Blanco County Courthouse
Please note that records before Blanco  County was founded  will
probably be in Comal County.

Blanco County Clerk
  P.O. Box 65, Johnson City, TX  78636
  Phone (830)868-7357. 

Right now they are charging $1.00 per page for regular xerox copies of  marriage, birth and death records plus a SASE.    They may decide to increase the price if they get a hugh number of requests.

Birth, Death and Veteran records are closed for 75 years each.  Luckily the marriage records are open.  they begin in 1876.  Probate records start in 1876.  Those requests have to go to the County Clerk directly.  In regard to the Birth, Death and Veteran  lookups the Clerk's office charges $5.00 per search and they are done as they have time.   If you have any questions, let me know.

Records may be searched if  they are 50 years after birth date or 25 years after death date. 
Marriage records begin in 1876
Death records begin 1903
 Birth records begin in 1903

Probate Records begin in 1876 but those records will require the County Clerk to look for them.  They are in storage at the Annex if copies are requested.  Also, Karen Newman, the County Clerk told me the other day that the government has put a 75 year wait on Veteran records.  That is a long time!!!

As I said I will be glad to lookups for people on a once a week basis.  That way I can go on my day off an look up a bunch a one time, which I won't mind.  But they will need to send first and last names and a general idea of a time period.  I will not be charging for this service if anyone asks. (Although I would love to do family research for a living, but that will not be.)
If you have any questions, let me know.

Pat Althaus