Galveston News

20 September 1883, pg 10

headline:  What the Interior Papers Say

      A correspondent of the Blanco Star chronicles the end of a long life and many changes of abode in the demise of Mrs. Mary Lackey, of Sandy post office neighborhood.  She was born near Richmond, Va., 1788, and was 95 years old at the time of her death.

     She was married to G. B. Lackey, in Madison county, Kentucky, lived a Baptist seventy-one years and was married seventy-nine years.  Her husband moved from Illinois to Ozark Mountain, Mo., thence to Grayson county, Texas, in an early day, thence to Oatmeal, Burnet county, when the Indians and buffalo were thick, thence to Blanco county, thence to Medina county, thence to Comanche county in 1858, thence to Llano county in 1861, thence to Travis county in 1862, and then back to Blanco county.

(Special Telegram to the News.)
Sandy, June 25. --Mrs. Lackey died in this neighborhood recently, aged 95 years; leaving a husband a few months her junior, to whom she was married, at the age of 16 years, in 1804 --seventy-nine years ago.  Of this marriage were born and raised to maturity sixteen sons and two daughters.  One of the sons, now over 75 years, is still living.

Sent by:  Claudia Lackey