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Austin County, Texas

Lookup Volunteers Resources
Rox Ann Johnson "Scissortails Still Return to Schoenau"
"The History of Frelsburg, Kraewinkel (Crow's Nest)"
"Footprints of Five Generations"
"Historical Accounts of Industry, Texas 1831-1986" by Industry-West End Hist. Society
"Nicholaus Henniger & His Descendants (1794-1964)" by Monroe Henniger
"The Family of Daniel Rinn, Sr." by Verginia Henniger Stevens.
Barbara Cogburn "Cemetaries of Austin County, Texas"
"Bellville: The Founders and Their Legacy" by Isabel Frizzell, published 1992
Joy S. Neely "A History of Austin County, TX in the World War by Ruby Grote Ratliff, 1931.
Bellville Times (local newspaper) obituaries from 1984 to present ONLY
Oak Knoll Cemetery - Bellville, Tx
Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery - Bellville, Tx
Pete Apple MILHEIM GRAVEYARD (Not Milheim Cemetery) Located in the Peters Community on the Stuessel Farm.
I have photographs of most of the gravestones at the site including some of graves not listed in the book on the Cemeteries of Austin County. I will E-mail a copy at no charge to anyone interested. Surnames include: BULLER, SIEMS, HINTZ, SENF, KEDING, SCHUBERT, SCHMIDT, LUDWIG, HIBBELER, BALKE, SONSEL, MUELLER, BECKMANN, MEISSNER, SCHILL, DIETRICH, ENGELKING, NENTWIG, GOEBEL, WITTE, SEVERIN, BUNTZEL, KEPPEL, MERSMANN. Some gravestones give the maiden name of the wife.
Pete Apple SCHNEIDER CEMETERY: near 949 qnd 2429. I have photographs of two of the three graves located in this cemetery. I will E-mail a copy to anyone interested.
Pete Apple HINTZ FAMILY DOCUMENTATION: I have documentation on the history of the HINTZ family from Austin County to the 1600's in Germany. I will mail a copy to anyone interested for the cost of copying and mailing.

If you have reference materials concerning Austin County, Texas and would like to
volunteer to do lookups, please contact: Steve Alvarez