and census substitute information for 

 Austin County, Texas

1840 - 1940 

Austin County residents may go to the library to obtain passwords  for free computer access to census records at the Texas State Library.  The passwords may be used at home or at the library.   If you live in Texas,  check at your local library to see if this service also available in your area.   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact the Austin County Coordinator.

Note:  Austin County was organized in 1837.   There are no census records before that time.  However the Old 300 list shows settlers in the Austin County area.  

The 1850 and 1860 sections  also contain indices and Slave Schedules for those years.  The 1890 Tax Assessment is our Austin County attempt to supply information for that decade.   It and the 1858 Census for Austin County were copied from records originating in the courthouse in Bellville.   Remember that alternative 1850 and 1870 Census records are available at   Austin County Archives     at  The Texas USGenWeb Archives.   Also see  Family Search  for 1920 Census information.

Old 300

(Link to Stephen F. Austin's Original  Old 300 list.)


Tax roll  for Austin County, Texas



Index and Transcription

United States Census for Austin Co.


Austin County Census Transcription


Index and Transcription

United States Census for Austin Co.



 U. S.  Census for Austin Co.


Every name Index and Transcription

United States Census


Index and Transcription

Austin County Tax Assessment


Every name Index for US. Census for Austin County


Index and Transcription

U. S. Census Austin County



  Census transcription and index for Austin County



Census transcription and Index for Austin County


Census transcription and index for Austin County.

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