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has been since Dec. 2017

To keep up with information and to submit queries pertaining to Clay County you may be interested
 in joining the Clay County Mail List.  There are two modes in which you can subscribe: List (L) & 
Digest (D)
.  The List mode will generate an email to you every time someone makes a query to the 
list, sometimes you can be overloaded with email with this mode.  The second option is the Digest mode.  
The Digest mode will generated a few emails with a complete listing of all queries made 
to the Clay County Mailing List.  This option may be the best if you do not want your email inbox overloaded.

Rootsweb has been off-line for 3 months and unknown when it will be back on, so send Queries to Patsy Vinson, Clay Coordinator.
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For questions about the Clay County list, contact the list administrator at:

Clicking on one of the shortcut links below should work, but if your browser doesn't understand them, try these manual instructions:  to join TXCLAY-L, send mail to with the single word "subscribe" in the message subject and body.  To join TXCLAY-D, do the same thing with

 Posting Messages to List

To post a message to the list, please send mail to, do not send it to the request email address for subscribing and unsubscribing.  Mail sent to the list will show up in the digest mode when you recieve your digest email from the list.  All queries should be sent to the list address.


To leave TXCLAY-L, send mail to with the single word "unsubscribe" in the message subject and body.  To leave TXCLAY-D, do the same with


You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them, going from one message to another. Some list archives are not available; if there is a link here to an archive but the link doesn't work, it probably just means that no messages have been posted to that list yet.

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