Large Attendance Recorded at This Annual Program at the Fair

(Bee‑Picayune, front page, 15 Oct 1931)

Submitted by Kay (Hall) Pacheco

Old Settlers' Day was one of the happiest days of the Bee County Fair last week. Many of the
 "old timers" look forward with pleasant anticipation to these reunions each year, though each  year
some of the familiar faces are gone. This year there were many distinguished guests present,  a number
 from distant counties.        

The program, in charge of Mrs. E. B. SHELLENBERGER, included many interesting numbers.

 First was the entrance of the Queen of the Fair and the Princess, with their attendants. Miss Winona
 HALL as queen and Miss Almeda McKINNEY as princess wore the lovely costumes seen on the
 evening of the coronation. They were attended by the same pages, trumpeters, trainbearers and body
 guard as on that evening.      
The address of welcome was given by Mrs. J. R. BEASLEY and was followed by two solos by
Mrs. J. G. NEELY. There was a song by June SCHULZ and Mary Katherine WRIGHT, dances by Rachel
DEWEES and Mary Pearl BURNETT, a reading by Mrs. Howard SMITH, acrobatic dance by Baby Jean
PARKERSON and a solo by Ida Frances IMPSON.  Short addresses were made by Miss Lida
DOUGHERTY of San Patricio and J. C. BURROWS.  
At noon the Fair Association was host to the old settlers at a barbecue dinner on the grounds.
 Mrs. W. A. GEFFERT was general chairman in charge of this important part of the entertainment,
 while the actual preparation of the meal was under the supervision of J. R. SCOTT. Mrs. GEFFERT
and Mr., SCOTT were faithfully assisted by Mrs. S. C. MITCHELL, Mrs. J. S. HALL, Mrs. W. A.
BICKFORD. Mrs. Grover HELDENFELS, Mrs. Dub ADAM, Mrs. PRYOR LUCAS and Miss Sara
 Grayson CHAMBLISS.      
In the old fiddlers' contest Sannie LeBLEU of Normanna won first prize, Will EZELL of
Beeville. second, and Lake PORTER of Falfurrias, third. These fiddlers also helped supply old‑time
 music for round and square dances. These old‑fashioned dances gain in popularity each year.
Mrs. Tom MARSDEN was in charge of registration and following are the names of those who
registered. The dates indicate year of birth:    
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. BLASCHKE, 1867   C. F. BEGO, 1860
J. W. WILLIAMS, 1847       W. B. LEE, 1864
Allan CANADY, 1867       Sid FARRIS (colored)
J. W. WRIGHT       Mrs. E. B. TUTTLE, 1861
Mrs. W. JONES, 1865       Mr. and Mrs. BEEDY, 1863-1862
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. PORTES, 1858-1862   Richard THOMAS, 1865
D. C. STROMAN, 1861     Mr. and Mrs. S. B. LABINSKI, 1868
N. B. DENHAM, 1846       A. F. LUTTS, 1856
E. BAUMAN, 1864       Dr. REAGAN, 1869
Mrs. FARMER       J. W. NORTON, 1868
Mrs. Maggie FITSPATRICK, 1848     Mrs. Mary HART, 1867
Mr. and Mrs. Dan FOX, 1860-1855     Sherman HAYES, 1866
.A. V. NUTT, 1870       Mr and Mrs. John McKINNEY, 1869
Mr.and Mrs. Pete LAWLEY, 1870-1871   Miss Lottie BICKFORD, 1861
Tom SIMONS, 1866       Dr. and Mrs. STEPHENS, 1861-1875
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. MALEY,1862-1865   Mr. and Mrs. LeBLEU, 1869-1865
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. MAY, 1855-1857   Mr. and Mrs. Lake PORTER, 1854-1857
Mrs. Charlott HAYNE, 1857     Mrs. A. C. PARCHMAN, 1865
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. RANGE, 1856-1861   Jim McCAMPBELL, 1863
E. KINKLER, 1869       Mrs. J. E. MALEY, 1868
Mrs. Julia TAYLOR, 1857     George L. BUTLER, 1866
C. F. LUZIE, 1864       Mrs. L. W. BELL, 1871
R. R. ALSUP, 1855       Mrs. Mollie THURSTON, 1867
R. L. EIDSON, 1854       Mr. and Mrs. W. A. HILL, 1858-1860
J. T. MUCKLEROY, 1846     Mrs. MATTINGLY, 1863
C. G. FRELS, 1867       Mr. and Mrs. A. G. MILLER, 1861
Mr. and Mrs. JANSEN 1878-1866     John ATKINS, 1845
Pat FADDEN, 1865       R. E. HANDY, 1860
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. WOOD, 1869-1877   Mrs. M. HATCHER, 1862
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. MIELS, 1852-1857   Mrs. J. C. BURROWS, 1871
S. A. WOFFORD, 1866     Bud O'REILLY, 1869
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. BARFIELD, 1849-1853   W. E. BEST, 1871
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. JONES, 1863-1870   Mrs. Con MURPHY, 1856
Mr. and Mrs. Sam YEATES, 1861-1869   W. B. SOUTH, 1870
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine KUBALA, 1863-1864   J. D. PONDER, 1860
P. E. NUTT, 1869       Mrs. Fritz HARTZENDORF, 1867
S. J. BAILEY, 1856       Mrs. DEITZER, 1869
Mrs. M. E. BRAUER, 1858     A. C. NEUMAN, 1873
Sam PORTER, 1851       N . B . WALKER, 1861
Joe THOMAS, 1868       F. E. GOZA, 1871
K. F. JOHNSON, 1865       J. W. DICKSON, 1864
H. F. CLAIRE, 1855       H. M. BORLAND, 1862
0. REED, 1850       John ZOWARKA, 1858
Harriet WILLIAMS, 1851   R. A. BARKER, 1871
Mr. and Mrs. Walter TEAL, 1856-1853   O. S. WEST, 1862
Mrs. Amos MARTIN, 1858     F. W. FRELS, 1865
D. C. RANKIN, 1867       Jim WRIGHT, 1867
Mrs. Julia McCULLOM, 1871     Miss Lula WILLIAMS, 1866
Mrs. Cora UZZELL, 1869     C. YOWARD, 1852
Bill CAPEN, 1870       R. A. EZELL, 1845
John McCOLLOM, 1850     B. A. O'NEILL, 1863
Mrs. G. W. SMITH, 1854     Mr. and Mrs. Charlie SCHURK, 1849-1856
A. M. ROBERTSON, 1866     Mrs. Rachel RAY, 1861
E. HARRISON, 1870       Mrs. Maggie RAY, 1859
A. PASCHAL, 1854       B. F. MORROW, 1864
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. CLARE, 1851-1867   Mrs. E. E. HARRELL, 1851
Mrs. M. MOCK, 1869       Mrs. M. F. MAY, 1844
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. PAGE, 1867-1861   Mrs. Jessie BORROUM, 1867
W. M. PRUITT, 1853       W. J. PARKER, 1863
William WEIR, 1850       J. W. DINN, 1869
J. C. BURROWS, 1858     Juan ESPANOZA
Mrs. J. M. DOBIE, 1861     Tom WELDER, 1854
Sarah MARTIN       Mrs. H.M. CARROLL
Charlie MARTIN       Mr. and Mrs. Paul BAUER, 1855-1857
Ella WARD, 1867       J. D. TURNER, 1865
Mr. and Mrs. John O'REILLY     Andy CANADY, 1861
C. E. BECKNER, 1866     Mrs. A. L. GIVENS, 1861
Mr. and Mrs. Henry BAILEY, 1862-1868   Mrs. S. 1. MALEY, 1859
Charlie PAGE, 1869       Mrs. Mattie WILBURN, 1858
Mr. and Mrs. BETZ, 1867-1873     Mrs. DAVID, 1866
Dr. TURNER, 1871       S. A. DRODDY, 1861
Mrs. Joe THORNTON, 1871     Mr. and Mrs. Tom CRAVEN, 1862-1867
Mac POWELL, 1871       John CREADY, 1870
W.L. REA, 1862       C. L. KIMBROUGH, 1869
Mrs. Asa FOX, 1869       Mrs. Lou Anna CHAMBLISS, 1873
Mrs. R. H. BERRY, 1859     Alex WALKER, 1861
Mrs. Mary STONE       Carrie McCAMPBELL, 1867
Betsy FARRIS       N. B. BOULINGHOUSE, 1858
E. L. MELIAM, 1871       Martin O'CONNOR, 1875
Mrs. TUTTLE, 1867       Juanita P. deMUNOZ
Mrs. C. A. DUGAT, 1858     D. D. MILLER, 1862
Mr. and Mrs. SHIVES, 1856     J. W. NUTT, 1867
Mrs. Belle LEWIS, 1871     W. P. RICHARDSON, 1861
H. P. DIEBEL, 1864       Mrs. B. B. HOLLINGSHEAD, 1848
L. E. MURPHY, 1867       Miss Josephine SULLIVAN
Miss SHILAD, 1861       Miss Justine BLUNTZER
Mrs. MacHOLLY, age 72     Mrs. Al McFADDEN
Miss Mamie REAGAN, 1871     Mrs. JUDGE
George RAY, 1857       Mrs. J. C. BEASLEY