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This location concentrates on older listings and not every cemetery has the more current ones ... So if you don't find the information you want here, go to Find A Grave, Bee County, TX for additional information.

Allsup Cemetery Central Community
Aransas Cemetery (see Campo Santo Cemetery) Out Corrigan Road, near the Aransas Creek, east of Skidmore in Bee County
Bar J Ranch Family Cemetery Location: E. Highway 59, Beeville, Texas
Beeville Memorial Park Beeville East
Blanconia Cemetery Blanconia
Blanconia Baptist Church Cemetery Blanconia
Bridge Family Cemetery Normanna
Cagle Family Cemetery  
Campo Santo Cemetery (see Aransas Cemetery) Burkes Ridge - out Corrigan Road, near the Aransas Creek, east of Skidmore in Bee County
Ceilson Ranch Cemetery  
Cementerio Evangelico Beeville West
Central District Cemetery  
Clareville Cemetery Clareville
Colony Cemetery Off Charco Road East of Normanna
Dahl Cemetery Tulsita
Del Bosque Cemetery Hwy 181, south of Normanna on the Medio Creek
De Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe Cemetery Pawnee
Evangelico Cemetery Beeville
Evergreen Cemetery Skidmore

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery - same cemetery with some

       names not included in the survey above.

Evergreen Cemetery - article in Beeville Bee-Picayune

Beeville East

Glenwood Cemetery  - 

Glenwood Cemetery Paupers Section

Beeville East

Gum Springs Cemetery Beeville
Hoff - Wernli Cemetery off SH 72 Southwest of Pawnee near Live Oak County line

Holubec Cemetery

intersection of FM797 & FM1349 near Olmos Community in Southwest corner of Bee County

LaPara Cemetery (FM 673) from Beeville, Texas. Turn left on FM 799, then turn left on LaPara Road and go 5.9 miles. Turn right on County Road 344. Go .2 miles and turn up dirt road to the left.
Lebanon Cemetery Cadiz
Los Olmos Ranch Cemetery Olmos
Madray Cemetery near Skidmore
Mineral Cemetery   Mineral
Normanna Cemetery Normanna
Old Papalote Cemetery Papalote
Our Lady of Victory Cemetery Beeville West
Our Lady of Victory Number 2 Cemetery Beeville East
Papalote Protestant Cemetery Papalote
Pawnee Cemetery Pawnee
Pettus Cemetery - Old - SE This is another Pettus Cemetery just SE of town on the McKinney Ranch (Private Property). This was the early cemetery for the town. WB

Pettus Cemetery - West Side of Pettus - Older

(Anyone with any knowledge of this cemetery, contact the CC for this website)


This was a Lipan Apache Cemetery




This cemetery is even older than what is called the Old Pettus Cemetery; it is lost and was located on the west side of town in what is now called Mineral Heights.  It has had a road built through it and housing was later built over it.  Will Beauchamp

E-mail about this cemetery from a Lipan Apache Elder

I was born in Pettus in 39 of Apache/Mexican descent and remember the stories about some Apache people related to the Castro family were buried there. Modesto Castro used to hold ceremony on the site. He would sing and pray in Apache in this cemetery. Most people thought nothing of it. He would do this at nite. he said that some of the old apache were buried on this site. In the 40's he lived across Bert Copeland's house. Copeland's house was not there yet. He lived in a small shack by the creek. He hunted and sold pelts to sustain his family. His sister was my grandmother, who is buried in the Pettus cemetery on farm road 117. There are many other Apaches buried in the Pettus cemetery. According to oral history our people (Apache) camped around the Pettus Creek in the late 1800's. I believe there is a historical marker on 181 that attests to the presence of Indians being in this area. I hope this helps .... Ringo Castro Carrillo; Lipan Apache Elder

Pettus Cemetery Tulsita
Pullin-Livingston Cemetery Monteola
Saint Joseph Cemetery Beeville East
Saint Rose Cemetery Beeville East
Salt Branch Cemetery Located in the community of Salt Branch or Richland.
San Domingo Cemetery CR104 abt. 2 miles west of Normanna
San Pedro Cemetery Clareville
Tuleta Cemetery Tuleta - located on the west side of US Highway 181 within a section of land belonging to the Dirks-Rapp estate.
Waldheim Cemetery Tynan
Wernli Cemetery (see Hoff-Wernli Cemetery) Ray Point
Williams Cemetery Blanconia


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