Colonists that came to the Bee County area in 1829

Source: "Texas Irish Empresarios & Their Colonies" by Wm. H. OBERSTE, 1973, pages 47-50


Port of Aranzazu, aboard Brig NEW PACKET, colonists: McMULLEN & McGLOIN, 26 Oct 1829:

John McMULLEN, empresario of the Colony on the Nueees

Sr.  D. Henry DOYLE, Priest

James BROWNE - Single

John CARZOL (?) and wife

John HEFFERNAN, wife and four children

Patrick HAYE - Single

Jeremiah TOOLE, wife and four children

John GONLY (Conley) - Single

James QUINN, wife and three children

Thomas MacMILEY - Single

Margaret QUINN - Single

James BRUNE (Brown) - Single

Patrick KAVLAGUN(?), wife and three children

Bernard CANDEY (Candy) - Single

Thomas*GIERREN (G6ran?) and wife



Port of Matagorda aboard THE ALBION, 31 Oct 1829:


James MAGLOIN (McGloin), Empresario, wife and six children, one servant girl

Patrick McGLOIN, wife and four children

Thomas HENRY, wife and four children

Patrick McGLOIN and wife

John LAMB and wife

James KEVENY and wife

Felix HART, wife and three children

The Widow HART, one son and one daughter

Pedro DeORO, wife and two children

William RYAN, wife and one son

William WALLACE, wife and five children

John SCOTT, wife and six children

Patrick BRENNAN, wife and son

James O'CONNER, wife and three children

Charles (John) WALLACE, wife and son

Patrick BOYLE, wife and three children

William QUINN, wife and two children

Peter McCAN, wife and son

Patrick NEVEN and wife

Dionysio McGOWAN, wife and five children

Dr. CULLEN - Single

Marcos KELLEY - Single

John McGLOIN - Single

John FADDIN - Single

Joseph COLEMAN - Single

William QUINN - Single


List of Families who embarked on the Ship "ALBION";  this is another list and is evidently one presented to the Vice-Consul of Mexico at New York by James McGLOIN on making arrangements to transport the colonists to Texas. This list shows some discrepancies, and also some additional names (New York, 2 Sep 1829):


Edward McGLOIN and family

Thomas HENNESY and family

John LAMB and family

William QUINN and family

Phelia HART and family

John SCOTT and family

James KEVENY and family

Dionysio McGOWAN and daughter

Patrick McGLOIN and family

William RYAN and family

James O'CONNER and family

John (Charles) GILLAN and family

Patrick BRENNAN and family

Patrick BOYLE and family

Patrick McGLOIN and family

William WALLACE and family

Mark KELLEY - single

Patrick GOLDEN and family