List of confederate soldiers of Caldwell County, Texas

This card file, compiled by Donaly Brice,is in the Historical Research Center, Luling.Information includes birthdates, places, death date, place, marriage date, wife's data, parents, service record. It was extracted from many sources, cited. Some have much info,others have scant. For detail of your soldier send your request to the Caldwell county Genealogical and Historical Society email address:
Material may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material.These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation


Caldwell County, Texas: Confederate Soldiers

Abbott, Joseph Wiley
Abbott, S.B.
Addington, David
Alexander, George Leander
Alexander, James
Alexander, John
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, William M.
Allen, Burwell Collier
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, T.W.
Allison, George LaFayette (Fate)
Ammons, Lewis
Anderson, C. C.
Anderson, John N.
Andrews, C. W.
Andrews, R. W.
Appling, John Rabon
Apppling, Frank M.
Bagley, Charles Hamilton
Bagley, David Ross
Bagley, J. R.
Bailey, William F.
Baker, Abel
Baker, Green
Baker, John White
Baker, Thomas H.
Baker, Tilman
Baker, William H.
Baltzel, William
Banks, Edwin Gray
Barbee, E. W.
Barbee, Edward N.
Barfield, Cornelius Cade
Barklay, John C.
Barnard, Levi Madison
Barnes, Stephen
Barnett, George W.
Barnett, John Clark
Barnett, Leonard (Lem)
Barr, John Houston
Barrier, F. M.
Barrington, Manly
Barrington, Perry Charles
Barrow, Isom N.
Barrow, Samuel D. Sebastia
Barrow, Seth L.
Barrow, William Lawner
Baucom, Thomas Martin
Baylor, Walker Keith
Beaty, Leander Taylor (Lee)
Bell, William Pinkney
Bell, Wilson
Bellamy, Asa R.
Benham, Benjamin Franklin
Bennett, George Henry
Berry, Charlie (col.)
Berry, Thomas
Berry, Walker W.
Berryman, Jackson
Biggs, Miles
Biggs, William Henry Harrison
Bills, G. C.
Bilton, George W.
Binns, Edmund S.
Bishop, Charles David
Bishop, J.R. Stephen
Bishop, L. T.
Bishop, Oliver Benjamin
Bishop, Thomas
Blaine, John L.
Bletsch, Peter
Blount, James K.
Bluhm, G.
Blundell, James H.
Blunt, Walter Fraser
Boatright, Charles H.
Boggus, James Carter
Bolton, Matthew Perryman
Bomar, Richard Meredith
Bonner, Samuel Adalot
Bonney, C. L.
Boone, John C.
Booton, J.M.
Boren, William
Bosher, William M.
Bost, John Harvey
Bost, L.S.
Bowan, William R. (Bowen)
Bowen, Joseph Tomas
Bowen, Willia
m M. [ link ]
Bowers, George Taddius
Bowles, O. P.
Bowman, Jesse S.
Boyd, Robert Cleveland
Boyer, Stephen
Bradbury, Henry Clay
Brewer, John Campbell
Bricken, John C.
Brite, David Barton
Britton, Cornelius Columbus
Brock, Andrew Lee
Brock, William Harrison
Brogden, Hubbard
Brookins, A.B.
Brown, Albert P.
Brown, John S.
Brown, S. D.
Brown, Samuel Abel
Brown, Tyre Harris Jr.
Bruce, James L.
Bruhn, A.
Buchanan, James
Bullard, D. B.
Bunch, Henry Holcombe
Bunton, John L.
Bunton, Joseph
Bunton, Joseph Lloyd
Bunton, Robert
Bunton, Robert Holmes
Bunton, Thomas
Burditt, Dr. Henry N.
Burleson, Edward Blakey
Burleson, Joseph Pride
Burns, Christopher C.
Burris, John H.
Burton, Lewis
Burts, James H.
Bushnall, Francis
Butler, William G. or J.
Byrd, John E.
Cabaniss, Napoleon B.
Cabiness, Jesse Miltiades
Cady, James C.
Cahill, John W.
Caldwell, J.R.
Callihan, M. C.
Callihan, Tomas J. L. (Jefferson Lafayette)
Camp, Leonidas Montgomery
Campbell, Jarrett Milton
Campbell, John
Campbell, William B.
Cardenas, Nicanor
Cardwell, James Albert
Cardwell, John Madison
Cardwell, Robert Wilkerson
Cardwell, Thomas Sterling
Cardwell, William M.
Carpenter, John D.
Carpenter, Joseph Asbury
Carpenter, William Wiley
Carter, Hugh
Carter, John Quincey Adams
Carter, William L.
Cartright, Norval D.
Cates, Joshua
Cates, William Houston
Chamberlain, D.C.
Chamberlain, Sterling
Chapman, Henry
Chaudoin, Alonzo D.
Cherry, Robert Washington
Choate, Christopher
Christian, Obed M.
Clark, Charles David
Clark, Hugh Ervin
Clark, John
Clark, Thomas Francis
Clark, William Alexander
Cleveland, J.H.
Cliett, Albert G. or J.
Cliett, Anson B.
Cliett, Hugh L.
Cliett, Peter Q.
Cochran, Martin B.
Cockrill, Edward Harrison
Cole, George Washington
Cole, John Bishop
Cole, Richard Jr.
Collier, John
Collier, Joseph
Collier, W. P.
Collingsworth, James M.
Compton, Aaron
Connelly, Charles P.
Connolly, Constantine M.
Conway, Silas Perry
Cook, Francis Marion
Coopwood, Tomas Benton
Copenhaver, Mathew S.
Corbell, Felix H.
Cordray, Charles Sidney
Corsbie, James Blakemore
Cotton, William Lindsey
Signed an affadavit for William Bowen's Application for a Confedrate Pension
Covey, George B.
Covey, John
Covey, Joseph
Cowan, Alexander
Cowan, Marcus Mark H.
Cox, John A. J.
Cox, John Guy
Cox, Lawrence Scarbrough
Crawford, Felix G.
Crawford, Israel
Crenshaw, Charles D.
Crenshaw, Samuel Burk
Crippin, Orin/Oran
Crockett, William Riley
Cross, James A.
Crowell, G. M.
Crozier, James Henry
Crune, Felix F.
Crunk, A. J.
Crunk, Ira Caswell
Crunk, John Dennis
Crunk, Joseph Wilmoth
Crunk, William Francis
Culpepper, Amos A.
Custer, Jacob C.
Dailey, Christopher P. Kit
Dannelley, Fletcher Pinkney
Dannelley, Green Franklin
Dannelley, Madison Perry
Dauchy, Aldelbert Reed (Delbert)
Dauchy, Carey Cephus (Caiphas C.)
Daugherty, Harrison M.
Daugherty, J. R.
Davidson, Thomas D.
Davis, John T.
Davis, Martin I.
Davis, Remy
Davis, Reuben D.
Davis, William Lytle
Davis, William P.
Dawson, Joshua
Day, John T.
Deel, John W.
Deel, Peter J.
Degraffenreid, George E.
Dement, David
Dement, Lurell T.
Dennis, George W.
Deviney, Thomas A.
Dickerson, F. L.
Dillard, Abraham
Dillard, Henry W.
Dillard, Jacob W.
Dillard, Zelia
Dollahite, Charles Wesley
Dollahite, James Calvin
Dollar, William
Dorris, Hiram A.
Dorris, John E.
Douglas, David Fulton
Douglass, S.A.
Downing, J. D.
Doyle, Peter Casey
Draper, Henry
Drennen, Sherod A.
Dudley, William Henry Sr.
Duke, James H.
Duncan, Andrew J.
Duncan, Hewell (Hugh) L.
Duncan, John F.
Duncan, Robert Jenkins
Duncan, Samuel A.
Dunlap, John P.
Dunlap, William Petty
Dunnaho, John W.
Dunning, Samuel Washington
Dycus, F.A.
Early, Dr. John
Eastwood, Joseph Franklin
Edwards, Ivey H.
Elam, John J.
Elgin, John B.
Elison, Jacob Lewis
Ellis, J. Edward
Ellis, J. T.
Ellis, John C.
Ellis, Noah
Ellis, Thomas C.
Ellis, Volney
Ellison, Allen
Ellison, Augustus A.* Gus
Ellison, Benjamin Franklin
Ellison, Calvin
Ellison, F. Augustus Gus
Ellison, J. Thomas S.
Ellison, James F.
Ellison, Nathaniel P.
Ellison, Rufus Powers
Ellison, Thomas
Ellison, Thomas Holly
Ellison, William James
Ellison, William Hudson
Ellison, William Wesley
Emery, James R.
Emmel, Peter
Esterbrook, E. F.
Estes, Thomas Jefferson
Etheredge, Eli T.
Etheredge, Silas E.
Eustace, George Cmberland
Eustace, Joseph N.
Eustace, Thomas Allen
Evans, John Andrew
Farmer, Elijah P.
Farmer, John C.
Feathers, Samuel Gaston
Fehr, William
Fentress, David W.
Fentress, Thomas H.
Ferguson, William A.
Ferguson, William S.
Fielder, James Willis
Fitzgerald, John Moulton
Fisher, William
Fleming, Robert Franklin
Flowers, Hardin Marshall
Fogle, Alfred J.
Fogle, Robert
Fogle, Willis
Ford, James D.
Ford, Spencer
Foreman, J. J.
Foreman, William Andrew
Forqueran, Arthur Brown (Boone)
Forrester, George W.
Fortune, Robert W.
Fortune, William M.
Foster, John W.
Foster, William London
Fox, William D.
Francis, Joseph
Francis, Pendleton
Franks, Andrew
Franks, Eldridge
Franks, James Martin
Franks, W. D.
Frasier, Benjamin E.
Frazor, William T.
Freeman, George W.
Freeman, Irvin
Freeman, John Randolph
French, Asa
Friar, William S.
Fry, Benjamin F.
Fry, Jacob
Fry, Peter Bynum
Fulton, Roger Lawson
Fulton, Thomas H.
Gallagher, John F.
Galloway, Caleb Petty
Galloway, George Washington
Garner, Jackson
Garrison, Ephraim
Gibson, Joseph H./John H.
Gibson, Obediah
Gibson, Samuel
Gibson, W. M.
Gibson, W. T. F.
Gibston, James Franklin
Gideon, James Matison (Matt)
Gillis, A. H.
Gilmer, Peachy R. Sr.
Glass, J. H.
Goldenbarger, Henry C.
Goldenbarger, John
Goll, J. Hamilton
Gomillion, Andrew Howell
Good, William J.
Grady, William Monroe
Graham, John C.
Graves, J.F.
Graves, S.R.
Gray, Robert A.
Gray, W. B.
Green, James Jackson
Green, John
Green, William Jr.
Green, William Sr.
Greenwood, Blackstone H.
Greenwood, Thomas
Greenwood, Thomas Calhoun
Greer, Balis Tillery
Gregg, M. B.
Gregg, Oliver Hawes
Griesenbeck, Emil
Guinn, Newburn William
Hale, David Porter
Hale, Hiram (Nirum)
Hale, Thomas William
Halfin, Jacob
Hall, B. P.
Hall, David L.
Hall, Galveston V.
Hall, Henry C.
Hall, John
Hall, John William
Hall, William M.
Hallsell, George Allen
Ham, William
Hamilton, Byron T.
Hamilton, John A.
Handley, W. R.
Hankins, Eli Skaggs
Hannig, Frank
Happle, William Henry
Hardeman, Thomas Monroe
Hardeman, W. F.
Hardeman, William C.
Hardeman, William Polk (Gotch)
Hardin, James I.
Hardy, J. W.
Hargis, Banister
Hargis, Lee M.
Hargus, John Reed
Harper, Benjamin Franklin
Harris, Archie A.
Harris, Ben
Harris, Benjamin R.
Harris, Berry B.
Harris, Henry Clay
Harris, Jesse
Harris, Russell Brooks
Harris, Samuel Washington
Harris, Thomas Pleasant
Harrison, Baldwin H.
Henderson, A.J.
Henderson, J. D.
Henderson, Pres A.
Henderson, Samuel Harper
Henderson, William J.
Hendricks, Arthur C.
Hendricks, Mathew T.
Hewell, James S.
Hewitt (Huit), J. W.
Hibbetts, Joseph D.
Hickman, Alvin T.
Hightower, Little Berry
Hill, Abel W.
Hill, Edward Peyton
Hill, George W.
Hill, R. K.
Hill, Thomas J.
Hilliard, William A.
Hobbs, Thomas News
Hocker, John
Hocker, Obediah R.
Hocker, Richard
Hodges, Thomas Wilbern
Hoke, Burrell (Burlin) A.
Holcomb, William F.
Holligan, James H.
Holmes, John G.
Holmes, John L.
Holmes, Jule or Julius M.
Holmes, Peyton Graves
Holmes, Stokely M.
Hoover, Louis James
House, John Lorenzo
Houston, Andrew J.
Houston, Hugh
Houston, J. N.
Houston, Robert
Howard, Moses
Howell, G. S.
Howell, W. L.
Hudgens, Vance H.
Hudson, Marion Montgomery
Hudson, William M.
Huff, Thomas Harrison
Huff, W. H.
Hughes, Basil Manly
Hughes, Joseph
Humphreys, Jesse Lafayette
Hurst, John W.
Hutcheson, Ambrose John Jr
Hutcheson, Barton Walker Stone
Hutcheson, James M.
Ingrum, I. R.
Inman, A. T.
Izard, Mark W.
Jackson, C.
Jackson, Gabriel Johnson
Jackson, Thomas
Jeffrey, J. C.
Jeffrey, J. Franklin
Jeffrey, James M.
Jeffrey, James Perkins
Jeffrey, James Pruett Sr.
Jeffrey, Jesse Thomas
Jeffrey, Jesse W.
Jeffrey, John Rufus
Jeffrey, Joseph B.
Jeffrey, Matthew B.
Jeffrey, Nathan Roberts
Jenkins, P. P.
Jenkins, Samuel
Jennings, Elijah Allen
Jennings, Joseph
Jennings, Joseph Humphreys
Jennings, William Bouland*
Johnson, Albert C.
Johnson, D.
Johnson, H. W.
Johnson, Lewis Ellison
Johnson, Samuel Ealy Sr.
Johnson, Thomas Jefferson
Johnson, William S.
Jolley, John H.
Jolley, Leonidas H. T.
Jolley, W. N.
Jolley, William McDonald
Jolly, Simeon O. B.
Jones, David Burk
Jones, Henry
Jones, L. V.
Jones, Richard C.
Jones, W. R.
Jordan, William
Joslin, James W.
Jowers, William Warren
Judd, J. L.
Kaigler, William Alfonzo
Kaylick, Feodor
Keck, Michael
Keese, John A.
Keese, William F.
Keith, Kosciusko Dewitt
Kelley, Robert P.
Kelley, Thomas Elwood
Kelley, William
Kellum, David
Kelly, Daniel C.
Kenedy, Joshua A.
Kent, Francis Marion
Kerr, William James
Ketchum, Chester V.
Keylich, Max G.
Killian, Daniel Albert
Killian, James A.
King, H.S.
King, Haden F.
King, Henry B.
King, James W.
King, Rufus Way
King, William C.
Kirchman, Edward
Kirksey, Elisha L.
Kirksey, Irvin
Kirksey, John M.
Koonson/Kousson, Joseph
Kraft, John
Krempkau, Ernest Otto
Kupferschmidt, Heinrich
Kurzeman, K.
Kyser, George W.
Lackey, Elijah
Laidley, Thomas Mortimer
Lamb, Alonzo T.
Lambkin, John L.
Lancaster, John Nathaniel
Lane, Bayliss
Lane, Calvin M.
Lane, Elsberry R.
Lane, James
Lane, John Lafayette
Lane, Samuel Tipton
Lane, Thomas J.
Laney, John W.
Laney, Joseph
Laney, Thomas J.
Larremore, A. Y.
Larremore, David J.
Lawler, John Hugh
Laws, George Washington
Lay, Abner McCharles
Laynam, H. A.
Layne, Samuel Estes
Leach, Asberry D.
Lee, H. M.
Lester, Archer Vaughan
Lester, John C.
Levyson, Harmon (Herman)
Lewis, John C.
Lincecum, Brazos Dios
Livengood, Albert Wiley
Lockard, A. J.
Lockard, George W.
Lockwood, Henry/Harvey N.
Loehman/Lehman, John Henry
Loftis, A. L.
Loftis, Andrew M.
Loftis, Archibald T.
Long, James B.
Long, Joseph B.
Long, Tobias
Lovelady, S. D.
Luce, B. F.
Luker, George Miflin
Lyle, John H.
Lynch, John. R.
Lynch, Louis
Mackey, John
Malone, Christopher C.
Manford, James
Martin, Ellis
Martin, Joseph S.
Martin, Miles Malone
Martin, William
Martindale, David M.
Martindale, George Norman
Martindale, Robert Monroe
Mason, D. Crockett
Matthews, C. C.
Maulding, Press
Maulding, William P.
Maule, C.
May, Joseph
May, Milton C.
May, Morris B.
Mayers, John F.
Mayfield, Thomas W.
Maynard, M. B.
McBride, David W>
McCallister, James A.
McCarley, Samuel
McCarty, Andrew J.
McCarty, W. H.
McCausland, Henry C.
McCausland, William Dorsey
McClain, W. A.
McClintock, John W.
McCord, Joseph Andrew
McCoy, Elijah Green (G.D.)
McCoy, John C.
McCright, Robert
McCurdy, Andrew
McCurdy, John Newton Lyle
McCutchan, Charles Francis
McDonald, John A.
McDowell, Samuel J. P.
McDuffie, D.
McGaffey, John Wyatt
McGinnis, Vargerie NcNary (Vardrey)
McGinnis, William M.
McKay, Malcolm McCaskill
McKean, Joseph H.
McKellar, William Hector
McKinney, Alex
McKinney, James H.
McKinney, William Newman
McMahan, James
McMahan, James B.
McMahan, John P.
McMahan, Thomas Houston
McNeal, William Wallace
McNitt, B. E.
McVea, J. G.
McVea, J. M.
McVea, James A.
Meadows, John M.
Mebane, David Mitchell
Mendez, Antonio
Mercer B.
Mercer, Alexander
Meyers, Julius
Middleton, Horace Nash
Middletown, Horace Nash
Miles, Samuel Ramsey
Miller, Adam (col.)
Miller, Franklin Lewis
Miller, George W.
Miller, H.
Miller, Isaac Jackson
Miller, R. B. C.
Miller, Richard
Millett, Leonidas
Millican, Archibald Crockett
Millican, John M.
Misenheimer, K. S.
Misenhimer, Daniel Monroe
Mitchell, E. J. H.
Moffett, Joseph Francis
Mohle, Theodore Charles
Monk, William Richard
Monkhouse, John Fortner
Monroe, J. W.
Montgomery, Adam
Montgomery, J. W.
Montgomery, John A.
Montgomery, William W.
Montogmery, Claudius
Moody, Asa
Moody, John
Mooney, William Daniel
Moore, Elihu/Elisha
Moore, John Kelsey
Morse, John N.
Moses, Henry P.
Mounger, Hiram
Mouser, William Henry
Muckleroy, James Meriwether
Murff, Sterling E.
Myer, L. E.
Myers, F. M.
Myers, John Jacob
Nealy, Charles
Neill, Frank T.
Neill, George Clayton
Neill, George Franklin
New, George Washington- served in Company "C"- G.W.New signed an Affadavit for WilliamBowen's application for a confederate pension in 1905 Stated" I knew him since he was a school boy"
New, Joseph Barnett
New, William Robert
Newsom, John
Nichols, Hannibal Washington
Nichols, Richard Murphy
Nicholson, Granville M.
Nix, Jonathan
Nolan, George W.
O'Banon, Dawson Burgess
O'Daniel, Josiah Dial
O'Steen, David C.
Odom, Hugh S.
Ogle, Joseph
Oliver, John R.
Otto, August
Page, Leander B.
Palmer, Benjamin T.
Parchman, Martin V.
Parker, George Travis
Parker, Jerry H.
Parks, John E.
Parr, James Z.
Patterson, Andrew C.
Patterson, Barney D.
Patterson, H. W.
Patton, Dorn
Patton, James Cain
Patton, John
Patton, Pannel T.
Paul, James Lockhart
Pearman, Bud
Peirce, Robert William
Perry, H.C.
Perry, Henderson Wilson
Perry, Patrick Lockhart
Person, Edmund Henry
Person, Ewell Dock
Pettey, Dr. Thomas Sewell
Petty, Anderson
Petty, George A.
Petty, Gipson
Petty, James
Petty, James Martin
Petty, Samuel Dawson
Phillips, Joel
Pierce, Francis Marion
Pledger, George Edward
Pogue, James
Pogue, James
Pogue, Jones
Polk, Cumberland
Pollard, A.
Pollard, William
Ponce, Dumas Richardson
Poors, W. L.
Porter, David M.
Porter, Ulysses F.
Poston, William
Potter, Andrew Jackson
Potter, Benjamin F.
Powers, J. L.
Powers, James F.
Pratt, Thomas
Price, Will T.
Priddy, Thomas Benton
Prior/Pryor, Isaac D. Ike
Prior/Pryor, William T.
Privett, N. T.
Privett, Samuel D.
Probst, George Godfrey
Procter, Alonzo D.
Procter, William
Pullen, Asa
Pullen, Frank
Pullen, Thomas
Pulliam, B. G.
Pulliam, Oscar
Putnam, Thomas Rogers
Rader, Cortez Law
Ramsey, W. H. (F.)
Randle, Wilson
Ratliff, James Madison
Ratliff, Jesse B.
Ratliff, Joshua Brock
Rawls, Felix Marion
Ray, James M.
Rector, James W.
Rector, William Eli
Reding, W. M.
Reed, Absolom W.
Reed, Jacob
Reed, James K. Polk
Reedy, William A.
Reid, Bart Simes
Rheinlander, Christian
Rhoda, Hugo
Rhodes, Baron de Kalb
Rice, Henry A.
Rice, John
Rice, John Dismuke
Richards, Cyrus White
Richards, John
Richbourg, John Wesley
Ridout, Henry
Ridout, Horace Scales
Ridout, Reese
Ridout, Thomas H.
Ridout, William Lewis
Rife, Andrew Jackson
Rivers, John Douglas
Robbins, George W.
Roberds, William Thomas
Roberts, Benjamin McCulloch
Roberts, Daniel W.
Roberts, David Powell
Roberts, Dr. Martin P.
Roberts, John C.
Roberts, Joseph Emery
Roberts, W. T.
Roberts, William C.
Roberts, William L.
Robertson, William Franklin
Robinson, C. F.
Robinson, George
Robinson, W. F.
Robuck, W. W.
Roeder, Herman
Rogan, Edgar Huntley
Rogan, Leonidas
Rogers, John Henry
Rogers, Martin Van Buren
Ross, Abner M.
Ross, J. H.
Roundtree, William
Ruby, David
Rumsley, William M.
Rylander, Robert William
Saffarrans, Reuben Reynolds
Sams, James Graham
Samuels, Stephen S.
Sanders, A. W.
Sanders, Hampton
Schiller, Sam
Scott, Gustavus
Scruggs, C. A.
Scruggs, F. G.
Scruggs, H. M.
Scruggs, James G.
Scruggs, Nathaniel Thomas
Scruggs, William A.
Searcy, Dr. Overton O.
Sewall, W. M.
Seward, James Alvin
Sewell, J. P.
Sewell, Jesse Franklin
Sexton, Wiley Marion
Shackelford, John H.
Shannon, J. W.
Shelton, James Knox Polk
Sherry, Joseph Lewis
Shinn, Joseph W.
Shipp, A. A.
Shipp, Benjamin E.
Shotwell, C. C.
Shuler, Ellis Moorer
Shuler, Glenn Washington
Shuler, Hayne E.
Shuler, Joab
Shuller, George Wiloughby
Sims, Lewis C.
Sites, Benjamin
Skaggs, H. C.
Slaughter, Reuben
Smith, Gains Baily
Smith, George A.
Smith, J. W.
Smith, J. W.
Smith, James Alfred/Albert
Smith, James Anderson
Smith, James M.
Smith, John D.
Smith, John H.
Smith, John Jackson
Smith, Joseph W.
Smith, Miles Vance
Smith, Murrell A.
Smith, Peyton R.
Smith, R. S.
Smith, Robert Lusk
Smith, Sidney Wilson
Smith, W. H.
Smith, W.B.
Smith, W.S.
Smith, Wesley Lee
Smith, William C.
Smith, William R.
Snow, Benjamin P.
Southern, Robert Isaiah
Southern, Thomas Jefferson
Sowell, William Newton
Spann, Richard Childers
Sparks, Benjamin Franklin
Spaulding, James Anderson
Speed, James
Spragins, Elias Carter
Spruill, John
St. Clair, Duncan
Stagner, George A.
Stagner, Jasper N.
Stanfield, Tomas B.
Stautzenburger, John
Steele, William M.
Stephens, George
Stephens, George W.
Sterling, Joseph
Steubing, William Jacob
Stevens, Jacob Soule
Stevenson, Linford/Lenford
Stewart, Dugald J. McNeal
Stewart, James Brown
Stoker, A. F.
Stoker, John Thomas
Stone, Charles W.
Stone, W. M.
Storey, Calvin L.
Storey, Leonidas Jefferson
Strawn, Madison M.
Stringfellow, Martin Richard
Strong, Adolphus
Stroud, James Campbell
Sullivan, J. W.
Surrett, S. A.
Swann, John S.
Swearingen, Jesse
Swindell, William T.
Tabor, John Washington
Tabor, Oliver H.P.
Tabor, William Henry
Talley, Allen
Talley, Reuben J.
Tally, Frederick Hendricks
Tally, Jacob C.
Tally, Jacob Roberts
Tally, Matthew
Tarpley, E. D.
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Daniel Meridith
Taylor, G. W.
Taylor, Hugh
Taylor, J. E.
Taylor, Joel A.
Taylor, William C.
Teas, Jesse T.
Teas, William Blackwell
Tease, T. A.
Teel, Travanion Theodore
Thompson, Berlen Monroe
Thompson, David Henry
Thompson, Edward R.
Thompson, J. B.
Thompson, J. R.
Thompson, William Alexander
Thomson, Alexander Spotwood
Thornbury, Walter T.
Thornton, Kinchen Herbert
Thornton, Yancy
Tiller, B. F.
Tinney, Addison B.
Tinney, Griffin (Griffith)
Tinney, Jacob
Tinney, John
Tise, Isaiah [Isaac]
Tise, J. [Isaac/Isiah]
Tomerline, Bennett
Tomerline, James Madison
Tomlinson, John H.
Townsend, E. C.
Trainer, James M.
Tramell, W. H.
Trigg, Alfred L.
Trimble, James M.
Trimble, Marcus
Trogden, Robert
Tucker, John
Turner, Augustus Medicus
Turner, Elijah L.
Turner, T. B.
Tyler, Brinkley Hickman
Ulbrich, August
Ussery, Mastin
Vanlandingham, M. A.
Vaughan, Felix G.
Veazey, John W.
Vick, J. H.
Vogel, Jahn Anthon
Vogel, Joseph
Wade, B. D.
Wages, Aaron A.
Wages, L. T.
Wagoner, James M.
Waite, B. D.
Waldrip, Wiley Thomas
Waldschmidt, John Philip (Wallsmith)
Walker, James Knox
Walker, Patrick Henry
Walker, William B.
Wallace, Jonathan
Walston, John P.
Walton, George W.
Walton, P. Carroll
Ward, George Ferris
Warren, Thomas
Washburn, Eli Edgar
Watkins, Edwards Harvey
Watkins, Sam G.
Watts, Alexander
Watts, Eliba Allen
Watts, Levingston O.
Watts, Zachariah John
Weathersby, N.A.D.
Webb, Berry Sawyers
Webb, G. C.
Webb, George W.
Weeks, William Henry
Weichold, Henry
Wells, James Michael
Wells, Thomas William
West, Harrison H.
West, James B.
West, Levi Oliver
West, Meridith F.
West, Nelson Baylor
West, Richard Berry
West, William H. Sr.
West, William J.
White, B. M.
White, George W.
White, Robert Means
White, William
White, William Leonard
Whitis, C. W.
Whitley, Hiram Little
Whitley, Jeff
Whitley, M. C.
Whitley, Martin
Whitley, Randolph Little
Whitly, W. C.
Whittaker, S. H.
Whittington, Parks M.
Wiley, James A.
Wiley, Jesse Gaston
Wiley, William Sevier
Williams John Harison
Williams, Alexander Mitchell
Williams, E. D.
Williams, Hiram
Williams, James Anthony
Williams, James T.
Williams, Jeremiah
Williams, Joshua M.
Williams, R. S.
Williams, Richard B.
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William Jefferson
Williamson, J. D.
Williamson, J. H.
Wilson, Isaac N.
Wilson, J. (Jason?)
Wilson, John
Wilson, John S.
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Thomas D.
Windham, G. W.
Withers, Hugh Marion
Withers, John Melville
Withers, Marcus Allen (Mark)
Withers, William Preston
Witt, Ed
Witter, Charles Lowell
Witter, Tully Lee
Wood, Z. F.
Wooldridge, E. C.
Word, Charles Hazelwood
Wright, Benjamin Franklin
Wright, Charles P.
Wright, Daniel
Wright, John P.
Wright, William Woodson
Wyatt, John M.
Wyatt, William Jasper
Yarbrough, B. T.
Yates, James
Young, J. W.
Young, L. D.
Zedler, Fritz/Fredric
Sullivan, Boling/Bourland F. or D.

End of list.