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02-10-2015:  Photo's; Pettus Store Scene ab.t 1920-21; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


09-17-2014: Photo's; Tuleta Stock & Dairy Farm, Papalote, TX bill, Quincy Ranch Club House, Skidmore, TX main street, Beevill Military Band; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

01-25-2014:  Pettus photo's of advertisement for Powell's Ranch for mules;  Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

01-06-2014:  Awards Page; won COY 2013 Award

03-01-2013 LINK: Awards Page; won COM for March 2013, now in the Hall of Fame


LINK: Colony Cemetery; new names added

02-03-2012 LINK: Photo Page: Will Beauchamp's photo collection page, Montgomery, Pool, Dr. Lightsey, Naylor, Handley 1912 Submitted by: Will Beauchamp
11-27-2011 LINK: Photo Page: Locations: 3 new pictures submitted by Will Beauchamp


LINK: Cemetery Page:  Evergreen Cemetery; article about the cemetery from the Beeville Bee-Picayune; Source: Kay Pacheco; Permission of: Jason Collins, Editor

08-02-2011 LINK: Cemetery Page Evergreen Cemetery, Skidmore, TX; new names added


LINK: Military Page: Listing of Bee County persons killed in WWI, WWII, Korean War, & Vietnam Wars.

06-16-2011 Names added to Glenwood Cem., Evergreen Cem., Beeville Cem., St. Rose, Cem & Mineral Cemetery


LINK: Photo Page: Will Beauchamp's photo collection page Pettus, TX bill of sale 33 calves; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: Cemetery PageColony Cemetery, picture and names added.

LINK: Photo Page: Will Beauchamp's photo collection page, several added; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: Cemetery Page:  additional listing for Evergreen Cemetery, Beeville East: Submitted by: Kay Pacheco


LINK: Home Page: picture of courthouse; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK: Photo Page: Will Beauchamp's photo collection page, 10 added; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

02-11-2011 LINK: Cemetery Page: Salt Branch Cemetery; additional names: Submitted by: Kay Pacheco
02-05-2011 LINK: Cemetery Page: Salt Branch Cemetery photo: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: Family Histories PageJuan (John) Castro family of the Lipan Apache tribe in Bee County 

12-17-2010 LINK: Military Page: Louis Barlow in the Civil War
11-17-2010 LINK: Family Histories Page:  Henderson Williams family; John Weed & Susan Lavinia Campbell family;  Joe Mitchell Banta family
11-01-2010 LINK: Towns & Cities page: photo of Pettus: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: Towns & Cities page:  Dugat home, Mineral; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Miscellaneous Page - Schools: 1910 Beeville TX 1910 Baseball Team: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


Link:  Photo's - Locations: house in Skidmore, TX c.1910; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK: Towns & Cities page:  photo Skidmore, TX c.1910; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: Schools:  Skidmore High School Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

Link:  Photo's - LocationsSkidmore Catholic Church; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

09-19-2010 LINK: Family Histories Page:   Barber, Benjamin Jones, Jasper Meriwether
09-18-2010 LINK: Family Histories Page:  Paul Edgar Romine & Lucille Yeoman;  Lee Franklin "Frank" Yeoman;  John Daniell "Dan" Nichols
09-12-2010 LINK: Glenwood Cemetery: listing Paul Edgar Romine
07-28-2010 LINK: Mineral Cemetery; 438 headstone pictures added
07-19-2010 LINK: Mineral Cemetery; 161 headstone pictures added
07-16-2010 LINK: Mineral Cemetery; 211 headstone pictures added
07-13-2010 LINK: Mineral Cemetery; lots of new listings
06-27-2010 LINK: Photograph Page; Indian Tree - site of last Indian Fight in Bee County; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp
03-31-2010 LINK: Photograph Page; Photographs of Clareville, TX; Submitted by Ann Smith Ray
03-08-2010 LINK: History Page & Look-Up Page:  Kay has made a surname index for the family stories in the Bee County History Book published 1992.  She has offered to do Look-Up's:  Contact: Kay Pacheco
02-18-2010 LINK: Family History page:  Angermiller, John Charles Chambliss, Samuel Houston
01-15-2010 LINK: County Records:  1835 Texas Census - Old Nacogdoches area.
01-11-2010 LINK: Cemetery Page; Williams Cemetery, Blanconia



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LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page: Beeville Public School photo 1910; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK: Towns:  Beeville photos; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


Bee County won the TXGenWeb "COUNTY OF THE MONTH AWARD" for November 2009 thanks to all our volunteer submitters.

LINK: Towns:  Oaks, TX Photo & Information; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

11-28-2009 LINK:  Photo Page - LocationsFirst Presbyterian Church;  Tuleta , TX Downtown 1910 ; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Obituary Page PRATHER, Mrs. R. M.POWELL, Virginia PICKARD, Matilda A. PETTUS, William Albert PARKER, Frankie PAGE, Sarah AmandaO'NEILL, Sallie O'CALLAHAN, Mrs. M. NUTT, R. E., Sr. NUNNELLY, Dr. James L. NEDBALEK, Oscar L. MOFFITT, Dr. T. C. MEINRATH, John Jacob MEINRATH, AugustMcPHAUL, A. M. McCULLOM, George McCARTY, John Wesley McBRYDE, Mary Ann MARSDEN, Allen Carter MADRAY, James B.

LINK:  Articles & Stories:  WOLFMAN-LEVYTaylor-(Malone)WilsonRichardson-BridgeHatch-LeerEZELL-ENGLISHBLUNTZER-BAUER Atkins-Moore

LINK:  Photo Page:  Locations: Mrs. A.C. Jones home;  J.W. Cook residence

11-03-2009 LINK:  Obituary Page ELLRIDGE, Ralph Briggs EIDSON, Fannie LoulueDUGAT, Wilbue M. DUGAT, Charles Reagan DRODDY, Elizabeth Carlisle DOUGLAS, Walter Greesward DOUGHERTY, Mary VirginiaCURTIS, H. C. CULPEPPER, MarvinCOX, Perry Edwin CORRIGAN, John M. CONWELL, C. H CAVANAUGH, P. J.CARNEY, EltonCARNEY, DanYOUNG, Felix J. YOHO, Roscoe Ruben WILLIAMS, Fanny Laura WILDER, Mrs. T. S.WILDER, B. F. WEST, Bridget VonROEDER, Lt. Ludovic VAVRUSA, Frank J. VAUGHN, Linsey Thomas UZZELL, Mrs. E. B. TRUXAW, William Mitchell TRUXAW, Amanda C. TRAWEEK, Hattie THWEATT, Prof. S. W. THOMPSON, John C. THOMPSON, Hans K. THOMPSON, Allen Jasper SWAN, Christopher Irving Sr. STROM, Charles F. STOVALL, W. A.SMITH, ErnestSIVELY, Andrew SHIPP, Mollie M.SHIPP, Josephine SHIPP, Elizabeth Jane (Quirl)SHELLY, JoeSCHVAB, LizzieRYAN, JohnROAN, Joe LewisROAN, Ida Poe ROAN, Eddie Byron, Sr.RIX, Neal REES, Warren Vernon REES, Sophia Moser REES, Forest Elton REES, Errol Fleming REES, Asa Fleming RANSOM, Mary M. CORRIGAN, Mrs. Myrtle [2] PUGH, Frank Floyd


LINK:  Obituary PageLILIUS, Gertrude HollinsheadKENEDY, Mrs. A. G.JONES,  R. B.JONES, Mattie Denton JOHNSON, AugustusJACOBS, Florence OvilaJACOBS, Florence OvilaJACOBS, Ina OlaJACK, SamIWAN, Lillian IRWIN, Will S., Dr. INGRAM, Dr. (child of) HULL, Mrs. LillieHULL, J. C. HULL, Austin O., Dr.HUBLE, CarolineHILL, MatildaHENDRIX, RobbieHART, Timothy (Tim)HULL, Cooper HALEY, Mrs. Kate HALE, Amanda Jane FitzgeraldGRAY, J. W.GRANT, James M. GOEBLES, Father F. J.GARNER, C. N. FLOYD, Annie May FARRIS, Thomas Jefferson


LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  Pettus School Scenes - 1951 taken by James Beauchamp:

LINK: Towns:  Tuleta Scene- Street running north in front on Minnonite Church. abt.1946:

LINK: Courthouse Page:  Bee County Courthouse - 1951 
Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK: County Records Page:  Index to: South Texas Genealogy Society, Inc., Quarterly Vol. 1 (1989)- Vol. 18 (2006) - Kay Mix with the South Texas Genealogy Society, Inc., has volunteered to do Look-Up's in the publications

LINK: County Records Page:  Kay Pacheco has volunteered to do Look-Up's in the book, "Bee County Family History" published in 1992.


LINK:  Photo Page:  Locations: Prager Building; Memmonite Church, Tuleta, TX; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Historic Places:  Prager Bldg. Marker;  Evergreen Cem. Marker; McClanahan House Mkr.; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Military Page:  Memorial Dedication Ceremony for Billy Frank Beauchamp; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Historic Places:  Several new photo's: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Photo Page:  Locations: Several new photo's: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Historic Places:  CADIZ BAPTIST CHURCH marker; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Photo PageCadiz Baptist Church Photo;   Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Photo Page: Early advertising postcard for Brown Cotton Wagon; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Historic Places:  Blanconia (Old N2) Church Marker Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Towns:  Blanconia; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Photo Page:  Several new photo's in the "Locations" section: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Historic Places:  Several historical marker photo's: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Family History page Lucius Bowling Lebleu

LINK:  Mineral Cemetery; listing & photo grave of Mary Hunter LeBleu; Photo's of the cemetery; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Articles & Stories:   PARKS, MR. & MRS. NAT J. KRING, MR. & MRS H. Y. JOHNSON, Mr & Mrs. AUG. T. BATES, Mr. & Mrs. V. M.HILL, Mr. & Mrs. L. LONG, Mr. & Mrs. LEE J. GREGORY, Mr & Mrs CHAS.

09-12-2009 LINK:  Family Histories:   Montgromery, William "Cricket"


LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  Schools:   Clareville High School Basketball Team: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK:  Obituary Page USSERY, Mrs. AmandaTAYLOR, AdelaideRAPE, John H.PAGE, E. W.O'REILLY, Martin T.O'REILLY, Katie LASSATER, Judge A. & ThomasKIMBALL, A. J.

HOWARD, ThomasHOWARD, Jessie D. CREATH, Dr. L. B.COLLINS, "Grandma" BROWN, "Grandma"

09-10-2009 LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  A.C. JONES HIGH SCHOOL - BEEVILLE, TX - CLASS OF 1914

Bee County Teachers Institute convened at the court house - 1899 Public School Trustees & Districts Over Which They Presided - 1895;  ACCOUNTS WITH T. W. JOHNSON CO. (grocery merchant) Probate Book A/Pages 196-198, Bee County Clerk's Office



09-08-2009 LINK: County Records:  PROBATE BOOK "A" - BEE COUNTY, MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS - 1883 to 1894


LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  Early Doctors in Bee County




LINK:  Obituary Page;     THOMASSON, Mrs. EllaTEAS, Don STOVALL, William Benjamin SMITH, Louis Montgomery SALSBURY, S. F.LAWLEY, Lewis MILLER, Ernest E. LEAHY, Johnana ElizabethKRING, J. J. KILPATRICK, Martha LizzieHOOD, AnnieHENKE, TheodoreFENNER, infant ELLIS, John CookEADS, May DAVISON, Stephen G.CUDE, Green Pryor WILSON, Henry William WALLACE, Frank JamesTEAL, Mrs. John RICHARD, Mrs. S. N.NUTT, P. B. NATIONS, Robert H.KUBALA, Valentine HOLDERMAN, Jacob Clapp

LINK:  Vitals Page:  DOUGHERTY-KENNEDY NUPTIALS, Beeville Bee, 15 Jan 1909

LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  BEE'S OLDEST SCHOOL HOUSE, Beeville Bee Friday, 21 Aug 1908

08-25-2009 LINK:  Family History page:   Cude, Timothy J.


LINK:  Obituary Page  YEOMAN, Delbert;  WOODMANSE, G. T.WILSON, Fred WILLIAMS, Clinton WEATHERSBY, U. A. D.TIMON, John W. THURSTON, Morris THORNTON, Mrs. P. R. THORNTON, Mrs. Nannie LeeSIKES, G. F. SCOTT, Mrs. MarthaREES, J. W. RAY, James FayettePALMER, MaryO'TOOLE, MartinODIE, James L. O'CONNOR, John Henry NOTT, Dr. H. J. Nations, Mrs. Emma MARTIN, John R. MALONE, Mrs. Mary H. LAWLEY, Mrs. FlorenceKRING, Jacob KENNEDY, Thomas Milton HAYES, Mrs. W. R.GROVER, Nellis GILLETT, Mrs. Martha S.ELLIS, Ralph V. DOLAN, Michael Jr. COX, Rev. Alexander F.

LINK:  Cemetery Page Glenwood Cemetery Paupers Section

LINK:  History:  Story of Ann Burke's donation of 150 acres for courthouse site

LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  SEVENTEEN GRADUATES IN THE CLASS OF 1907

LINK:  Photo Page Railroad St. scene postmarked 1910;  Home in Skidmore circa.1910: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Obituary Page;   WEED, Harvey THOMPSON, N. E.THOMAS, Micajah TAYLOR, Rev. William Yeary STURDEVANT, infant SCOTT, Beulah LucilleRYAN, HenryROGERS, G. P. ROBINSON, Mrs. Drusilla RICHARDSON, L. C. O'CONNOR, Mrs. Jane P.MOORE, Edward MILLER, Albert L. MENDELL, daughterMcNEIL, Marvin McDONALD, C. H. LOTT, W. J. "Edward" KOONCE, Robert H.HYNES, John HARWOOD, John H.HART, John GREGORY, inf. son Charles GRANT, inf. Rev. J. G. GRANT GILCREASE, W. A.DUNN, Agnes DOUGHERTY, Lloyd Henderson COPELAND, J. W. CHESNUTT, Isaac CAMP, Mrs. N. E. BOMBA, Mrs. Francisca ABBOTT, Mrs. Mattie NICHOLS, John D.


LINK:  Obituary Page;   SIDBURY, Mrs. E. D.ROSS, W. P. ROBINSON, Mrs. J. W. ROBERTSON, Mrs. Mary LilyROBERTS, LuluROBERTS, JamesRAY, ElijahRANSOM, DudleyPRIDHAM, F. R. POWELL, Mrs. E. A. POTTER, William Obediah POTTER, Mrs. Ellen A. PARCHMAN, Mr. Ivy MUCKLEROY, Mrs. Sarah C. MORRIS, Mrs. Ross MITCHELL, William Nave MILLER, Mrs. Mary MILLER, Mrs. Bridgett McGREW, Mrs. C. F. V.McDONALD, Damon McCAIN, Mrs. Sarah A. MATHIS, Thomas EdwardMARTIN, Thos.LYNES, J. T.LUTTS, Ola EsmaLINNEY, John L. KOONCE, Mrs. John KOHLER, mother of V.KING, George H.IVEY, Annie HOWARD, Mrs. S. A.HODGES, D. W.HALE, DolphCORDES, G. D. GALLAGHER, Mrs. MaryFOX, Darby DILL, Mrs. J. E. CORRIGAN, EdmundCOBLE, Mrs. M. CLARE, Mrs. M. E. CHOATE, Mrs. EllenCARROLL, TeresaCANNON, R. C. CAIN, Rev. J. N. BURT, Mrs. Sallie BREEDING John Davis BRAUER, Carl Max BRASHEAR, Dr. T. B. BILLINGSLEY, J. L.BENNETT, RobertBELL, John W. BAXTER, Ester W. BARCLAY, Mrs. E. J. ADAMS, Guy

LINK:  Cemetery PageMineral Cemetery:  TOY, Dr. Clinton listing

LINK:  Family Histories:  McMenemy, Robert

LINK:  Photo Page Photo's of Baptist Church & Cotton Gin in Skidmore, TX: Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

LINK: Military Page:  Bee County Persons Registered for Military Service in October 1940.

LINK: Glenwood Cemetery History

08-20-2009 LINK:  Obituary Page WOOD, Maj. John H.; TULLOS, Woody, Jr.SMITH, W. A. SKIDMORE, Carrie; Wharton SKIDMORE, Carrie ROBINSON, Tommie Lee PRIOUR, Mrs. Rosa Lee NANCE, Mrs. Martha Lucress MILLER, Mrs. Sarah Franklin MERRITT, Hugh JamesMcREA, Dan McMENEMY, Robert McMASTERS, Mrs. Ben EICHBLATT, Hattie MALONE, dau. of Thos. JOHNSON, August T. JENKINS, Mrs. MattieHOARD, N. H. HERMES, James Barry HARWOOD, Mrs. Nina HALL, Evard BartlettHALEY, JohnFAHR, Alban ELLIS, F. M. Sr. DUBOSE, Mrs. Minerva DUBOSE, Mrs. Martha C. DAY, Mrs. Flora F.DAVIS, H. L. CORRIGAN, Mrs. Myrtle CHITTIM, James Madison CARROLL, WilliamCAMPBELL, John CALLIHAM, Mrs. Mary Ann CALLIHAM, D. S. CALLAWAY, Samuel B. BRADFORD, Robert BILEFIELD, Mrs.BELL, Louise WILSON, John Ewing WILKINSON, R. P. WEST, Mrs. AmandaWELDER, RalphUZELL, LomaUZELL, T. W.TOY, Dr. Clinton THOMPSON, Edgar THAMES, Mrs. R. B. STURDEVANT, Robert J SMITH, Sidney A.SMALL, Rosa


LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  1923 Tuleta Parish Visitor newspaper

LINK:  Photo Page:  BEE OIL & REFINERY in Pettus, Texas; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

08-16-2009 LINK: Military Page:  Persons from Bee County who served in WWII
08-15-2009 LINK:  Family History page Pettus, W.A. McKinney, William Clement
08-14-2009 LINK:  Obituary Page;   WILSON, J. E. Sr. WILLIAMS, F. L. WHITWORTH, John A.WESTON, Atlee WEST, child of RobertVIVON, Mrs. VISER, Mrs. B. F. TAYLOR, Mrs. Julia TAYLOR, John FranklinSTROMAN, John STANLEY, Monica Eleanor SMITH, Mrs. Lugana SMITH, Mrs. Harriet AmandaROTZIEN, Mr. C.; REAGAN, T. J. RAYMOND, John S.PUGH, HenryO'NEAL, R. L.MILLER, Edith MERRITT, Daniel W.MARTIN, Patrick MARTIN, Mrs. JuliaLOCKHART, Mrs. LAWSON, Mrs. SarahLAWLEY, E.KARSCH, J. H. HOLLIDAY, Mrs. M. A.HART, Luke HARRISON, Allie FOSTER, Mrs. Mary E. FORE, Mrs. Bettie FELLOWS, N. F. ELLIS, Mrs. Sallie O. EEDS, Mrs. Margaret Ann DUBOSE, Rev. H. DuBORG, Rev. R. O. DOUGHERTY, Henderson HaraldsonDOLAN, James A. COURTNEY, Mrs. E. E. COCHRAN, B. F. Sr. CLARKSON, R. C.BUELOW, John P. BRIGHT, Mrs. Elizabeth BELL, Robert Lenoir AYERS, Mrs. W. T. AMMONS, J. B. “Rocky”


LINK:  Cemetery Page:  Tuleta Cemetery


LINK:  Cemetery PageAransas Cemetery or Campo Santo Cemetery

LINK: Miscellaneous Records Page:  Colonists that came to the Bee County area in 1829


LINK:  Cemetery Page LaPara Cemetery

LINK:  Photo Page Tuleta Medio Creek Bridge; Peter Unzicker home;  Tuleta Agricultural High School; An early Tuleta home:  Photo's submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Photo Page Friends gather for a picture in Clareville, TX.

LINK:  Military PageCopy of Texas Ranger Discharge for Albert M. Handly, Sr. of Clareville.

Submitted by: Will Beauchamp

08-09-2009 LINK:  Photo Page Picture of an early Beeville parade scene; Submitted by: Will Beauchamp


LINK:  Obituary Page;   ELLIS, John Vickers MALONE, Mrs. Abigail MALONE, Jep MALONE, Mrs. Sallie Terry

LINK:  Historic Places: Ellis Hotel

LINK:  Family Histories:  Francis Marion Ellis

LINK:  Cemetery Page;  Hoff - Wernli Cemetery;   Holubec Cemetery Pullin-Livingston Cemetery;


LINK:  Obituary Page;   SEYMOUR, Mary Irene SEYMOUR, Dr. Forest Bedford MARSDEN, T. T. HATCH, Annie (Mrs. W. B.) CREATH, Clifton Kelley BURROWS, Monna Dills BURROWS, J. C. BRIDGE, William Berry McCampbell BLANTON, Chas. HBEST, Ruth BAXTER, Elder William BARNES, Mrs. Maggie BANKHEAD, Ed AUSTIN, Lillian May ARCHER, Mrs. Mary Jane;

LINK:  Cemetery Page;  Allsup Cemetery inventory & photographs

LINK: Towns - Cities Page:  Information added on towns & cities.



LINK: Miscellaneous Page:  OLD SETTLERS' DAY AN ENJOYABLE EVENT BEEVILLE YEARBOOK - 1956 - The Trojan, Faculty & Seniors: 

Link:  Family History Page Weed, Susie L. (Campbell) Wynn, Mary (Jackson) Malone;

07-31-2009  LINK:  Vitals Page; Marriages 1858-1898:

 LINK: Miscellaneous Page: "OLD SETTLERS REGISTER" (From Beeville Picayune, Thursday, 11 November 1915);


LINK:  Family History page:  Bio. Rev. George H.M. Wilson & Oleetha Allsup:

LINK:  Cemetery Page;  Several Cemetery inventories added

07-27-2009 LINK:  Cemetery Page:    Evergreen Cemetery Mineral Cemetery


LINK:  Military PageWWI Draft Registration Card Names - Bee County;

Confederate Reunion 1895:

Information on William Buckner Burditt (battle of San Jacinto)

07-25-2009 LINK:  Obituary Page66 Old Obituaries are now combined with all the obits;


LINK:  Family History page:  Wilson, Joseph Pitt Carlisle, Robert James;  Gregorczyk, Ferdinand Hale, Adolphus Dolph

LINK:  Military Page:  First Lt. Robert Vallejo II, b. Bee Co., killed in Iraq

LINK:  Towns Page town of Normanna;  town of Olmos

07-23-2009 LINK:  History Page:  "Twenty-One Years Ago" published 1907 in the Beeville Bee:
07-23-2009 LINK:  Courthouse Page Pictures of the Ceremony placing Lady Liberty back on top of the courthouse after renovation


LINK:  Obituary PageMOORE, Lucy ReaganCAPPS, Danny; ARMENTROUT, William Hubert, Sr REAGAN, Charles Murray, Jr.

LINK:  Family History page:  Callahan, John Custer, Baron DeKalb "Calvin" Harris, Cyrus Edwin;  Key, Christopher Eureka Kircher, Wilhelm "William" Koonce, John Barton

LINK:  Photo Page Photo's submitted by Kay Pacheo


LINK:  Military Page Soldier's and Widow's Pension Applications;

LINK:  Family History page:  Adair, Daniel Webster;   Ainsworth, James Livingston, Jr. Allen, Rhodam Allsup, Thomas Henry

LINK:  Obituary Page ALLSUP, Tom H.


LINK:  Family History page:  John Daniell "Dan" Nichols family

LINK:  Photo page:  John Daniell Nichols family photo album

LINK:  Cemetery Page Clareville Cemetery


LINK:  Vitals Page; Marriage Records 1966-2002; DEATHS 1964-1998

LINK:  Cemetery Page;  Beeville Memorial Cemetery

LINK:  Index Page;  Added Obituary Page; CAGLE, Luvinia Rose "Lulu"

07-18-2009 LINK:  Vitals Page; Birth Records 1926-1969


LINK:  Design website & update information