Family Tree of Jesse B. Green & his wife Sarah Ann Reed

(submitted by Cathy Morgan)

 Jesse B. Green was born February 14, 1815 in Tennessee. The bible record of his daughter, Margaret states his middle name is Brooks. According to the1880 census , his parents were born in NC. He married Sarah B. Reed on December 26, 1834 in Perry County, Alabama. Sarah was born July 12, 1819 in Alabama. Her parents were born in KY. Jesse appears in the Lauderdale Co, Mississippi 1840 and 1850 census. According to J.S.Moursand, J.B. Green first appears in Comal County tax assessment roll in 1856 with 320 acres on the Rio Blanco. He appears in Blanco County assessments in 1859 with 320

acres of a premption land grant on the Rio Blanco. J.B. Green, Private, Company for Blanco County, 3rd Frontier Dist. Brigadier General J.D. McAdoo, Commanding, T.S.T., R.J. Irving, Captain and commanding officer. Enlisted January 30, 1864 in Blanco County, service 16 days. The obituary of Jesse gives this description:

"about 60 of these years he was a member of the Old School Baptist Church. He was a man of strong and decided convictions, and ardent in attachment to his church, giving liberally to her interest. Brother Green was patient and submissive during his long continued and sore
afflictions, enjoying a good hope through grace of entering the rest that remaineth to the people of God. Father Green was a good citizen and neighbor, an affectionate father and a humble, devoted christian. He leaves five children, a large connection and a host of friends to mourn their loss; but they mourn not as those who have no hope. A Friend."
Sarah died November 17, 1881. Jesse died August 13, 1894. They are buried at the Blanco City Cemetery.

The following Will appears in Book C page 217 of Blanco Co records:
In the name of God, Amen! I, Jesse Green of Blanco County, Texas, of sound and disposing mind and memory, yet in feeble health, desiring to direct how the estate with which God has blessed me shall be disposed of while I have strength to do so, do make and publish this my last will and testament, revoking all wills by me made at any time.

1st, I direct that all my just debts be first paid out of my estate, as soon as practicable after my death.

2nd, I direct that all the residue of my Estate be sold and collected as speedily as may be deemed best, and that the proceeds of said sales and collections be equally divided between my children and grandchild as follows, to wit: Jane Barker, Elizabeth Carson, Louisa Wingenrhode, Evaline Page, Harriet C. Fred and Sarah E. Humphries, taking into consideration the sums of money and property heretofore advanced by me to my said children and grandchild; this is to say that said advancements and said proceeds shall be added into one sum, and after deducting my debts and all expenses, the remainder shall be divided into six parts of equal value, one part shall be given to each of the above named legatees less the sum advances to them respectively as shown by receipts taken by me.

3rd, I nominate and appoint Geo. E. Fred (his son-in-law) to be executor of this will and I direct that no security shall be required of him for the faithful execution of the trusts reposed in him, and I fully authorize and empower him to sell and dispose of all my estates, real, personal or mixed as may be deemed at public or private sale, and for cash or on credit for the purpose of carrying out the directions hereinbefore contained. 4th It is my desire that no action in the administration shall be had in the county court except to probate this will and file an inventory of my estates as required by law.

In witness whereof, I hereto subscribe my name in the presence of G.W. Rountree and E. J. Rountree who sign the same as witness in my
presence at my request this July 23 A.D. 1894

J.B. Green.

The total value of his estate was listed as $7888.15 which included 320 acres in Blanco County, 1 house & lot in Kerr County, and one horse.

Jesse and Sarah (Reed) Green had eight children:

1) John Marion Green was born May 20, 1836 probably in Perry Co, AL. He died May 24, 1860 in Blanco Co of typhoid fever. He married, daughter of William Babb and Elizabeth Bradley on March 15, 1857 in Blanco Co. Elizabeth was born ca Aug 1842 in Stoddard Co MO. and died 1919 in Gorman, Eastland Co, TX. She married 2) Christopher Sellers.

John and Elizabeth Green had at least one child,

    1a)Sarah Elizabeth Green born August 15, 1858. She married Rev. John Horatio Humphreys, son of Henley and Prudy Elizabeth Humphreys on June 16, 1872. J.H. Humphreys was born Sept 2, 1851 and died March 3, 1904. Sarah died April 23, 1931. They are buried at the New Dublin Cemetery in the family plot which includes children: Judge Alvie, Viola, Abbie and Andrew Jackson.

   They had ten children:

         1aa)Abbie Humphreys b. July 20, 1880 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX. She married J.W. Spicer on September 20, 1894 in Erath Co. She died November 17, 1939 and is buried at the New Dublin Cemetery.;

         1ab) John Henry Columbus Humphreys was born September 6, 1882 in Dublin and died February 28, 1962. He married Emma Ann Northcut Aug 18, 1901 in Erath Co.;

         1ac)James Lewis Humphreys was born October 8, 1884 in Dublin. He married Martha Norwood, daughter of Hollis Norwood and Sally Waldrop. He died June 15, 1958;

         1ad)Viola Humphreys was born January 14, 1887 and died August 25, 1939 in Dublin;

         1ae) Jesse Humphreys was born April 2, 1889 and died May 17, 1890 in Dublin. He is buried in the Cow Creek Cemetery family plot.;

         1af)Donald Lee Edward Humphreys was born December 28, 1891 in Dublin. He married Laura Ethel Jones on September 13, 1916 in Dublin. He died February 3, 1965 in Abilene, Taylor Co, TX.;

         1ag) Bird Johnson Humphreys was born Feb 14, 1894 in Dublin. He married Bessie Lee Seitz, daughter of Calvin Seitz and Elizabeth Lyon on December 22, 1915 in Brown Co, TX. Bird died August 26, 1955 in Grand Prairie, Dallas Co, TX. He is buried at Cow Creek Cemetery in Erath Co;

         1ah)Lollie Humphreys was born August 1, 1896 in Dublin and died August 17, 1896 in Dublin. She is buried in the Cow Creek Cemetery next to her grandfather, Henley Humphreys;

         1ai)Andrew Jackson Humphreys was born September 20, 1899 in Dublin and died August 27, 1957 in Dallas, TX;

         1aj) Judge Alvie Humphreys was born January 9, 1901 and died September 14, 1906 in Dublin.

2)Margaret Jane Green was born September 7, 1838 probably in Perry Co, AL. She married 1) Robert L. Page, son of John Page and his first wife, Mary Eubank on September 3, 1857 in Blanco. Co. Robert was born January 12, 1834 in Gibson Co, TN. Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army on May 18, 1862 and died in San Antonio while serving in the army of smallpox on November 12, 1863.  Mrs. Margaret (Green)Page married 2) David Daniel Barker, son of George Barker and Eunice Brigham on December 21, 1876 in Blanco, Co. David was born April 26, 1846 in Florida and died April 6, 1930 in Harper. Margaret died September 6, 1921 in Harper, Gillespie Co, TX and is buried at the Harper
Cemetery beside David Barker.

      Children of Robert L. Page and Margaret Jane Green:

   2a)John Marion Page, born June 15, 1858 in Blanco Co. He married Mary Judith Fred, daughter of Louis Fred and Nancy Catherine Gibbs on Feb. 24, 1877 in Blanco Co. "Mollie" was born Sept 2, 1858 in Callaway Co, MO and died July 9, 1937 in Stanton, Martin Co, TX. John died September 2, 1926 in Ingram, Kerr Co, TX and is buried at Nichols Cemetery in Ingram beside his wife. They had seven children:

            2aa)Vara Evaline Page was born April 6, 1880 in Blanco Co. She married Oliver Green Conn, son of John Conn and Mary Hill on September 28, 1899 in Blanco. O.G. was born June 22 1876 in Blanco and died Sept. 16, 1948 in Duncan, Stephens Co, OK. Vara died April 21 1970 in Ft Worth, TX.

           2ab)Minnie Katherine Page was born March 13, 1882 in Blanco Co. She married Oscar Jackson Goar, son of John Goar and Mary Stubbs on Dec 13, 1899 in Blanco. Oscar was born June 10 1879 in Blanco and died October 22, 1957 in Lebanon, Linn Co, OR. She died October 1, 1957 in Lebanon, Linn County, OR. They are buried at Twin Oaks Cemetery in Albany, OR.

          2ac)Celia Jane Page was born February 18, 1885 in Blanco Co. She married Steve Pleas Crenshaw, son of Pleasant Anthony Crenshaw and Margaret Melvina Burleson on December 21, 1904 in Ingram, Kerr Co. Steve was born April 27, 1879 in Ingram, TX and died July 15, 1940 in Sweet Home, Linn Co, OR. "Jennie" died October 19, 1968 in Lebanon, Linn County, OR. They at Franklin Butte Cemetery in Scio, OR.

         2ad)Lura Betty Page was born March 24, 1887 in Blanco Co. She married Framewood Tunnell, son of James Tunnell and Elizabeth Langley on March 16, 1902 in Robert Lee, TX. Framewood was born October 30, 1873 in Blanco and died October 27, 1946. She died July 18, 1923 in Kerrville, TX and is buried at Nichols Cemetery in Ingram.

         2ae)Eula May Page was born May 21, 1890 in Blanco Co. She married Gordon Tunnell, son of James Tunnell and Elizabeth Brown on April 7, 1907 in Fredricksburg, Gillespie Co, TX. He was born January 16, 1889 in Blanco and died April 12, 1971 in Martin Co. She died January 29, 1964 at Stanton, Martin Co, TX.

         2af)Ora Johnnie Page was born July 19, 1892 in Blanco Co. She married 1)Willie Hein on March 5, 1910 in Kerr County. She married (2) Ambrose Carol Trotter ca 1914. Ambrose was born January 21, 1888 in TX and died July 23, 1966 in Ingram. Ora died January 9, 1974 in Collinsworth Co, TX and is buried at Nichols Cemetery in Ingram beside her husband Ambrose Trotter.

        2ag)William Lewis Page was born January 17, 1896 in Blanco. He married 1) Bonnie Josephine Morrow. Bonnie was born January 15, 1898 in Cole Hill, AR and died in 1984. The marriage ended in divorce. He married 2) Phyllis O Pacheco. Phyllis was born December 15, 1925 in Springer, Colfax Co, NM and died January 18,1988 in Ukiah, Mendocino Co, CA. William died February 4, 1958 in Ukiah, Mendocino Co, CA. He is buried at Raton, NM.

   2b)William Clements Page was born December 29, 1859 in Blanco, Co. He married Eudora Viola Stubbs, daughter of Lemuel Stubbs and Winifred Brigham on January 18, 1882 in Blanco Co. Eudora was born April 12, 1860 in Blanco Co and died February 5, 1931. William died March 17, 1948 in San Antonio, Bexar C. TX and is buried beside his wife at Rocksprings Cemetery in Edwards, Co. They had six children:

           2ba)Beulah Winifred Page b. October 20, 1882 in Blanco Co. She married John Wallace Hill on September 21, 1901. She died May 28, 1962 in San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX. She is buried at Runge, TX.

          2bb)Lela Pearl Page was born August 1, 1883 in Blanco Co. She married Eric Ferdinand Cloudt, son of Frank Cloudt and Lena Brockman on March 17, 1907 in Rocksprings. She died February 13, 1973 in Hondo, TX and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery.

          2bc)Ida Brigham Page was born May 15, 1886 in Blanco . She married Walter William Taylor, son of John Taylor and Martha Stewart on September 1, 1904. She died January 25, 1938 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZ and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.

          2bd)Willie Maud Page was born September 13, 1888 in Blanco Co. She married Walter Otto Cloudt, son of Frank Cloudt and Lena Brockman on June 20, 1909. She died January 9, 1972 in Kerrville, TX. She is buried at Rocksprings, TX;

         2be)Winifred Jewell Page was born September 13, 1888 in Blanco. She married Frank Theodore Cloudt, son of Frank Cloudt and Lena Brockman on December 24, 1908 in Rocksprings. She died June 2, 1969 in Kerrville. She is buried at Rocksprings.

         2bf)Elton Thrasher Page was born March 27, 1899 in Eldorado, Schleicher Co, TX. He married Cora Allyne Henderson, daughter of John Henderson and Willie Cox on June 12, 1919 in San Antonio. He died March 27, 1989 in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX. He is buried at Sunset Memorial Cemetery in San Antonio.

   2c)Robert L. Page, Jr was born September 27, 1861 and died February 21, 1879.

   2d)Sarah Elizabeth Page was born April 30, 1864 in Blanco Co. She married George Marion Carson, son of John Carson and Mary Jane Davis on January 10, 1883 in Blanco Co. George was born April 12, 1858 in Woodville, Tyler Co, TX and died in 1951. She died September 3, 1951 in Rocksprings and is buried at Rocksprings Cemetery beside her husband.

        2da)Austin Buford Carson was born December 4, 1883 in Blanco Co.

        2db)John Willie Carson was born March 1889 in Blanco Co.

        2dc) Myrtle Jane Carson was born March 1891 in Blanco Co. 2dd) Page Edward Carson was born March 10, 1897 in Blanco Co. He married Mary T. Brambella in 1919. He died Jauary 25, 1968.

        2de)Georgia Ruth Carson was born June 10, 1901 in Blanco Co. She married Claud Henry Gilmer on August 15, 1923 in Rocksprings,TX. Claud died February 26, 1983 in Bexar Co, TX. Georgia died August 10, 1984 in Rocksprings.

2) Children of David Daniel Baker and Margaret Jane Green Page:

  2e)Alva Benjamin Barker was born November 2, 1878 in Blanco Co He married Emmie Amelia Pantermuehl, daughter of Heinrech and Pauline Pantermuehl. Emmie was born July 16, 1878 in Smithson Valley, Comal Co and died February 15, 1918 in Harper. He married 2)Aurora Marie Bode, daughter of Paul and Anna Bode. Aurora was born April 14, 1893 and died May 30, 1980 in Harper. Alva died December 16, 1939 in Harper, TX. They are buried at the Harper Cemetery. Alva and Emmie had children:

         2ea) Pearl Barker was born April 11, 1906. She married John Beck. She died April 1980 in Ozona, TX.

         2eb) Jewell LaFern Barker was born December 28, 1907. She married John Waverly Daniel, son of Francis Daniel and Bethany Latham on August 6, 1926. She died June 11, 1980 in Eden, Concho Co, TX.

         2ec)Lorine Barker was born March 24, 1910. She married Ermon B. CarsonErmon was born May 21, 1904 and died March 30, 1959. She died September 8, 1940 in Harper, TX

        2ed)Richard Alton Barker was born July 8, 1912. He married Leta Mae Williams on May 4, 1935 in Eden, TX. He died April 4, 1966 in Millersview, TX.

         2ee)Alva Benjamin Barker was born October 28, 1917 in Harper, TX. He married 1)Wanda Lee Gatlin. He married 2) Juanita Beulah Bierschwale. Alva died October 2, 1997 in Harper.

   2f)Debbie Eunice Barker was born January 2, 1883 and died February 18, 1972. She married Richard George Bierschwale on December 15, 1906. They had no children and are buried in the family plot in Harper, TX.

3) Mary Elizabeth Green was born April 25, 1841 in Lauderdale Co, MS. She married Robert Carson on December 20, 1862 in Blanco Co. Robert was born June 11, 1832 in MS and died November 30, 1912. She died 1925 and is buried at Blanco Cemetery beside her husband. They had children:

   3a)John Carson b. ca 1863. He married Belle Payne.

   3b) Margaret Lillie Carson (1866-1945). She is buried at Blanco City Cemetery. She married Benjamin

   3c) Silas G. Carson born May 7, 1874 and died November 4, 1900. He is buried at Blanco Cemetery.

   3d) Frank Carson b. 1875. He moved to New Mexico.

4) Louisa Ann Green was born January 19, 1844 in Lauderdale Co, MS. She married John C. Wingenrode on November 11,1871 in Blanco Co. John was born ca Jan 1850 in Germany. By the 1910 Blanco census John is widowed. J.C. Wingenrode’s will is dated July 18, 1914 in Hays County but was filed in Blanco Co. They had at least three children;

    4a) Sarah Ann Wingenrode married Mr. Stubbs;

   4b)Celia Jane born July 1884

   4c)Harriet Bessie born Nov 1887.

5)William David/Daniel Green was born August 28, 1846 and died May 22, 1851 in MS.

6) Jessie Allen Green was born December 31, 1848 in Lauderdale Co, MS. He died January 24, 1871 in Blanco Co and is buried at Blanco City Cemetery.

7) Sarah Evaline Green was born July 22 1851 in Lauderdale Co, MS. She married John Tyler Page, son of John Page and his second wife, Susan Ann on October 3, 1866 in Blanco Co. John was born January 4, 1846 in Lockhart, Caldwell Co. TX. He died March 6, 1913 in Kerrville,TX. Sarah died October 18, 1940 in Kerrville, Kerr Co, TX. She is buried beside her husband at Glenrest Cemetery in Kerrville. They had eight children:

   7a) Ellen Jane was born Aug 24, 1867 in Blanco Co. She died December 1, 1886 of intermittent fever and is buried at Blanco City Cemetery.

   7b)James Lewis Page was born May 14, 1869 in Blanco. He married Margaret Jane Hadden on Oct 7 1891. He died July 28, 1910 in Ingram, TX. James and Margaret are buried in the family plot at Glenrest Cemetery in Kerrville.

   7c) Robert Elias Page was born September 19, 1870 in Blanco Co. He married 1)Laura Agnes Payne, daughter of Thomas Darling Payne and Jane Mary Owen on November 15, 1893. He married 2) Viola Dora Deckert on October 26, 1912 in Blanco Co. He died May 26, 1939 in Center Point, Kerr Co, TX. and is buried at Center Point Cem.

   7d)Jessie Esaias Page was born May 7, 1874 in Blanco Co. He married Lena Belle Cox on November 20, 1895 in Blanco Co. He died April 20 1958. Jessie and Lennie are buried at Blanco City Cemetery.

   7e)Seth Ernest Page was born May 13, 1876 in Blanco Co. He married Annie Buzarah Evans, daughter of John Evans and Louise Hudson on March 22, 1899 in Blanco. He died Feb 7, 1962 in Kerrville. They are both buried at Center Point Cemetery.

   7f)Sarah Viola Page was born February 19, 1878 in Blanco. She married Jesse Sidney McCown on June 23, 1910. They had no children. She died July 11, 1956 and is buried at Glenrest Cemetery in Kerrville.

   7g) George Allen Page was born February 24, 1881 in Blanco Co. He married Clara Ellen Newton on Dec 27, 1905 in Kerrville. Clara was born February 15, 1882 at Midland, TX and died August 8, 1966. He died July 11, 1956 in Center Point. They are both buried at Mountainview Cemetery in Kerr Co.

   7h)Eli Nathaniel Page was born January 18, 1889 in Blanco Co. He married 1) Beunah Winona Blair on May 3, 1910 in Columbus, NM. Beunah was born February 2, 1891 and died November 21, 1954 in Center Point. She is buried at Center Point Cemetery. He married 2) Sadie Lee Armstong on November 23, 1955. He died December 25, 1956 in El Paso, TX and is buried at Restlawn Memorial Park in El Paso.

8) Harriet Catherine Green was born February 3, 1858 in Blanco Co, TX. She married George Edward Fred, son of Louis Fred and Nancy Catherine Gibbs on October 31, 1877 in Blanco. George was born July 18, 1856 in Callaway Co, MO and died June 4, 1938 in Menard Co, TX. He was a Baptist minister and circuit rider. Harriet died March 27, 1944 in Hext, Menard Co, TX. She is buried beside her husband in Resthaven Cemetery. They had six children:

   8a) Albert Green Fred was born October 20, 1878 in Blanco Co. He married Callie Graham, daughter of Peter Graham and Emily Pear on January 29, 1904 in Blanco Co. She was born 1880 in TX and died Feb. 27, 1930 in Menard. He died May 22, 1936 in Loving Co, TX. They are buried at Resthaven Cemetery.

   8b)Robert Edward Fred was born October 13, 1880 in Blanco Co. He married Jessie Eugenia Green, daughter of John W. Green and Quinna Arabella Harrington on November 2, 1904. She was born October 20, 1879 in Hays Co, TX and died July 3 1964 in Sanderson, Terrell Co TX.. He died August 10, 1960 at Rocksprings, TX.

   8c)Sara Elizabeth Fred was born February 17, 1882 at Blanco Co. She married John William Felps, son of Riley Felps and Julia Maddox on December 6, 1905 in Edwards Co. He was born March 12, 1871 at Miller Creek in Blanco Co and died January 3, 1941. She died November 4, 1961 at Odessa, TX. They are buried at new cemetery in Menard, TX.

   8d)Noah Elmer Fred was born January 12, 1884 in Hye, Blanco Co, TX. He died August 30, 1956 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co, TX. He is buried at Rocksprings.

   8e)Lillian Hasser Fred was born August 17, 1886 in Blanco Co. She married 1) I.F. Moser. 2) Riley Waggoner Felps in 1924. Riley was born 1880 at Miller Creek, Blanco Co and died 1936 in Menard. She died April 13, 1968 and is buried at Menard, TX.

   8d)Jesse Louis Fred was born September 6, 1894 and died April 7, 1969 in Rocksprings, TX

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