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Childress High School

Childress High School     Childress High School - 1900's   CHS Faculty- 1911 

CHS Class of 1896?     CHS 1960s ?  1912 Football Team   CHS Majorette

Students and Schools 

Wilson Elementary School 6th grade - 1963    Community Center School 

Shores Creek Basketball Team 1923

Unknown Students - please help give them a name! 

Group1    Group2    Group3    Group4    Group5     Group6    Group7    Group8 

 Group9    Girl Team1    Girl Team2    Girl Team3

Assorted photos from an album of Annie Wilson (1880-1951), a teacher in Childress.
Courtesy of Vicki Shaffer

A Sunday Drive?     Pickin' Cotton     House    House2  

   Unk.Person    A Car Load    Off Road 

Carey & Vicinity

Carey Volleyball 1934      Carey Volleyball 1935     Carey Cardinals 1935

Carey Baptist Church Sunday School Class

Carey Primary School 1922-23

Carey Consolidated School 1928

1928 Class C Basketball


Childress & Vicinity

Cotton Gin - 1954     Avenue B Childress     Davidson's Dry Goods     Childress 1890 

Civic Buildings     Childress YMCA     FW-Denver RR     Jeter Townsend Hospital 

Downtown Childress ~1940     Gardner's Service Station    Childress Theater 1917 

M E Church ~1927     Rebekah Lodge    Business District - 1910    Methodist Episcopal Church 

1909 Selling Cotton Main St., Childress, Texas  1st Baptist Church ca 1950

Assorted photos from the Library of Congress taken by Dorothea Lange 1937/8.
Courtesy of Clemi Blackburn 

Abandoned Houses     Carey Cafe     $1 a-day Tractor Operator 

Contour Plowing     Abandoned Tenant House     Abandoned Tenant Farm 

Contour Plowing a     Nettie Featherston     Nettie Featherston a 

Unknown Man / Carey P.O.     O.O. Mills / Carey Postmaster 

Moates Collection - Courtesy of Geneva Moates 

Ms Bullock 5th grade class 1938    Childress Football Team 1943-44    Childress Basketball Team 1943-44 

Wilson school 3rd grade class 1935-36    Wilson school 4th grade class May 1937    Childress Bobcats 1944-45 

Childress Bobcats 1945-46    Class of 1944 Reunion    Class of 1945 Reunion    Class of 1944 Reunion 93 


Kirkland High School

KHS 1939    KHS 1942  KHS Students 1914    KHS 1912    KHS Students 1925 

KHS Girls Basketball Team 1925-26    KHS 1952    KHS Class of 1942     KHS Seniors 1954 

KHS 1950-51 Boy Basketball Team  1952 KHS Seniors   1952-53 Basketball Team   1947-48 Basketball Team

1938 Basketball Team    Class of 1939   Alvis & Octie Dennington, Teachers   1947-48 School Trustees

1946-47 Boy Scouts


4th Grade 1938     Kirkland School Students -1910 

Kirkland and Vicinity

FixAll Garage     Main Street ~1911    Main Street ~1907    First State Bank ~1935 

Main Street ~1907 a     Main Street ~1907 b     Baptism ~1914    1940s Farmhouse 

Tom Sanders House ~1917    Good Old Days     Jess Key House 1921 

Dill House ~1917     Jess Key House 1925 

People and Families of Childress Co.

MSgt. Paul C. Jones     Judge Wiley P. Jones     S. Key B-day 1928 

S. Key B-Day 1928     Mr&Mrs J.F. Pieratt 1915     Unknown Trio 

J.F. Pieratt Family 1917    Williamson Family 1916    First Methodist Church 1950s 

Panhandle Social Club -1955    Moody -1946 4 Generations    Ella Mae Taylor 

 T.B. Sanders Family ~1917    Welch Children - Arlie School ~1910     Dee & Allie Trent 

Luther & Cora Holtman     JW & Mary Trent     James Zachary Trent     Mary & John W. Trent 

Dee & Allie Trent(2)     Trent Family    Thomas Jefferson Simmons II and Mamie Mae Hardin Simmons

AB White Family of Childress    AB White downtown Childress WWII    AB White's Retirement Party

Horace Herman White     A Harvest in Childress ca 1920     1934 Simmons Family

Thomas Jefferson Simmons II     Thomas Jefferson Simmons II    Simmons Wedding Photo