Round Mountain Cemetery
Cemetery recieves additional acreage
Johnson City Record-Courier
October 25, 1984

    The  Round  Mountain  Cemetery  Association  held formal dedication ceremonies for an addition to the cemetery on Saturday, October 13 at 3 p.m.
    Mrs.  Sadie  Sharp  and  Mrs.  Kathleen  Barnett  served  as  co-chairmen  of the dedication ceremonies.
    The cemetery addition, a 2 1/2 acre tract designated as the Garden of Roses, was given as a memorial to honor the late Damon D. and Anita Kroll Sharp by their daughter, Dorothy Sharp Kemp and her husband Leonard.
    Damon Doyle Sharp was born on March 20, 1902, the son of Lee Minor and Sophronia Neal Sharp, and died on November 20, 1944.  Anita Helen Ann Kroll was born on July 25, 1902, the daughter of Charles H. and Agnes Wiedebusch Kroll, and died January 23, 1975.
    Damon  and  Anita  were  married  on November 27, 1922 and were the parents of four children, Damon Doyle, Jr., Charles Lee, George W., Dorothy Ann.  The welcome was given by Mrs. Sadie Sharp.
    The dedication  message  was  delivered by Reverand Max Copeland, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Marble Falls.
    A brief history of the cemetery  was  given by Dorothy Kemp.  Mrs. Kemp said that in searching the old deed  records  of  their  property,  no  mention  was  ever made of the cemetery and that no diagram of the cemetery appears on any of the old land plats.  
     The cemetery is a part of a 160 acre land grant  that  was  given  in 1857 by Governor E. M. Pease from the State of Texas to the heirs of K. L. Anderson and was  assigned  to one J. A. Pierce.  The land was used for a cemetery prior to that time as there are graves in the upper section of the cemetery that date back to
the mid 1700's
    Part of the land owned by her grandfather,  Charles H. Kroll, from 1915 to 1920 and her uncle, Clinton Kroll, was born ther.  It was only after her  parents had purchased the property in 1941 that the cemetery was taken of the county tax roll.
     Like many other pioneer families but something you do not find every day in every cemetery, there are five generations of Sharp men buried at Round Mountain.
     Beginning with  great,  great,  grandfather  William  C. Sharp and great grandfather William C. Sharp both of whom were veterans of the Civil War, there  were  grandfather Lee Minor Sharp, her father and a uncle Alonzo Neal Sharp and her brothers, Doyle and Charles Lee and Cousin Norris Denton Sharp.  Her mother, as  a  Kroll,  is  not  alone for buried near her are a brother-in-law and sister, Eli and Lena Kroll Shelley and  some  of  their  children,  her  brother  J.  Alvin  Kroll  and  two sisters-in-law Myrtle Shelley Krolls and Helen Roberts Kroll.
    Mrs. Kemp expressed gratitude to Kathleen Kroll Barnett and to the  Capitol Marble Company for the generous donation of a beautiful pink granite base and to  the  cemetery  association for the bronze plaque that have been erected to serve as a commerative marker.
    She also thanked the members  of the  community, who give of their time as officers and board members of the association.  She paid special  tribute to the memory of Mabel Shelley Stribling who was responsible for making the cemetery  what  it is today and cited the support she always received  by  her late husband, Bill Stribling.
    Mrs. Kemp said that on behalf of her family, she was grateful for the opportunity to give the land to the community, not just to honor her  parents,  but also  to insure  that there will be room for all to lie among those we love.
    Immediately following the ceremonies a reception was held in the home of Mrs. Sadie Sharp.   Assisting as co-hostesses were:   Messers  Kathleen  Barnett,  Karla  Cannon,  Gay  Dickens,  Karen  Higginbotham, Patsy Sharp and Jean Youngblood.
    Officers of the cemetery association are:  President Will Moursund, Vice-president  E.  Sonny Bergman and Secretary-Treasurer Gary Polvado.  Board members are: Violet Haynes Waters and Sadie Sharp