Tenth Census of the United States of America, Motley County Texas

STATE: Texas                                                                      TODAY'S DATE:  November 26, 1999
COUNTY:      Motley                                                             MICROFILM ROLL NUMBER:
TOWN, DISTRICT OR CITY:    District 185          23, 24,  25, and 26 day of June 1880
Dwelling house numbered in order of visitation Families numbered in order of visitation The name of each Person whose place of abode, on the 1st day of June 1880 was in this family. Color-White, W; Black. B; Indian, I Sex: Male-M, Female-F, Age at the last bitrhday prior to 1 June 1880. Give months 3/12 If born in the census year give the month. Relationship of each person to the Head of Household Single Married Widowed/ Divorced Married during the census year Profession, Occupation or Trade of each Person, male or female. Number of months this person has been unemployed during the census year. Is this person sick or disabled on the day of Census Blind Deaf or Dumb Idiotic Insane Maimed, Crippled or Bedridden Attended School within the census year Cannot Read Cannot write Place of birth of this person. Naming the state or territory or foreign country Place of birth of father of this person. Naming the state or territory or foreign country Place of birth of mother of this person. Naming the state or territory or foreign country
14 13 Cooper, Author W M 30 Husband X Post Master Germany Germany Germany
           Anna W F 28 Wife X Sweeden (Sic) Sweeden (Sic) Sweeden (Sic)
Rosenchrist, ?alse W M 32 Border X Stone Mason Sweeden (Sic) Sweeden (Sic) Sweeden (Sic)
15 14 Williams, Elija W M 28 Husband X Surveyor Alabama Alabama Alabama
          Emma W F 28 Wife X Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi
          Alma W F 1 Daughter X Texas Alabama Mississippi
Boren,  Isaiah W M 62 Border X Farmer X X Kentucky S.C, Kentucky
16 15 Emory, Wm W M 26 Husband X Cook Texas Mississippi Illinois
          Eva W F 17 Wife X Missouri Missouri Missouri
          Nettie W F 11/12 Daughter Texas Mississippi Missouri
17 16 Armstrong, Ludlum W M 38 Border D Merchant Canada Ireland Scotland
Shaft, Andrew W M 36 Border X Merchant Virginia Virginia Virginia
18 17 Hall, Joseph W M 41 X Cattle Raiser Texas Iowa Illinois
Hudson, R ??? W M 32 X Cowboy Texas Texas Alabama
Walker, Wm W M 16 X Cook Texas Alabama England
19 18 Coyle, Mike W M 27 X Cowboy Ireland Ireland Ireland
20 19 Johnson, Jas W M 24 X Cattle Raiser Indiana Kentucky Kentucky
21 20 Hampton, Henry W M 40 Husband X Cattle Raiser N.C. N.C. N.C.
          Bessie W F 27 Wife X Housekeeper Texas N.C. Tennessee
Edmonds, Wm W M 27 Border X Cowboy Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Roberts, Willis W M 28 Border X Cook Texas Arkansas Illinois
22 21 Harlan, Geo W M 50 X Cowboy Kentucky Virginia Virginia
Hays, Randell W M 23 Border X Cowboy Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Philips, ?? W M 27 X Cowboy Georgia N.C. Georgia
End of Motley County 1880 Census

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