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The Fellers family came to the United States in 1737.  Adam G' Fellers was born in Germany, and died
in Green County, TN.  His will is dated December 29, 1812 and probated April 27, 1813.  His wife was
Mary Magdalene Huber.  She most likely died before April 1813, as she is not mentioned in his will.  Most of the couples children migrated to Limestone County, AL.  One of their sons, Henry G' Fellers, and his family migrated from Limestone
County, AL to Texas in 1835. 
Henry was granted 1280 acres of Land in Rusk County by the Republic Of Texas, but later changed it for
land in Blanco County.  Unfortunately, Henry died before he ever got to see his land in Blanco County.  His
will was probated 11/25/1847 in Rusk Co., TX.  The children of Henry and Sophia were: Abram, Washington, Marion, Emiline
Abe Fellers, one of the children of Henry, and wife Sophia, ranched on the land in Blanco County.  Although Abe and his wife, Susan Wells, had no children of their own, they were fortunate enough to have many nephews for ranch hands.  His brother, John Fellers, and married two of Susan's sisters, having children with both.  
John Fellers was born in Limestone County, AL in 1827.  He married Sarah Wells in 1846, and they had the following children; Nancy, Henry, John Riley, Washington, Green, Doc,  
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Nov 16 2003

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