Inventories for some of these cemeteries are in the Historical Research Center, Luling Public Library, 215 South Pecan, Luling TX 78648-2607. Index will be provided as quickly as transcripts are available. For dates and any other information available, please request at CCG&H Society. Be sure to include the name of the Cemetery in which your relative is buried.

Name, Legal description (Abstract, Survey, Size) Map ID
CCCR= Caldwell County Cemetery Records
PCA Vx #x Pxx = Plum Creek Almanac, Volume, Issue and Page numbers.

Additional Cemetery Inventories
Check out Paul Smith's List he has copied several Caldwell County Cemeteries, they have dates.

Alexander Family Cemetery A082, Clinton-William, acres .20, Cemetery is located off FM20 East about 6 miles from Lockhart, near CR 210 & CR 201.

Allen Family Cemetery A964, Curtis-James, acres .09, F11

Andrews Family Grave Site A156, James-George W., acres .01, I7

Arnic Talley Cemetery A003, Burleson-Joseph Sr., acres .12, G6

Atlanta Cemetery -- 3.5 acres in the Silas Fuqua League, Cemetery is located near Luling, north of old US90 near junction with US183 (IH10) Turn North onto Arrow Lane, then East onto Whisper Road. It is possible the Atlanta is also know by a different name. G14

Some African American Cemeteries of Caldwell County Includes: HUFF; FLEMINGS; EBBON; HARD SHELL; KUKABUR; HOOKS. Submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000.

Blackwell-Rector CemeteryA022, Roe-John, acres .70, F10   

Blalock or Browder Cemetery
(Bastrop Co.)

Blewett/Bluitt CemeteryA001, Berry-Esther, acres .60, E9

Blewett/Bluitt Cemetery Photos

Bouldin Cemetery A299, West-Levi, acres .02, I13

Branyon -- A087, Cooper-Dillard, acres .48, F9

Brite-McMahan Cemetery A223, Nash-James, acres 1.8, G7

Bunton Cemetery, Dale A003, Burleson-Joseph Sr., acres 1.62, G5

Cabiness Grave Yard A195, Miller-John R., acres .5, G9

Cardwell Cemetery

Cemetario Santa Maria Hayda de la A188, Maxwell-Thomas, acres 2.3108, C7

Cemetero de la Colonia Mexicana A102, Floyd-Adolphin, acres 1.5, T23

Cherry A301, Way-Lewis, acres 1.0, J11

Clarissa West Gravesite A013, Hinds-Gerron, acres .001, F3

Clark Cemetery A156, James-George W., acres .75, I7

Clark-Fisher Cemetery

Clarks Chapel Cemetery A242, Pinchback-James, acres 2.85, G8

Clarks Chapel Hispanic Cemetery

Clark's Cemetery, Elm Grove Cemetery

Clear Fork Cemetery

Clearfork Baptist A194, McCearley-Plasied B., acres 7.68, G10

Cliett Cemetery A019, Morrison-Stephen B., acres .01, B10

Community (Catholic) Cemetery, Luling A024, Seale-Solomon, acres .5, S22

Copeland Cemetery A091, Damon-Squire, acres .01, H5

Crayton-Spruill Cemetery A021, Pettus-William, acres .50, MART3

Dale A003, Burleson-Joseph Sr., acres 2., G6

David Wiegand School Cemetery A298, Toby-Thomas, acres .44, C5

Davis, Edgar B. Gravesite A027, Weldon-Isaac, acres .01, H11

Delhi Missionary Baptist Cemetery A120, Hardeman-Bailey, acres 2.79, K9

Dial, John & Marilla Gravesite A209, McGinnie-V.M., acres .01, H11

Dickerson Cemetery A194, McCearley, Plasied, acres 4., G10

Dickerson-Greene Cemetery A194, McCearley-Plasied B., acres 1.70, G10

Dorn Cemetery A012, Henry-John, acres .5, D12

Doyle Cemetery A313, Yates-Thomas, acres .01, B5

EBBON This inventory is part of a group submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000.

Ebenezer Lutheran Church & Cemetery A188, Maxwell-Thomas, acres 4., MXWL

Ebenezer Cemetery A corrected inventory, made in May 2001 by Lynn and Sharon Moore.

Ebbon Cemetery

Ebbon Comm. Fair Assn. Church & Cemetery A014, Hinds-James, acres 8.8, G12.

Elam Cemetery A024, Seale-Solomon, acres .03, E13

Elm Grove Cemetery

Fentress Cemetery

Fentress Community Cemetery A010, Gillan, Michael, acres 3.6, C11

Fentress Public Cemetery A012, Henry-John, acres 2.6, D12

Fentress African American Cemetery A026, Tinney-Ambrose, acres .5, H8

FLEMINGS This inventory is part of a group of inventories submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000.

Flores Family A181, Martinez-Pablo, acres 3., F3

Fuqua Cemetery A007 Fuqua-Silas, acres .01, G14

Gonzales Family Cemetery Longhorn Ranch & Cattle Co. Sub., Lot 35, I12

Gabriel Sisneros Gravesite A007, Fuqua-Silas, acres .01, F14

Gravesites -- Thomas, Koonsen, Matthews, Neil, West Gravesites

Guadalupe/Mendoza/Old Rest
Inventoried by Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Society, Spring 2000, and published in Plum Creek Almanac, Fall 2000. A157, Jackson-Isaac, acres 2.5 & acres .9, E3

Gunkel Family Cemetery
A007, Fuqua-Silas, acres .04, G15

Hall Cemetery A007, Fuqua-Silas, acres .04, F15

Hall, A.C. Family Cemetery A286, Seydell-Francis, acres .06, F11


Hardeman-Ritcherson Gravesite A192m Floyd-Adolphin, acres .02, F12

HARDSHELL A100, Evans-Wistar, acres .5, H:10. This inventory is part of a group submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000.

Harris Cemetery A063, Connell-Sampson, acres .25, E2

Harrison Cemetery A289, Tyler-John, acres .2, E10

Highsmith Cemetery & S M PRM BAP CH G025, S. Highsmith, acres 1., J18

Hinds Cemetery A014, Hinds-James, acres .04, G11

HOOK This inventory is part of a group submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000. [Eastside Colored Cemetery] A009, George-James, acres 3.2, F7

HUFF This inventory is part of a group submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000. A102, Floyud-Adolphin, acres .4, F13

Humphrey Cemetery A019, Morrison-Stephen B., acres 2., B9

Isadora (San Isidro) Surveyed, Ernest Flores Garcia, 1997. A005, Dickinson-Almerion, acres 1.762, C10

Jeddo Cemetery

Jeffrey Cemetery A026, Tinney-Ambrose, (new) acres 3. & (old) acres 4.67, H8

Jewish Cemetery, Reed Second, acres .6, S23

Jewish, Luling, Cemetery

John Thomas Gravesite A157, Jackson-Isaac, acres .01, E4

Kelley Cemetery A248, Reavill-Nancy, acres 2., D12

Kelly A009, George-James, acres .06, F7

Kennedy A019, Morrison-Stephen B., acres 1.4, MART4

Koegler Hill (Old Methodist) Cemetery A313, Yates-Thomas, acres 1.7, B7

Koonsen Gravemarker A248, Reavill-Nancy, acres .25, E11

KUKABUR This inventory is part of a group of inventories submitted by Mabel Huff York in 2000.

Lane, Joseph(not open) A017, Lockhart-Byrd, acres .1, P18

Lane Cemetery A017, Lockhart-Byrd, acres 4.8, P18

Liberty Cemetery Surveyed 1997, CCG&H Soc. A003, Burleson-Joseph Sr., acres .45, H4

Liberty Cemetery -- List provided by Liberty cemetery folks.
Cemetery is located approximately 11.5 miles east of Lockhart and one mile south of FM 672.

Lincecum Cemetery

Linscome A167, Killen-Wiliam H., acres .09, G6

Little May Hunter Gravesite A289, Tyler-John League, acres .01, D9

Live Oak Cemetery

Lockhart Mexican Cemetery Northside, Lot 15-17 PT 14, acres 1.4 O17

Lockhart Municipal Burial Park A017, Lickhart-Byrd, acres approx. 29., O17

Loehmann Cemetery A134, Hunter-Robert, acres .09, E11

Lone Oak Cemetery A018, Morris-Spencer, acres .9, F14

Luling Catholic Cemetery

Luling Civic Cemetery A102, Floyd-Adolphin, acres 2., F12

Luling Cemetery, Inc. A018, Morris-Spencer, acres 42., T24

Lytton Springs Cemetery O.T. Lytton Springs, Block 6, Lot 3 & 4, acres 5.97, LYTN

Lytton Springs Old Cemetery With Corrections, 1999. A230, Pace-Gideon, acres .4, LYTN

Marines Cemetery G025, S. Highsmith, acres 6.57, I17

Martin Cemetery Near Niederwald, Hayes Co.

Martindale Cemetery A021 Pettus, William, acres 1., B8; Martindale Cemetery Assn, acres 3.5, MART4

Masonic Cemetery A012, Henry-John, acres 3.6, D12

Matthews Infant Gravesite A104, Fishbaugh-Wm., acres .01 G13

Maxwell Methodist Cemetery

Maxwell Hispanic A199, MacNeill-Hector, acres 1.4, C7

McNeil Cemetery A013, Hinds-Gerron, acres 3.76, G13

Menzoda (Old Rest ) Cemetery
New inventory included in Guadalupe 2000 inventory by Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Society.

Mercer Cemetery A038, Berry-James, acres 1.1, E12

Mexican Cemetery, Lockhart Northside, Lot 15-17 PT 14, Acres 1.4 O17

Mineral Springs Cemetery A115, Guadaluppe College, acres 1.5, E11

Mishenhimer A068, Crenshaw-Cornelius, acres 4.0, D6

Moreno Cemetery


Neely Cemetery A125 Hinds-James, acres .13, E5

African American Cemetery A102, Floyd-Adolphin, acres 3.6, S22

African American Graveyard A199, McNeill-Hector, acres 1., C8

Neill Gravesite A194 McCearley-Plasied B., acres .01, F10

New, Barnett & McAllister Cemetery A014, Hands-James, acres .2, D2

Niederwald Cemetery A191, Mott-JOhn, acres 1., D2

O'Bannon Cemetery A051, Burnett-William, acres .02, F11

Ohlendorf Cemetery A200, Morrison-Wiliam, acres .5, D5

Old Lytton Springs Cemetery A230, Pace-Gideon, acres .4, LYTN

Old Highsmith Cemetery

Old Methodist (Koeglar Hill) Cemetery

Old Prairie Lea Cemetery

Old Rest (Menzoda) Cemetery New inventory included in Guadalupe 2000 inventory by Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Society.

Pettytown Cemetery

Polonia Cemetery A201, McCulloch-H.E., acres 2., E5

Popps Cemetery A289, Tyler-John, acres, .03, E9

Prairie Lea Cemetery

Prairie Lea Hispanic Cemetery

Prairie Lea Public Cemetery

Ramsay, Mrs., Grave on John Davenport property

Ridout Cemetery A020, Neill-John A., acres .03, G8

Robertson Cemetery (Storey's Field) A009, George-James, acres .75, F7

Saint John -- A102 Burleson-Joseph Sr., acres 3., F7

Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery A102, Floyd-Adolphin, acres 3., T23

Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery A017, Lockhart-Byrd, acres 7.5, G17

San Isidro (Isadora) Surveyed, Ernest Flores Garcia, 1997 A005, Dickinson-Almerion, acres 1.762, C10

San Juan, Fentress A012 Henry-John, acres 4.6, D12

San Juan, Prairie Lea Surveyed, Ernest Flores Garcia, 1999

San Juan, Reedville Surveyed, Ernest Flores Garcia, 2001. A021, Pettus-William, acres 2.5, B7

San Manuel Cemetery A040, Benton-Dorothy, acres .01, F6

Santa Maria Aida Cemetery

Santa Maria Aida Cemetery Another inventory.

San Pablo, Lockhart Located on North 183, 1.4 miles from the Courthouse in Lockhart Inventoried by Ernest Garcia, 2001. A017, Lockhart-Byrd, acres 2.67, O16

Schawe, Maxwell Inventoried by Lynn & Sharon Moore, May 2001. A188, Maxwell-Thomas, acres .7, MXWL

Sims-Brite Cemetery A273, Swift-Arthur, acres .01, G7

Smith Family A065, Curtis-Elijah, acres .4, F11

Staples-Tuttle Cemetery G033, Robert Smith, acres 1.62, G16

Storch Cemetery A042, Brown-Edward, acres .04, H10

Storey's Field (Robertson) Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery A264, Spillers-William, acres .08, G7

Teas Cemetery A022, Roe-John, acres .5, F10

Torres & Mendex Gravesite A017, Lockhart-Byrd, acres .002, F7

Tuttle Cemetery original name - Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Union Hill Cemetery A102, Floyd-Adolphin, acres 3.2, E12

Ussery Cemetery A024, Seale-Solomon, acres 1.1, E13

Vogle (Westfork) See Westfork. A248, Reavill-Nancy, acres .01, E11

Weigand School, David A298, Toby-Thomas, acres .44, C5

Wells Cemetery A195, Miller-J9hn R., acres .97, G9

Westfork (Vogle) Cemetery A248, Reavill-Nancy, acres .01, E11

Wilkins-Henderson Cemetery A200, Morrison-William, acres .05, D5

Willie Samuel Harrison Gravesite A040, Benton-Dorothy, acres .01, F6

Withers, John, Gravesite (Yslas) A017, Lockhart-Byrd, 4x10, P18

Woodsmen of the World A012, Henry-John, acres 2.8, D12

Zapata Cemetery A200, Morrison-Wm., acres .7, D5

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