Early Church Records



1830's to 1941

Some files were split because they are very large.

Membership Baptism1 Confirmations1 Marriages Deaths
  Baptism2 Confirmations2    

Our sincere appreciation to St. John Lutheran Church of Bellville for making these records available and to Dr. Bob and Joy Neely who donated their time and effort  to transcribe  them from the original record to this format.

We have taken editorial liberties from time to time, changing from one language to another, or presenting our own translations in order to provide information which more viewers can understand, while keeping as close to the original text as possible.  You will notice that the range of  dates vary with the different sections of material.  Some birthdays from  the 1830's are shown in the membership section, although the entries in the sections start later and some end before 1941.  Birthdays are usually shown on Baptismal record.         

Remember that these records were handwritten, and both handwriting and languages often changed over the years as different  people  recorded the information making transcription difficult.   Differences in spelling of your ancestors name may be attributed to this problem or to differences in original record, or to typographical errors.  Therefore we suggest scrolling rather than depending upon computer searches when possible.

If you are aware of other similar records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez.

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