Newspaper Article about Miller Creek Cemetery

Record Courier - September 16 1971

Survey Committee To Record Graves in Blanco County

        The Blanco County Historical Survey Committee,
Mrs.  Claudialea Watts, chairman, has undertaken to
record the graves in the Blanco County cemeteries. 
Mrs. Otto Sultemeier, who had agreed to record the
graves in the Post Oak cemetery completed that work
last month and reported that 114 graves were located
in that cemetery.
         Mrs. Bill Stribling completed recording the graves
in the Round Mountain Cemetery this week.  The total
of graves in this cemetery is 325, 233 of these are properly
marked.  The remaining 92 have no markings whatsoever.  
One of the graves in the Round Mountain cemetery is of
very special interest to the history of Blanco County.
This is the grave of Robert Price, a veteran of the War for
Texas Independence.  Mr. Price served as a detailed
baggage guard at Harrisburg.  The State of Texas
recognized this veteran soldier in 1936 by placing
a marker on his grave.  The dates on the marker are
         According to Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Joe Smith has
consented to record the graves at the Walnut Cemetery
and Mrs. Minnie Twidwell will record the graves in the
Miller Creek cemetery.
          The recording of graves in other cemeteries,
including the Masonic Cemetery in Johnson City
will be undertaken as early as possible.

Record Courier - October 28 1971

Miller Creek Cemetery Holds 328 Graves

Mrs. Minnie Twidwell, at the request of Mrs. W. R. Watts,
chairman of the Blanco County Historical Survey Committee,
has with the help of her husband, Lindsey Twidwell, completed
the recording of graves in the Miller Creek Cemetery.  There
are 328 graves in that cemetery.  Mrs.  Twidwell also furnished
a bit of history other than the recording of the graves.  In her
report she says:
     "The Miller Creek Cemetery is located on Highway 290,
about 9 miles southeast of  Johnson City, on the north bank
of Miller Creek near the mouth of McCall Creek.
       It was given to this community by Mrs. Twidwell's
great-grandfather, Jacob Felps, about 1862, when his
daughter, Martha, died.  She was the first person buried
       In 1869 his son, Thomas C. Felps, and wife Eliza, were
murdered by the Indians on Cypress Creek.  Their bodies
were brought to Miller Creek Community to be buried in
the Miller Creek Cemetery.
        When in 1925 the cemetery was beginning to be crowded
for space,  Jacob   Felps,  grandson of Wickline R. Felps,
gave more land and deeded it to the communities of McCall
Creek and Miller Creek.  This land was also from Jacob
Felps Survey No. 406"

Correction on Miller Creek Cemetery Data

      Mrs. Twidwell, who recorded the graves in the Miller
Creek cemetery,  has asked us to make a correction
as to the deeding of the cemetery which she inadvertantly
made in her report which we published last week.
      She sends the following correction:
"Miller Creek Cemetery is located in Blanco County
9 miles Southeast of Johnson City on Highway 290, near
the mouth of McCall Creek and just south of Miller Creek.
In 1925 Jacob Felp's grandson, Wickline R. Felps, gave
more land to the Cemetery."
(Editor's note: We are happy to help get this information

Ranchland Post Dispatch - May 22 1980

Historical Group Expresses Thanks

    The  Blanco County Historical Commission has received
memorials in memory of M. B. Barrow and wish to thank the
     Miss Marth Barth
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barth
     Mr. and Mrs. Emil (Buster) Weirich
     Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schornhorst
     Bill and Jerry Colwell
     Gene and Jerry Colwell
     Tommy and Donna Felps  and
     Jerome and Vera Liesmann.
     At present we are working to secure more Historical
Markers and preservation of the County's history.

Blanco County Historical Commission
Mrs. Minnie Cox, Secretary

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