Blassingame Cabin in Blanco
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Janelle Holmes
Wildair Beagles

  My husband and I visited the Blassingame cabin in Blanco this morning. It's been several years since I've been there and talked to the owner of the land, Betsy Dudley who had planned to restore it to original condition. Sadly, nothing has been done. So I guess she thought it would be too expensive. I was really hoping she would find someone local or in state that would do it at a reasonable price, but I guess not.

Blassingame Creek 2004

Blassingame Creek
Anyway, I took several photos and learned some interesting things from my
husband who had never been there before. he said that back then the 2 x 4
were actually 2 x 4 inches and you can see this in the floor frame. Many of the timbers are 2 x 4 while others are the smaller modern, and I would put quotes around modern, 2 x 4s. The original ones are also very rough hewn as you can see in the close up of one. The back door is "modern" as the notches cut for the door jambs are exactly modern width 2 x 4s. The front door is hard to tell, but there is a threshold and modern 2 x 4s but I imagine this is the original entrance to the cabin. The window also appears to be a more recent addition as there, too, are notches cut for modern 2 x 4s. I've also taken a "viewpoint photo" from where we think the Callahans and his friends were when the shooting started. There is a dropoff from the area around the house in a pretty straight line that my husband guesses is about where the fence stood and the gate to the yard. This would definitely be a "hollering" distance to the cabin. I don't think it would have been much further back. Another view of the cabin shows my husband, a descendant of the Blassingames through their daughter Frances who married William Kendrick Holmes, his great-grandfather. His name is Kenneth Holmes.

Blassingame Cabin Veiwpoint 2004

Veiw of Blassingame Cabin

Blassingame Cabin & Decendant

Blassingame Cabin and decendant Kenneth Holmes.

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