St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery - Twin Sisters
Provided by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus
Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Transcribed by: Mrs. June Baird, Blanco, Texas - 1985
More dates were added after 1985.
Prepared for the TXGenWeb Blanco County Web Site by Wanda Qualls
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Location:  Go on 281 South out of Blanco until Rd #473 to the left,  right before Little  Blanco
River Bridge.  Go on # 473 for 1 mile to the St. Mary's Chapel on the left.  The cemetery is on
the north side of the church.  There is a wire fence around the church and cemetery. 
As of Feb 20 1985 there were 80 marked graves and 5 unmarked or unknown graves.

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Jerry Joseph Abbott
Jul -- 1918
Still living in 1985
Parents: Frank George and Julia Mary Abbott
Siblings: Herbert
Married: ??
Children: Steve; Mickey (son); and one girl

Julia Mary Abbott
Sep 14 1888
Jul 4 1966
Married: Frank George Abbott
Children: Jerry Joseph; Herbert

Frank George Abbott
Mar 07 1888
May 22 1963
Siblings: Brig. Gen. B. Abbott; Mrs. Leon Tolle
Married: Julia Mary ??

Jesus Adalupe Barrera
Feb 10 1985
Feb 10 1985
Parents: Mr. and Mrs Jesus Barrera
Siblings: Angel; Berky; Raquel

Gregorio Calzoncit Jun 14 1936
Jun 24 1984
Born in Mexico
Parents:  Emeterio and Simona Padilla Calzoncit
Siblings: Jesse
Married: Antonio ?
Children: Juan; Gregorio Jr.; Francisca Calzoncit Munez; Magdalena Calzoncit; Veronica
Calzoncit; Florestella; Juanita; Blanca

Eduardo Calzoncit 1937
Parents: Emeterio and Simond Padilla Calzoncit
Siblings: Jesse; Gregorio
Married: Delores Luna Sosa
Children: Eduardo; Rosario; Simond; Delores; Paatricia; Jenira

Maria Cardenas
Parents: Thomas and Francisca Garcia
Siblings: Hope; Manuel; Pete; Stella; Mingo; Louis; Thomas Jr.;
Hilary; Ignasio
Married: Jaun Cardenas
Children: Jaun Jr.; Ray; Jerry; Rickey; Doris; Nelda; Terry

Eldege L. Cardinal
Apr 12 1898
May 08 1969
Born in Canada
Married: Mary W. ?

Margarita Pecina Cruz
Feb 22 1909
Feb 22 1985
Born in Mexico
Parents: Isidrol Pecina and Margarita Puentez
Siblings: Martha Garcia; Juanita Villanueva
Married: Pedro Cruz
Children: Cipriano Gomez

Wesley Julius Dechert 
Oct 09 1907 Oct 22 1961
Parents: John and Frieda Elkers Dechert
Siblings: Arthur; Ida Mae; Elsie; Stella
Married: Elizabeth Riba
Children: Mary Frances; Wesley  Joe Jr.; John  L. ; Charles; Geraldine; Gerald; James;

Josephine C. Drury 
Aug 24 1908
Dec 14 1990
Augusta D'Ursogna
S/L 1985
Married: Augusto D'Ursogna
Children: Joseph; Al; Gloria D'Ursogna Thienpot; Mrs. Robert Turner III; Mrs. Elbert

Augusto D'Ursogna
Oct 12 1899
--- -- 1975
Born in Lanciano, Italy
Married Augusta ?
Children: See above.

Frieda Eberhardt
May 30 1991
Married: Charles Eberhardt
no children

Charles Eberhardt
Married: Frieda ??
no children

Baby Estrada
no date
Parents: A. and Virginia Estrada
Siblings:Miguel; Santos; Raymond; A. Jr.; Henry; Lupe; Dora
Beatrice; Nancy.

Miguel Estrade
Jun 16 1949
Jun 20 1987

Abraham A. Fast
Feb 04 1931
Oct 20 1988

Elvra Teveluwe Flannery
Nov 20 1910
Jan 28 1990

Dr. John J. Flannery
May 24 1903 Jun 14 1991

Frank David Flores

Thomas Garcia
no date
abt 1980
Married: Francisca  
Children: Hope; Maria Garcia Cardenas; Manuel; Pete; Stella
Mingo; Louis; Thomas Jr.; Hilary; Ignasio

Joseph B. Gastring Jul 18 1923 Still living in 1985
Parents: Hermann Gastring and mothers maiden name was Bennett
Siblings: Margaret; Herman
Married Lucille Gist
Children: Martin Andrew; Joseph Jr.; Margaret Gastring Wilke; Mathew Bennett

Lucille E. Gastring Feb 01 1927 Oct 31 1963
Parents: Landon and Bertha DeGraff Gist
Siblings: none
Married: Joseph B. Gastring
Children: See above.

Martin Andrew Gastring Sep 30 1961 Jan 21 1962
Was a Crib death.
Parents: Joseph B. and Lucille Gist Gastring
Siblings: Joseph Jr.; Margaret Gastring Wilke; Mathew Bennett

Landon E. Gist May 09 1895 Jan 26 1988
Parents: Artemus and Minnie Belle Doak Gist
Siblings: Irwin; Claude; Edith; Erna; Jim J.; Carl; Jessie Belle Christopher; Artemus Jr.;
Nell Gist St. Clair
Married: Bertha DeGraff
Children: Lucille Gist Gastring
Note: A family history of the Gist Family has been written and another marker is in the
cemetery for Mr. Landon from the VA - Lt. Col. Inf.  WW II

Maria Guerro

Matilde Gutierrez
Mar 14 1863
Sep 12 1945
Reuerdo de su esposa e hijos

Walter Haas May 16 1891 Jan 22 1985
Parents: William and Agnes Rosbach Haas
Siblings: Alfred; Willie; Emile; Meta Haas Jonas
Married: Clarae O'Bryant on Apr 13 1918
Children: Eugene; Willie; Marvin; Nelda Haas Vogel

Clarae Haas Dec 03 1895 Jun 05 1987
Parents: Jasper and Anna Nowotny O'Bryant
Siblings: See Jasper O'Bryant
Married: Walter Haas on Apr 13 1918  
Children: See above.

Debra L. Haas
Parents: Marion Hubert Bell
Siblings: Larry; Skip
Married: Carl Haas
Children: Carl, Jr.

Carl James Haas
Aug 30 1953
Jan 30 1988
Rose Hammond
Jun 03 1912
Dec 18 1989
Russell Frederick Hammond
Jul 09 1909
Apr 04 1992
Willie Antone Heep
Feb 16 1907
Sep 26 1989
Charles L. Horton             
Jun 25 1933
S L in 1986
Married: Kathleen C. ?? on Jan 14 1956

Kathleen C. Horton     
Dec 30 1937
Aug 06 1986    
Married: Charles L. Horton on Jan 14 1956

Nell M. Humrichouse
no date   
Oct 01 1991


Matilde Jaimes              
Mar 14 1949 Oct 31 1973
Born in Mexico
Parents: Edwardo Gamez Jaimes
Siblings: 8
Married: Betty Binseil Wagner

Catharine Langelund Jerry
Aug 07 1899
May 19 1985

Margaret L. Keating
Apr 07 1922
Apr 24 1987
Beloved wife and Mother

John Jerome Klepac May 16 1905 May 08 1984
Born in  Jarrell, Texas
Parents:Andrew and Mary Surbar Klepac
Siblings: William
Married #1: Mary E. Hlavinka
Children: Robert; James; Mary Anna Klepac Eszlinger
Married #2: Bertha DeGraff Gist
Note: John Klepac in 1957 founded Blanco Growers Inc and has grown through the years to
the Klepac Bros. Greenhouses Inc. and is run by his sons.

Mary E. Klepac 1908 1976
Parents: Joseph and Mary Hlavinka
Siblings: Annie Hlavinka Moravek; Josephine Hlavinka Rubula and two brothers
Married: John J, Klepac

Bertha D. Klepac May 18 1910 Still living in 1985
Parents: William Abner and Julia Shehan Degraff
Siblings: Willa; Elizabeth; John William; Virginia; Margaret; Maureen
Married #1: Landon E. Gist in 1926
Children: Lucille E. Gist Gastring
Married #2: John Klepac in 1981

Martha A. Lang
Parents: Willie and Mary Jordon Staudt
Siblings: Regina Staudt Heep; Paul; Robert; Otto; Veronica
Married: C. A. Lang
no children

Zenon Antonio Ledesma
Apr 12 1955
Jan 13 1993
William Arthur Leech, Jr.
Aug 04 1921
May 20 1990
Frank J. Lux
Jan 09 1910
Jam 18 1910

Katie McQuillen
Baby Girl Moore
Parents: Darnell and Billy Scharnhorst Moore
Siblings: Russel Wayne; Bradley Ray; Colby Lee

Christina Preiss Mueller
Nov 19 1834
Feb 19 1916
Married: Wilhelm Mueller
Children: Otto; Albert; Wilhelm Jr.; Emma Mueller Koch

Wilhelm Mueller
Jul 01 1832
Feb 05 1917
Ruhetin in Frieden
Married: Christina Preiss
Children: see above

Wilhelm C. Mueller
Feb 09 1875
May 27 1911
Parents: Wilhelm and Christina Mueller
Not married

Jasper O'Bryant Sep 30 1872 Mar 10 1939
Parents: Jake and Mary Kelly O'Bryant
Siblings: Walter; Ben; George; Clara; Minervia; Oscar  
Married: Anna Nowotny
Children: Helen O'Bryant Schmidt; George; Charley; Laurance; Robert; John; Tillie;
Annie; Mildred; Clarae O'Bryant Hass.

Anna O'Bryant Feb 17 1879 Oct 31 1965
Parents: Wenzel and Mary Nowotny
Siblings:  Etta; Regina; Emile; Ernest; Wina; Herbert
Married: Jasper O'Bryant
Children: See above

Charley O'Bryant Aug 19 1894 Jan 15 1964
Parents: Jasper and Anna Nowotny O'Bryant
Siblings: See Jasper O'Bryant
Married: Lydia Givens
Children: Raymond; Roland; Riley

Baby O'Bryant no date late 1800's
Parents: Jasper and Anna Nowotny O'Bryant

Tommie Rhodes Payne
Lucy Perez
Feb 24 1902
Feb 21 1985
Born in Mexico
Parents: Andria and Porfino Rodrioqvez
Married: Jose Perez
Children: Dominga Perez Gomez; Ramon

Jose Perez
Mar 19 1900
Dec 04 1978
Parents: Victor and Maria Isobel Perez
Married: Lucy Rodrioqvez
Children: see above

Raymond Perez
Parents: Raymond and Emilla San Miguel Perez
Siblings: Steven; Linda; Mary Esther; Gilbert; Richard; Blanca;

G. Perez
Anna Petsch
Mar 10 1870
Dec 01 1914
Married: John F. Petsch
Children: Olga Petsch Weber

John F. Petsch
Nov 19 1857
Oct 06 1935
Married: Anna ?
Children: see above

Francis Pina (baby)
no date
Aug 05 1965
Parents: Eduardo and Callentana Trinidad Pina
Siblings: Lupe; Eddie; John; Sylvia; Olga; Patricia

Frank P. Preiss Jan 01 1880 Feb 06 1967
Parents: Martin and Franziska Rakowitz Preiss
Siblings: Adolph; Alwin; Otto; Martin; Joe; Charles; Katherine Preiss Triesch; Margaret
Preiss Pope.
Married: Ella M. Heidrich
Children: Edwin M.; Linden; Pauline; Bill; Alma; Max; Rudolph

Ella M. Preiss May 03 1885 May 03 1972
Parents: Rudolph and Sophia Pape Heidrich
Siblings: Frank; Hector; Walter; Bernard; Irene; Stella; Laura; Hilda; Lilly; Tony (f);
Tillie; Meta.
Married: Frank P. Preiss
Children:  See above

Edwin M. Preiss Apr 05 1911 May 27 1972
Parents: Frank and Ella Heidrich Preiss
Siblings: Rudolph;  Linden; Pauline; Bill; Alma; Max
Married: Eleanora T. Syring
Children: Edwin Jr.; Caroline; Lester; Ralph; Robert; Annetta; Weldon

Eleanora T. Preiss Jan 11 1914 Still living in 1985
Parents: Nicholas and Eva Syring
Siblings: Lucy; Frieda; Helen; Bertha; Hulda; Alfred; Valentin; Ben; Paul
Married Ewin M. Preiss
Children: See Above

Alwin Preiss 1874 1966
Parents: Martin and Franziska Rakowitz Preiss
Siblings: Adolph; Joe; Charley; Martin; Otto; Frank; Katherine Preiss Triesch;
Margaret Preiss Pope.
Married: Frieda Weinstrom
Children: Virginia Preiss Jung; Harry; Marvin; Arthur; Leopold

Frieda Preiss 1881 1968
Parents: Fritz (Fred) and Mary Weinstrom
Siblings: Fritz (Fred) Jr.; Emma; Emile; Anna
Married: Alwin Preiss
Children:    See Above

Rudolph Preiss Jun 16 1908 Aug 17 1925
Parents: Frank and Ella Heidrich Preiss

Harry M. Preiss 1901 1984
Parents:  Alwin and Frieda Preiss
Married: Rosalie Becthold
Children: Mildred Preiss Franke

Rosalia Katherina Preiss
Dec 19 1905
Jun 17 1986

Lucy Mary Preiss
Sep 12 1918
Nov 29 1989

Pauline Rakowitz
Aug 18 1860
Aug 22 1936
Married: Peter Rakkowitz

Peter Rakowitz
Jun 01 1856
Dec 03 1940
Parents: Joseph and Cathrina Rakowitz
Siblings: Anastasia; Lea; John; Anton; and 1 more.
Married: Pauline ?

Edwin Read
Sep 14 1907
Jan 15 1987
Joseph Riba      Dec 13 1885 Mar 28 1981
Parents: George and Barbara Platzer Riba
Siblings: Annie Riba Preiss; John; Otto; Willie; Albert
Married: Sophia Weber
Children:   See Below.

Sophia Weber Riba Nov 01 1888 Apr -- 1984
Born in Blanco
Parents: August and Olga Petsch Weber
Siblings: See August Weber               
Married: Joseph Riba  
Children: Oswald; Victor; Herman; Josephine Riba Walsh; Elizabeth Riba Dechert Sorell.

Innocente Romero Dec 28 1904 Feb 13 1984
Parents: ??
Siblings: Horasmo Remero; Guadalupe Romero DeLeon
Married: Maria ?
Children:  Jose; Cuturo; Fred; Celestino; Erminia Quiroga Romero; Amelia Romero;
Josephina Romero Ledesma; Uralia Romero. 

Susie Ann Romero
Parents: Fred and Janie Romero
Siblings: Fred Jr.; Adolpo; Ramiro; Mary Christine; Rosalinda;
Mary Jane; Tito

Celestino Corona Romero, Sr.
Apr 05 1933
Oct 02 1989

Milton Edwin Scharnhorst
Oct 21 1926
Oct 08 1987
Gertrude Schmidt Dec 29 1919 Dec 29 1921
Parents: Johnnie and Helena Schmidt
Siblings: Leroy; Milton; Lillian Schmidt Walker; Elsie Schmidt Meuer

Johnie J. Schmidt 1891 1983
Parents: Herman and Rosina Poss Schmidt
Siblings: Pete; Agnes Schmidt Fogel Stahl
Married: Helena M. O'Bryant
Children: Leroy; Milton; Lillian Schmidt Walker; Elsie Schmidt; Meuer; Gertrude

Helena Schmidt 1897 Still living in 1985
Parents: Jasper and Anna Nowotny O'Bryant
Siblings: See Jasper O'Bryant
Married: Johnie J. Schmidt
Children: See above

Norma H. Schmidt Jul 15 1927 Jan 13 1977
Parents: Richard and Telka Triesch Klappenbach, Jr.
Siblings: Elsie Klappenbach Hartman; Linda Klappenbach Weirich; Herman
Married: Leroy Schmidt
Children: Rickey; Sandra; Jimmy; Stevie; Kenny; Tanis; Angie

Leroy Schmidt Aug 21 1923 Still living in 1985
Parents: Johnie and Helena Schmidt
Marriage #1: Norma H. Klappenbach
Marriage #2: Jo Rita Owens
Children: See above

Helena Mary Schmidt
Sep 16 1897
Dec 18 1990

Maria T. Sierra
May 29 1931
Jun 16 1968
Married: Jesus T. Sierra
Children: Robert; Gloria; Alicia; Annie; Gracie; Elizabeth; Ray
and one more Girl.

Jesus Sierra
Sep 27 1929
Jul 16 1974
Married: Jesus T. Sierra
Children: see above

Elizabeth Sorrell Dec 03 1920 Still living in 1985
Parents: Joseph and Sophie Weber Riba
Marriage #1: Wesley Julius Dechert
Marriage #2: Henry Sorrell
Children:  See Wesley Dechert

Mequiades Tellez
Dec 13 1879
Apr 15 1983
Richard Thomas Trachta
Dec 18 1940
May 06 1985
Lina Trinidad Apr 09 1912 1984
Born in Hondo, Texas
Parents: Florentino and Felipa Garcia Perez
Siblings: Jesus Perez; Juan Gonzales; Herman; Anna Mensia
Married: Tito Trinidad
Children: Callentana Trinidad Pina

Tito Trinidad
Jan 04 1911
Nov 07 1989


Raul T. Uballe, Jr.
Aug 05 1976
Oct 02 1976
Parents: Roy and Emillia Camacho Uballe
Sibling: Michelle

Herman Uballe
Aug 26 1946
Jun 20 1989

August Weber Jan 30 1891 July -- 1984
Born in Blanco County
Parents: Peter J. and Elizabeth Pehl Weber
Sisters: Sophia Weber Riba; Joe Walter; Otto; Felix; Herman; Annie Weber Weinheimer
Married: Olga Margaret Petch in 1915
Children: Frank; Laurence; Walter; Stephen; Elenora Weber Scheel; Lillian Weber Cox;
John A.
Note:  August Weber was a successful businessman in Blanco for many years.

Olga Margaret Weber 1892 1977
Parents: John and Anna Petsch
Married: August Petsch in 1915
Children:  See above.

John A. Weber Dec 04 1919 Apr 23 1920
Parents: August and Olga Petsch Weber
Siblings: See August Weber

Chester William Weber
Jun 13 1931
Sep 09 1988
Sent by Ken or Sylvia Harmon
Lillian Weber

Alwin Wegner Nov 12 1887 May 08 1968
Parents: Gus and Nannie Wegner
Siblings: Ed; Betty Wegner Breed; Vanda Wegner Vollerming
Married: Theresa Seidel
Children: Alwin Jr.

Theresa Wegner Dec 16 1904 Still living in 1985
Parents: John and Anna Seidel
Siblings: Frank; Henry; Anton; Adolph; Joe; Louis; Rosie Seidel Bartch; Ida Seidel Kadura;
Emma Seidel Wilhelm.
Married: Alwin Wegner in 1935
Children: Alwin Wegner, Jr.

Mary Rita Weir
Married: Charles Weir

Charles Weir
Married: Mary Rita ??

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