William "Crickett" Montgomery & Amanda F. Blount


Generation No. 1

1. William "Crickett" Montgomery

was born 24 JAN 1843 in Montgomery County, Texas, (son of Edley Montgomery b. Jan 25, 1810 Blount Co., TN, d. Aug 2, 1863 Plantersville, Grimes Co., TX & Emaline Francis Farris b. Dec 20, 1823 Blount Co., TN, d. Jul 29, 1864 Plantersville, Grimes Co., TX); William Farris "Crickett" Montgomery died 23 DEC 1919 in Clareville Community, Bee County, Texas.  He was killed in a automobile accident.  He was buried in Glennwood Cemetery, Beeville, Texas.


He married: Amanda F. Blount,  15 FEB 1865 in Madison County, Texas; daughter of John Thomas Blount and Clarissa Ann Cartwright.  She was born 27 DEC 1843 in Winston Co., Mississippi, and died 11 DEC 1929 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas.


Children of William Cricket Farris Montgomery and Amanda F. Blount are:

+ 2 i. Martha Mattie Montgomery was born c 1867 in Walker County, Texas, and died 26 AUG 1943.
+ 3 ii. William Edley Montgomery was born 24 APR 1868 in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas, and died 20 JUL 1955 in Live Oak County, Texas.
4 iii. Claude Gipson Montgomery was born 1872 in Grimes County, Texas (birth location taken from death certificate), and died 20 JUN 1944 in San Patricio County, Texas. He married Edna Hurst. He married Ada L. Watson. She was born 1872, and died 1960.
5 iv. Joseph "Joe" Andrew Montgomery was born 28 MAR 1874 in Montgomery County, Texas, and died 14 JUL 1939 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas. He married Mary Etta Williams, daughter of Berry Williams. She was born 1880, and died 1966.
6 v. Henry "Doc" Montgomery was born 1876 in Texas.
7 vi. Benjamin Montgomery was born ABT 1878.
8 vii. Mary Montgomery was born 1879.
9 viii. Lura Montgomery was born JUL 1881 in Texas. She married Dolly Pool. She was born 1862 in Texas.
10 ix. John C. Montgomery was born 18 JUL 1885 in Walker County, Texas, and died BEF 1900 in youth.

 ----on the Montgomery's--- In 1906 about 6 wagons with settlers from the New Waverly area of east Texas came to the Clareville Community to make a new start. Among those were William (Crickett) Montgomery and wife Amanda, and 3 sons & their families. Claude, Joseph (Joe), & WIlliam (Will).  William (Crickett) and Amanda settled just about a mile south of the intersection of Hwy 59 and FM-796 next to a small creek. Claude & Joe both acquired property nearer to Clareville.  Will bought the old Caldwell place just across the county line in Live Oak County and this property is still in the family.  Both Claude & Joe left Clareville not too long after arriving and moved to Beeville where they ran a successful Grocery business for many years.


The E.B. Uzzell family also came to Bee County from east Texas where they had been family friends and neighbors to the Montgomery's. Several documents of the Montgomery family records were witnessed by Uzzell's.

Information from records & notes taken from visit with Winona Bee (Handly) Matheson, only child of Albert Handly Jr. & Nonie (Montgomery) Handly.  Submitted by: Wm Beauchamp



1850 Walker Co., TX:  MONTGOMERY, Edley, 40, TN; Emaline, 28, f, TN; Wm., 7, TX; Emily, 4, TX; Mary, 1, TX.


1860 Plantersville, Grimes Co., TX:  MONTGOMERY, Edly, 13000/5000, TN; Emaline, ?8, TN; William, 16, TX; Emily, 15; Mary, 12; Andrew, 10, m; Sarah, 8, Margaret, 6; Sapronia, 4; Nancy, 11/12.


1880 Falls Co., TX: MONTGOMERY, William, 36, TX TN TN; Amanda, 36; Martha, 14 TX, TX; William, 12; Claud, 8; Joseph, 6; Henry, 4; Benjamin, 2; Mary, 9mo.  MONTGOMERY, Andrew, 30 (brother to William); Lawrence, 6.


1900 Census Montgomery Co., TX:  MONTGOMERY, Wm Sr., Jan1844 66, TX TN TN; Amanda, wife, Dec1843 66, 8ch 4liv, MS NC AL; Claud, son, Jun1872 27, Wd, TX TX MS; Lura, dau, Jul1881 18, TX; Besse, Granddaughter, Jul1894 5, TX TX MS.  Living close by is Joseph & Etta Montgomery, Wm.  Montgomery, Jr & Ida


1910 Census Bee Co., TX: MONTGOMERY, William, 66, m1x 45, TX AL TN; Amanda L., 66, 10ch 5liv, AL NC NC.  Joe Montgomery living same house, 35, m1x 10yr, TX TX AL;  Etta, wife, 29, 1ch 0liv, TX MS GA.



Generation No. 2

2. Martha Mattie Montgomery (William Cricket Farris Montgomery1) was c.1867 in Walker County, Texas, and died 26 AUG 1943. She married Benjamin Ben Leonard c.1886. He was born MAR 1862 in KY.

Children of Martha Mattie Montgomery and Benjamin Ben Leonard are:

11 i. Willie Leonard was born  in Texas.
12 ii. Earnest L. Leonard was born in 01 JUL 1887 Madison County, Texas, and died 24 JAN 1952 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  He was buried in Madisonville, Madison Co., TX.
13 iii. Eunice Leonard was born c.1900 in Texas.


3. William Edley Montgomery (William Cricket Farris Montgomery1) was born 24 APR 1868 in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas, and died 20 JUL 1955 in Live Oak County, Texas. He was buried in Glennwood Cemetery, Beeville, TX.


He married Ida Elizabeth Cotton 12 DEC 1889 in New Waverly, Walker County, Texas, daughter of Elijah Franklin Cotton and Julia A. Baker. She was born 21 MAR 1871 in Dale County, Alabama, and died 23 NOV 1971 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas. She was buried in Glennwood Cemetery, Beeville, TX.

Children of William Edley Montgomery and Ida Elizabeth Cotton are:

+ 14 i. Nonie Ethel Montgomery was born 06 JUN 1892 in Walker County, Texas, and died 16 OCT 1918 in Freeport, Texas.
+15 ii. William Elbert Montgomery was born 12 JAN 1896 in Walker County, Texas, and died 04 SEP 1960.

Photo is of:  William E. Montgomery, wife Ida, and daughter Nonie




Generation No. 3

Albert Martin Handley, Jr.




 Avis Handley & Nonie Montgomery, 1910-1912 .  Avis was an aunt to A.M. Handley, Jr. who Nonie married after this picture was taken.  There is a huge Pecan tree that was planted when the Handley's lived there and sits in front of a new house on the old homestead location.  Nonie at this time lived with her parents just across the county line in Live Oak Co., TX on the Will Montgomery place.

14. Nonie Ethel Montgomery (William Edley Montgomery2, William Edley Montgomery1) was born 06 JUN 1892 in Montgomery County, Texas, and died 15 OCT 1918 in Freeport, Brazoria Co., Texas of Pneumonia caused by Influenza at the age of twenty-six. She was buried at Beeville, Bee Co., TX; Informant on death certificate was Mrs. T.E. Montgomery of Kevelle, TX (probably meant Kerrville, TX).


She married Albert Martin Handley, Jr. 18 DEC 1912 in Beeville, Bee Co., Texas. He was born 30 MAR 1888 in McLennan County, Texas (son of A.M. Handly b. AR & Sarah Lucy Chapman*); he died 14 OCT 1918 in Freeport, Texas from Pneumonia caused by Influenza. He was buried in Beeville, Bee County, Texas.


* The mother's name for Albert M. Handley, Jr. was submitted by:  Melinda Ortego Loustalot.


Nonie Ethel Montgomery & Albert Martin Handley, Jr. had one child: 

1.  Winona Bee Handley

15. William Elbert Montgomery (William Edley Montgomery2, William Edley Montgomery1) was born 12 JAN 1896 in Walker County, Texas, and died 04 SEP 1960.


He married Ruby Lois Rankin 17 DEC 1919, daughter of Daniel Carl Rankin and Mary Lucretia Dunn. She was born 29 JUL 1899 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas, and died 1984 in Texas.


Some Information:  Rootsweb

Source:  Census records & TXGenWeb records


MONTGOMERY, Wm, Beeville Bee, Thursday, 10 Jul 1919, pg 4:


BEE COUNTY HAS FAMILY WITH MUCH WAR HISTORY  -  Seen United States in War from Great Grandfather down to present generation Bee county  - has a pioneer family that has a glorious war record. Members of the family have served the United States in war from the great-grandfather down to the present generation.


It is the family of William MONTGOMERY.

Mr. MONTMERY was born in Grimes county, Texas, January 24th, 1844. He was married to Miss AMANDA BLOUNT February 15th, 1865. She was born December 27th, 1843. They have celebrated their fifty-fourth wedding anniversary. Ten children were born to them. Five died when young. Five - three boys and two girls - are living. They are W. E. MONTGOMERY of Clareville, C. G. and J. A. MONTGOMERY, of Beeville, Mrs. B. F. LEONARD of Madisonville and Mrs. D. H. POOL of Houston.

Mr. MONTGOMERY's great-grandfather emigrated from Ireland before the Revolutionary War with England. He was in the army. His grandfather was in the war of 1812 and was wounded. He came to Texas from Alabama in 1832 and settled in Grimes county, then a frontier county. He joined STEVEN F. AUSTIN'S colony. Three boys and four girls came to Texas with him. The boys were all in HOUSTON's army and at the battle of San Jacinto.

Uncle ANDY MONTGOMERY went with the expedition into Mexico. He said when they crossed the Rio Grande river there was an old negro on the other side who begged the men for some bread. He gave him a piece. He said that after they got into Mexico they saw that they did not have force enough and he was detailed with one other man to go back and recruit for more men.

Before they got back, to the river they met the old negro. He recognized Uncle ANDY MONTGOMERY and told them not to go to the river; that Mexicans were waylaying them and would kill them. He told them to go with him, that he would put them across safely. Mr. MONTGOMERY always believed that the piece of bread saved his life.

One of Mr. MONTGOMERY's uncles by marriage was taken prisoner in Mexico. One half of the prisoners taken were sentenced to be shot. They drew beans for their lives; the one who drew a black bean was to be shot and he who drew a white bean was set free. He said he noticed the black bean was a little rougher than the white ones, so he felt for the smoothest and drew a white one.

WM. MONTGOMERY was in the Civil War. A grandson, ELBERT MONTGOMERY, went to France. One nephew was on a boat that was sunk and lost his life in France.