(From Beeville Picayune, Thursday, 11 November 1915)

Meeting held during Fourth Annual Bee County Fair

"The following is the register of the "Old Settlers Meeting," held at the court house last Thursday:

Patrick G. MCGLOIN, San Patricio (lived in San Patricio county 63 years, born in Ireland); W. B. HATCH, Bee county (lived in Bee county 43 years); Mrs. John HODGES (85 years in Bee county); Mrs. James LINCOLN, Charco, Goliad county: Mrs. Hugh MAY, Blanconia, Bee county (60 years); Mrs. J. N. PORTER, Pettus, Bee county; Mrs. C. S. PAGE, Pettus, Bee county (49 years); Mrs. J. W. TOOMEY, Beeville (age 37, lived in Bee county 17 years, Live Oak county 20 years); J. E. KELLEY, Beeville (southwest 61 years, Bee county 25 years); W. G. RUPE, Blankett, Brown county (southwest 61 years); A. O. COLEMAN, LaSalle county (lived in Bee county 38 years ago); B. P. STEPHENSON, Beeville (first white child born in Beeville); Mrs. M. E. LEE, Beeville (came to Bee county in 1856); Mrs. W. R. RICHBURG, Beeville (1888); Mrs. J. C. JENKINS (born in Bee county 1863); J. C. JENKINS, Beeville (1898); B. S. CORNETT, Papalote (Bee county in 1883); H. F. CLARE, Beeville, Bee county (1856); Mrs. P. BORROUM (came here 1881);

P. BORROUM (came to Bee county, Pettus post office, in 1882); Mrs. L. F. CROW, Skidmore (40 years old); Mrs. Amelia V. COX, Beeville (86 years old, settled in Goliad county in 1850, lived in Southwest Texas ever since); Mrs. L. A. HEFLIN, Beeville (settled in Bee county in 1860); R. L. WEST (came to Bee county in 1884; B. B. ATKINS (Bee county, 1856); Mrs. P. BORROUM (Bee county in 1860);P. A. COX, San Antonio (56 years in Southwest Texas, 35 years in Bee county); J. C. MYERS, since 1857; W. S. BROWN (since 1886); Z. MARTIN (in south Texas 60 years); Mrs. Geo. J. DAHL (came here in 1890); R. C. BARFIELD (came to Bee county in 1887); E. B. UZZELL (25 years in Bee county); W. B. ROBERTS (48 years in Bee county); C. S. PAGE (54 years in Bee county); W. T. ROBERTS, Pettus, Tex. (aged 77, Bee county 50 years); Mrs. W. T. ROBERTS, Pettus, Texas (aged 75 years, Bee county 50 years); A. SHINN (aged 62 years); Mrs. A. SHINN (aged 42); Mrs. M. E. SHEIVE (aged 67 years); Mrs. Pat MARTIN (Oct. 29, 1875); John McCOLLOM (1857); Mrs. Ellen MCCOLLOM (1852);

Mrs. W. B. ROBERTS (48 years); Mrs. M. M. RANSOM (56 years); Mrs. J. W. TIMON (58 years); Mrs. J. F. RAY (54 years in Bee county); D. R. MAY (57 years in Bee county); C. P. SPARKMAN 20 years in Bee county); M. McKINNEY (born in Alabama, 68 years old, lived in Bee county 25 years); Milam GILL (born in Mississippi 1849, came to Texas 1852, lived in southwest Texas 63 years); A. G. HARTMAN (born in Yorktown, 1849, lived in DeWitt and Bee counties ever since); Mrs. S. R. TAYLOR (lived in Bee county 55 years); Mrs. J. B. FRANKLIN (40 years); Mrs. N. B. WALKER (25 years); Mrs. A. M. STOVALL (30 years); Mrs. Joel W. ADKINS (aged 73, Bee county 25 years); Mrs. A J THOMPSON (43 years in Bee county); Mrs. M. A. FLEMMING (27 years in Bee county); David MYERS (born 1850, Bee county 59 years); R. H. GILLETT (born 1849, Bee county 47 years); P. A. SHERRAN (born 1847); R. A. EZELL (born in Missouri, lived in Refugio county, Tex., 30 years, Bee county 24 years); Caroline Jane Fields JONES (born in Mississippi, but here long enough to be an old settler?in Beeville over 44 years); Miss Phene SULLIVAN (San Patricio county 57 years); W. J. McMURRAY (born in San Patricio county 1851); Mrs. Nannie TUTTLE (48 years in Bee county); Mrs. Sallie FLOWERS (46 years in Bee county);

Morgan MOORE, Normanna (born in Dallas county, 1855, came to Bee county 1873); P. D. TURNER, Bee county (May, 1856); H. DAHL, Pettus, Texas (80 years old, Bee county 33 years); D. E. BEEDY, Beeville (31 years); L. C. ROSS (Beeville 40 years); Mrs. (Dr.) J. N. LONG, Beeville (born 1839, 24 years in Bee county); Mrs. S. A. OSBORN, Beeville (born 1878, Bee county 21 years); W. R. CRYER Beeville (born 1852, Bee county since 1864); Susan Elizabeth GRISHAM (Bee county 15 years); Miss Elizabeth RUSH (Bee county 30 years); Mrs. Margaret BRISTER, Beeville (Bee county 64 years); Mrs. Ellen GOYNES, George West, Texas (Live Oak county 60 years); Mrs. Martha McMURRAY (San Patricio and Live Oak counties 60 years); G. A. RAY, Pettus (Bee county 58 years); P. S. CLARE, Beeville (Bee county 64 years); Mrs. J. W. FLOURNOY, Beeville (over 25 years in Bee county); Mrs. Walter TEAL Beeville (over 25 years in Bee county); Mrs. R. H. BERRY, Beeville (over 25 years in Bee county); Mrs E. M. DUGAT, Beeville (over 25 years in Bee county)."