Eight Persons Murdered
A Newspaper Article about  Al Lackey

This one was printed in The New York Times, p. 5, 27 Aug 1885. 
The same article also appeared in the following newspapers:
The Trenton Times, p. 1, 26 Aug 1885
The Sun, Maryland, 27 Aug 1885
Philadelphia Inquirer, 27 Aug 1885
Newark Daily Advocate, p. 1,  27 Aug 1885
I think this is a fairly close account of what occurred that day, except for two things. 
Where it says that Al Lackey "shot and cut the throat of Mrs. Henry Lockie",
it was really Mrs. Charles Lackey (Fannie Stokes Lackey).  Al Lackey also killed Fannie's parents. 
The article also says that he killed Thomas Brunswick,
but I'm not aware that he died from the wounds Al Lackey inflicted upon him.
Sent by:   Claudia Lackey

Lackey Newspaper Article

Lackey Posse
Starting from left to right:  Frances Aaron Lackey (son of Thomas who was a brother to Albert),  Sheriff Colvin Pruitt (brother-in-law to Albert), James C. and Charles C. (sons of James Lackey who was a brother to Albert).
Albert Lackey's victims:
l.  Fannie Stokes Lackey - Charles Lackey's first wife.  One child born to this marriage, Dora.  Charles was Albert's nephew and stepson.  Charles' mother, Aley Jane Pruitt married Albert second after her first husband, James, died.  After Fannie's death, Charles married Sarah Alice Piercy and had four children, James W., Mattie, John Colvin and Cora.
2.  Martha (Mattie) Lackey - daughter of Albert Lackey and Aley Jane Pruitt. 
3 & 4.  Jim C. and Lucy Stokes - Fannie Stokes' parents.
5 & 6.  Nathaniel Greenberry Lackey and wife Isabel Adeline (Jackson) - Nathaniel was Albert's brother.

Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree

Al Lackey Grave

Al Lackey's Grave

Fanny and Mattie's grave

Fannie and Mattie Lackey's headstone.  They are all six buried at Sandy Cemetery, side by side.  I heard they were buried 2 to a grave, but don't know if that's true. 

Jim Stokes and wife

Jim Stokes and Wife

Sandy Cemetery

Lackey burials in the Sandy Cemetery

Nathaniel and Isabella Lackey

Nathaniel and Isabel Lackey