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Transcription of Obits ofJ.O.Alexander,J.M.Alexander,Nancy Eva Garrison Alexander -- many other names mentioned. -- Submitted by Edd Alexander

Extract from the Funeral Discourse for County Judge Wiley Palmer Jones, who died March 12, 1912, in Childress.  Has some interesting remembrances in it.  I cut about half of it out as it is of no interest to our purpose. -- Submitted by Jim Moody

Interesting notes with excepts from an out of print book "Story of Elliasville" by Tom Cunningham regardingWiley P. Jones. -- Submitted by Jim Moody

Information on theArlie community and the Scivally, Wiseman and Davenport families. Surnames of early settlers of Arlie also listed. -- Submitted by Janet Ariciu 

My Great Uncle, Eskridge Dewitt Smith, wrote several stories about his life.  I thought I should share this story with others and have left the story as written [spelling, punctuation, etc.].  Big Unckie was a character.  I forget why he was called Prim Rose and don't worry - that 16 year old girl in his bed was his young wife.  I remember as a child being drawn in for a big hug and then getting his beard stubble rubbed all over my face.  I wish he had gone into more detail about the cyclone, that first electric light and the water lines being laid...but I am so grateful that he wrote as much as he did.  I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. -- Submitted byBarbara Crumby