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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones.  

New information has recently been  added to some  cemetery listings and index.


Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.

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Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
Saage Edgar W. 6 Jul 1897 30-Nov-1987   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Saage Edgar W., Jr. 6-Apr-1905 13-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Saage Grace E. Barr 14-Mar-1905 25-May-1905   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Saage infant 31 Oct 1898 31 Oct 1898   Hoppe  
Saage Mary Dierke 19-Feb-1905 27-May-1905   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Saage Milton P. 22-Mar-1905 8-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Saage Paul G. 14-Feb-1905 15-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll 13 D3
Sabath Martha Schenk 4-Feb-1905 23-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll  
Sabrsula Albina Ann 31-Jan-1900 4-Apr-1993   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Charlie J. 3-Sep-1914 14-May-1989   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Emily 6 Mar 1899 7-Aug-1979   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Frank 13-Aug-1902 31-Jul-1987   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Franklin J. 16-Mar-1929 28-Sep-2000   Hartsville  
Sabrsula infant 13-Nov-1925 13-Nov-1925   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Joe 4-Aug-1906 26-May-1992   Hartsville  
Sabrsula John 11 Nov 1869 19-Dec-1956   Hartsville  
Sabrsula John James 25 Jul 1899 29-Jul-1989   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Jonell 26-Oct-1939 26-Oct-1939   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Kay 28-Dec-1954 28-Dec-1954   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Marcella Jan 12-Feb-1911 4-Jun-2000   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Quintella 7-Nov-1931 1-Dec-2003   Hartsville  
Sabrsula Rosie Malina 10 Jan 1875 30-Sep-1934   Hartsville  
Sachnik Aug 6-Aug-1907 11-Aug-1976   Holy Cross  
Sachnik Constance 8-Feb-1905 12-May-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Sachnik Frank Sr. 8-Feb-1905 7-May-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Sachnik Mary Constance 9-Jan-1923 21-Mar-1924   Sealy Catholic  
Sachnik Theodor 7-Nov-1901 16-Nov-1901   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Sagemoehl Fritz 24-Jan-1905 3-Apr-1905   Shelby  
Sagemoehl Henrietta 2-Feb-1905 13-Apr-1905   Shelby  
Sager Elma Lenora Knauth 22-Feb-1911 29-May-2004   Oak Knoll 42 A12
Sager Lenard Otto 17-Apr-1910 30-Aug-1999 WWII Oak Knoll 42 A12
Sager Louisa Paulina 23 Feb 1892 4 Sep 1892   Germania  
Saha Eddie D. 9-Aug-1921 27-Dec-1997   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Frank 15 Nov 1877 12-Aug-1940   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Frank Ignac 4-May-1913 26-Sep-1988   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha J. L.   11-Aug-1934 born & died St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Jan 11 Jul 1872 19-Jun-1952   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha John “ Jan” Sr 14-Jan-1905 27-Feb-1905   San Felipe  
Saha John L. 9-Jan-1905 5-Nov-1979   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Josef 25 Mar 1875 1-Jun-1966   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Josefa   26-Jul-1929  48 yrs 16 mos 18 dys St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Kenneth Joseph 11-Apr-1959 18-May-1996   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Lillie Julia Ermis 19-May-1905 23-Sep-1993   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Malinda Means 3-Oct-1960 ndg   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Marie   10-Mar-1905 no marker  St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Mary   9-Mar-1905 no marker  St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Matilda 18 Feb 1880 22-Sep-1962   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Peter “Pete” 21-Feb-1905 27-Feb-1905   San Felipe  
Saha Philomene 19-Dec-1927 ndg   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Teresie 9 Apr 1878 1-Apr-1956   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Saha Veronika 18-Jan-1905 5-Apr-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Sailer Alvin Walter 13 Dec 1892 4-Mar-1924 WWI Oak Knoll 42 A3
Sailer Aug 12 May 1858 26-Aug-1932   National  
Sailer (Elnora) Fay Kennedy 26 May 1876 17-Nov-1961 w/o Joe C. Sealy  
Sailer Emil 27 Nov 1896 10 Jun 1899   Sealy  
Sailer Emma 10 Jun 1895 17-Nov-1903   Sealy  
Sailer Ernestine 25 Oct 1891 18-Nov-1903   Sealy  
Sailer Ernestine Emilia Hartman 11 Jan 1865 31-Jan-1945   Sealy  
Sailer Harold Arthur (Jack) 14 Sep 1895 21-Jan-1936 WWI Sealy  
Sailer Iola S. Kveton 3 Dec 1881 22-Apr-1953 w/o Max H. Sealy  
Sailer Joe Charles 10 Feb 1872 19-Jun-1959 h/o Elnora F. Sealy  
Sailer Karl 19 Nov 1893 23 Aug 1894   Kollatschny  
Sailer Maria J. 25 Apr 1821 16 Nov 1870   New Ulm  
Sailer Marie 29 Sep 1861 17-Jun-1909   National  
Sailer Max Herman 27 Oct 1870 25-Jan-1944 h/o Iola S. Sealy  
Sailer William 18 Aug 1865 18-Feb-1918   Sealy  
Sais Dick 15 May 1895 11-Nov-1961   GuardianAngel  
Salazar Juan 24-Mar-1901 26-Jul-1975   Oak Knoll 26 Z2
Salazar Maria DeJesus Navarro 27-Feb-1902 31-Mar-2003 97 Oak Knoll  
Saldana Josephina 25-Feb-2010 28-Apr-2010   Sealy Catholic  
Sales Sharon Kay Dernehl 17-Dec-1956 17-Jul-1998   Oak Knoll 42 D1
Salinas Jerry 13-Feb-1964 10-Jun-1991   Sealy Catholic  
Salinas Manuel A. 30-Aug-1938 2-Nov-1986   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Salinas Marie B. 22-Apr-1942 No date given   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Salmon Kitty H. 26-Oct-1911 17-Mar-1971   Welcome3  
Salomon Charles Henry 21 Apr 1857 12-Mar-1911 h/o Minnie B Sealy  
Salomon Albert 23 Nov 1855 25 Jan 1886   Kersten  
Salomon Marie 30-Aug-1916 17-Oct-1901   Kersten  
Salomon Minnie Brosig 13 Apr 1858 10-Jun-1934 w/o Charles H Sealy  
Salomon Seymour J. 13 Aug 1896 1-Mar-1983 WWI SealyM  
Samuel Anna W. 10 Jun 1886 20-Sep-1970   Dotson  
Sanchez Mauricio 13-May-2011 13-May-2011   Sealy Catholic  
Sanchez Rogelio 9-Oct-1956 3-Dec-2000   Sealy Catholic  
Sandberg Alma C. 21 Oct 1891 15-Mar-1964   Oak Knoll 52 T10
Sander Adeline Peters 24-Dec-1908 12-Feb-1943   Oak Knoll 42 A13
Sander Albert A. 7-Jul-1912 30-Oct-1982   Oak Knoll 31 D6
Sander Albert Aug 29 Mar 1872 16-Apr-1933   Oak Knoll  
Sander Anita Louise Witte 31-Dec-1910 21-Feb-1993   Oak Knoll 42 B8
Sander Arnold 28-Aug-1912 8-Oct-1984   St. James  
Sander Aug 20 Mar 1807 16 Mar 1895   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Bernhard K. 2 Nov 1870 18 Nov 1880   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Caroline 22 Apr 1887 3 Apr 1892   Phillipsburg  
Sander Caroline 18 Sep 1856 20-Apr-1903   Phillipsburg  
Sander Charles Morris 28-Sep-1914 16-Oct-1999 WWII 1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Charlotte Lehde 1 Oct 1830 16-Jun-1900   Germania  
Sander Corrine Olive Bakke 15-Jun-1920 23-Nov-2001   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Ed 6-Nov-1919 6-Apr-1978   Welcome2  
Sander Edward G. 20 Feb 1879 7 May 1882   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Edward W. 29 Jan 1885 10 Nov 1885   Sealy  
Sander Elisa 21 Jul 1889 3 Mar 1893   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Ella Reich 19 Sep 1895 30-Dec-1984   St. James  
Sander Elsie Engeling 7-Dec-1914 26-Jun-1984   Oak Knoll 26 Z7
Sander Emma 18 Aug 1885 8 Dec 1886   St. James  
Sander Emma 4-Oct-1914 26-Mar-2002   Phillipsburg  
Sander Fred C. 4-Jan-1913 5-Jun-1979   Oak Knoll 26 Z7
Sander Fred Herman 13 Feb 1888 29-Jan-1968   St. James  
Sander Frieda 24 Jan 1885 12-Apr-1909   Phillipsburg  
Sander Friedrich 16 Apr 1831 9-Mar-1903   Germania  
Sander G. J. 24 May 1873 29-Sep-1918   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Gedo 13-Mar-1905 14-Mar-1905   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Harold Born and died 16-May-1901   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Hilda 12-May-1917 24-Oct-2003   Phillipsburg  
Sander Hulda Strauss 25 Aug 1880 30-Jan-1969   Oak Knoll  
Sander Ida 29 Mar 1884 16-Apr-1965   Phillipsburg  
Sander John H. 29 Jan 1882 18-Jun-1957   Germania  
Sander Leha Williams 26 Oct 1891 6-Aug-1941   Germania  
Sander Leona Amanda Garlin 8-Feb-1914 7-May-1992   Welcome2  
Sander Louis F. 11 May 1895 28-Jul-1933   St. James  
Sander Lydia Meyer 4 Feb 1891 4-Dec-1975   St. James  
Sander Marguerite Kluever 16 Jan 1856 2-Sep-1921 m. Otto Kluever  
Sander Marie Abel 30 Dec 1806 6 Aug 1899   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Myrtle Jean 17-Sep-1923 6-Mar-1928   Oak Knoll  
Sander Otto 21 Aug 1880 11-Feb-1929   Phillipsburg  
Sander Otto 26 Feb 1892 3 May 1893   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Otto 21 Jun 1845 2-Jan-1907   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Owen Otto 14-Jan-1903 22-Jan-1985   Oak Knoll 42 B8
Sander Raymond 19-Jun-1915 30-Jan-1994   Phillipsburg  
Sander Raymond W. 24-Oct-1914 3-Oct-2000   Welcome2  
Sander Rella Spross 24-Aug-1906 28-Jul-2002   St. James  
Sander Rosa 3 May 1849 1 Feb 1885   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sander Rosalie 27-Mar-1946 26-Apr-1948   St. James  
Sander Walter, Sr. 25 Jul 1895 1-Apr-1961   Oak Knoll 42 A13
Sander Wilhelm 16 Jun 1857 17-Nov-1917 father Germania  
Sander Sophie 8 Sep 1856 8-Jan-1938 mother Germania  
Sanders Alma Kluever 10 Aug 1894 13-Aug-1978 w/o Charles H. Sealy  
Sanders Bertha  Lazetta Menke 27 Mar 1860 6-Aug-1950 w/o Christie T. Sealy  
Sanders Charles Henry 3 Oct 1889 14-Jun-1954 h/o Alma K Sealy  
Sanders Christie Thomas 30 Jan 1852 18-May-1921 h/o Bertha L. Sealy  
Sanders Columbus No dates given     Gilbert  
Sanders Edward Wiley 29 Jan 1885 10 Novmeber 1885   Sealy  
Sanders Erwin 28-Mar-1905 6-May-1905   Phillipsburg  
Sanders Harry Oliver 21-Feb-1905 12-Mar-1905   Sealy  
Sanders Iva 21 Nov 1899 13-Jun-1905   Wallis  
Sanders James 28-Mar-1905 29-May-1905   Gilbert  
Sanders James R. 30-Jan-1941 19-Oct-1990   Kollatschny  
Sanders Judy 30-Dec-1949 18-Aug-2004   Welcome2  
Sanders Laneta Grace 12-Mar-1905 13-Mar-1905   Sealy  
Sanders Lorene Ward 26-Nov-1919 24-Apr-2011 w/o James Eddie Dever. James Sanders Jefferson  
Sanders Lucy Ann Magruder 6 Sep 1854 16-Apr-1933 w/o Wiley A Sealy  
Sanders Magg E. 1-Mar-1905 27-May-1905   Gilbert  
Sanders Susie 4-Apr-1915 8-Aug-1971   Buckhorn  
Sanders Theo 26-Feb-1905 2-Mar-1905   Sealy  
Sanders Wiley A. Oct 1853   h/o Lucy Sealy  
Sandoval Aurora Fernandez 8-Apr-1944 16-Oct-2003   National  
Sandstone Marker         Shelby  
Sandstone Marker         Shelby  
Sandstone marker         Shelby  
Sandstone marker         Shelby  
Sandstone marker         Shelby  
Sanford John No date given 8-Mar-1950   Hillside  
Sanford Mark 30-Nov-1906 3-Mar-1975 h/o Mary J. Flakes Jefferson  
Sanford May Jane 15-Dec-1905 1-Jul-1997 w/o George Darden, Mark Sanford Jefferson  
Sanford Ultra 14 Feb 1896 10-Aug-1968   Kenney  
Santos Carmen de los 16-Jul-1923 11-Dec-1988   Sealy Catholic  
Sargent Thos. E. 21-Jul-1949 17-Jan-1975   Hillside  
Sargeon Isabell "Bell" Brown Mosley 10-Nov-1943 24-May-1996 w/o James Richard Grove  
Sarman Antonia 3 Nov 1843 6-Feb-1919   GuardianAngel  
Sarman Frank 1 Mar 1876 21-Nov-1952   GuardianAngel  
Sarman Katerina No date given 8-Jan-1919   GuardianAngel  
Sarman Lucie 15 Dec 1868 21-Aug-1947   GuardianAngel  
Sartwelle James Dinsmore Sr. 26-Mar-1921 15-Mar-2002 WWII    h/o Mary P SealyM  
Sartwelle Mary Parker Belk 17-Sep-1919 4-Nov-1992 w/o James D.Sr Sealy  
Sassenberg Friedrich 16 Sep 1862 6 Apr 1873   Welcome  
Satterwhite Joy Semler 10-Aug-1931 22-Mar-1996   Oak Knoll 52 N8
Satterwhite Ure Doyle 3-Jun-1926 16-Feb-2009 WWII Oak Knoll  
Sauls Dorine Kendrick 8-Apr-1916 18-Jan-1980   Oak Knoll 26 Z8
Sauls Robert Erman 4-Sep-1912 8-Sep-1999   Oak Knoll 26 Z8
Sauter Augine 19 Oct 1854 26-Apr-1913   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sauter Benhardt F. 14 Mar 1877 23-Apr-1910   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Sauter John 30 Jul 1849 30-Sep-1935   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Savage Myrtle 17-Jan-1922 12-Dec-1981   Hartsville  
Savoy Jodie E. 15 Jul 1883 30-Nov-1932   Oak Knoll 26 I-2
Savoy Leon Weldon 8-Apr-1911 2-Mar-1997 WWII 1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Savoy Leta  ARogers 22-Mar-1925 12-Aug-2013   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Saxton John M. 6-Oct-1905 28-Aug-1957   Sealy  
Saxton Mary Frances "Dolly"Foytik 20-Jan-1921 22-Jan-2015 w/o John Sealy  
Scaggs Erna 6-Mar-1905 25-May-1905   Sealy  
Scales Coy 13-Sep-1916 3-Jun-1905   Jefferson  
Scales Earnest 19-Mar-1905 11-May-1905   Jefferson  
Scales John Wesley 12-Aug-1913 1-Dec-1979   Jefferson  
Scales Mrs. Johnnie R. 30-Mar-1905 14-May-1905   Jefferson  
Scales T. B. 25-Mar-1905 10-May-1905   Jefferson  
Scarbrough Margie Elizabeth (Thompson) 11-Jan-1909 4-Mar-1979   San Felipe  
Scearce Richard Lee (Ricky) Jr. 7-Jul-1951 4-May-2012   Sealy  
Schaare Bernetha Auga. Beckman 16-Dec-1918 12-May-2002 2/o Leroy H Sr Sealy  
Schaare Doris Ann Krupala 24-Oct-1940 12-Apr-2007 w/o Leroy H., Jr. Sealy  
Schaare Ella H. Pfeffer 21 Jan 1896 26-Aug-1990 w/o Thodor, Jr Sealy  
Schaare Florine Born and Died 17-Apr-1905 d/oTheo. & Ella Sealy  
Schaare Ida Meyer 7-Feb-1905 16-Apr-1905 w/o Theo. C. Sr. Sealy  
Schaare Karen Sue 26-Jun-1943 3-Mar-2016 d/o Bernetha Sealy  
Schaare Leroy Henry, Jr. 11-Sep-1940 2-Aug-2007 h/o Doris A. Sealy  
Schaare Leroy Henry, Sr. 27-Sep-1918 27-Jan-1997 h/o Bernetha A Sealy  
Schaare Theodore Jr. 1 Nov 1895 12-Jan-1966 WWI, WWII;    h/o Ella H Sealy  
Schaare Theodore C., Sr. 23 May 1860 19-Feb-1943 h/o Ida M Sealy  
Schaare Tillie Henrietta Remmert 19 Feb 1891 8-Jan-1950 w/o Willie Sealy  
Schaare Willie 9 Jul 1889 22-Apr-1975 h/o Tillie H Sealy  
Schaefer Daniel Rudolph 4-Aug-1926 19-Sep-1990 WWII Sealy  
Schaefer Ella 28 Jan 1893 6-Jan-1929   Welcome2  
Schaefer Gary John 9-May-1952 18-May-1990 Vietnam Sealy  
Schaefer Lillie 12-Mar-1922 20-Apr-1964   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schaefer Mary Lampe 22 Apr 1860 24-Jul-1948   St. James  
Schaefer Walter 14-Jan-1921 20-Oct-1964 WWII 1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schaefer Wilhelm 11 Feb 1843 26-Jan-1921   St. James  
Schaefer Will 24 Mar 1883 7-Jan-1929   St. James  
Schaer Carl Ernst 3 Sep 1883 21-Apr-1952 h/o Leonora H. Sealy  
Schaer Cynthia Gail 3-Dec-1952 30-May-2013   Sealy  
Schaer Dorothy Eckelberg 3-May-1920 8-Feb-2012 w/o William Oak Knoll  
Schaer Leonora H. Klopsteck 19 Apr 1892 21-Oct-1988 w/o Carl e. Sealy  
Schaer William Klopsteck 27-Jun-1918 1-Sep-2006 WWII Oak Knoll  
Schaffner Clara 30 Sep 1868 2-Jan-1931   Millheim  
Schaffner Clara Kretschmar 20 Oct 1883 16-Sep-1955   Oak Knoll 52 R11
Schaffner Ella Sander 14-Jun-1910 29-Nov-1975   Oak Knoll 52 V8
Schaffner Ernest Charles 25-Oct-1903 23-Feb-1944   Sealy  
Schaffner Esther Hillboldt 29-Aug-1917 22-Jun-2000   Millheim  
Schaffner Fred Charles 3 Sep 1873 5-Sep-1922 h/o Sophie L. Sealy  
Schaffner Gladys Inez Fagen 26-Jul-1928 2-Feb-2000 w/o Robert H Sealy  
Schaffner Hilma Emma Luedecke 4-Aug-1909 16-Sep-1999   Millheim  
Schaffner Jacob 8 May 1838 8 Mar 1898   Millheim  
Schaffner James E., Sr. 14-Oct-1914 9-Jul-1986   Millheim  
Schaffner Julius 4 Nov 1877 30-Dec-1958   Oak Knoll 52 R11
Schaffner Louis 29 Dec 1857 11 Aug 1880   Welcome  
Schaffner Maria 14 May 1809 17 Jan 1893   Hiltpold  
Schaffner Max, Jr. 23-Apr-1906 8-Apr-2005 WWII Oak Knoll  
Schaffner Max, Sr. 4 Aug 1863 13-Jan-1920   Kaechele  
Schaffner Pauline 31 Oct 1871 29-Apr-1935   Millheim  
Schaffner Pauline 20 May 1839 26-May-1919   Millheim  
Schaffner Robert Henry 11-Jan-1926 1-Oct-1994 WWII      h/o G Inez Sealy  
Schaffner Robert L. 18-Sep-1900 5-Sep-1922   Sealy  
Schaffner Sophie L. Kloss 21 Nov 1874 29-Sep-1968 w/o Fred c. Sealy  
Schaffner unknown 29 Dec 1857 11 Aug 1880   Welcome  
Schaffner Verena 1 Sep 1807 19 Feb 1881   Schaffner  
Schaffner Walter 24-Mar-1905 28-May-1926   Kaechele  
Schanameyer unknown No dates given     Industry Methodist  
Schanich Jim 18-Feb-1905 17-Apr-1905   Travis-Pier  
Schanich Joe 7-Feb-1905 18-Mar-1905   Travis-Pier  
Schanich Johanna 9-Jan-1905 2-Apr-1905   Travis-Pier  
Schanich John 8-Feb-1905 22-Apr-1905   Travis-Pier  
Schanich John 21 Feb 1829 21 Apr 1890   Travis-Pier  
Schanick Frances A. 26-Feb-1905 27-May-1905   Oak Knoll 31 E1
Schanick Henry J. 15-Feb-1905 19-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll 31 E1
Schanick Wilburn Elgin 2-May-1911 26-Nov-2006 WWII Oak Knoll 42 C8
Schanick William R. 22-Sep-1973 9-Apr-1952   Oak Knoll  
Schank Mary 15 May 1866 11-Mar-1936   Krasna  
Schaper Elsie F 20-Aug-1904 22-Dec-1990   Industry Methodist D 14
Schaper Homer L. 2-Oct-1959 22-Mar-1978   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schaper Levern 22-Oct-1937 21-Jun-1938   Industry Methodist D 14
Schaper Louis 20-Aug-1904 12-Oct-1953   Industry Methodist D 14
Schaper Michael Max 18-Jul-1958 5-Dec-1979   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Scharff Anna Louise Krueger 28-Dec-1906 27-Feb-1995   Phillipsburg  
Scharff Bruno J. 14-Nov-1900 1-May-1975   Phillipsburg  
Scharff Ernst 30 May 1829 8-Mar-1918   Phillipsburg  
Scharff Olga Rinn 14-Feb-1905 17-Apr-1905   Phillipsburg  
Scharff William 11-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905   Phillipsburg  
Scharnberg Anna J. 28 Feb 1845 15-Dec-1918   Shelby  
Scharnberg Dau. of Henry (unmarked) Unknown Unknown   Shelby  
Scharnberg Fritz 14 Jul 1829 21 Feb 1898   Shelby  
Scharnberg Henry, Mr. 27 Jul 1836 18-Apr-1904 CW 1st Sgt Co. G Shelby  
Scharnberg Henry, Mrs. (unmarked) Unknown Unknown (Louise Wagner) Shelby  
Scharnberg Hermann L. 4 Mar 1884 2 Jun 1884   Shelby  
Scharnberg Hugo G. 10 Jun 1871 18-Sep-1913   Shelby  
Scharnberg Johann A. 8 Jan 1800 16 Feb 1884   Shelby  
Scharnberg Laura 12 Jan 1872 30 Sep 1874   Shelby  
Scharnberg Laura H. 29 Jul 1878 16-Mar-1904   Shelby  
Scharnberg Leonora C. 14 Oct 1871 11-Nov-1953   Shelby  
Scharnberg Martha 2 Nov 1878 7 Sep 1895   Shelby  
Scharnberg Otto (unmarked) 21 May 1871 23 Aug 1874   Shelby  
Scharnberg Paul 17 Aug 1877 23 Aug 1877   Shelby  
Schatz Mary No dates given     Oak Knoll  
Schauerhammer Amalia 25 Aug 1868 7 Sep 1891   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schauerhammer Carl 25 Sep 1864 5-Dec-1938   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schauerhammer Clara 17 May 1868 10-Jun-1939   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schauerhammer Hilde. 21 May 1896 30-Jan-1917   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schauerhammer Karl 25 Jan 1892 30-Nov-1933 WWI 1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schauerhammer Lilian Born and died 1 Dec 1890   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schavrda Albert E. 18-Mar-1915 17-Nov-1944 1st h/o Ruby Maddox Sealy  
Schavrda Anna 5-Feb-1905 3-May-1905   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schavrda Ida 17 Oct 1894 17-Sep-1973   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schavrda Joe 13 Jul 1891 15-Apr-1975   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schavrda Largie 10 Nov 1897 9-Jan-1984   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schavrda Mary 29 Jul 1899 4-Aug-1980   1861 Pilgrim's Rest  
Schawe Elsie Blum   1-Nov-1994   Phillipsburg  
Schawe Maria 29 Sep 1803 18 Nov 1889   New Ulm  
Schawe Rudolph 4 Feb 1843 4-May-1928   St James  
Schawe Sophie 8 Oct 1854 23-Jun-1915   St James  
Schawe Willie H.   28-Jun-1905   Phillipsburg  
Scheffer John Elliott 15-May-1916 27-Sep-1996   San Felipe  
Scheffer Leonnie Willie (Palso) 20-Dec-1909 26-Oct-1998   San Felipe  
Schellberg Tobias Jun 1886 6 Nov 1886   Industry Methodist  
Scheller Carl 10 Jul 1855 27-Nov-1933   Kollatschny  
Scheller Henry 27 Sep 1867 18 Apr 1851   Kollatschny  
Scheller Herman 10 Jun 1857 22-Jul-1922   Kollatschny  
Scheller Johann 27 Sep 1832 28-Nov-1912   Kollatschny  
Schellina O.L. 7 Sep 1804 19 Dec 1876   Welcome  
Schembera Joe 14 Apr 1894 3-Feb-1921