Anhalt Duchy, Prussia

One thing you may want to note:  In the handbook of Texas, there is a Prussian duchy referred to as Nassau and I have seen it copied several times from that source.  I searched old maps and documents and there is no Nassau on the maps. After going back and researching the history of Prussia, I believe there may have been a translation error from the old Germanic language to English.  What I have found is this:
The Duchy of Anhalt-Cöthen existed until 1847,  when the prince, Henry, died in 1847.  This family became extinct, and according to an arrangement between the Anhalt-Dessau and Anhalt-Bernburg lines , Cöthen was added to Dessau.  Anhalt-Dessau existed until Leopold IV, who reigned from 1817 to 1871, had the satisfaction in 1863 of reuniting the whole of Anhalt under his rule. Anhalt became a state of the German Empire in 1871.  There were actually three divisions of the Anhalt Duchy: Cothen, Bernburg, and Dessau.  I know you and I couldn´t possibly change the Texas handbook but I think it is worth noting and may help others when they do their research.  One of the best web sites I found was the Anhalt site which explains in greater detail what I have described above.  
Lisa Pevehouse
 Most of the documentation from the 1850 and forward is taken from primary documents and my own historical research.  
(I hold a Masters degree in American History from the University of Texas at San Antonio).