Robert McMENEMY, & Mary Florence HERMES

Robert McMENEMY was born June 1840;  died Wednesday morning June 24, 1904, at the age of sixty-four years.   He was a native of Edinburg, Scotland and came to America when thirteen years of age. For many years he resided in the state of Louisiana. In 1870 he moved to Beeville where he had lived ever since. In 1882, he married Mary Florence HERMES. She was born in Texas, February 1865 and died in a rest home in Houston January 27, 1959, age 93 years. Mary Florence had moved to Houston in 1911 to be near several of her children who had moved there.

Mr. McMenemy was a Confederate Soldier of the Civil war. He was in Co. B, 25th Reg. LA Inf. In 1895, he along with others from Beeville who were at Walton Camp went to Houston for CSA reunion.

Mr. McMenemy was a skilled Blacksmith and in 1884 he took in his nephew, James P. Hermes, aged 16 years to teach apprenticeship of the art of Blacksmithing. James was born May 31, 1868 and died May 7, 1917 by gunshot wound. By 1917 James had, for many years been in the business of Hack and Transfer. He was hauling the dirt from the excavation of the basement of the new Post Office when a dispute arose and a man shot him over who had rights to the free dirt. James left a widow and five children. James was a member of Woodmen of the World.

When he died Robert left a wife and eight children, the eldest who has just reached maturity. A consistent and a zealous member of the Masonic fraternity, his remains were interred in the new Glenwood Cemetery as was his wife, Florence.


His children, all born in Beeville Texas were:

1. Robert Emil James McMenemy, born December 25, 1883 and died May 25, 1979 in Houston at age 95. He was married to Mary J. ELLINGTON. They had seven children but only 3 sons survive him. His wife, Mary was born in 1890 and died 1917. Both are buried in Glenwood Cemetery. Robert was a member of the Sons of Confederate veterans and had been awarded a medal as a Real Son.

2. Mary MeMenemy was born October 25, 1886 and died May 1982 in Houston. Mary first married Albert FAHR, April 10, 1906 in Beeville. He was born 1880 and died 1918 and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery. Mary then married Mr. THOMPSON.

3. Albert Clinton McMenemy was born November 26, 1888 and he died February 1984 in San Antonio Texas.

4, Fred L. McMenemy was born April 9, 1892 and he died September 28, 1959 in Houston. He had brain cancer. He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery and was a soldier in WW I and a Mason. Fred was chief engineer for the Anderson Hospital in Houston. One son and two daughters survived him. His wife died in 1957.

5. Phylena "Lena" Florence McMenemy was born February 1894, and died October 6, 1986 in Houston. She married Mr. WILSON and lived in Corpus Christi Texas before moving to Houston.

6. Edward L. McMenemy was born February 1891 and died 1917. He is buried in Glenwood.

7. Harry Luke was born February 4, 1900 and died July 1958. He married Bernice Inez BOLDIN.

8. Lelia Mae McMenemy, was born October 17, 1904. She married Mr. W. T. SMITH and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she died March 1987.