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Caldwell County Volunteers Needed

Do you have a book or books with historical information on Caldwell or Gonzales Counties? Would you be willing to set aside a small amount of time to do a lookup in a specific book that is right there on your bookshelf, then you are one type of volunteer we are looking for!!! Just email us with the name of the book and with your name and of course the email that you would like for us to use, you can choose to not have your email published and we will contact you for lookups or you can choose to have your name and email published with the title of the book you are willing to share. It's your choice.

Want to get out and about in Caldwell County, how about helping with Cemetery Transcriptions, this is a very rewarding and fun outing to do, just let us know and we will put you in contact with someone who can get you started.

Interested in getting in the "big middle" of everything you ever wanted to know about Caldwell County??? Then volunteer your time at Caldwell County Genealogical and Historical Center...Warm bodies are always welcomed! CALL 830-875-9466 or EMAIL to set up a time to come in and volunteer.

More volunteer opportunities to be added soon!

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