
Maler Frances A. 30 Dec 1898 22-Jan-71   SealyM
Maler Frances Marie Krupala 12-Jun-07 19-Jul-98   Sealy
Maler Frank, Jr. 22 Jan 1891 25-Apr-77   Sealy
Maler Frank, Sr. 14 Oct 1848 14-Dec-07 h/o Barbara C. Sealy
Maler George Edwin 2-May-00 7-Aug-93 WW I Sealy
Maler George Eugene 9-Jan-32 14-Jan-87 KW Sealy
Maler James Rogers 2-Apr-34 22-Feb-08 Korea Sealy
Maler John 1 Apr 1896 23-Dec-80 h/o Marie S Sealy
Maler Joseph J. 23 Jun 1894 16-Feb-71 WW I SealyM
Maler Louis L. 28 Jan 1884 4-Oct-67 h/o Louise L. Sealy Catholic
Maler Louise L. 17 Jan 1887 29-Oct-84 w/o Louis L. Sealy Catholic
Maler Marie Surovik 20-Jan-02 18-Aug-62 w/o John Sealy
Maler Olga 26-Mar-05 1923   St.Mary's, Frydek
Maler Theodore Al 9-Nov-13 19-Apr-97 WWII;h/o Bernice D. Sealy
Malich Freada Hinze 26 Feb 1893 3-Feb-84 w/o Fritz Sealy
Malich Fritz 5 Mar 1889 12-May-59 h/o Freada H Sealy
Malich Ida 1886 1895   Sealy
Malich Paul Harry 12 Oct 1890 21-Mar-61 WWI Sealy
Mamerow H. C. (Henry C.) 15 Sep 1875 10-Dec-03   Sealy
Manak Albina 14 Jun 1887 30-Jul-65   Holy Cross
Manak Alvina 20-Feb-1931 28-Mar-2017   St.Mary's, Frydek
Manak Amalie B. 22-Dec-26 7-Jun-03 w/o Joe J. Sealy Catholic
Manak Aug L. 6-Aug-14 1-Feb-85 WWII Holy Cross
Manak Frank 10 Jul 1885 12-Aug-61   St.Mary's, Frydek
Manak Frank Cyrill 29-Jan-13 20-Jul-79 WWII; h/o Louise M Sealy Catholic
Manak Frantisek Jiri 21-Feb-21 28-Feb-21   St.Mary's, Frydek
Manak Joe Jerry 25-Jul-16 13-Feb-01 WWII; h/o Amalie B. Sealy Catholic
Manak Kathryn Marie 9-Mar-61 11-Mar-61   Sealy Catholic
Manak Louise Mary Evyak 8-Sep-37 21-Mar-09 w/o Frank C Sealy Catholic
Manak Marie 20 May 1886 29-Nov-69   St.Mary's, Frydek
Manak Paul Antone 16-Jun-09 6-Aug-87 WWII Holy Cross
Manak Peter 29 Jun 1874 26-Oct-46   Holy Cross
Mangum Billie Ruth Fisher 21-Sep-28 23-Aug-12 w/o Samuel A Sealy
Mangum Samuel Albert 24-Dec-25 25-Feb-03 WWII; h/o Billie Sealy
Manley Annie 25 Dec 1878 11-Jul-44   Downey
Manley Arthur ndg 17-Dec-41   Downey
Manley Carl S. 10-Apr-26 15-Jun-77   Downey
Manley Howard E. 21-Apr-31 15-May-73   Downey
Manley John, Sr. 10 Mar 1875 30-Dec-57   Downey
Manley Lowell 28-May-39 12-Aug-80   ElPleasant
Mann Freddie Wayne 7-Apr-54 8-Dec-68   Susen
Manna Anna Liska 2 Dec 1879 26-May-38 w/o Martin Sealy Catholic
Manna Frank 18 Sep 1894 22-Aug-74   GuardianAngel
Manna Frank John 16-Aug-06 24-May-56 WWII Sealy Catholic
Manna Henry John 30-Nov-1943 13-Nov-2017   GuardianAngel
Manna Martha 16 Jan 1898 29-Apr-81   GuardianAngel
Manna Martin 24 Apr 1879 9-Jun-32 h/o Anna Sealy Catholic
Manning Ada 31 Mar 1862 9 Oct 1862   Oak Knoll
Manning Anna Eliza 16 Jul 1852 8 Mar 1854   Oak Knoll
Manning Anthony H. 28 Feb 1847 8 Jul 1848   Oak Knoll
Manning Edmund Roach 9 Jun 1854 14-Jan-04   Oak Knoll
Manning Eugene Seymour.  Jr. 2-Sep-23 13-Apr-83 WWII Oak Knoll
Manning James Aaron 27 Jul 1864 No date given   Oak Knoll
Manning Jeannette 4 Feb 1860 No date given   Oak Knoll
Manning John W. 25 May 1819 31-Jan-08   Oak Knoll
Manning John Wiggins 9 Dec 1855 No date given   Oak Knoll
Manning Martha Hutchins 23 Feb 1826 12-Feb-08   Oak Knoll
Manning Walter Richard 4 Mar 1870 No date given   Oak Knoll
Manning William L. Lewis 10 Dec 1849 No date given   Oak Knoll
Manor Ellie       Swearingen
Manor Martha 18 Aug 1879 12-Feb-68   Jefferson
Mansel Edward Earl 2-Mar-21 25-Nov-84 WWII Sealy
Mantzel Carl  29 Sept. 1840 gest. 18 Nov. 1884   Brast2
Mantzel Carl Julius 9-Jul-15 29-Sep-78   Sealy
Mantzel Charles 19 Apr 1878 8-Feb-47 h/o Ernestine L. Sealy
Mantzel Ernestine Louise Engelking 11 May 1884 28-Mar-59 w/o Charles Sealy
Mantzel Hazel 24-Nov-04 30-May-06   Oak Knoll
Mantzel Lillie M. Viereck 11 Feb 1882 1-Aug-69   Oak Knoll
Mantzel William 4 Jan 1882 27-Aug-71   Oak Knoll
Manzel Josef 18 Pros 1859 15 Cervn 1932   National
Manzelka Anna 4 Aug 1869 1-Jan-02   Wesley
Manzelka Marie 24 Dub 1861 3 Cervna 1938   National
Marable Blanche S. 1898 1974   Oak Knoll
Marable Charles C. 9 Jul 1870 30-Aug-56   Oak Knoll
Marable James H. 1896 1962   Oak Knoll
Marable Leona 7-Jul-08 15-Dec-72   Oak Knoll
Marable Rosa Lee Harvey 24 Mar 1870 16-Jan-53   Oak Knoll
Marak Karel infant No dates given   Susen
Marak Terezie infant No dates given   Susen
Marburger Antonie 16 Nov 1865 1-Apr-05   Shelby
Marburger Baby       Shelby
Marburger Elo Alfred 21 Oct 1892 17-Dec-79 h/o Emily H Sealy
Marburger Emily Hartmann 29-Jul-00 10-Dec-90 w/o Elo A Sealy
Marburger Emma 14 Jun 1860 19 Jul 1865   Shelby
Marburger Leroy 20-Nov-26 6-Jul-95 WWII Sealy
Marburger Viola S 13-Jan-24 14-Jan-80   Sealy
Marcak Marie 27 Jan 1827 29 Apr 1889   Sealy
Marcinkiewicz Alice Hilma Brast 26-Aug-38 26-Jun-00   Oak Knoll
Marcinkiewicz Edmund 9-Jun-27 24-Aug-94 KW Oak Knoll
Marcum John 3-May-11 25-Apr-74 WWII; 1st h/o Mary Ware Sealy
Mardaus Dorothea 19-Dec-04 23 Oct 1881   Mardaus
Mardaus John 17-Dec-04 24-Jan-05   Mardaus
Marek Albert B. 8-Apr-02 16-Feb-63   GuardianAngel
Marek Albert H. 31 Jan 1883 21-Nov-60   Industry Brethren
Marek Anna 23 Feb 1861 15-Jun-31   GuardianAngel