1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, A

Aaron, Donald Clyde 1009 S. McElroy St. El Paso Natural Gas
Aaron, Mrs. Bridgett 714 S. Alford St.  
Aaron, John 310 E. 10th St. - Box 231 Tex. New Mex.
Abernathy, B. R. 1301 S. Mary St.- Box 1112 Self - Gen. Contractor
Abernathy, Dave 811 S. Vivian St. Atlantic Refining
Abernathy, R. C. 1322 S. Vivian St.- Box 548 Self Employed
Abernathy, W. E. 805 S. Sue St. Highland Drilling Co.
Abron, Bucilla 213 S. Crane Street  
Acuff, Iona 317 S.McElroy St.  
Acuff, Kenneth 319 S. McElroy St. Tidewater Oil Co.
Adair, A. G. 1105 S. Virginia St. Owner, Crane News
Adair, R. M. 916 S. Elizabeth St. The Crane News
Adams, Douglas 1009 S. Virginia St.- Box 662 PGAC
Adams, Mrs. F. F. 603 22nd St.  
Adcock Furn. - App. 316 S. Gaston St. L. S. Adcock, Owner
Adcock, L. S. 113 Lena Drive Owner, Adcock Appli.
Adkins-Toler Wldg. Serv. 385 N. Gaston St.- Box 1022 Bill Toler, Mgr.
Adkins, E. C. 408 W. 6th St. Atlantic Refining
Agnew, J. W. 611 20th St. - Box 732 Gulf Oil Corp.
Agnew, Roy 900 S.McElroy St. Crane Schools
Alexander, Chas. M. 404 21st. St. - Box 942 Retired
Alexander, Clifford 322 S. Mary St., Apt. 2-B  
Alexander, John M. 602 S. Mary St.- Box 716 Owner, Johnny's Gro.
Alford, Mrs. Alice 212 S. Dorothea St.- Box 604  
Alford, R. C. 1403 S. Mary St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Allen, Desley D. 307 24th St. Mobil Petroleum Co.
Allen, Lloyd D. 401 W. 10th St.- Box 724 Rotary Eng. of Midland
Allen, P. D. 323 S. Mary St. Self Employed
Allman, W. W. 800 S. Dorothea St. Drilling Contractor
Alton, C. P. 714 S. Adams St. Crane Schools
Alvey, Floyd A. 302 20th St. Cactus Petroleum
Anderegg, Dan 1819 S. McElroy St. Crane Schools
Anderson, Herman E. 103 N. Vivian St. Memorial Hospital
Anderson, Hugh 103 N. Vivian St.- Box 975  
Anderson, Marilyn F. 103 N. Vivian St.- Box 974 Garrett Real Estate
Anderson, James M. 718 S. Virginia St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Anthony, C. R., Co. 504 S. Alford St. John Latham, Mgr.
Anthony, Robert 1203 S. McElroy St. - Box 473 Tex. New Mex.
Antle, Norman 1206 S. Mary St. Pastor, First Christian
Arnold, Chas. Waldo 305 S. Sue St. - Box 571 Mobil Petroleum Co.
Asberry, C. L. 708 22nd Street - Box 942 Tex. New Mex.
Ash, Dan 1210 S. Dorothea St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Ashburn, Mrs. Bethel 100 S. Sue St. County, Dst. Clerk
Ashburn, J. B. 100 S. Sue St. Retired
Assembly of God Church 104 E. 7th St. - Box 1063 C. H. Browning, Min.
Atkinson, Jack 1126 S. Katherine St. Crane Schools
Ausbern, C. R. 215 W. 9th Townsend Steamers
Austin, Al 414 1/2 S. Dorothea St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Avent, E. R. 802 S. Virginia St. Self Employed
Avon's Liquor Store 112 S. Gaston St. - Box 635 J. R. Cahill, Owner
Ayers, T. M. 401 21st. St. Gulf Oil Corp.

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