Timeline for James Curtis Cady Sr. (1842-1915)   

1797 - Benjamin Johnson Cady Born in New York, of NY parents (see Census of 1870)
1800 - Catherine Leming Born in Hamilton Co., OH 
1820, - Nov. Benjamin and Catherine married in Pleasant Run, Hamilton County, OH
1829 - Benjamin Johnson Cady moves family to New Castle, Henry, IN 
1839 - Benjamin Johnson Cady moves family to Richland Township, Miami Co. IN
1840 Federal Census for Miami Co, IN has Benjamin Johnson Cady, Catherine Cady, Polly Cady (1821), Henry Lemming Cady(1824), Jaseph Daniel Cady (1827), William Horace Cady(1831), Silas N Cady (1833), Benjamin Franklin Cady(1839)  
1842 - May 13, James Curtis Cady Born: in Richland Twnshp, Miami County,IN.
1845 - March 20, Cynthia Alice Green Born in Sabine County, Republic of Texas 
1848 – July 8, Benjamin Johnson Cady + Sells 160 Acres in Miami Co, IN 
            1849. - Catherine (Leming) Cady dies in-transit to or in Texas 
            1849 - James Curtis Cady Relocated to Fayette County, TX on 300 acres with Father 
1850 - Federal Census Fayette County, TX,. has JCC, BFC with Benjamin Johnson Cady near Bluff Post Office. BJC age is listed as 45 and he is from Indiana. This is not  consistent with later Census and we think the boys gave the info.   
1850 - Federal Census Fayette County, TX William Cady is on Burleson Ranch, DJC is elsewhere, Silas is in Shelby Co, IN, Henry in California and Polly is in Indiana2
1850 - Federal Census Sabine Co. YX Cynthia Alice Green is with her parents William Green and Miranda  (Boon) Green
1855 - June 29. Benjamin Johnson Cady remarries the former Harriet C. Collins in Caldwell, Co, TX
1855 – Summer Polly Martindale and family move to La Grange from Indiana with Silas and JD help. 
1855 - Oct William Horace Cady brother of JCC dies in La Grange, TX 
1856 - Peruel M Cady Born Fayette, Co, TX to Benjamin Johnson Cady and Harriet C. Collins 
1860 - Federal Census Lockhart, Caldwell, TX listed under J C Kody on Crenshaw Ranch 
1860 - Federal Census Lockhart, Caldwell, TX Scynthia Green with family 
1861 - April 15, James Curtis Cady Joined Co. B 1st Texas Mounted Rifles (McCulloch’s) Calvary 
1861 - May 7, James Curtis Cady sent to Camp Cooper, TX  near St Clear Fork and Brazos Rivers. 
1861- May 9, James Curtis Cady unit involved in Battle of San Luis Springs/Adams Union Troops surrender. Troops were marching to the coast and were disarmed and allowed to continue.  
1861 – Nov. 1st. James Curtis Cady unit at Battle of Please River, TX #3 (vs Indians)  
1862  - April 15, James Curtis Cady Discharged from 1st Texas Mounted Rifles. At some point he was jabbed by a mesquite branch while chasing cattle rustlers. This injury effected him later in life and maybe why he stayed out of the Calvary. 
1862 – May 15, James Curtis Cady joined Co. K 17th Texas (McDowell’s) Infantry, Which was ordered to Camp Nelson, Arkansas in August
Note - Waller’s Division had 4 brigades of which McCullock’s  3rd brigade contained the 16th, 17th and 19th Infantry. The 16th Calvary Regiment and artillery.  
1862, - Oct to Nov, Measules, typhoid fever, pneumonia and tuberculosis outbreak that hits Camp Nelson, Arkansas 1500 die or take sick leave. James was reported sick during this time/  On Nov.24th, Camp moved and only sick were left behind. 
1862 - December General Walker takes command of Division in, which has moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 
18632 – January the 17th Marching from Pine Bliff, AR, miss Arkansas Post where 7000 Confederates are trapped and captured by troops backed with Gunboats, 
1863 - Feb 9, James Curtis Cady and the 17th are at Camp Wright.  Then move to Louisiana  on April 24th. Over the next year the Walkers’ Division, (w/ Hnery McCullock’s 3rd Brigade,  Col. Allen’s 17th T.V Inf., Capt. McDowell’s Company K)  march over Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas earning the nickname  “Texas Greyhounds”
1863 - June 8, Battle of Milliken Bend, AK. The 17th suffered the following casualties: one officer and twenty enlisted men killed, four officers and sixty-one enlisted men wounded, and three enlisted men captured or missing. The Texans total losses 44 killed, 131 wounded, and 10 missing..The Federals lost 101 killed, 285 wounded, and 266 captured or missing, Union gunboats forced the Confederates to withdraw to Oak Grove Plantation. This loss prevented relief of Vicksburg. The 17th went with its Brigade to Milliken Bend, another Brigade went to Young’s Point and a third was held in reserve. 
1863 – The Balance of the year the 17th fights at Richmond, LaFourche Crossing, Brashear City, Donaldsville, Harrisonburg, Fort Beauregard, Morgan's Ferry, Sterling's Plantation, Opelousas, Barre Landing, Washington, Grand Coteau, and Camp Pratt
1863 – November  Col. R.T.P. Allen was such a poor/mean commander that the desertion rate was high in the 17th. He was replaced by Lt.Col. George Washington Jones, second in command and popular with the men. 
1864 - April Union’s Red River Campaign. Walkers Division marches to Alexandria, LA to block invasion of Texas. It fought in or near Franklin and at Fort DeRussy. Fort DeRussy was manned by 350 Confederates, including members of the 17th Texas Infantry, when it was attacked by members of the Union Army's 16th Corps. The fort fell to the Union troops. Among those captured when it fell were one officer and thirty-nine enlisted men of the 17th Texas Infantry. The 17th  also fought at Natchitoches and Campti. 
1864 - The 17th was at the Battle of Mansfield, the decisive engagement in Red River Campaign, forcing the Union to retreat to Alexandria, LA  Union forces had suffered 113 killed, 581 wounded, and 1,541 captured as well as the loss of 20 cannon, 156 wagons, and a thousand horses and mules killed or captured.  Confederate loss was "about 1,000 killed and wounded". McCullock Brigade was actively engaged at this battle, losing 184 killed out of 1500 engaged
1864 - April 8th, Sabine Cross-roads  on the night.
1864 - April  James Curtis Cady and 17th unit at Pleasant Hill, LA were they lost 500 and 300 captured. Total dead and wounded 1438 and 737, captured out of 12,000 of Taylor’s Texas Division. Technically a Union Victory. The 17th was in the center with the Brigade and charged a force three times their size to help two other brigades to withdraw.  About 250 members of the Brigade were captured 
1864 – The 17th was ordered to Arkansas. It marched to the Little Rock area and took part in operations against Union Gen. Frederick Steele. The 17th  fought at Poison Springs, Arkansas, on April 18, 1864, at Mark's Mills in Arkansas on April 25, 1864, and at Jenkins' Ferry on the Saline River in Arkansas on April 30, 1864.The unit was ordered to Shreveport, Louisiana, in the middle of 1864. It stayed there until ordered to Texas.
1865  - May 26, James Curtis Cady discharged from Co. K, 17th Texas Infantry at Hempstead, Waller Co., TX.  June 2nd the surrender to Union troops ends the conflict. 
1867 - Sep 17 James Curtis Cady Voter Registration Lists for Llano County
1869 - James Curtis Cady married Cynthia Alice Green in Hayes Co., Texas 
1870 - March 30,.Texas readmitted to the Union on 
1870 - Federal Census Hays Co,TX (pg320A) under Cadey , James and Cynthia
1870 - Federal Census Fayette Co.,TX  Benjamin Johnson Cady Age 73 w ?Harriet and Penuel. Martin and Polly’s family are in Kansas. 
1871 - June 01, William “Henry” Cady born: in Hayes Co., Texas
1872 – Oct 1 Nemjamin franklin Cady born in Hays Co, TX
1874 - January 7, Benjamin Johnson Cady permanent separation from Harriet C Collins 
1875 - Nov. 8, John Green & Q. A. Green , Hays Co. Consideration of abt. $500. 52 1/2 acres lying on Bear Creek; being part of a tract of land deeded to John Green and J. C. Cady by John Hancock and S. F. Hancock of Burnet Co. and Llano Co. being 105 acres.
1875 - Nov. 8, J. C. Cady & wife to J. P. Noble and J. F. Barnett, Hays Co. Consideration of $150 for 150 acres
1876 - Miranda Alice Cady + Born in Hayes Co., TX
1878  - April 9, J. C. Cady and B F Cady County of Hays; Sheriff Sale; (Taxes unpaid for year 1877)  . 128 acres, abstract #271, originally from John Woodruff; unpaid  .92 cents; bid .92 cents + costs  $4.75; total $5.65.
1878  - April 9, 290 acres, abstract 101,  originally granted to J. B. Gainor;  unpaid $5.60; bid $5.60; +costs $4.75; total $9.35. 100 acres; abstract #5; original grantee, Sam Piper; S.V.R. Eggleston League on Onion Creek; unpaid $14.50; bid $14.59 + costs $4.75; total $19.25.
1878 - James C. Cady, Jr.    + Born: in Hayes Co., Texas
1879 - December 4, Benjamin Johnson Cady dies in Rock, Cowley Co., Kansas. 
1879 - Dec.25, Benjamin Johnson Cady Obituary in Winfield Courier Newspaper – Cowley, Kansas
1880 - Federal Census Precinct 4, Hays, TX James C. Cady(38), Cintha Cady (35), Henry W. Cady (9), Miranda (5), James Curtis Jr (2). Pg.18
1880 – Subliminal Census James Custis Cady   17   300 Acres
1880 - Federal Census Precinct 4, Hays, Daniel J. Cady (53), Winnie Cady(30), Joseph L. Cady (17), William Cady(12), Silas J. Cady (11), Erastus Cady (9)Jeptha D. Cady (7), Philorah Cady(7m)
1880 - Subliminal Census Daniel Joseph Cady  27  250 Acres
1880 - Federal Census Precinct 4, Hays,  Benjamin Franklin Cady(41) Margaret(43)
1880 - Subliminal Census Benjamin F Cady     11   148 Acres
1880 - Federal Census Fayette Co,TX Harriet C Cady and Pernel listed 
1882 - Feb. 28. J. C. Cady & Scyintha A. Cady, to William Hopkins all of Hays Co.,  Hays Co.  Consideration of $700. for 210 acres less as described. For all that parcel of land, less abt. 3 acres sold to B. F. Cady & Samuel Ashwood in Hays Co., containing an undivided half interest in 210 acres, bought by JCC and John Green from John B. & Sarah Hancock by deed dated 20,Dec. 1871.  John Green and Quina A Green subsequently deeded their undivided half interest to the said J. C. Cady, being a part of a 500 acre survey. a part described as running up Bear Creek to the north boundary line of S. J. Whatly League. 
1882 - J.D Cady and B,F Cady purchase land in Hays Co, TX  BF was still there in 1892
1882 - November 08, Mary Catherine Cady born: in Johnson City, Blanco Co., TX .
1883. - James C. Cady, lists being in Blanco Co, TX when he applies for Williams Bounty Land with Benjamin Franklin Cady.
1883-88 Texas County Tax List – Blanco County J C Cady 
1885 – September Benjamin “Frank” Cady born: in Hayes Co., Texas 
1888 - James C. Cady, moved family from Texas to New Mexico.
1890 - Federal  Census  Mayhill, Chaves, NM Terr. is missing I suspect James C. Cady(48), Cintha Cady (45), Henry W. Cady (19), Miranda (15), James C Jr (12)
1890 - Federal Veterans Census James C. Cady, listed in serving with 17th Texas Vol. Infantry as a Sergeant. Precincts 15, 16 and 9, Lincoln, NM.  (Note:  Waller’s Division had 4 brigades of which McCullock’s  3rd  contained the 16th, 17th and 19th Infantry. 16th Calvary Regiment and  
1895 - Federal Veterans Census James C. Cady listed in 17th Texas Vol. Inf.. as a Sergeant.  
1900 - Federal Census in Lower Penasco District 31, Chaves, NM James Cady(58), Scyintha Cady (55), William Cady (29), Catherine (17), Frank (14) 
1900 - Federal Census in Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM. William Laremore (29), Marinda (Cady) Laremore (25), Lesley Laremore (1), Sam Crumb (2)
1900 - Federal Census in Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM James Cady (21), Lovie Cady(16)
1900 - Federal Census  nearby is Henry Cady  (29) 
1910 - Federal Census in Chaves. Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM James Curtis Cady (68) S A Cady (65), Henry Cady(38), M C,Cady(27) B F Cady (25), 
1910 - Federal Census in Chaves. Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM  S H Larremore (65) W J Larremore (38) Marinda Larremore (32), Leslie Larremore (11), Thos F Larremore (9), Willie M Larremore (4),  Kathryn L Larremore(2)
1910 - Federal Census in Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM James Cady (31), Lovie Cady(26)
1910 - July 02, Cynthia Alice Green died in Alamogordo, NM
1910 - Federal Census in Sierra Co.,NM Benjamin “Frank” Cady
1915 - March 31, James Curtis Cady died in Alamogordo, NM
1918 - August 12, William Henry Cady died: in Chaves Co., NM;  age 47yr Struck by lighting 
1918 - Sept 12 WW I Registration Card for James Curtis Cady Jr Married to Lovie May Cady - Stock farmer in Elk, Chaves, NM 
1920 - Federal Census in Chaves, Lower Penasco, District 1 Benjamin “Frank” Cady
            (38) Mary Cady(29)  B F Cady (8) Curtis Cady(6) Rachal Cady (4) Harris                     Cady(10m)
1930 - Federal Census Benjamin “Frank” Cady in Sierra Co., Las Palomas ,District 31
1934  - January 21, James C. Cady, Jr. died: in Vandervoort, Polk Co., Ark
1951 - February 17, in Miranda Alice (Cady) Larremore died NM 
1960  - December 24, Mary Catherine (Cady) Martin died: in Truth or Consequences, Sierra Co., NM
1973 - November 06, Mary Jane (Harris) (Cady) Rose died: in in Truth or Consequences, Sierra Co., NM
1976 – Feb Benjamin “Frank” Cady died age 92 in Truth or Consequences, Sierra Co., NM, 

•	Campaigns of Walker’s Texas Division by A Private Soldier (served in 16th TV I)
•	"Journey to Pleasant Hill," Norman Brown, editor, by the Institute for Texan Cultures, University of 
             Texas, 1982. Brown letters of Capt. Elijah P. Petty (Co. F, 17th Regiment Texas Infantry. (Allen's  Reg,)
•	Combined Service Records, National Archives & Records Service, Wash., D.C., Microfilm Publication, M227
•	New Mexico Exposition was an attempt to conquer the territory and it failed with the loss of most supplies, forcing a retreat from Fort Union,NM  to El Paso,TX

"Journey to Pleasant Hill,", “Through the valley of the shadow of death’. The campaigns of Walker;s Texas Division”, In the saddle with Texans”. "Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray","Walker's Texas Division" by Richard Lowe

submitted by James Cady

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