1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, E

Early, E. L. 1004 S. Elizabeth St. Atlantic
Earp, A. B. 100 S. Vivian St. City of Crane
Earp, J. C. 1217 S. Adams Rd. Magnolia Petroleum Co.
Easlon, O'Dell 410 S. Vivian St. B. J. Service
Echols, P. Q. 208 S. Virginia St. Self
Edgar, O. R. 409 S. Adams Rd. Well Serv. of Crane
Edwards, E. D. 708 S. McElroy St. Carter Chevrolet
Edwards, Joe L. 1109 S. Virginia St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Edwards, Mrs. Loula 812 W. 7th St.  
Edwards, Robert 313 W. Ninth St. John W. Barker
Edwards, W. R. (Bill) 1108 S. Mary St. Self - Cementing Contr.
El Ave Field House 501 W. 4th St.  
Elder, C. M. 603 23rd St. - Box 603 Gulf Oil Corp.
Elder, Houston 405 W. 5th St. Asst. Postmaster
Ellison, F. O., Jr. (Jack) 1106 S. Dorothea St. Gulf
Elmore, Mrs. Inez Keith 520 S. Sue St. Crane Schools
Elrod, A. L. 1107 S. Katherine St. Texas Electric Ser. Co.
Emery, Carolyn 503 20th St. - Box 1355 Crane Motor Co.
Ervin, L. D. 205 S. Mary St. Gulf Oil
Ervin, Sid 220 S. Adams Rd. Crane County
Ervin, Robert E. 508 E. 20th St. Crane Schools
R. E. Erwin, Photography 508 E. 20th St.  
Estepp, Mrs. Arrie 1202 S. Vivian St.  
Estes, William R. 615 W. 8th St. - Box 1272 Crane Schools
Eubanks, Earl 103 S. Virginia St. - Box 291 Phillips
Evans, Alton 210 E. 6th St. - Box 512  
Evans, C. H. (Hershel) 812 S. Dorothea St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Evans, Henry 211 E. 6th St. U. S. Post Office Dept.
Evans, Howard 609 23rd St. - Box 583 Gulf Oil Corp.
Evans, J. E. 1002 S. Katherine St. Gulf
Everidge, W. A. 403 S. Gaston St. - Box 1266 B. J. Oil Well Serv.
Executive Lodge 1410 S. Gaston St. J. E. Kukendall, Mgr.

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