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Blanco County Reference Books



If you own any Blanco County books or references, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please contact me via email with the reference source, location of the source ie; library, court house, personal collection, etc., and how you may be contacted. Volunteers are needed!

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to one name per request. Also, most of the volunteers are busy and often get MANY lookup requests. Please put Blanco County Lookup in the subject line of your request to ensure the message is not overlooked or accidently deleted, in the first line of the message, please put the name of the book from which you are requesting the lookup. You have no idea how many messages I myself recieve that have none of this information. I don't know what they are requesting...a lookup, or maybe a query post to my page, or maybe this was sent to me by accident. Again, PLEASE provide as much SPECIFIC information possible for the request you make.

If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time.

Blanco County Histories

Reference Lookup Volunteer E-mail
Heritage of Blanco County, Texas Linda French Dawson

Chantel Shirtum

Linda Dawson


Blanco County History Linda Dawson Linda Dawson
Blanco County Families for One Hundred Years Linda Dawson
Viki Lovell
Wanda Pitt

Larry W. Luckett

 Viki Lovell


Wimberley's Legacy Emil Menard EMenard@aol.com
Wimberley - Historic Belle of the Blanco Emil Menard EMenard@aol.com
The German Texans Brian Bivona

Janelle Holmes



I’m willing to do lookups in the censuses from 1850-1930 for Blanco County. 
Please put the county and year in your request.

Norma Karter


I have all of the records for Blanco County Cemeteries from 1986 and back and will be glad to do look-ups.
I have the book The History of German Settlements in Texas 1831-1861 with a lot of the early German names and settlements . 
Rudolph Leopold Biesele wrote the book.
I am presently doing about 6 cemetery look-ups a week .

Joel Honeycutt

I have the books ;
Der Friedhof Cemetery Records  1846-1996
Kurchenbuch Church Record Book of the Vereins-Kirche 1849-1870   
A New Land Beckoned, German Immigration To Texas 1844-1847 by Chester W. Geue
New Homes In A New Land, German Immigration To Texas 1847-1861 By Ethel  Geue
I would be glad to do lookups.   Jean Schlather
Jean Schlather


Blanco County Families for One Hundred Years by John Stribling Moursund;  Nortex Press, Burnet, Texas; Revised 1981
Blanco County History by John Stribling Moursund; Nortex Press, Burnet, Texas; 1979
Heritage Of Blanco County, Texas by Blanco County News; Curtis Media Corporation; 1987
Wimberley's Legacy by Lilliedell Schawe; The Naylor Company of San Antonio, 1967
Wimberley - Historic Belle of the Blanco by Dorthy Wimberley Kerbow; Eakin Press, Austin Texas; 1995
The German Texans by Glen E. Lich, University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures.1981. . The book is generally on German Texans, statewide, but has a number of references  families of Blanco County.

Other Blanco County References, Memoirs, Letters & Family Histories

Reference Author Volunteer Email
"Under the Live Oak Tree" A history of Seguin E. John Gesick, Jr. Linda French Dawson texas44@comcast.net
"A President's Country" A Guide to
the Hill Country of Texas
Jack Maguire Pat Althaus patalthaus@rocketmail.com
The Haynes Family Papers Bill Dunman Haynes Viki Lovell
Pat Althaus
Wanda Pitt
Historical Genealogy of the Felps Family Minnie Beauchamp Twidwell Pat Althaus patalthaus@rocketmail.com
New England Marriages Prior to 1700 Clarence Almon Torrey Pat Althaus patalthaus@rocketmail.com
Llano County, TX Family Album . Wanda Pitt wandap2@swbell.net
Burnet County Cemetery Records . Wanda Pitt wandap2@swbell.net
Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother Ottilie Fuchs Goeth Brian Bivona bbivona@hot.rr.com
A Collection of Memories Hilda Goebel Smith, Ed. Brian Bivona bbivona@hot.rr.com
Reminiscences Luise Romberg Fuchs Brian Bivona bbivona@hot.rr.com.
A Tribute to the life of Felix Anton Goebel Rodney Goebel Brian Bivona bbivona@hot.rr.com.
History of the Romberg Family Annie Romberg Brian Bivona bbivona@hot.rr.com.
House of Crider vol. 1 & vol. 2    Ann Crider Morris morris1890@yahoo.com


The Haynes Family Papers by Bill Dunman Haynes; published by Nortex Press; 1988
An Authentic History of Guadalupe County by Willie Mae Weinert; The Seguin Enterprise; 1951; Reprint by The Seguin Conservation Society; 1976
Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother by Ottilie Fuchs Goeth (1836-1926) . Edited by Irma Goeth Guenther1982 by Eakin Press, Burnet, Texas.  260 pages. Ottilie lived in Blanco County for much of her adult life. Her husband Carl Goeth was a rancher and State Representative from the area. His ranch house, built in the 1860's still stands. The book has significant sections on Blanco County, with numerous photos of persons and the Cypress Mill area (also theTiger Mill area of Burnet County). Also has sections on life in Germany through 1845, and life in Austin County, Texas from 1846-1865. Concentrates on the Fuchs and Goeth families of the Cypress Mill area.
A Collection of Memories, 1970. Written by Wilhelmina "Minna" Fuchs Goebel (1870-1955). Edited by Hilda Goebel Smith. 61 Pages. Minna Fuchs Goebel was born in Blanco County, and lived there until her late 30's. There is quite a bit of discussion of Blanco County area and people until her move to West Texas about 1907, along with several photos. Concentrates on the Fuchs and Goebel families of Blanco County and later the Lubbock/Hale County, Texas areas.
Reminiscences by Luise Romberg Fuchs (1840-1931). Written 1927, translated from German in 1936 by Helen & Gertrude Franke. 67 pages. Also available is the German original. Luise lived her entire adult life in Blanco County, and there is significant discussion of family and friends there, anecdotes, and local geography and history. Concentrates on the Romberg and Fuchs families of Fayette County and later Blanco County, Texas
A Tribute to the life of Felix Anton Goebel (1892-1951), Including the History of His Family and His Descendants" privately published in 1992 by Rodney Goebel. Early years have Blanco County photos and references, although the majority relates to later years after the move to West Texas. Felix was son of Minna Fuchs Goebel, mentioned above, and the book concentrates on the Fuchs and Goebel families.
History of the Romberg Family by Annie Romberg (1880-1977).  Peter Hansborough Bell Press, Belton, Texas. Details the Romberg Family in Germany, Fayette County, Texas, and Blanco County, Texas. Many personal anecdotes.

Blanco County Vital Statistics
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Deed Books, Minute Books, Tax Lists

We now have an excellent opportunity for Blanco County Lookups! Pat Althaus of the Blanco County Historical Commission has offered to perform courthouse lookups. Pat will perform lookups for "specific" queries. Please do not ask her to look up all Johnson's from 1860 to 1880 or such...this is not the service she is offering to perform. However, if you have a specific request such as deed records for Samuel Johnson circa 1860/70's or probate for Samuel Johnson circa 1882/6, she is in a position to perform these services for you. Please don't forget to thank her...she is a busy lady but a valuable resource for Blanco County history and genealogy.
Thank you Pat for your offer!
Pat may be contacted via email:

Other Resource Material and Volunteers

Reference Author Volunteer Email
The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I James K. Bass, Jr. Jim Bass e-mail@TribalFox.com

The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I by James K. Bass, Jr.; Genealogical Publishing Company (Franklin, NC); 1994.The book contains genealogical details (ancestry, descendancy and family stories) of about 17 Weaver families who were in Georgia prior to or by the 1850 Census. The book is 555 pages and indexes over 6,000 names. The information documents the various migrations of the Weaver families from Virginia and the Carolinas and Tennessee into Georgia and Florida, and then the westward trek to Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and further.

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