Camp County Cemeteries

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Bailey-Browning Family W of Pittsburg, about 2 1/2 miles on CR 3042
Bolton 3-4 miles SE of Pittsburg, just off of FM 993
Bynum CR 1520 NW of Pittsburg about 5 miles
Cedar Grove An African-American cemetery, located within the city of Pittsburg, adjacent to Rose Hill Cemetery. There is no dividing fence, but each cemetery has a separate entrance gate.
Center See Center Point
Center Point
AKA Center
Just off CR 2057, nine miles SE of Pittsburg
Center Ridge
AKA New Hope
Just S of Leesburg, between CR 1519 and CR 2455
Children of the Corn Just south of Hwy 11 and east of Leesburg. Endangered. Oak trees growing through the graves, standing in a private clump. Four graves with marble markers, earliest about 1860s, all children. May include other unmarked graves. Wire fence, surrounded by cattle and pasture. Impacted site, other burials may be obscured. Possible lignite mine.
Cross Road SSE of Pittsburg at the intersection of CR 1266 and CR 1264
County Line See Riley's Chapel
Curlin See Wilks
Debenport  aka Davenport ESE of Pittsburg on the Old Jefferson Rd. On private property. Robert Davenport initially buried a child and two of three wives. Also some of fifteen additional children buried at the old Davenport homestead
Davenport See Debenport
Ebenezer FM 557, five miles SE of Pittsburg
Hamilton See Hanson
Handsome See Hanson
AKA Handsome, Hamilton and Searcy
ENE of Pittsburg, just off Hwy 11. Take a left of CR 4231, thenN of the railroad tracks.
Harvard Switch See North Chapel
Hays .
Henderson See Yallo Busha
AKA Pruitt
WSW of Pittsburg & just S of the intersection of Hwy 11 and CR 1519, just N of 2455, near north drainage of Bailey Branch
Hickory Hill SE of Pittsburg at the intersection of CR 556 and CR 1344, N of Lilly Crreek
Hopewell See Yallo Busha
Lain Family See Yallo Busha
Leesburg 7 miles W of Pittsburg at the intersection of Hwy 11 and CR 1519
Levine See Macedonia
Lilly Creek Bottoms Burying Place See Yallo Busha
Lone Star On private property in the eastern section of the county
Macedonia aka Levine Just off CR 2110 behind the Madedonia Missionary Baptist Chruch which is located directly on FM 2110, about 4 miles N of Pittsburg
Macedonia Black See Myrtle Springs
Maple Springs
AKA Newsome
WSW of Pittsburg on CR 4390, just S of Newsome
Matinburg Cemetery CR 556, seven miles SW of Pittsburg
Myrtle Springs
AKA Macedonia Black
SW of Pittsburg, about 2 miles N of the Upshur County line on CR 3417
New Mine CR 1519, about 3 miles SW of Pittsburg
Newsome See Maple Springs
North Chapel    
AKA Harvard Switch
Adjacent to the Macedonia Cemetery, about 4 miles N of Pittsburg. It fronts on CR 2112, just off of CR 2110
Oak Grove Just E of Leesburg, on S side of CR 557
Pitts Family Located on Quitman St in downtown Pittsburg
Porter NW of Pittsburg
Pruitt See Hepsibah
Reeves Chapel - Black
AKA Strickland
A section of Reeves Chapel
Reeves Chapel About 5 miles SW of Pittsburg on CR 3326, just S of FM 1519. Adjacent to Reeves Chapel.
Riley's Chapel
(AKA County Line Cemetery)
Located at County Line Baptist Church on FM 557, fourteen miles SE of Pittsburg
Rocky Mound About 4 miles WNW of Pittsburg on CR 2312, just off of FM 1521, and NW of the Rocky Mound Church
Rose Hill Fronting on Hwy 11, just E of Hwy 271 in downtown Pittsburg
Searcy See Hanson
Smart 3 to 4 miles SE of Pittsburg, just off of FM 993, near Biller Grove and located diagonally across from Bolton Cemetery
Streety From Pittsburg take highway 11 west to CR 3102 and turn south (left) to railroad tracks. Follow the tracks (walking) to a meadow on right.
Strickland See Reeves Chapel - Black
Traylor Just north of Hwy 11, three miles ENE of Pittsburg. Cemetery was started during the Civil War by Mr Wilkes, who donated the land for burial of his slaves.
Union Chapel SE of Pittsburg, off FM 2254, and adjacent to the Union Chapel Church
West Chapel SE of Newsome on CR 3516, near North Lilly Creek
AKA Curlin
About 5-6 miles ESE of Pittsburg on CR 557, just S of intersection CR 4240
Yallo Busha Cemetery - (AKA Henderson Burying Ground, AKA Lain Family, aka Lilly Creek Bottoms Burying Place, AKA Hopewell) On Pine Grove Rd (CR 2455) about 5 miles N of Old Simpsonville, at the intersection of CR 3412, 10 miles SW of Pittsburg.
**According to Camp County Story, it was Henderson Burying Ground first....then Yallo Busha. Jim Keel is the person that named the community Yallo Busha after a place in his native Alabama. Then later the Lain family (per 1970 story) had 5 sets of grandparents buried there, which would account for that name. It was located on Lilly Creek Bottom. In 1909 Hopewell Baptist Church was built in the same area and the community & cemetery soon adopted that name.

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