Caldwell County Cemetery Master List
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Caldwell County Cemeteries
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Cemetery Transcriptions
Entry Date
African American Cemeteries           2000
Alexander Family Cemetery
      Lockhart 1987
Andrew Family Grave Site            
Arnic Talley Cemetery            
Atlanta Cemetery         Luling 5 Feb 2000
Bellwood Memorial Park Cemetery
Blackwell Cemetery
294754N 0973708W
McMahan 1970
Blalock Cemetery
30 1'58.90"N 9733'43.66"W   Bastrop County  
Blewett/Bluitt Cemetery  
      Lockhart 1984
Bouldin Cemetery
5m N Harwood 1984
Branyon Cemetery
294931N 0973645W
NWof Seawillow  
Brite-McMahan Cemetery           1987
Bunton Cemetery   295629N 0973505W
Dale Jan 1996
Cabiness Grave Yard            
Cardwell Cemetery         Lockhart Feb 1669
Cemetario Santa Maria Hayda de la            
Cemetero de la Colonia Mexicana            
Cherry Cemetery            
Clarissa West Gravesite            
Clark-Fisher Cemetery         McMahan 1 Mar 1969
Clark Chapel Cemetery      
Clarks Chapel Hispanic Cemetery           Jan 2000
Clear Fork Cemetery         Luling 8 Jan 1969
Clearfork Baptist         Luling 8 Jan 1969
Cliett Cemetery
Martindale 1990
Community (Catholic) Cemetery         Luling  
Copeland Cemetery           1991
Crayton-Spruill Cemetery         Martindale 1985
Dale Memorial   295527N 0973440W
Dale Dec 1966
David Wiegand School Cemetery            
Davis, Edgar B. Gravesite            
Delhi Missionary Baptist Cemetery         Delhi  
Dial, John & Marilla Gravesite            
Dickerson Cemetery   294655N 0973550W
McMahan 8 Jan 1969
Dickerson-Greene Cemetery            
Dorn Cemetery            
Doyle Cemetery      
Uhland Jul 1999
Ebbon Cemetery African American  (offsite)   294441N 0973431W
Watts 2000
Elam Cemetery           1991
Elm Grove Cemetery         Pettytown 1 Mar 1969
Fentress Cemetery         Fentress Sep 1995
Fentress Community Cemetery         Fentress  
Fentress Public Cemetery         Fentress  
Fentress Cemetery African American         Fentress  
Fleming Memorial Cemetery African American         Dale Sep 2007
Flores Family            
Fuqua Cemetery         Luling 1969
Garden of the Cross   295155N 0975201W   Martindale  
Gonzales Family Cemetery         Longhorn  
Gabriel Sisneros Gravesite            
Gravesites ~ Misc Sites            
Guadalupe Cemetery
30.00110 -97.68470   Mendoza  
Guadalupe/Mendoza/Old Rest            
Gunkel Family Cemetery            
Hall Cemetery            
Hall, A. C. Family Cemetery            
Hardeman/McKinney         Guadalupe Co  
Hardeman-Ritcherson Gravesite            
Hinds Cemetery           1989
Hardshell Cemetery African American   294635N 0973226W
McMahan 2000
Hook Cemetery African American         Lockhart 2000
Huff Cemetery African American           2000
Humphrey Cemetery   294959N 0974911W
Martindale Mar 2009
Isadora (San Isidro)   294700N 0974734W
Martindale Dec 1996
Jeddo Cemetery  AFAMTexasEscapes   2981420N 0973150W
Bastrop 1987
Jeffrey Cemetery   295059N 0973157W
McMahan 24 Jun 1992
Jefferey Cemetery- UPDATED (off site)         McMahan 2012
Jewish Cemetery            
Jewish, Luling, Cemetery         Luling 1987
John Thomas Gravesite            
Kelley Cemetery   295313N 0973711W
Kelly   294437N 0974257W
Kennedy, John F Cemeterry   295015N 0974958W
Martindale 1999
Koegler Hill (Old Methodist) Cemetery   295348N 0974938W
Reedville Jan 1969
Koonsen Gravemarker           2000
Kukabur Cemetery African American            
Lane, Joseph (not open)            
Lane Cemetery         Lockhart 1986
Liberty Cemetery   295731N 0973251W
Dale 7 Dec 1996
Liberty Cemetery (older inventory)         Dale Mar 1992
Lincecum Cemetery           1984
Little May Hunter Gravesite            
Live Oak Cemetery
295659N 0974725W
Lockhart Mexican Cemetery Northside            
Lockhart Municipal Burial Park      
Lockhart Feb 69-Nov 70
Lockhart Municipal (Paul Smith List ~ Alphabetized)      
Lockhart 2002
Loehmann Cemetery
294613N 0974015W
E of Joliet 26 Feb 1969
Lone Oak Cemetery
293955N 0973711W
SE of Harwood 1971
Luling Catholic Cemetery
29.69195 -97.63696
Luling 1996
Luling Civic Cemetery
29.71668 -97.65369
Luling 1994
Luling Cemetery, Inc.
29.67588 -97.63627
Luling 1970
Lytton Springs Cemetery
29.99750 -97.61170
Lytton Springs 1989
Martindale Cemetery         Martindale  
Martindale City Cemetery         Martindale  
Masonic Cemetery         Prairie Lea  
Mauldin-Robertson Cemetery         Lockhart  
Maxwell Cemetery         Maxwell  
Maxwell Hispanic Cemetery         Maxwell  
McNeil Cemetery         McNeil  
Memory Lawn Memorial Park         Martindale  
Mercer Cemetery         Luling  
Mineral Springs Cemetery         Joliet  
Misenhimer Cemetery see Cardwell         Lockhart  
New Barnett McAllister Cemetery         Lockhard  
Niederwald Cemetery         Niederwald  
Ohlendorf Cemetery            
Old Lytton Springs Cemetery         Lytton Springs  
Prairie Lea Public Cemetery         Prairie Lea  
Old Rest Cemetery         Mendoza  
Plum Creek Cemetery (see Atlanta)            
Polonia Cemetery         Lockhart  
Popps Cemetery            
Prairie Lea Masonic Cemetery         Prairie Lea  
Prairie Lea Public Cemetery         Prairie Lea  
Ridout Cemetery            
Roberts-Lincecum Cemetery         Lockhart  
Saint John Colony Cemetery            
Saint John Cemetery         Luling  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery         Lockhart  
San Isidro Cemetery            
San Juan Cemetery         Reedville  
San Juan Cemetery #2         Prairie Lea  
San Pablo Cemetery         Lockhart  
Santa Maria Aida Cemetery            
Schawe Cemetery         Maxwell  
Smith-North Cemetery         Luling  
Taylor Cemetery            
Teas Cemetery            
Tierra de Tienda Cemetery            
Union Hill Cemetery         Luling  
Ussery Cemetery            
Vogel Cemetery            
Wells Cemetery         Seawillow  
West Family Cemetery         Stairtown  
Withers Family Home         Lockhart  

Source - Plum Creek Almanac, Vol. 15, No. 2, Fall 1997 and Caldwell County Kin: The First 150 Years published by the Genealogical and Historical Society of Caldwell County, November 2000.

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