Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Twin Sisters, Texas

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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Twin Sisters, Texas
  April 20, 1920 to August 20, 1950
"Reisepraedigers" or "Missionaries On Horseback" served families living in rural areas.  In 1860 the following families who lived near the Little Blanco River, Blanco County, petitioned the Iowa District of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Iowa for their own "Reisepraediger"

Henry Bruemmer, Jr., H. Liesmann, Erdmann Elbel, Meyerhofer, Gottlieb Elbel, F. Muenzuler, Carl Koch, Edward Schmidt, Johann Kneupper, H. Schmidt, August Lange, Georg Wupperman, Charles Lange.

Pioneer Lutherans met for years in homes and the local schoolhouse until they built a church here in April 1920.  The building was located to the north of this marker at the site of the original steps.  After serving the community 30 years.  The congregation moved to Blanco, Texas where a new building was dedicated on August 20, 1950.

gate  steps
Gate                                                                           Church Steps
nwcorner  nw corner
North East Corner                                                                                       North West Corner
SE corner  SW Corner
South East Corner                                                                                   South West Corner
artzt  artz 2
Beloved son and Brother
David E. Artzt
June 5, 1950
Aug. 18, 2001
Our Darling
Almar Artzt
Dec. 18, 1906
May 18, 1907

Jonas  Jonas 2
Sept. 16 1868
Dec, 14, 1955
August W.
Jan. 22 1864
Sept. 2, 1946
Knoll  oldest
Knoll                                                                                                Oldest Graves
Koch 1  Koch 2  Koch 3
Herman Koch
Nov 6 1812
Nov 20 1926
Louise Koch
nee Haas
Jun 17 1950
Feb 9 1933

Pantermuhl1  Pantermuehl 2
Joachim Pantermuhl
Nov 22, 1802
Jan 26, 1876
Remmler  Remmler
Minna Remmler
nee Bruemmer
Mar 26, 1856
Apr 19, 1944
Peter Remmler, Jr.
Jun 23 1850
Nov. 7, 1935


Emilie Rochau
Apr 7 1835
Apr 16 1918
Herman Rochau
Apr 5 1833
Oct 30 1920

Curtis Herbert Bindseil, Sr.
Sep 18 1950
Feb 02 1994
Sharan Ann Preiss Bindseil
still living
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