Muster Roll of Captain James Callahan's

Company of Rangers, State of Texas

July 20, 1855

(from The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LIV July 1950 to April 1, 1951 and the Plum Creek Almanac,
Vol. 3,  No. 2, Fall 1985, p. 19-20)`






James H. Callahan Captain 40 Rio Blanco
Edward Burleson 1st Lieut. 29 San Marcos
William Kyle 2nd Lieut. 25 San Marcos
Constantine M. Conly Ordly Sergt 24 Prairie Lea
William H. Word 2nd Sergt. 28 Prairie Lea
Joel B. Sanders 3rd Sergt. 24 Prairie Lea
Riley Lewis 4th Sergt. 24 Seguin
Charles Faylor 1st Corp. 18 San Marcos
Benjamin Elam 2nd Corp. 25 Prairie Lea
Thomas B. Boon 3rd Corp 19 Prairie Lea
William F. McMurrain 4th Corp. 23 Prairie Lea
John McCoy 1st Bugler 16 Rio Blanco
Isaac Tanner 2nd Bugler 18 Rio Blanco
Jacob Roberts Farrier 30 Seguin
Samuel L. Arlidge Private 40 Prairie Lea
John A. Baughn Private 24 San Marcos
Zachariah P. Bugg Private 24 San Marcos
Aaron Burleson Private 22 Austin
David C. Burleson Private 19 San Marcos
B. Eustise Benton Private  18 Seguin
Henry W. Bridges Private 19 Seguin
Jacob F. Byler Private 25 Seguin
Edward Burleson, Jr. Private 20 San Marcos
Luther Blassingame Private 20 Seguin
Paul Brotson Private 20 Comal
Robert Copender Private 20 Seguin
William A. Carry Private 20 Prairie Lea
John Campbell Private 21 Currys Creek
William C. Campbell Private 22 Currys Creek
Thomas A. Carey Private 21 Currys Creek
William H. Clopton Private 21 Currys Creek
Henry Davis Private 21 San Marcos
Samuel Durham Private 27 San Marcos
James Darby Private 23 Seguin
Isham L. Davis Private 24 Lockhart
William A. Dewooddie Private 22 Onion Creek
Jack Ellis Private 25 San Marcos
Lemuel Fentress Private 30 Rio Blanco
Joseph G. Hines Private 20 Lockhart
John Hoffler Private 22 Comal
Bedford Harnet Private 23 Austin
Johnh F. Hamilton Private 24 Austin
Tilford D. Hines Private 27 Seguin
Elijah Harris Private 27 Prairie Lea
Rufus Hynyard Private 30 Cibolo
William J. Johnson Private 23 Lockhart
Albert Jones Private  19 Austin
Polk R. Kyle Private 19 San Marcos
John H. Lesserman Private 19 Comal
John A. McCrocklin Private 20 Rio Blanco
Jonathan J. Miers Private 18 Prairie Lea
Francis M. Martin Private 20 Rio Blanco
Thomas N. McKenzie Private 27 Prairie Lea
Charles T. McGeehee Private 18 Bastrop
Adolphus Norman Private 20 Currys Creek
Benjamin O'Banion Private 26 Yorks Creek
Robert Page Private 20 Rio Blanco
Thomas Pullum Private  40 Plum Creek
William A. Pitts Private 24 Seguin
James M. Patton Private 44 Currys Creek
William Pearson Private 22 Currys Creek
Benjamin T. Patton Private 21 Currys Creek
James Pogue Private 19 Austin
Robert Ruse Privte 27 Austin
Daniel B. Shuler Private 23 Lockhart
William Snell Private 23 Austin
George W. Shuler Private 21 Lockhart
Samuel G. Smith Private 40 Prairie Lea
Johnson Snibble Private 30 Comal
Augtustus Smith Private 27 Bexar
Lafayette Stokes Private 30 Guadalupe
Oscar Starka Private 22 Guadalupe
John W. Samson Private 21 Currys Creek
Velarius R. Sanders Private 21 Cibolo
George W. Tom Private 19 Seguin
Solomon Tanner Private 20 Rio Blanco
William Tom Private 22 Seguin
Simpson Tom Private  18 Seguin
David Walton Private 25 Seguin
Hezekiah Williams Private 18 Seguin
Emanuel Wydick Private 24 Prairie Lea
Robert W. Ware Private 24 Prairie Lea
Peter W. Williams Private 24 Lockhart
John R. Wilcox Private 18 Lockhart
Edward Wayland Private 30 Currys Creek
James L. Weems Private 22 Seguin
Ewel M. Wright Private 18 Prairie Lea

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