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Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.

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This list is not complete! Work in progess.


Name Given/maiden DOB DOD comments Cemetery
Medina Bonifacia R. 1898 1955   Oak Knoll
Medina Bonifacia R. 1898 1955   Oak Knoll
Medina Marcus 20-Oct-52 4-Jan-53   Oak Knoll
Meekins Auga 7 Jul 1892 6-May-31   St. James
Mehner Hermann 13 May 1851 2-Feb-32   New Ulm
Mehner Maria 28 Jan 1856 15-Feb-27   New Ulm
Mehner Max 9 Mar 1883 10-Jan-51   New Ulm
Mehner Hulda 31 Dec 1882 2-Mar-71   New Ulm
Meier Vernena 1877 1956   Schmid
Meier Anna 1879 1961   Schmid
Meier Barbara 13 Apr 1841 9-Nov-03   Schmid
Meier Johann 18 Jan 1843 15 Jul 1890   Schmid
Mieth Baby girl 27 Mar 1896 27 Mar 1896   Luetge
Meier Bernhard 13 Jan 1890 15 Jan 1890   St. James
Meier unknown Born & Died 16 Aug 1886   St. James
Meier Meta No dates given     Meier
Meier Louise 7 Jan 1853 30 Oct 1868   Meier
Meier Marie Blezinger 2 Jun 1865 5 Jan 1891   Meier
Meier Robert 22 Apr 1860 14 Jan 1896   Meier
Meier Dorothea 4 Aug 1828 17 Jul 1903   Meier
Meier Herman 27 Oct 1820 18 Apr 1906   Meier
Meier Caroline Moegle 8 Apr 1866 6 Oct 1910   Meier
Meier Minna Blezinger 16 Mar 1867 6 Feb 1940   Meier
Meier Ernst 14 Oct 1857 12 Jan 1941   Meier
Meier Herman 15 Jan 1862 17 Dec 1944   Meier
Meier Julius 26 Aug 1866 1 Feb 1944   Meier
Meier Friedrich A. 26 Aug 1866 9 Mar 1946   Meier
Meier George 28 Feb 1855 25-Apr-37   Phillipsburg
Meier Lydia Moegle 24 Nov 1860 5-Jul-09   Phillipsburg
Meier Michael Lee 11 Nov 1947 31-Jan-16   Phillipsburg
Meier Otto J. 23 Sep 1888 5-Sep-67   Phillipsburg
Mieth Otto 6 Nov 1894 26 Nov 1894   Luetge
Meier Caroline Honerkamp 16 Jan 1891 17-Jul-66   Phillipsburg
Meier Leslie H. 10-Oct-17 29-Nov-91   Phillipsburg
Meier Nina Ernestine 30-Mar-24 20-Sep-92   Phillipsburg
Meier Herbert J 11 Jan 1894 22-Jun-75 WW I Welcome2
Meier Hattie Wittneben 10-May-02 2-Feb-74   Welcome2
Meier Erna 5 Jun 1887 13-Jan-79   Welcome2
Meischen Adolph, Sr. 17 Nov 1890 4-Jun-78   Welcome2
Meischen Nora W. Platte 30 Dec 1895 1-Jun-78   Welcome2
Melcher Charles F. H. 1893 1944 WW I Welcome2
Mertz Edwin (L.) 9 Apirl 1894 16-Apr-58 WWI Welcome2
Mertz Hilda 13-Sep-00 21-Jun-54   Welcome2
Merz Stanley J.(John) 2-Oct-20 15-Nov-05 WW II Welcome2
Mertz Viola Meier 19-Jul-1922 25-Jul-2016 Brenham Memorial Chapel Welcome2
Meyer Wilhelmine 1874 1931   Welcome2
Meyer Benhardt 1862 1948   Welcome2
Meyer Raymond 7-Dec-16 3-Aug-35   Welcome2
Michael Elroy Otto 10-Jul-36 4-Jun-70   Welcome2
Meinecke Henrietta Klatt 5 Aug 1838 20 Jun 1905   Meinecke
Meinecke  August 13 Aug 1832 15 Feb 1912   Meinecke
Meinecke Ida P. 6 Oct 1876 9 Nov 1892   Meinecke
Meinecke Adolph H. 18 Jan 1863 26 Oct 1902   Meinecke
Meinecke Auguste 25 Jun 1861 20 Nov 1918   Meinecke
Meinecke Adolph H. 20 Feb 1870 5 Jun 1939   Meinecke
Reinicke Johanna Meinecke 24 Jul 1865 7 Feb 1950   Meinecke
Meinecke Sophie D. E. 24 Oct 1805 5 Apr 1880   Meinecke
Meinecke John Friedrich 5 Mar 1804 12 Sep 1891   Meinecke
Meinecke John Friedrich 26 Dec 1885 8 Jun 1858   Meinecke
Meinecke Wilhelm E. 26 May 1844 8 Jun 1858   Meinecke
Meinecke Rosa 31 Oct 1886 26-Jan-60   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Arthur 14 Mar 1892 21-Apr-59 WWI Oak Knoll
Meinecke Violet Glenn 16 Dec 1896 7-Jun-92   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Walter 18 Oct 1889 2-Aug-56   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Emma Henske 5 Apr 1892 4-Nov-87   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Fred 1 Mar 1890 21-Nov-47   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Martha Krueger 2 Dec 1883 1-Oct-58   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Ellen Frank 1 Aug 1889 18-Dec-73   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Robert W. 14 Feb 1888 4-Apr-62   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Vivian Lois Collett 7-Apr-34 19-Sep-81 Korea Oak Knoll
Meinecke Gillis Earl 3-Mar-29 3-Feb-02   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Roy 19-Sep-15 15-May-96 WWII Oak Knoll
Meinecke Ila Ida Sonsel 24-May-22 30-Oct-03   Oak Knoll
Meinecke Gillis Earl 3-Mar-29 3-Feb-02 KW Oak Knoll
Meinecke Vivian Lois Collett     KW Oak Knoll
Meinhart Erlene   NDG   Coshatte
Meinhart Erlene   NDG   Coshatte
Meischen Adolph H. 30-Jun-20 26-Oct-83   Phillipsburg
Meischen Lucille G. 12 Sep 1887 16-May-75   Phillipsburg
Meinschen William Warren 4-Nov-49 18-Dec-79   Oak Knoll
Meinscher  William Henry 22-Mar-25 17-Jun-93 WWII Oak Knoll
Meinscher  Alma Jean Steward 20-Mar-25 15-Apr-93 WWII Oak Knoll
Meinscher  Meta Rosa 13 Aug 1896 5-Jun-83   Oak Knoll
Meinscher  Wm. Ernest 22 Jul 1894 29-Mar-78   Oak Knoll
Meissner Alvin Max 10 Dec 1882 20-Oct-64   Oak Knoll
Meissner Auge Reibenstein 19 Mar 1846 9-Aug-21   MillheimG
Meissner Charley 10-Nov-38 11-Apr-58   Oak Knoll
Meissner Edmund 1880 1966   Oak Knoll
Meissner Ella Arby 19 Feb 1873 11-Feb-37   Star Hill
Meissner H. P. 8-Jan-14 25-May-62   Oak Knoll
Meissner Hedwig 19-Jun-08 20-Apr-54   Oak Knoll
Meissner Henrietta Louise Machemehl 8 Nov 1884 10-Feb-39   Oak Knoll
Meissner infant No date given 22-Feb-16   Oak Knoll
Meissner Malinde Radensleben 1882 1929   Oak Knoll
Meissner Mattie 3 Mar 1857 18-Mar-19   Oak Knoll
Meissner Martha Luhn 1887 1975   Oak Knoll
Meissner Minna 15 Jan 1854 15 Aug 1876   New Ulm
Meissner Robert 16 Jul 1872 24-Sep-17   MillheimG
Meissner Robert W. 25 Nov 1890 21-Apr-42   Oak Knoll
Meissner  Max R. 22 Apr 1854 12-Jan-00   Hoppe
Meissner  Carl Wilheim 12 Oct 1824 21 Jul 1887   Hoppe
Meissner  Henriette Wilhelmine 26 Sep 1828 7-Mar-12   Hoppe
Meissner  Aug 4 Jan 1858 12 Feb 1893   Hoppe
Meissner  Aug 14 Feb 1894 26 May 1894   Hoppe
Meith Wilhelmine 16 Nov 1816 18 Feb 1879   New Ulm
Meith Ida 11 Oct 1879 19 Oct 1879   New Ulm
Meith Robert 5 Jun 1881 18 Mar 1882   New Ulm
Meith Charlotte Eckermann 9 Jun 1850 17 Apr 1884   New Ulm
Melcher  Rubin Wilson 10-Jul-13 3-Jan-84   Oak Knoll
Melcher  Lillie M. 6-Jan-16 not given   Oak Knoll
Melcher  Dorathea Rodiek 26 Sep 1892 19-Sep-74   Oak Knoll
Melcher  Hermann 5 Jan 1890 14-Jun-58   Oak Knoll
Mende Wilhelmine 16 Feb 1807 14-Oct-02   Coshatte
Mendes Graciela 28-Mar-29 12-Mar-17 adopt parents: Jose Ramon & Hayde Diaz, spouse Florentino.  Knesek Funeral Chapels Frydek St. Marys
Menke Charlotte Schluenz 16 Jan 1836 3-Jun-06   Oak Knoll
Menke Josie L. 4 Oct 1876 7 Mar 1893   Oak Knoll
Menke Theodore 8 Feb 1864 21-Jul-39   Oak Knoll
Menke Fredericke Winkelmann 21 Jun 1862 17-Nov-42   Oak Knoll
Menke Minnie 22 Feb 1894 16-Feb-83   Oak Knoll
Menke Sophie 24 Apr 1868 29-Apr-33   Oak Knoll
Menke Olga 9 Mar 1872 14 Jul 1885   Menke
Menke Joseph 11 Feb 1858 5 Mar 1866   Menke
Menke Theodore Henry 8 Mar 1833 11 Dec 1880   Menke
Menke Dora 6 Mar 1862 2 Aug 1884   Menke
Menke Amalie H. Schultze 29 Apr 1836 14 Jul 1897   Menke
Menke  infant 2 Mar 1865 6 Mar 1865   Menke
Menke  Olga 29 Mar 1866 8 Nov 1868   Menke
Mensch, JR Eugene Vernon 3-Dec-40 2-Apr-17 spouse: Annie Hubbard.  Schmidt Funeral Homes New Ulm
Mercer Ida Mae Spence 24-Aug-08 3-Mar-87   Oak Knoll
Mernitz Anna 17 Mar 1872 8-Mar-51   Oak Knoll
Mernitz Albert 1874 1953   Oak Knoll
Mernitz Louise Michaelis 30 Oct 1882 Sep-64   Oak Knoll
Mernitz  William A. 31-Dec-05 21-Aug-79   Oak Knoll
Mernitz  Hilma S. 28-Jan-12 No date given   Oak Knoll
Mernitz Karen Louise       Oak Knoll
Merten Anna Beth 5-Nov-21 23-Jan-01   Oak Knoll
Merten Addie Dora Shelburne 12 Dec 1895 1-Jun-68   Oak Knoll
Merten Gus, Jr. 19 Feb 1899 7-Jul-94   Oak Knoll
Merten Roy Chester 25-Apr-37 7-Nov-52   Oak Knoll
Merten Chester L.  (T?) 20-Jul-09 24-Mar-79   Oak Knoll
Merten Flora S. Hibbeler 18-Nov-09 not given   Oak Knoll
Mertz Ervin F. 24-Dec-08 23-Feb-88   Industry United Methodist
Mertz Clara Urbanovsky 1908 11-Apr-52   Industry United Methodist
Mettke Alma 27 Jul 1881 25-Aug-04   Oak Knoll
Mertz Viola Meier 19-Jul-22 25-Jul-16 Brenham Memorial Chapel Welcome #2
Mettke Friedericke Wolf 30 Apr 1841 19 Nov 1890   Holtz
Mettke Hildegarde Emma Becker 14-Nov-07 26-Oct-89   Oak Knoll
Mettke Traugott 3 Oct 1835 19 Nov 1915   Holtz
Mettke Waldemar G. 17-Jan-10 11-Jul-03   Oak Knoll
Mewis Ada Baron Reeves 18-Sep-08 17-Mar-79   Oak Knoll
Mewis, Anna 20 Jun 1874 20 Apr 1889   Holtz
Mewis Richard 7 Nov 1877 3-Sep-51   Oak Knoll
Mewis Delmus 6-Feb-13 8-Oct-85 WWII Oak Knoll
Mewis Mary Lee Berndt 24-Sep-16 No date given   Oak Knoll
Mewis Roland 10-Jan-03 14-Aug-83 WWII Oak Knoll
Mewis Richard William  Gilbert "Brock" 9-May-18 12-Jul-91 WWII Oak Knoll
Mewis Gilbert "Brock" 9-May-18 12-Jul-91 WWII Oak Knoll
Mewis Barbara "Bessie" Konieczny 23-Aug-22 2-Jun-02   Oak Knoll
Mewis Adele Brockman 30 Sep 1882 23-Apr-55   Oak Knoll
Mewis Marvin, Sr. 17-Dec-25 4-Oct-96 WWII Oak Knoll
Mewis Gloria Jean Delion 3-Nov-31 1-Dec-93   Oak Knoll
Mewis Richard 7 Nov 1877 3-Sep-51   Oak Knoll
Mewis Adele Brockman 30 Sep 1882 23-Apr-55   Oak Knoll
Mewis Walter 13 Apr 1895 31-Mar-62 WWI Oak Knoll
Mewis Hildegarde Grube 10 Sep 1895 5-Jan-88   Oak Knoll
Mewis Barbara "Bessie" Konieczny 23-Aug-22 2-Jun-02   Oak Knoll
Meyer unknown No date given     Oak Knoll
Meyer Clara Kaechele 28 Oct 1869 30-Dec-51   Oak Knoll
Meyer Amalie Severin 28-Sep-07 26-Dec-86   Oak Knoll
Meyer Edna Dittert 17-Jun-05 31-May-84   Oak Knoll
Meyer Ferdinand (Fred)Louis 18 Jan 1892 17-May-56   Oak Knoll
Meyer Elise Kenter 9 Jan 1892 16-Jun-70   Oak Knoll
Meyer Charles G. 13 Nov 1863 27-Jul-05   Oak Knoll
Meyer F. Ernest 25 Jun 1857 1-Oct-25   New Ulm
Meyer Nellie 3 Apr 1870 1-May-39   New Ulm
Meyer Louis J. 28 Sep 1869 8-Aug-51   New Ulm
Meyer Germann A. 10 Apr 1832 18-Jun-07   New Ulm
Meyer Leila J. 17-Jul-24 21-Jul-28   New Ulm
Meyer Charlie 2 May 1854 20 Oct 1886   Menke
Meyer Charley 27 Dec 1860 30-Oct-38 I8 Germania
Meyer Ben H. 14 Mar 1895 5-Jul-18 WW I K1 Germania
Meyer Henrietta Arning 17 Oct 1870 30-Mar-21 K2 Germania
Meyer Wilhelm 31 Dec 1865 28-Apr-34 K3 Germania
Meyer Lydia H. M. 10 Jul 1890 3 Oct 1899 J6 Germania
Meyer Meela Luise Henriette 5-May-03 11-May-03 J7 Germania
Meyer C. M. No dates given   J8 Germania
Meyer Henriette 9 Feb 1898 19-Jun-41   St. James
Meyer Willie 25-Jul-03 15-Jul-37   St. James
Meyer Johann Frederick 9 Aug 1859 12-Dec-32   St. James
Meyer Sophie Kellermann 14 Jan 1864 13-Jun-22   St. James
Meyer Walter F. W. 18 Aug 1896 14-Jan-19   St. James
Meyer Auga Ringener 8 Oct 1870 7-Feb-48   St. James
Meyer Fritz 28 Aug 1865 31-Dec-12   St. James
Meyer Hedwig Sophie 23-Aug-00 10-Nov-00   St. James
Meyer Friederich 3 Nov 1893 20 Oct 1894   St. James
Meyer Henriette C. 28 Aug 1859 23 Nov 1881   St. James
Meyer Adolph F. W. 12 Jan 1868 24 Jul 1894   St. James
Meyer Johann F. 24 Dec 1823 6 Feb 1877   St. James
Meyer Heinrich Oscar 22 Feb 1891 10 Mar 1891   St. James
Meyer Carl Bernhard 23 Sep 1875 10 Oct 1875   St. James
Meyer Emma Louisa 8 Nov 1874 22 May 1875   St. James
Meyer Friederich William 24 May 1830 10-Apr-18   St. James
Meyer Henrietta Roehling 31 Dec 1826 10-Nov-03   St. James
Meyer Emma Richter 26-Nov-09 6-May-76   St. James
Meyer Sophie H. 23-Aug-00 12-Feb-77   St. James
Meyer Emma 17 Jan 1889 13-Feb-72   St. James
Meyer Clara 4 Jul 1893 17-Apr-77   St. James
Meyer Walter John 13-Nov-03 3-Mar-68   St. James
Meyer Robert William 26 Jun 1899 22-Sep-81   St. James
Meyer Ida Louise Tesch 10-Sep-03 2-Dec-62   St. James
Meyer Hedwig Sophie 19-Jul-06 2-Apr-58   St. James
Meyer Arnold 18-Jun-04 20-Dec-86   St. James
Meyer  Wilhelm 4 Nov 1852 6 Oct 1876   Menke
Michael Angelee Uhlig 8 Dec 1898 22-May-64   Oak Knoll
Michaelis Otto H. 1 Apr 1886 29-Apr-73   Oak Knoll
Michaelis Hattie Dittert 31 Aug 1893 27-Dec-86   Oak Knoll
Michaelis Emma Bastian 1 Aug 1898 9-Apr-92   New Ulm
Michalke Mike "Popsy" 14-Feb-60 2-Jun-17 Knesek Funeral Chapels Sealy Catholic
Mieth Ella 8 Nov 1896 5 Jun 1897   New Ulm
Mieth Gottlieb 15 Jun 1810 3 Aug 1890   New Ulm
Mieth Karl 1 Nov 1846 2-Apr-21   New Ulm
Mieth Marie Krause 17 Jul 1852 28-May-48   New Ulm
Mieth Elizabeth Rinn 21 Jan 1844 1-Mar-20   New Ulm
Mieth William 31 Mar 1840 23-Feb-29   New Ulm
Mieth Aug 9 Aug 1858 21-Jan-43   New Ulm
Mieth Albert (Aug) 11 Dec 1894 20-Oct-43 WW I New Ulm
Mieth Albert F. 24 Mar 1874 10-Nov-50   New Ulm
Mieth Mathilde Krause 22 Mar 1883 20-May-66   New Ulm
Mieth William D. 18 Oct 1870 5-Jul-69   New Ulm
Mieth Wilhelmina Toellner 4 Sep 1871 31-Mar-60   New Ulm
Mieth Charlotte 25 Feb 1869 3-Jul-31   New Ulm
Mieth Hulda Kuehn 1 Nov 1874 4-Dec-40   New Ulm
Mieth Adolph J. 19 May 1872 25-Jan-50   New Ulm
Mieth Hattie 1 Apr 1898 22-Jan-81   New Ulm
Mieth Louis 20 Nov 1892 31-Dec-66 WW I New Ulm
Mieth Hilda No dates given     New Ulm
Mieth Walter A. 27 Sep 1899 5-Nov-68   New Ulm
Mieth George A. 22-Feb-13 19-Aug-85 m. 5 Apr. 1946 New Ulm
Mieth Mary K. Henneke 26-Nov-03 26-Nov-98 m. 5 Apr. 1946 New Ulm
Mieth Carl Frederick 1879 1956   New Ulm
Mieth Emma Doernbrack 1886 1910   New Ulm
Mieth Lud M. 4 Sep 1859 8-Jan-18   New Ulm
Mieth Otto 3 May 1875 8-Jun-16   New Ulm
Mieth Frieda H. 14-Nov-10 9-Nov-16   New Ulm
Mieth Ada H. 14-Nov-10 6-Nov-16   New Ulm
Mieth Elice H. 6-Jun-09 7-Jun-15   New Ulm
Mieth Alvin 3 Jul 1890 27-Feb-59 m. 6/2/1922 WW I New Ulm
Mieth Sophie Bastian 17-Jun-00 4-Nov-86 m. 6/2/1922 New Ulm
Mieth Edgar H. 7 Feb 1898 4-Dec-70   New Ulm
Mieth Gladys M. Sternenberg 16-Sep-05 19-Sep-96   New Ulm
Mieth Ervin A. 4-Aug-05 10-Apr-75 m.12/22/43 New Ulm
Mieth Lola H. Schweke 9-May-11 16-Feb-80 m. 12/22/43 New Ulm
Mieth Leeroy 1-Mar-26 10-Oct-89   New Ulm
Mikeska Michael G. 12-May-61 30-Apr-77   Welcome2
Mikeska John Robert, Jr. 26-Dec-24 8-Mar-95 WW II Welcome2
Mikeska Michael L. 12-Apr-69 25-Dec-79   Phillipsburg
Mikeska Frank H. 28-Jan-07 25-Feb-89   Phillipsburg
Mikeska Helen Roehling 14-Sep-10 26-Jun-99   Phillipsburg
Mikeska Louise M. Roensch 9-Oct-00 6-Aug-73   Oak Knoll
Mikeska John R. 24 Mar 1889 23-Sep-78   Oak Knoll
Mikeska infant No date given 2-Jan-54   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Amber Raye 2-Jul-83 22-Sep-85   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Connie Alburney "C.A." 21-Mar-25 17-Jan-92 WWII Oak Knoll
Mikeska Arline Vanice Lubojacky 9-Mar-28 24-Jun-03   Oak Knoll
Mikeska  John R. 20-Nov-02 17-Nov-79   Oak Knoll
Mikeska  Edna Bertha Ueckert 31-May-09 8-Jun-97   Oak Knoll
Mikeska  Fannie Janosky 26 Oct 1892 9-Nov-71   Oak Knoll
Mikeska  John G. 4 Jun 1889 25-May-55   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Adolph (AD) 25 Feb 1896 1-Jun-72 WWI Oak Knoll
Mikeska Sadie Juergens 21 Sep 1898 11-Jan-01   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Lillian B. Hueske 7-Jul-14 16-Feb-81   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Pat Ray 10-May-31 17-Apr-17   National
Mikeska Robert Monroe 24-Feb-01 12-May-95   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Arline Vanice Lubojacky 9-Mar-28 24-Jun-01   Oak Knoll
Mikeska Jan 15 May 1862 5 Mar 1897 E8 Germania
Mikeska John R. 20 Jun 1867 19-Aug-39   Scranton
Mikeska Hilda 1898 1904   Scranton
Mikeska Edwin 1896 1896   Scranton
Mikeska Ferry 7-Mar-05 6-Oct-28   Scranton
Mikeska Frank W. 31 Mar 1870 28-Nov-53   Scranton
Milkson Rosana unk 1931   Downey
Miles Margaret Cloud 12-Dec-24 10-Dec-17 Knesek Funeral Home Buckhorn
Miller Adolph 10 Sep 1833 5 Feb 1887   Oak Knoll
Miller R. Josephine 9 Apr 1859 15 Aug 1864   Oak Knoll
Miller Adolph 10 Sep 1833 5 Feb 1887   Oak Knoll
Miller Herman Julius 28 Apr 1865 10-Sep-38   Oak Knoll
Miller Martha Henckel 26 Nov 1873 14-Feb-44   Oak Knoll
Miller Herman Edward 24 Feb 1896 6-Mar-80 WWI Oak Knoll
Miller Zelma Loraine Keisler 15-Mar-04 28-Sep-83   Oak Knoll
Miller Nancy Ann 28-Jan-32 8-Oct-32   Oak Knoll
Miller Lucile M       Oak Knoll
Miller Helen Mae 18-Apr-14 28-Apr-73   Oak Knoll
Miller Joe 8 Mar 1880 13-Aug-73   Oak Knoll
Miller Theresa Schmidt 20 Feb 1887 19-Apr-39   Oak Knoll
Miller Hermann 4 Apr 1825 7 Feb 1889   Oak Knoll
Miller Ga-Ga 16-Feb-13 1-May-91   Oak Knoll
Miller Jack A. 27-Oct-10 13-Jun-73   Oak Knoll
Miller Eddie M. 18 Oct 1878 29 Jul 1889   Oak Knoll
Miller Bertha Langhammer 19 Mar 1831 4-Sep-15   Oak Knoll
Miller Louise A. E. 20 Aug 1872 3 Oct 1891   Oak Knoll
Miller Rosa Valeska 9 Jan 1872 14-Sep-19   Oak Knoll
Miller Joseph J. 23 Jan 1861 No date given   New Ulm
Miller Josephine Svajda 7 May 1887 22-Jan-70   Industry United Methodist
Miller May Olive 23-Nov-13 26-Feb-93   Industry United Methodist
Miller Mollie Rose 12 Jan 1892 31-Jul-80   Industry United Methodist
Miller Philippine 4 Apr 1826 24 Jun 1898   New Ulm
Miller Bertha & May No dates given     New Ulm
Miller 6 grandchildren     of F. & P. New Ulm
Miller K. N. 1-Feb-05 1-Apr-05   New Ulm
Miller Laura Koch 13-Feb-05 2-May-05   New Ulm
Miller F. B. 15 Dec 1856 10-Aug-32   New Ulm
Miller Hedwig Wangemann 25 Jul 1860 9-Jan-51   New Ulm
Miller Walter J. 26 Mar 1882 21-Dec-52   Industry United Methodist
Miller J. L. 15-Apr-08 3-Oct-05   Hoppe
Miller Pearl C. 1918 1967   Samuel
Milligan  Zula Harriet Mayfield 20-Aug-05 24-Jun-95   Oak Knoll
Milligan  Claud G. 1902 1981   Oak Knoll
Minton Jack Bell 26 Nov 1872 22-Nov-06   Oak Knoll
Minton Robert 27 Apr 1833 25-Nov-04   Oak Knoll
Minton Sarah Adeline Bell 25 Feb 1843 3-Sep-02   Oak Knoll
Minton S.A. 15 Dec 1841 13 May 1899    
Mintz  Sam 22-Jul-10 13-Jan-01 WWII Oak Knoll
Mintz  Eula Lea Reynolds 31-Aug-13 10-Mar-00   Oak Knoll
Mitchemore Maggie Blanchette 1882 1927   Oak Knoll
Mitchemore Robert M. 1878 1948   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Elmore Aug R. 4-Mar-00 1-Feb-45 WWII Oak Knoll
Mittanck Marie Christine Pfeffer 24 Aug 1872 8-Jul-55   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Gustav A. 1869 1944   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Otto E. 24 Jul 1860 6-Jun-31   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Bertha A. Ueckert 27 Jul 1870 1-Mar-64   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Isabel Jackson 24 Jun 1896 10-Feb-73   Oak Knoll
Mittanck Gerhard William 8 Sep 1894 11-May-81 WWI Oak Knoll
Mittanck Gerhard Henry 1906 1989 WWII Oak Knoll
Mohr Laverne Meyer 7-Jan-37 27-Aug-76   St. James
Molsa Wm. 14 Feb 1838 2 Mar 1885   Oak Knoll
Moody Debbie Price 3-Mar-1956 19-Jul-2018 Schmidt Funeral Home Sealy
Moore Abraham B. 20 May 1896 9-May-65 WW I Goodwill
Moore Gladys Chatham 7 Feb 1894 29-Mar-27   Oak Knoll
Moore Hampton Allan 14-Feb-19 28-Nov-89 WWII Oak Knoll
Moore Xerette 6 Apr 1872 2-Apr-70   Oak Knoll
Moore Sarah E. 12 Dec 1887 21-Feb-71   Oak Knoll
Moore Matthew Allen 4-Apr-73 21-Apr-85   Oak Knoll
Moore Edna E. Bost 19-Jun-21 18-Jan-02   Oak Knoll
Moore Edna E. Bost 19-Jun-21 18-Jan-02   Oak Knoll
Moore Lula G. 1879 1971   Oak Knoll
Moore Thos. H. 1891 1974   Oak Knoll
Moore Elisha Ann 8-Mar-81 8-Mar-81   Oak Knoll
Moore Juanita 7 July 1894 12-Mar-78   Samuel
Moreng James D. "Jimmy"   27-Feb-18 Schmidt Funeral Home New Ulm
Moreno Antonio 17-Mar-28 19-Nov-17 Knesek Funeral Home Sealy Catholic
Morgan Nannie Louise Harigel 3-Jun-11 1-Nov-76   Oak Knoll
Morgan Earl Volney 18-Feb-08 18-Jul-83   Oak Knoll
Morgan Robert Eugene 19-Aug-32 23-Dec-00 Korea, Vietnam Oak Knoll
Moro Alvin O. 10-May-05 30-Nov-96   Oak Knoll
Moro Clara Mae Yarbrough 20-Jul-11 31-Dec-11 w/o Alvin Oak Knoll
Morris James Eppes 24 May 1845 13 Apr 1880   Oak Knoll
Morris Collin 8 Nov 1893 24-May-04   Oak Knoll
Morris Holland 12 Jan 1892 25-Apr-04