Muster Roll of Captain Augustus Buchel
1st Regiment Company
1st Brigade of Texan Foot Volunteer Riflemen
Col. A. S. Johnston - Commander
May 22, 1846  to November 22, 1846

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This information was taken from a photostatic copy of the muster roll at the Barker History Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

Muster Roll of Captain Augustus Buchel, Company of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade of Texan Foot Volunteer Riflemen, commanded by Col. A. S. Johnston, ordered into service of the United States by the Governor of Texas, from the twenty second day of May 1846 to the twenty second day of November 1846

Buchel, Augustus - Captain

Binderwald, Rudolf - First Lieutenant

Kind, Charles - Second Lieutenant

Kreiwicz, Emil
Valentine, Charles
Graefenhaim, W.B.
Herrman, Adolphe

Dalwigh, George
Hoepfuer, Adolphe
Weyrich, Charles
Leilich, William

Amschutz, George
Ainsperger, Alexander
Bloenecke, Conrad
Boedecker, August Louis
Boettcher, August
Brandes, Theodore
Bohl, George
Benner, John George
Bruch, Henry Martin
Braess, Albert
Corin, Christian
Doedecke, John Henry
Dietz, Philipp Jacob
Elze, David
Engelke, Conrad
Elbe, Louis
Eschelbach, Philippe
Fritz, Philipp
Fretag, Frederick
Finkenstein, Henry
Fiedler, Jacob
Fink, Francis
Gebhardt, Jacob
Gotthardt, Gustavus
Gompel, Frederick
Goericke, Henry
Heberer, George
Hartmann, Clemenz
Hutschmann, Jacob
Heuer, Christian
Hoppe, Francis
Hof, John Jost
Habenith, Henry
Jellermann, Henry
Kahler, Edward
Keidel, William
Koch, Frederick
Kuhn, Louis
Kohler, John
Kuhn, Charles
Krause, Charles
Laesecke, Henry
Leifest, Henry
Meyer, David
Meyer, Ludolph
Mittelegger, Ernest
Meinert, Augustus
Merkel, Frederick
Munck, Frederick
Miller, Charles
Palm, William
Peters, Christian
Rihner, Lawrence
Roode, Freidrick
Salge, Henry
Schneider, John Henry
Sittig, Nicolas
Stelter, Frederick
Storch, John George
Schulz, Frederick
Schroeder, Henry
Schogke, Henry
Schrader, Frederick
Smith, Augustus
Schmith, John
Taps, John Henry
Traub, Ferdinand
Taubert, Wolfgang
Theiss, Henry
Ullrich, Mitchell
Vogt, Henry
Vollmar, Gottfried
Weiss, Guenther
Wittenbert, Ernest
Zollner, Jost Henry
Schneider, Jacob

Additional notes found on the Muster Roll:

All the men were mustered into service for 6 months on 1 May 1846 at Indian Point with the exception of Christian Corin who was mustered in on 27 May 1846 at Point Isabel.

General Davis of Lavaca procured transportation for the company from Indian Point to Aransas Inlet 100 miles for which he or the company are entitled to pay. The remaining distance from Indian Point to the rendezvous at Point Isabel that is to say from Aransas Bay the transportation was furnished by the U States.

For six days journey from Indian Point to Aransas Bay subsistences was furnished by Theodor Miller of Indian Point by agreement with Capt. Buechel that he should receive ninty dollars when the proper settlement should be made with the U. States. From Aransas Bay to the rendezvous at Pt. Isabel subsistence was furnished by the U. States.

A member of the company, Wm. Keidel being a physician, Capt. Buchel requested him to procure such medicines as would be necessary for the sick during their journey from Indian Point to Pt. Isabel. Medicines of the value of sixty dolars were accordingly purchased by Keidel and applied to the use of the company during the journey and afterwards Keidel acting in the double capacity of private and surgeon.

Texas Volunteers in the Mexican War by Henry W. Barton

Page 24
The first company to organize was Captain Augustus C. Buchel's, which was mustered in as Company H, unwittingly satisfying the governorOs allocation of one foot company to Victoria County. Captain Buchel, who came to Texas in 1845 after military schooling and experience in Europe, created the company of eighty-six men among German immigrants at Indian Point, below Port Lavaca on Matagorda Bay.

Page 48
By the beginning of the fourth week of August it was evident to the general (Taylor) that the 1st Texas Foot Rifles would not survive the unwillingness of most of the men to extend their service beyond three months; hence he ordered the regiment mustered out of service with as little delay as practicable. On Monday the twenty-fourth the men voted on whether to stay for six months or return home, and a majority having chosen the latter course, they were mustered out.

Page 49
A more accurate tallying of the vote would seem to be that which the colonel (Johnston) preserved in his own records, 224 to stay and 318 to return home, with the decision really falling to the block vote of Captain Buchel's Company H. which had suffered much illness and six deaths while detached from the regiment in the vicinity of Point Isabel.

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