Last Remnant of the Pioneering Spirit that formed Caldwell

Over 150 years ago the Indian, the buffalo and the deer roamed at will over the Texas prairies. The pioneers who traveled over this new land on horseback and with wagons endured many hardships. As they blazed new trails, fought for what they believed was right, and settled the land, they built their log cabins and towns as places of refuge, comfort, and community.

Today’s prosperous cities dot these green plains and the descendants of our ancestors are the current day "movers" and "shakers" of City and State affairs. Today’s generation understands that they “stand on the shoulders of those before them.”

To the memory of the pioneers who settled in Caldwell County -- this log cabin is a remembrance of their presence here.

A.L. Brock Log Cabin Story, Lockhart, Texas

A.L. Brock Log Cabin Renovation Complete, Lockhart, Texas

Andrew Lee and Rebecca Montgomery Brock Log Cabin circa 1850, relocated in 1979 just south of town square and within Lockhart City Park, is believed to be the oldest extant building in Caldwell County. The structure built in the "Louisiana" style, has four rooms and a loft, with a roof that does not change angle over the porch or rear room.

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