Early Church Records


Our appreciation to Robin Marek submitted  the following records.  

This project is dedicated in memory of Karen (Blezinger) Galle, who along with Brenda Tonn started this project.  Karen passed away in December of 2010.    Thanks to Brenda Tonn, Debra Kollman,  and Robin Marek for their contributions in transcribing the records for this project .


This index shows names and locating information of individuals shown in the transcription files below.  The page numbers will correspond to the page numbers in the TRANSCRIPTIONS section below the Index.  Only numbers preceded with  the letter C are found in the earliest Confirmation records. You can browse for names  of your ancestors.  (Example:   if the name you want is "Jones", you will click on "Hot" in the table below. "Hot includes all names beginning with the letters "Hot ' and ending with "Ju."   Fo "Ka to Ko" names click on  the Ka cell.)   


A Bl Bo Bo Bu Fa G Ha
Ha Hi Hot Ka Kre Ku Me Pa
Pf Ri Ro Schu Schw Sp U We


Transcriptions of Images of the original record book for St. Johns Lutheran Church of New Ulm, and of confirmation files now stored in Columbus, Texas.  Page numbers beside links below indicate the pages transcribed in that section from the original book  or  (Pages C #) from the EARLIEST Confirmation records  mentioned above.

Baptisms 1920 - 1940          Bapt 1  p53-62             Bapt 2  p63-73

Baptisms 1941 - 1964          Bapt 3   p74-79            Bapt 4  p80-88

Burials                                  Bur1   p.249-257         Bur2   p.258-265

Confirmations 1902 - 1927  Conf1   C1-C65           Conf2  C66-C121   

                                              Conf3 C111-C118       Conf4  C179-C246

Confirmations 1928 -1964    Conf5  p169-173         Conf6  p174-177 

                                               Conf7  p178-180         Conf8  p181-183

Marriages  1921 - 1964         Mar1    p 221-224       Mar2   p225-229

Membership   1921 - 1964     Membership  p11-14




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