3 Surveyors (names unknown) Cemetery
Provided by
Joel Honeycutt
c/o Blanco County Historical Commission
P.O. Box 1121
Johnson City, Texas 78636
Transcribed by:
Prepared for the TXGenWeb Blanco County Web Site by Wanda Qualls

Location:  Located in a field south of the Little Blanco River on the left side of Ranch Road 32
at the Blanco and Comal County Line. 

In 1924 Leon Kruckemeyer (where this information came from) hauled a few wagon loads of
rock on the gravesite and planted a pecan tree in the middle of the graves, the tree is still there
as of 1985.  There are no tombstones and no names.

In 1858, the Indians were roaming the country side looking for horses to steal.  There were a
number of horse ranches up and down the Little Blanco Valley.  The indians came across three
men on horseback surveying the Blanco and Comal Line.  The indians killed all of the men and
took their horses.  The bodies of the men were found later and buried where they had died

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